COST of LOANING Players 

If the GK/OUTFIELD player is Valued between  
100K and 200K = 10K 
201K and 300K = 20K 
301K upwards = 30K 
THESE are known as DIRECT LOANS (DL) 
+30K to the COST of LOAN 
(Player of ANY VALUE being loaned. An AVPL can ADD to the club and it is NOT a compulsion to replace an UNA player) 
(No extra cost for a player valued BELOW 240K) 
(See Ratings and More Google Excel Doc. CALCULATIONS SHEET) 
PLEASE NOTE - ONLY 2 OUTFIELD PLAYERS and 1 GK Loan are allowed in a match. 
A 3rd Outfield player will be ALLOWED if he falls in the YOUTH CATEGORY and the CLUB has 
a YOUTH SYSTEM in place. ALL Youth Loans are FREE. 
A club is allowed a 3rd OUTFIELD LOAN ONLY IF LOANING him means that the CLUBS TOTAL VALUE 
of PLAYERS does NOT exceed the TOTAL VALUE of their opponents and that the TOTAL NUMBER 
of LOANED Players does NOT exceed the TOTAL NUMBER of REGISTERED MEMBERS of the club. 
In the 1st Div, Champions, 2nd Place and 3rd Placed team stay up and 4th Placed team has to play a PLAYOFF/or Highest Combined League Position stays up. 5th Placed team is RELEGATED. 
In the 2nd Div, Champions go up.
2nd Place Club plays a match against the 4th Placed Club in the 1st Div, PLAYOFF/or Highest Combined League Position is the deciding factor. 
Any club that WINS a LEAGUE match against a Club that is valued at MORE than 20% of the club  
and the club that is of a lower value does NOT take any loans to compensate the values, then a HALF point extra will be awarded. (Clubs MUST APPLY for the EXTRA half a point within 24 hours of the match being played by EMAIL).
SUSPENSION  (Discontinued from TZLC9)
A player will be SUSPENDED for the 1st 10 mins in the following match if he tallies 5 of the same yellow card offences during a season. 10 = 20 mins and so on. 5 Rc - for ANY OFFENCE = 20 mins suspension 10 Rc = 40 mins suspension and so on The Club will NOT be allowed a LOAN REPLACEMENT for the suspended player, if he is GENUINELY MISSING for the match then the SUSPENSION will carry forward to the next match 
1. You are allowed to keep an UNLIMITED number of players on your team sheet. 2. Clubs with only the required amount of players can take EXTRA players on LOAN if they desire to do so. 3. UNLIMITED ROLLING Substitutions will be allowed. (ONLY AT DEAD BALL SITUATIONS).  
Match Rules:  
Each match will be 80 mins or (90 Mins). With a 5 minute half time break. 
The Home team has a choice to EXTEND each half by 5 mins. The Home Team Manager will be asked 
at 38 Mins and 76 Mins if he wishes to add 5 extra mins.  
Cup matches on Neutral grounds will be 80 with the choice to extend by 5 mins given to the  
losing team at that moment in time (38 and 76 mins). 
If the Away or Home team is late for the KO while one of the teams is waiting on the field then the Ref  
will award a POP against the team which is late AND ANOTHER POP if the duration of the match has to be shortened. (The POP will be taken from the Penalty spot).
The POP or POPS will be taken at the end of regulation time.  
YC - 5 mins SIN BIN, RC - 10 Mins SIN BIN.  
Players can only come back on with the REF's permission at a dead ball situation.  
KIT RULES - Players will be NOT be allowed to wear ANYTHING other than their OWN OFFICIAL CLUB KIT.
Only OFFICIAL KFANDRAAI approved kits will be allowed on the ground.
Late Challenge (LC) Rule: 
A Late Challenge is ANY attempt made by an opponent WITHOUT the ball to WIN the ball unfairly. 
This challenge can be categorized as under - Jumping in to tackle but NOT making contact with the ball. 
An LC will be called if there is CONTACT with the player and the player still has possession of the ball. 
The Ref will call ADVANTAGE and Play On untill he feels they have gained an advantage or he will  
bring the ball back to where the foul was committed. If the player AVOIDS a dodgy tackle by an opponent (jumps out of the way) then this is a LC call. If possession is lost then a foul is awarded.. 
In all the above cases PLAY will NOT be stopped if the LC is MINOR. If it is MAJOR for eg a goal 
goal scoring chance was lost or a good attacking move was stopped (or the person being 
tackled could have been hurt or was hurt) then after playing Advantage 
and observing that an Advantage was NOT gained the Ref will bring the ball back to where the offence 
was committed and either caution (Yc) the player (for repetitive offences by him or the club) or  
call the foul as 2 LC's.  
It is compulsory to give the ball in hand for EVERY Throw In either to your team mate or an opponent.
If this is ignored a LC call will be given following a YC if the player committing the offence does NOT apologise to the player he has shown disrespect to.
An INFRINGEMENT call will be given for any offence other than a LC. It equals a LC.

