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Saturday 28/05/16 
A sad day as the TZLC8 season ends but anticipation of the TZLC9 grows as the Off Season suddenly  
turns to Pre-Season training!! So happy days are here again!! 
The ADC wishes to thank every member that texted or emailed or will text and email about 
acknowledging the work, dedication and commitment that goes into organizing the TZLC!! 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
BT with 75% possession WASTEFUL again!! 
PACU's Russian Chairman arrested for running around the streets in his underpants!!! 
(Whether it was because of PACU's win or he's just weird is anybody's guess!) 
Big Daddy enters the records as he ends up being on the winning side of every  
trophy winning club this season!! A Unique feat indeed!!! 
(RW 1st Div Champions, Combined League Champions, AVGKL to KITFO for the LCF, 
AVGKL to AA for the ADCCF, AVGKL to PACU in their title winning match this morning!) 
Rock, Player Manager of AA will be resigning as AA Manager. He has also stated that he will be 
exiting the TZLC as he's tired after playing a match and also 
TZ because of the training and can't earn more money because he keeps 
snapping at his collegues and other big shots and therefore he spends more time repairing  
relationships then......Oooops...A big apology to Rock and everyone reading this as some 
prankster had entered the ADC Offices and typed in some nonsense...due to some highly advanced 
software we can't erase the 3 lines above....To rephrase... 
The TZLC and TZ will always welcome Rock back if and ever he wants to rejoin. He has always been 
an inspiration to every member and he will be dearly missed.  
As he said himself, "If the itch to play can't be avoided then...."... 
A couple of BT players rumoured to be looking to leave.... 
The ADC is considering changing the R and R to so that Pat can play in the TZLC9.... 
MJ thinking of becoming a GK!!! 
Scandal as Audi seen shaking hands with Mkul post PACUBT League match!! See Below 
Other News 
Images of ALL the Winners will be made public with the release of KFANDRA new look website 
The ADC is still waiting for all its members to submit the form. 
A break down of the answers will be provided soon. 
The BTB winner is Adu with his team the Majestic Mariners!!!! After lagging behind for most of 
the Season, the Mariners raced to a CLEAR VICTORY with some brilliant tranfers. 
That too Adu started with a - 3 score!! Adu wins a special prize from the ADC and possibly a cash amount!. 
The ADC hopes the members that participated in the BTB enjoyed themselves!!! 
Friday 27/05/16 
Balance Sheets to be updated today!!  
RH BOD on the lookout for a NEW Manager as Beeraj and Red's resignations have been accepted! The RH BOD 
in a press release stated that they were very happy with Red's managerial performance and therefore 
had no issue with his wanting to leave the post. He has also recently become the proud 
dad of a wee bonny lass so no worries. Beeraj has also contributed a lot but his participation in 
a physical capacity was not up to his or the clubs standards. Therefore the BOD wishes him well in the future 
whatever he has planned as he has decided to EXIT the TZLC, although he will most probably be 
continuing in the TZ sessions.  
A number of players in RH will be LEAVING the TZLC so RH may be facing an uphill battle. 
As per the ADC R and R, if a CLUB DISSOLVES then ALL it's members will be SUSPENDED for 1 Season. 
The ADC is now stating in its FINAL CALL and OFFER that any FRINGE player from TZ or an ADC  
LISTED player Or a POSSIBLE new player INTERESTED in taking up the position as Manager at RH 
MUST contact the ADC IMMEDIATELY. The ADC is setting up the sechedule for the TZLC9 SOON. 
Any player (as mentioned in the category above) INTERESTED in FORMING a NEW Club 
with its base at TZ (NCL) must contact the ADC IMMEDIATELY. 
BT - Pam to stay as Manager...BT BOD thrilled with his performance 
PACU - Amma and Satsut will be asked to stay 
BE - Amti and Ray's jobs seem to be secure 
BI - Possibility of a new Manager high 
RW - Chairperson seems all gung ho about JJP and KT135 
RH - ????? 
AA - Ryan sacked and the possibility of Rock being sacked/resigning high.... 
NEW CLUB from the Papal Side - VK APPOINTED as MAnager 
Possibility of NEW CLUB from the TZ side - ???? 
Wednesday 25/05/16 
News is slowly filtering in regarding the AVA of players in clubs for the TZLC9. Some players 
have decided to exit the TZLC citing injuries or lack of time. Players dropping out will always be a part 
and parcel of the TZLC as the standards keep going up. Those that are injury prone and do not take 
care of their health will obviously find it difficult to play 90 mins matches. 
