A GIF image - PACU, BI and a disgruntled PACU player...WHY???!!!!!
KFANDRAAI League Cup Winners - Royal Warriors
GUESS WHO COMPETITION!!! Who are the 4 lovely young Lasses? ummmm...I mean...the 2 lovely young lasses and the two brats??? Send your answers to Mr Khare for 3 M TZR!!!!
                              Images from the KFANDRA Intra-Cup Rugby Match played on 24/02/17!!                          
After close to 6 years KFANDRA revisit an event of yore, a HILL RUNNING SESSION!!
Sean Mathew (Aundh Panthers) shares images of his closest FANS!!!!                                                      
In this image you can see the ball dropping down towards the group in the 18 yard box and the Blue SS shirt (Avi) pushing a BE player in the back! PENALTY!!!
Sean 'Sparky' Mathew AVGKL for BT defy's gravity as he leaps to save a Yash Shah effort for PACU 08/11/16