Other Rules

It is compulsory to COVER your saliva IMMEDIATELY if you spit on the ground. You do NOT want to fall onto someone elses spit...This will also merit an LC call and a YC on repetition.
Players must fasten seat belts if coming by car and wear a helmet if coming by bike or cycle. Players if spotted will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY and will be Suspended and Fined.
Players will now NOT be allowed to wear ANY MATERIAL ADVERTISING another club on entering the NCL or Papal gate. The player will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY. (If the player states that he has no other for eg sweatshirt to wear, then the sweatshirt should be turned inside out. If the Logo can still be seen then the material will NOT be allowed).
Arriving late for a match is a strict no-no. The Manager of the club MUST take action by DROPPING the said player and SUSPENDING him. If the Manager FAILS to do so, then KFANDRAAI will investigate the matter and penalize the club if needed.
When a club is allowed to continue playing even after being fouled. The Ref will call out ADVANTAGE 
loudly to ensure that both teams are aware of the call. The team that has committed the offence MUST  be aware that if the team that they have committed the offence against does NOT gain an  
advantage then the Free Kick will be awarded. 
An ADVANTAGE is said to have been gained when  
1. The team gains an ADVANTAGE through the same play. 
(The Ref MUST make a decision on whether to give a foul or not after ONE PLAY is over) 
The Ref will call ADVANTAGE OVER and play on or blow the whistle for the foul. 
2. An ADVANTAGE GAINED is when ANOTHER foul is committed in a more ADVANTAGEOUS position or 
when the team with the advantage forces the opposition GK into a save, or get's a goal scoring 
3. The ADVANTAGE call is also over when the team WITH the advantage commits an offence. As the initial offence was first then the Ref will award the foul for the earlier offence.


A Goalkeeper will be allowed to take more than 4 steps with the ball in hand. From the 5th step to the 7th he will be allowed to kick the ball ONLY in the direction he is facing. BUT after taking the 8th step he can only release it with a THROW. 
PLEASE NOTE that the 6 sec rule for a GK to hold on to the ball precedes all previous rules.