Managers MUST send emails to their Chairmen and BOD ASAP. 
BS's will be updated by Friday!!! 
The ADC will be contacting the NEW CLUB from Papal soon. 
Some worried messages have come in regarding the Highlights Show and the ADC Media 
has stated that the HS will be released in a couple of days. EXCLUDING the ADC CUP FINAL. 
This match will be clubbed with the final match of the season PACU Vs BT on Sat. 
The ADC is currently checking the responses to the form. Those that have not submitted the form 
will be penalized along with their club. 
TZ is slowly getting back to regular practice sessions! At KITFO the Bleep Test saw many cheats but 
Keano scored the highest amongst the TZLC Adults with a tally of Level 8 9th stage!!! 
Well done Keano!! The current record is held by KFANDRA youth player Tanny at Level 12!!! 
TZ will be undergoing the Bleep Test Next Tuesday!!! 
Monday 23/05/16 
The ADC has STRIPPED AA of the ADC CUP TItle due to disciplinary issues. Due to its ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, 
it has decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the indiscipline within clubs is undesirable.  
Managers that FAIL to control their squad members are also considered to be a part and parcel 
of the punishment. AA's fall from grace has continued on from the TZLC7 wherein at that time the ADC 
had revoked the punitive measures taken against AA at the last moment. This time, especially after 
the El Loco incidences at rivals RW, the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY is all the more paramount. 
As a result of the STRIPPING of the ADC CUP Title, both Managers of AA, Ryan and and Rock have  
been SACKED by the AA Chairperson. These 2 Managers were on their 2nd stint. 
The inner circles suggest that Rock may be allowed to convert his SACKING into a RESIGNATION while 
Ryan's firing is fixed. Ryan's passion and committment has been ebbing for many months now 
and the AA BOD have suggested that an ENTIRE revamp is due. 
The ADC Bank will be updating all the BS's in a few days time and those Managers that have 
as yet NOT started preparing the contracts and plans for the TZLC9 MUST begin soon. 
Once the OFFICIAL date for the START of the TZLC9 PRE-SEASON is conveyed to the Members by 
the ADC, then the procees such as Pre-Season training, transfers etc will gain momentum quickly. 
The ADC has asked its members not to call up the ADC regarding the TZLC after reading the above news. 
The ADC may set up a unique system where the clubs will have to WIN their sponsorship!! It 
will NOT be handed to them on a platter! 
Those of you INTERESTED in joining the TZ sessions on Tue and Thu or the KITFO sessions 
on Wed and Fri, please contact those in charge of TZ (Ahjoo) and KITFO (Sherry/Mishti/Mario) 
regarding membership fee's and the R and R of the sessions. 
Current members DON'T FORGET to confirm your attendance by 4 pm on the previous day 
with a message stating AVA (AVAILABLE). If not AVA (UNA) DON't MESSAGE!!! 
The message MUST be sent to Mr. Khare. 
Log on to the PRIVATE Google Excel Sheets set up for the sessions for more info. 
Please check the 31st WEEK MR for Updates to the PACU Vs BT 2nd Div Title Decider 
Saturday 21/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Around 10 Family and Friends observe an assasination of the sport of Football in the ADC CUP FINAL!!! 
The match was akin to watching drunk old timers playing footsie under the table...nauseating to watch!! 
But the ADC managed to liven up the proceedings by ADDING 3 minutes extra at the end of Regulation time + extra time!! 
In an interview later the Ref said "He got a call on his ear piece from the ADC saying that he should ADD 
some time due to AA's embarrassing behaviour at HT that totally made mince meat of the TZLC ethos. 
LP's Mantan and Pam strictly adhere to the R and R of a Tie Breaker and disallow 3 goals!! 
More News  
Rumours rise regarding the SACKING of the Management duo of Ryan and Rock as AA Fans protest 
lack of control over players behaviour... 
PACU Vs BT FINAL League match and 2nd Div Title decider scheduled for Next Week Sat. 
(Please send in Previews etc by Sun 12 Noon) 
ADC announces that 1 NEW club is a CERTAINTY!!! 
KFANDRA website to have a mobile friendly makeover SOON!!!! 
Click link BELOW if you haven't filled in the form COMPULSORY for all TZLC Members!! 
Friday 20/05/16 
Ahjoo will be getting a few chairs to sit on for the ladies coming tomorrow to watch the ADC CUP FINAL 
between PACU and AA.  