CLUB KIT : NO kit of any club other than the TZLC will be allowed. No kit depicting any company or other tournaments will be allowed.  
IN case of a WALKOVER the club on the receiving end of a walkover will get a WIN, 3 points and either 6 goals for or the same difference as the clubs (Club which gave the bye) highest victory in the League at the end of the Season.
Each player in the TZLC must complete at least 6 MO jobs during the season. Any player that has not completed at least 3 MO jobs half way through the season will be IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED for 10 mins of the next match in perpetuity with 10 mins being increased for every consecutive match. The players cub will also be fined.
4 Assistant Refs (Linespersons/Linesmen). All extra persons available will act as Ball Boys with a possibility of EXTRA DUTIES as ADDITIONAL STATS REPORTER Or Add. Camera Man.
EACH CLUB MUST send the name of ONE REP to act as MO for EVERY match they are NOT participating in.
Fines will be levied by the KFANDRAAI as it deems fit. Severe offences will result in harsher punishments. 
REPEATED infringements will result in BIGGER PUNISHMENTS and SUSPENSIONS. 
1. Every club is now offering shares as ownership to other clubs.  
2. 2 000 000 (2 Million) shares at 200 TZR each, TOTAL - 400, 000, 000  
3. If a club holds over 50% of the (51%+, over 200 M shares) shares in another club then the Club holding the shares can avail of the following benefits.  
a) They will be allowed to loan any player of choice from the partly owned club. Regardless of values.  
b) They are able to clear the partly owned clubs debts c) If both the clubs are scheduled to play each other then the previous rules for loans will apply.  
4. If a club buys 25%+ (100M+ shares, @ 200 TZR as base, 500k shares) shares of another club then - 
a) The club buying the shares can use any player below 24M without following the loaning rules.  
5. MOST IMP - Clubs can purchase more than 50% shares only IF THE CLUB BEING BOUGHT IS is in DEBT  
6. 25% and above shares CANNOT be purchased from a team playing in the same DIVISION.  
7. A club is NOT allowed to use SPONSORSHIP money in PURCHASING SHARES.  
A team will get a bonus 1 point if they score 9 goals.
A team will get -1 if they lose by a difference of 6 goals.  
If a club goes into a -5M TZR Balance 2 weeks before the end of the Season, 1 point will be deducted from their League tally. -10M 2 points will be deducted.

Manager and Player Conduct
All members will behave in a respectful and polite manner with each and every member of the TZLC along with behaving IMPECCABLY outside the organisation as well.
EVERY MEMBER should be aware that the KFANDRAAI is in actual fact CONTROLLED by one entity,
Mr. Khare. BUT to ENSURE that the TZLC runs in a manner that can ONLY BE MANAGED in REAL LIFE by a LOT of people, Mr. Khare needs to take up the responsibilities of various positions in the TZLC frame work. Such as the Chairpersons, Board of Directors and Spectators of each club. The KFANDRAAI Media Dept, Games Dept etc. Along with that Mr. Khare continues his REAL LIFE role as Coach of TZ, KITFO and advisor to the NPP. Along with his role as MAIN REF for the TZLC.
The members are at NO TIME, even UNKNOWINGLY recommended to approach Mr. Khare WITHOUT first understanding which ENTITY it is they want to speak to.
For eg - A player approaches Mr. Khare and says that he wants to speak in private. So Mr. Khare says No worries. The player then goes on to talk about having an affair or being unhappy at his current club. The player should not then be shocked to see that the conversation has been plastered all over the KFANDRAAI Media Outlets as Mr. Khare would later say that as he wasn't informed as to which entity the player wanted to speak to, Mr. Khare could take up any persona and the persona he decided to pick up was the KFANDRAAI MEDIA DEPT!
Other REAL LIFE positions are held by Ahjoo (Mr. A. Sanghvi) (CEO of TZ) and Currently Sherry (Mr. S. Yeole), Mario (Mr. P. Alhat) and Amti (Mr. A. Bhable) for KITFO.
NOT a SINGLE player will be treated DIFFERENTLY by the KFANDRAAI. All will be EQUAL under it's eyes.
INCLUDING the Heads of the REAL ORGANISATIONS mentioned above.
The members NEED TO BELIEVE that Mr. Khare will conduct himself in a FAIR and JUST manner at ALL TIMES. The members NEED TO TRUST Mr. Khare and his decisions. WITHOUT this trust the TZLC will FAIL to EXIST.
Organisational In-Charges in REAL LIFE and Managers, along with every Member are duty bound to ensure that the R and R of the TZLC is followed. No MEMBER is placed higher than the R and R.
It is compulsory for Managers of clubs to send in Match Previews (Before 2 pm on the Saturday PRIOR to their match in the coming week), Reviews must be sent by ANY appointed member of the Club BEFORE 2 pm on the day of the match. Match Programmes MUST be sent 1 DAY prior to the match day.
Ticket prices can be sent along with the Match Previews. 
The Previews and Reviews MUST be in the following format - 
Squad AVA, SQUAD UNA and the reasons why. Para mentioning their own clubs plans and positives/negatives, Para mentioning the opposition, Para with extra info. A manager that speaks on behalf of his club is allowed to use the terms I or me. Such as in I thought or The decision to play 4-4-2 was taken finally be me as the other squad members were undecided. If a player is writing the Review or Preview then he MUST write it in the context of the ENTIRE TEAMS VIEWS. Unless the views ARE ONLY HIS OWN. A member of the TZLC is NOT allowed to approach the KFANDRAAI itself directly unless they are approaching its subsidiary departments. If they need to personally approach Mr. Khare, they should SPECIFY WHO they need to talk to you. For ie the Chairperson or Mr. Khare as the Coach or Sir.
Speaking to the Referee's (MO's appointed to officiate a match) is FORBIDDEN.
MO's appointed for a match are STRICTLY asked to STAY AWAY from the clubs INVOLVED in the fixture on that day. This is to ENSURE TOTAL NEUTRALITY.
Regardless of how honest, well behaved and neutral a person can be, PASSION can force any person to do something that is uncalled for and disrespectful to the ETHOS of the TZLC. Therefore it is ALWAYS wise to set up a sytem that attempts to avoid a situation that can endanger the ethos of the TZLC. 
Members should be aware that if they abide by the R and R of the TZLC, everything will function smoothly. But in the event that something goes wrong, the KFANDRAAI will step in and that will not be nice.
Keep checking the R and R for more updates.

Transparency regarding Clubs/KFANDRAAI's behaviour towards Managers
Managers will be held accountable for any issue, against the R and R, that their players are a part of. It is up to the Manager to ensure that the players of his club obey the R and R. KFANDRAAI will suspend the player if it thinks the player is at fault and not punish the club. If the player makes consistent errors then in all likelihood the punishments will include the club. This may mean deduction of points or fines. The withdrawal of fines etc are related DIRECTLY to the response of the said player or Manager re the issue at hand. A negative response will NOT be tolerated. KFANDRAAI will ALWAYS INSTANTLY punish the player/club and ask questions later. This is to ENSURE that EVERY member is ALWAYS wary of breaking the law. After both parties have had time to cool down, KFANDRAAI will try and get to the bottom of the issue and either reduce, increase or cancel the punishments. Note here that if the Manager considers the ethos of the TZLC before the conduct of the club and behaves in a respectful manner, whether through email or face to face, then the chances that KFANDRAAI will favour the club are higher.
Hint - EVEN if the Manager feels that KFANDRAAI or the MO's  or anyone else is at fault then the explanation should STILL be made POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY. For instance, even if it is found out after investigation that the other person/persons in the issue are at fault, punishment will STILL BE METED out to the MANAGER for not behaving properly.
Managers are allowed to SPAWN twice after they have been evicted from their post. This means after a Manager gets Sacked/Fired, he is allowed to sign on as Manager again under a pseudonym if he wants to. The club will look at the new Manager as a New Manager and will treat the person as if he has made no prior mistakes. The New Manager will be privy to all the info of the previous Manager so as to LEARN from his previous Managers mistakes. A NEW manager will also be allowed the same.

Managers Duties
Each club has a Chairman, Board of Directors (BOD and a Stadium Manager who also looks after the clubs fans/spectators. The Manager is duty bound to respond or inform his C, BOD and F's, about the clubs periodically. The Manager also has to set the clubs Stadium up to KFANDRAAI standards, for eg construct stands, F and B stalls, Washrooms etc. Constructing other buildings is also possible.
Ticket prices are to be set before EVERY match. MP's will get you more income but it is not compulsory.
Seats to away fans are to be fixed at 20% minimum of the Stadium Capacity.
MIxing Fans in the stands is NOT yet possible as the fans are not mature enough. Maturity of the fans will increase as soon as the players maturity increases.
Currently the seats are separated as Front Row and Back Row seats.
All other info will be for the Managers eyes only.
If an MP is not prepared then a Preview is compulsory before every match. Mentioning Players AVA, UNA is also compulsory. Players must be mentioned in a clear and precise format such as First Name and Surname or First Name Initial and Surname. Nicknames or only 1st Names will NOT be allowed and will be grounds for punishment.
A Review of the match is also compulsory. Previews (Only 1) and Reviews can be sent by ANY member of the club. Each member of the club can send in a Review. This though MUST follow the proper format. For eg the SQUAD MUST be mentioned in the following format -
4-4-2 (In a formation the GK is NEVER mentioned and the positions ALWAYS start from the RIGHT)
A. Bcdef; (This is ALWAYS the GK)
G. Hij, K. lmn, O, Pqr, S. Tuv; (G. Hij would OBVIOUSLY be the Rb and so on)
W. Xyz, B. Cdef, G. Hij, K. Lmn; (As above Rm)
P. Qrst, U. Vxy; (Striker on the right etc.)
The semicolon signifies the END of the positions in that category.
The Review can be funny or serious. You can HONESTLY send what you feel. 
(Mr. Khare's Review will also be funny or serious and straight to the point. If a player is unhappy with a comment he can write to Mr. Khare for clarifications, the comment will be edited if needed or the player can approach Mr. Khare to NOT include the coach's comments on the player in the Review).
A Manager is NOT allowed to share the link to his BALANCE SHEET (BS) with ANYONE unless approved by KFANDRAAI. A Manager can DELEGATE duties of sending the MP, Previews etc but the Manager will ALWAYS be held responsible for any untoward event.