PACU have made some EMERGENCY LOANS!! 
PACU Vs BT POSTPONED LEAGUE MATCH may be scheduled for NEXT SATURDAY and that 
will be the LAST MATCH of the TZLC8. 
Fans of AA and PACU ask Managers to SELL Ryan and Mayur (AA) and Meeraj and Vikky (PACU) 
as they prefer going of on a family vacation on CUP FINAL DAY!! 
Thursday 19/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
AndySu BT GK could've gone for breakfast, a quick nap and a Loo break in the 2nd Half! 
BT's Stats read 25 shots, 4 on target and 21 three pointers if it was a Rugby match!!! 
RH running stats read Area covered 'RH defensive 18 yard area'!! 
More Stats - Each RH player ran 1.3 Km's excepting AVPL Satsut who ran 2 Km's!! 
BT Stats - Number of times Mkul told his bro Ashubh to SHOOT, 10 of SHOTS 
Ashubh took, ZERO!!! 
No. of times RH crossed the halfway line....4!! 
No. of times BT crossed the line....4!! Because they STAYED in the RH half for 10 mins once they 
crossed it!!! 
Tiger AVGKL for RH with super powers stronger than Magneto of the X-Men YC'd 
BEFORE the whistle sounded for KO!!! The reason being, going for a pee pee on 
the path around the cricket ground while walkers stopped to look and were left 
unimpressed!! The ADC agrees that going for a pee on a cricket ground is acceptable BUT 
doing in on the walking track is inexcuseable especially when both the teams were waiting 
for him to START the match!! 
Tiger said - Rooaar meow meow ROAR.... 
Translation - This TZLC is tough, being a Tiger and on the endangered list I thought I'd be 
free to do SuSu where ever I liked.... 
The ADC commented - The Season end is coming to a conclusion at the right time as some players 
are getting affected by the sun and are obviously delirious!! 
The ADC wonders why family members and friends of players are not coming to watch the final... 
Please submit the form ASAP!! 
PACU Vs BT may be decided over game of CHASE!!!! The ADC stated that DATES for the TZLC8 
have run out and as PACU had manipulated the PP the chance to hold the decider 
in favour of PACU, like a DRINK OFF would be unfair.... 
AA MUST return the 2nd Div Trophy they won in the TZLC7 or they WILL BE FINED and 
relegated TWICE this season!!! 
The ADC contemplating a REVAMPED TZLC9!!! 
Wednesday 18/05/16 3.30 pm 
Please click on the Link below to SUBMIT COMPULSORY form for the TZLC Members. 
Wednesday 18/05/16 
New club from Papal an ALMOST CERTAINTY!!!  
The ADC BANK is catching up with a backlog of work over the past couple of matches. 
The ADC is looking to promote another team from the TZ side of the City. It has appointed 
Mkul to look into the matter. Those that are unable to get a game at their club but find it feasible 
to have your Home Ground at NCL MUST contact Mkul ASAP. Those of you that are looking to play 
at Papal please contact VK ASAP. 
Many clubs will be revamping their teams and therefore some clubs may be releasing players. 
Some players may leave the TZLC8 entirely. We wish them well. 
New players that wish to JOIN the TZLC must attend the sessions held by Mr. Khare at NCL (TZ Home Ground) 
and Papal (KITFO Home Ground). After the Coach gives you a once over the registration 
formalities can be looked into. The ADC would like to see the NPP players practicing at one 
of these organizations to enable a BETTER understanding of each other and a HIGHER 
level of performance in the next Season. 
More News Later. Compulsory form to be filled by EACH MEMBER to be released soon!!! 
Tuesday 17/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
A wonderful match full of bonhomie see's the Eagles melt the Icemen!! 
Audi scores a SENSATIONAL 2nd as he dribbles half a dozen players and avoids half a dozen LC's!!! 
Referee pleads with BI to stop the LC's as he doesn't want to award a penalty at the end 
of the match in such a well contested and friendly match!! 
Referee STARTLED as SR/CM Mishti and Amar give the final LC count 11 for BE and 8 for BI!!! 
Even BI shocked and wonder of the RH MO's had too much to drink the night before!! 
Ahjoo clapped by both clubs when he came on and at the end of the game!!! 
Monday 16/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
PACU make 21 LC's and concede a penalty but still make it through to the ADC CUP FINAL!! 
4 players, 2 each from PACU and AA to miss final on Saturday due to Annual Family trip!! 
Fans state that the TZLC8 Season was decided 8 months ago and their family get together 
was decided 3 months ago so the fans know who the boss is at home! 
(The ADC states that the Headlines are getting very long...) 
Ref adds 5 mins EXTRA after getting a call from the ADC to EXTEND the time to make the match 
more exciting!!! 
Jango clears off the line in these extra 5 mins!!! 
Fans thought that waiting 85 mins for some action was just NOT worth it!!! 
RW OFFICIALLY AWARDED the 1st Div Trophy!!! 
RW have now been declared 1st Div Champions and Combined League Champions!!! 
See TZLCImages page for photo!!! 
Other News 
BE to be punished as no from BE arrived for this mornings match. 
Sparky popped by to see whats happening when he realized that only Ryan from AA was present 
on the ground and that too he was on Loan... 
A SPECIAL League Cup Final Highlights Show has been created!! It will be uploaded 
as soon as the ADC Office internet speed increases.... 
The ADC has kept Wed 25/05/16 as the LAST DATE to confirm willingness to set up a NEW CLUB... 
After which the ADC will be releasing the TZLC9 schedule a fortnight later. 
Clubs are requested to get their players to sign contracts asap. 
Players are allowed to avoid signing. If they do they WILL BE OUT OF CONTRACT and then 
will be placed on the ADC list on the open market.  
Players who are under contract can be sold by the club. 
A Survey form will be set up either on the website or the App soon. It will be compulsory for all members 
to submit... 
Sunday 15/05/16 
Rumours are doing the rounds that the ADC will award RW with the 1st Div Title after their 2nd Leg 
ADC Cup SF tomorrow!! This will signal the tentative start to the preseason for the TZLC9. 
Once the 1st Div Title is OFFICIALLY awarded ALL FINES and PUNISHMENTS will fall on the TZLC9 clubs! 
See the TZLCImages page for some images!!! 
Ketan the cat's reflex's as Videographer found wanting as he fails to capture Mishti's STUNNING goal 
in the League Cup Final yesterday!! 
The ADC may yet DETHRONE RW!!! 
This just calls for a better videocamera at ANY COST for the TZLC9. Matches like the League Cup Final 
are rare to come by and if we can only relive occasion through memory when we have the chance 
to FILM it, it just leaves a SOUR taste in the mouth!!! 
(See moving images in the TZLCimages page!!) 
Saturday 14/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
KIFTO lift the League Cup against ALL ODDS!!! 
The result was a victory passion and fitness Vs skill and experience!! 
Mishti scores a CRACKER!!! 
KITFO have proved that theres always hope when you have belief!! 
AA strategy revealed to be flawed....some players were rumoured to be over confident!! 
Meer celebrates with KITFO after losing with AA!!! 
Tiger and Meer verbally scuffle and mar atmosphere on the ground!! 
Family and Friends enjoyed the snacks and refreshments AS WELL as the match!! 
Other News 
The ADC office has an internet issue so all the Previews for the coming week will be 
released tomorrow along with the Highlight Show. 
Please see AA MP that could not be published yesterday!!! 
Thursday 12/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Slew of cards display lack of professionalism by some players!! 
Nearly all the cards were given for issues related to ungentlemanly conduct says the Ref!!! 
Late Kick Off due to RH having to re-mark the ground because of unseasonal rains forces players 
to play in temperatures exceeding 38 degrees Celsius!! 
Scrappy match as PACU fans disappointed and RH fans bemused as to how their team ended up 2nd in the 1st Div!!! 
Other News 
The ADC reminds the players that the match material such as the Corner Flags etc must be kept 
in the box before leaving. The ADC youth is ALWAYS seen to be clearing up after 
the so called stars. This goes AGAINST the TZLC policy of humility at all levels. 
The ADC has as yet NOT received feedback from the Managers/In-charge of how many family and friends 
are expected to turn up. You have to submit the data before 4 pm today or NO REFRESHMENTS will 
be made AVA.  
Next Week is the final week of the TZLC8!!! 
Wednesday 11/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
BI performance committment pleases the ADC! 
10 goals for BI does not reflect their superiority but only KITFO Reserves inexperience and technical weakness! 
Zubin scores past a Rock and Atool CD and AVI GK!!!  
KITFO's Robby misses penalty!!! 
Jhakaas scores a Rabona!!! Aided of course by KITFO goalie at that time Amti!!! 