This section will be UPDATED REGULARLY!!!

Tie-Breaker for tied matches (Cup Competitions)
The Penalty Shoot-out commonly used to DECIDE the result of a match in the case of a tie has been changed.
The change has come about to ENSURE that the match is FAIR to it's ORIGINAL SQUAD MEMBERS and that no team will be able to take an unfair advantage of a Loaned Goalkeeper or Outfield Player. ALSO the new method will be EXTREMELY EXCITING!!!
At the end of a match between 2 Clubs/Organisations or either/or, if the result is a DRAW and the match can ONLY be decided by a TIE-BREAKER then KFANDRAAI has decided to implement the following system.
Immediately at the end of the match both the teams will be allowed a 5 min break. They will then have to choose 4 REGISTERED MEMBERS of their club, to play in a 4 Vs 4 situation covering the ENTIRE GROUND. (1GK + 3 OUTFIELD PLAYERS). ALL TZLC R and R will be as NORMAL. If the match is still UNDECIDED after 2 mins, ALL 4 PLAYERS MUST be SUBBED. The game will restart where the previous game ended. 4 mins = 1 Half. If after 8 mins the match is still tied then there will be a 1 Vs 1 situation covering the ENTIRE GROUND. When the ball goes out of play the players can be subbed. This will go ON till the 1st goal is scored!!!! In this 1 Vs 1 situation, the players will be allowed to score in ANY goal but ONLY with a DIRECT SHOT, (from OUTSIDE the 18 yard box). A DIRECT SHOT MEANS that the ball, should enter the goal, WITHOUT touching the ground. At the KO or any restart the ball will be placed 10 yards along the halfwal line towards the Camera. The players will be held by the LM's, equidistant from each other, till the whistle blows. Once the whistle blows, the LM's will allow the players to enter the field.
For any Queries, feel free to contact the KFANDRAAI!!
The 8 min EXTRA PERIOD will be NON-STOP with a time of 10 secs given to make the 4 changes and 20 secs to CHANGE HALVES at HALF TIME. The TIME WILL BE STOPPED when a goal is scored allowing the Team which scored time to CELEBRATE with their players and Fans (30 secs time limit). Players NOT playing can enter the field of play to CELEBRATE but must NOT be in the ground at the restart. PLEASE wait for the LM, GR and then the REFEREE to signal that the goal has been AWARDED before entering the field of play!!
The Manager/Captain will be asked to provide the names of the FIRST 12 players in ORDER of selection SECRETLY. When the Referee is shown the list of players from BOTH teams, ONLY then will they be called onto the ground. Till then both the clubs/Organisations can try and FOOL their opponents!! This SAME rule will be applied for the SUDDEN DEATH KFANDRAAI STYLE!!