Audi booed by by traveling Audi fans as his finishing and touch was abysmal!! 
Rango's goalpoaching gets him only 2 and clears one of KITFO's line! 
KS gets NONE!! 
Other NEWS 
Sparky of AA has suggested the setting up of a 'Mandap' (temporary construction) for family and 
friends starting from Saturday's League Cup Final up to the ADC Cup Final next week. 
The ADC has agreed and if TZ CEO also approves the ADC has suggested that it be constructed on the 
FAR SIDE of the ground facing the dugouts. 
The ADC also wants CEO TZ Ahjoo to appoint someone to set up a PORTALOO on the ground. 
Players going for a wee is not a pleasant sight to see. We need to be professional. 
The ADC feels that a permanent structure on the ground will take some time so we MUST try 
and procure a PORTAPOTTY ASAP. This can be kept nearer to the wall on the forest side. 
The ADC has approached a member of the TZLC to push some players to become 
Managers of new clubs and that this member will assist them with the same. 
The ADC had informed Sherry earlier but as is now understood, 
Sherry needs to be told a million times before he decides to pay heed! 
The ADC has received 2 confirmations so far of Family and friends coming for the League Cup Final. 
It would be nice if the players sent in the info to their Manager/In-charge so that a rough estimate 
can be procured so that refreshments can also be made AVA.  
Let's Make both Finals and the end of the Season with the League matches something that 
resembles a Festival Atmosphere!!! I'm sure we've all enjoyed the TZLC8 so let's head into 
off season training and into preseason training for the TZLC9 with a frenzied finish!! 
1 and a half WEEKS TO GO!!! 
200 days OVER since the TZLC8 BEGAN!! What a SEASON its been!!! 
See the KFANDRA Home page for some Flashback IMAGES!!! 
Tuesday 10/05/16 
A call was taken by Amma PACU Manager to call off the match due to a sticky ground situation. 
Suspicions arise as PACU are due to play against a depleted RH side on Thursday and BT Fans are 
speculating whether this was a bonafide call by Amma or if there was an ulterior motive. 
Rumours suggest that he took the call with the ADC and CEO TZ Ahjoo in confidence but they 
are only rumours. On another matter, rumours suggest that after the BT MP declared that Sidwho? would be  
dropped and is starting on the bench, the tiny whippet Left Mf growled that he may actually take 
up the offer to start a new club and show the hot shots at BT that dropping him was a BEEG Mistakea! 
Back to Amma and the BT supporters are rumoured to be gathering around his house ready 
to throw toilet paper at him...and empty cans of beer.... 
The ADC is planning to hold two matches on Sat and Sun next Season to free up a day for a 
TZ session in the week. The ADC will set up a form on the APP in a couple of days for feedback 
on this topic and some other topics. Meanwhile this Title decider (BT Vs PACU) that is rumoured to be a pre-planned 
PP by Amma (hotline to the rain gods) will be shifted to the next AVA date possibly on Sunday 
or on the week AFTER the ADC Cup Final. The PLAYOFFS may also be held in that week!!! 
BTB and Balance sheets will be updated most probably today! 
KITFO Vs BI will GO AHEAD as per SCHEDULE at Papal!!! 
Monday 09/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Toufa with a customary WALLOP starts the RW march to the Title!!! 
10 Man AA can blame Audi for his R8 failing to cross the finish line!! 
RW in actuality win 2 Titles this morning, the 1st Div Title as well as the COMBINED League Title!!! 
The ADC warns all that EVERYTHING isn't over TILL the TZLC9 Calendar is set or till the 
ADC announces that all Fines and Punishments will be levied on the TZLC9 clubs!! 
RW or ANY Club can still drop points due to indiscipline or related misdemeanours!! 
Other News 
Cup Finals to be held at NCL! Club Managers asked to provide count of family and friends that 
are arriving to watch the match. The TZLC will provide chairs and if possible snacks, family members 
and friends must bring brollies and water for themselves. 
As no player has expressed a desire to the ADC to form a NEW CLUB for the TZLC9, the ADC 
may divide the teams at present into 2 divisions. 4 in the 1st and 4 in the 2nd. 
This means that in the current scenario, RW and RH will STAY in the 1st Div, the 2nd Div champions 
BT or PACU will get promoted to the 1st Div, AA will play the 2nd placed team in the 2nd Div  
BT or PACU for the 4th and final spot. 
Please remember that if a club DISSOLVES then these permutations and combinations will be 
changed. If a player shows interest in FORMING a NEW CLUB before the TZLC9 Calendar 
is set then everything can change again! As mentioned before, it AINT OVER TILL IT's 'declared' OVER... 
by the ADC!!! 
Saturday 07/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
BE's performance against LC and ADCCUP finalists AA sensational!! 
Match marred by uncharacteristic errors! 
Most experienced AA duo of Rock and Ryan unable to penetrate BE The Eagles FORTRESS at the ADC Stadium!!! 
Referee Khare happy to see two teams that were cited for ungentlemanly behaviour earlier 
in the Season play a competitive match in the right spirit! 
RW need win against AA on Monday to seal 1st Div Title on Goal Difference! 
The ADC warns fans and Clubs not celebrate until the ADC BANK declares a positive or negative Balance!!! 
BE could finish 3rd if they get 6 points from their remaining 2 encounters! 
PACU and BT'S race will go to the wire but BT will win if they win both their remaining AWAY matches 
against RH and PACU!!!  
PACU Vs BT may be the 2nd Div Title decider! 
RH Vs BT may decide the 1st div Title!! 
AA Vs RW on Monday may give AA hopes of a 2nd Place finish and a Play off spot IF RH falter!! 
Other News 
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE has been CANCELLED!!!! The ADC has decided to CANCEL the Season ending 
Champions League matches as the Season has taken it's toll on the players fitness! The Season 
will come to an official end after the ADC CUP FINAL! 
It is most likely that the Finals (LC and ADCCUP) will be held at NCL as scheduled. Managers are requested to get info regarding family members that will come to watch and support their 'heroes' or the clubs involved. If there are a large 
number then TZ CEO Ahjoo will ensure that there are snacks and chairs AVA on Final day. 
All members are requested to come and watch if not appointed on OFFICIAL MO DUTY! 
Family members are requested to bring an UMBRELLA to protect yourselves from the sun. 
Thursday 05/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
BT turn the tables on RW this morning in a similar situation that happened way back on Feb the 4th!!! 
RW forced to defend in the 2nd H that is a sight NEVER seen this season!! 
BT with VG and Bhanda missing continue to play the beautiful game!! 
BT race to the TOP of the 2nd Div!! 
Both the 1st Div and 2nd Div Titles are wide open!! 
More News  
A Funny Incident -  
After the KITFO session the other day, everyone packed up to leave. Sherry tailed the group and as 
he caught everyone up at the parking he exclaimed - 
"Bag is findings I!! Whose is?" (I've found a bag people, any idea whose it is?) 
"Interiors is lappingtop ands many paperworkings!" (There's a laptop inside and lots of important looking papers!) 
There were some quickfire responses of which some were - 
"Sellings us interiors on OLX and making money money lottings!" (We''ll sell whatevers inside, basically the 
contents of the bag on an online portal OLX and make money) Said Robby. 
Jon with a wicked smile on his face shouted "Party!"  
Amar had proceeded to open an envelope supposedly looking for some notation somewhere that 
pointed to the bags owner. Sherry did the same with some other important looking documents. 
Meanwhile a very curious looking Keano also slipped in to add his wisdom to the obviously 
intelligent comments. 
As Keano looked at the bag and the A4 sized Papers and important looking documents that Sherry and 
Amar were soiling and after glancing worriedly at Robby who had already started taking 
snaps on his mobile phone to upload, Keano Exclaimed - 
"Arre Bags and stuffings MINE IS!!!" (Arre, the bag and EVERYTHINGS MINE!!) 
Sherry in his haste had failed to notice Keano STILL changing and had picked up the bag! 
Keano till this date (2 days later) looks at Sherry, his CD partner with great suspicion!! 
Tuesday 03/05/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
RW juggernaut halted in its tracks by a rampant AA side! 
RW missing its full squad for the 1st time this season is vanquished! 
The purple army fail to heed Coach's advice and suffer!! 
Adu sizzles the dusty surface with an excellent 3rd goal!!! 
The ADC is thinking of scrapping the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE matches to ENSURE that the 
two Cup Finals are held properly. The ADC's desire is to INVITE family and friends over to  
watch both finals. There MUST be a provision for shelter, snacks and beverages. 
If held at NCL then the dust is an issue. Can the Managers along with CEO TZ Ahjoo look into 
renting Flame? Or any other ground where the above mentioned won't be an issue. 
Please get back to the ADC by Sat the 7th of this month. 