New Format to REPLACE PENALTIES in regulation time

When the Referee thinks that a goal scoring situation was MISSED because of a mis-timed challenge by an opponent (whether contact is made or not) or when an outfield player stops a shot ON goal with his arm (deliberately or if the arm is in a position AWAY from the body) or from any other offence by the defending team (pulling, pushing the opponent etc) inside the 18 yard box, then the New Penalty Format will be applied. 
PLEASE note that an IFK may STILL be awarded by the Referee IF the offence is judged NOT to be a CLEAR goal scoring chance. For eg if the shot on goal was OFF TARGET and then ACCIDENTALLY handled by a defender or an accidental foul such as CONTACT being made because of a movement by the attacking player making contact with a defender due to their close proximity and leading to a foul by the defender who may be balancing himself. The defender is therefore not at fault for deliberately fouling the player and an IFK would be applicable as even though it was an accident, a goal scoring opportunity is still lost.

The NEW PENALTY FORMAT now to be known as POP (Penalty in Open Play)
(NOTE - A PENALTY can still be IMPLEMENTED if the player that was fouled etc see below, asks for a PENALTY WITHIN 5 seconds of the POP being awarded, after which a POP will be compulsory. The Referee though can DENY the option of a PENALTY if he feels it would be unfair on the defending team)

When a POP is awarded the Football will be placed ASAP at the exact spot that it should be taken from (as declared by the Referee wherever the offence was committed).
The player that had taken the shot prior to the HB, (In case of a cross into the box and a subsequent Hb in the box that stopped the player in the box from getting a goal scoring opportunity, then the crosser in this case), the player that was fouled and any other instance in which there is an attacking player who is directly involved in the offence, THAT PLAYER will be FORCED to take the POP.

The GK is allowed to stand ANYWHERE on his goal line. The player who is taking the POP is allowed to take UNLIMITED touches to START the POP. He is allowed to SCORE after starting. His team mates are allowed to stand ANYWHERE in the 18 yard box but should be BEHIND an imaginary line drawn through the ball that runs parallel to the goal line. The defending team players MUST stand behind the 18 yard box. If the POP is to be taken within 6 yards of the edge of the area, then the defenders MUST stand 10 yards from where the ball is placed.

PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT - The ball is said to be in play AS SOON AS the REFEREE blows his whistle. The Referee will OBVIOUSLY ask both the GK and the player taking the POP if they are ready and only then blow the whistle. Players from both team are then ALLOWED to participate, INCLUDING the GK who is NOT restricted to his goal line once the whistle blows.

NEW LINESMAN format (May be discontinued for the TZLC10)

There will be 4 Linesmen of which 1 will be on the opposite side of the pitch. Two in each half. Each half will be divided into 2 imaginary parts demarcated by a CONE on either side. The LM's work will be reduced to covering a 1/4 of the pitch, approximately 25 metres as compared to 50 metres (One half) in a 100 metre length pitch length. This will AUTOMATICALLY improve the offside calls in a match as that has been a telling factor amongst the LM's in the TZLC9. 
KFANDRAAI, after 9 seasons has come to the conclusion that UNLESS the players are FOCUSED enough to CONCENTRATE on their jobs as MO's, the system used by FIFA cannot be applied. Therefore it is introducing this new system. The Captain or Outfield Manager should inform the SR about a substitutution. All 4 LM's will then give the signal of the Subsitution.

Yellow Cards + Red Cards (Minor Changes)
If a player receives a Yellow card because of infringements related to repeat offences and not exactly affecting the flow of play (not giving the ball in hand, silly late challenge, abuse, arguing, appealing, moving the ball at a FK when the Ref has already begun counting 10 yards, infringing on the 10 yard distance at FK's and other possible issues that have not been mentioned here) then a SUBSTITUTE can REPLACE the carded player. The carded player must wait in the Sin Bin until his time is up.

Referee's that have been appointed to officiate the match will NOT be allowed to mix with either club before, during or 30 mins post the match. Only contact for official reasons will be allowed for eg shaking hands in the tunnel or match instances.

As per the FIFA R and R when a player passes the ball to the opposition player that is offside, then the player will be deemed to be onside. 
In the TZLC, the law has been changed slightly. If the player in an offside position receives a pass from a player in the opposition and the said player in an offside position has NOT been making an effort to go onside then the player will be considered offside.