Friday 29/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
A scintillating match see's KITFO reach a Final for the 1st time in it's History!!! 
After being on the verge of extinction earlier in the season, KITFO cheats death and laughs in its face!!! 
BT give it their all but their exit from the League Cup is softened at the pure JOY in the KITFO faces!!! 
Snowtop is boo'd by the BT travelling contingent as the BT Chairperson is none to pleased at him either!!! 
The entire KITFO squad must have run a 100 Km altogether in this match!!! 
In other News 
Reviews of yesterdays match have been published!!! 
Info still to be received about tomorrows 2nd Leg between AA and RW regarding its PP!!! 
Thursday 28/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Both sets of Fans thrilled...AA for the win and RW for their transformation!!! 
RW exceed all expectations under the new Management of JJP and K135T!! 
The ADC congratulates both squads after reading the Refs Report that at no time did either club 
behave in an ungentlemanly way, in fact it was truly a joy to Referee!!! 
RW now are a goal down in both their 2nd SF in the ADC CUP and the League Cup!!! 
Other News 
Atool has been appointed Ref of tomorrow's encounter at Papal between KITFO and BT!!! 
The TZLC Cup Finals may be pushed ahead as well as the 2nd Leg between RA and AA as AA may fall short of players!! 
Shocking News just in that Satsut disciple YogiMogi of the famous quote 
"Amu would've been my god also but he's my friend so......" had been observed making plans at 
taking over the ADC as mentioned earlier. But now it has been revealed that he intends to take 
over KFANDRA as well!!! He was caught planning a PicNic for his new team mates at KFANDRA and 
names for the Academy such a YFANDRA and YMFANDRA were discussed. But word had it that 
nothing need be change as he can use his original surname - Ketkar!! 
Khare is saddened at this turn of events and in an interview earlier stated -  
"PACU FINED!!!!!" 
Tuesday 26/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
BE Fans scream for joy as their players excel in the LCSF1!!! 
Neutral supporters astonished at sudden improvement in KITFO fringe players!!! 
Atmosphere at the ADC Stadium was incredible as BT Fans and Players clapped KITFO of the pitch!!! 
Highly rated Andysu stunned by the sun and Keano's dipping effort! 
Khare leads KITFO in epic celebrations!! 
Khare stated later that - "This victory against a TOP TZLC team filled with exceptional players 
NEEDED to be celebrated. Who knows what will happen in the 2nd Leg. This first Leg  
was always going to be like a Final for KITFO. At the same time I congratulate Rock for a Job 
well done along with his MO's. No doubt Reffing is easier when both the clubs trust the MO's 
but this morning Rock understood that it was a highly charged atmosphere and sometimes 
all that was needed was a talking to!!" 
Other News 
The ADC includes a link below to highlight the MASSIVE difference between Football and Rugby. 
The ethos itself in football is flawed and I hope the Rugby ethos continues. 
The TZLC will ALWAYS push the players to apply the Rugby ethos. 
This example also shows how lenient the ADC was towards RW and some other individuals and clubs. 
In the Video Tian raises his arms and then says something to the Ref. The Ref shows 
a YC and then an RC. The Authorities decided to SUSPEND him for a YEAR and FINE him 
plus they said he got off lightly. Hopefully the TZLC Members understand how important 
it is to MAINTAIN discipline and respect. 
Monday 25/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
The Icemen create a bit of steam but the Astro's still make it through!! 
Open chances missed by both sets of players! 
ADC CUP Final awaits the winner of RW Vs PACU to play AA!!! 
Mantan Loanee misses penalty!! 
Other News 
5 days left for intimation by players to create new club. The ADC awaits feedback from players 
for a 2nd Papal side. 
As yet no new team to be created with Home Ground at TZ. 
Saturday 23/04/16 
As per the Charge Sheet filed against RW the ADC have decided on the following -  
1. Both RW Managers have been SACKED with immediate effect. This will count as a Quadruple sacking as 
their offences merit a cancellation of their 2nd Chance. They are now on their 3rd and FINAL opportunity 
as Managers of RW. After which they will NOT be allowed to manage the same club for 1 Season. 
If during their 3rd tenure they show that they have improved upon past midemeanours then the ADC 
will give them a 4th opportunity if sacked due to reasons OTHER THAN why they were fired before. 
The RW Chairman and BOD will NOT be allowed to generate NEW funds as a part of the deal in 
Signing on New Management. 
Due to a Death in the family of one of the TZLC players and coincidentally an RW player the ADC wishes 
to remind EVERYONE that  
(until there comes a time in the distant future where death can be cheated) 
then Death is a reminder to all about how fragile life can be. 
The ADC has therefore FORGIVEN RW of further punishment and hopes that RW and ALL members 
of the TZLC have learnt a very important lesson. 
BI wil be submitting their review tomorrow as they are still facing player AVA issues. 
The ADC may allow a Youth Loan or two to BI as AA are already 4 nil up from the 1st Leg. 
If there are chances that BI may recover the deficit, the Youth players will be pulled out. 
BT have accepted the KITFO request that Mr. Khare Coach the KITFO squad for the 1st Leg and 2nd Leg 
League Cup Semi against BT this week. But the ADC is still looking into the matter as it 
does NOT want to start Player Refs as issues have always arisen because of them. 
Highlights Show to be released tomorrow. Previews, BTB and Ratings by this evening. 
Yogi Mogi thinking of setting up rival entity to the ADC...The ADYM!!! 
Friday 22/04/16 
Theres more turmoil in store for 135 and RW as the two RW Managers were on CM and SR duty for the 2nd 
ADC Cup Semi 1st leg between BI and AA. The coverage was so poor that only 1 of the four goals was 
partly captured. 135 as CM is obviously watching the game and NOT focusing on 
his videography. A cardinal sin when at the post of CM is when the CM is able to comment on the  
happenings on the pitch it proves that the CM is not concentrating on the videography and 
only on the match itself. The vid screen is so tiny that the ball can just about be seen, all 
the players are virtually shadows so all the concentration MUST always be on the small screen. 
The ADC had earlier implemented a bonus 1MTZR for creditable Videogrpahy  
and the bonus has already been awarded to a few clubs. Fines have also been awarded so RW will be punished. 
Another major misdemeanour is that 135 has clearly ABUSED in the video. Which will mean that the 
video will have to in silent mode for that clip. JJ as Jt. Manager is not observed at ANY point in the video 
to be castigating 135 as he CLEARLY is not doing his job and neither is he reprimanding him for his foul language. 
The ADC will have to ensure that these offences are not committed by ANY club in the future. 
RW's MAJOR offences are as follows - 
1. Disrespecting the MO's and opposition team by making them WAIT for them prior to KO. 
2. Disrespecting the Referee 3. Gathering at a public place in this instance (Even gathering at a Private place 
to question MO's is illegal although difficult to police) and questioning the Referee's decisions. 4. Failing to 
make it known to all present that this is AGAINST the TZLC Ethos and it should stop immediately. 
5. Discussing the Bank Balance of the club in public (Only the Club Officials are privy to any info 
concerning the Bank Balance.) 6. Abusing in the video 7. Avoiding to shake the Refs hand in the Tunnel 
Other offences will be made public at the time of announcement. 
The ADC has HALTED all communication between the RW Management and its club Chairperson and BOD 
until it comes to a FINAL verdict. 
The verdict will be declared to the public asap. All other confidential matters will remain within the club. 
Rumours -  
As RW have PP'd the 2nd Leg Semi against PACU, there is a possibility that the 2nd Leg will be annulled as 
a form of punishment to RW which would mean that PACU will qualify for the ADC CUP SEMI as they 
won the 1st leg 1 - 0!!! The Managers will be SACKED for GOOD without any chance of reprieve. 
(Usually a Manager is allowed a chance to Manage again under a Pseudonym where all the past issues would 
be filed under the PREVIOUS Managers misdoings and the new Manager would start with a  
clean slate.) The ADC will absolve all and forgive and forget. The Media thinks hoping is fine but foolish hope 
is just a wish that is improbable. Plus SUSPENSIONS may arise!!! 
Other News -  
BT have accepted KITFO's request that Mr. Khare will be allowed to manage KITFO for the LCSF's to be 
held next week. This will lead to a Player Ref situation.  
BT have been allowed to send 3 names to the ADC that they feel can officiate the match well.  
The ADC will choose 1 of the 3. BUT the ADC may have a change of heart at the last 
moment regarding the Player Ref scenario due to issues in the past. 
BT players honing their skills at KFANDRA!! 
Thursday 21/04/16 
The TZLC wishes to send it's commiserations to Amonk (Amol Monga of RW) as he suddenly lost his  
Mum late last night. See below image of 1 min silence held on the ground as a mark of respect 
prior to the ADC CUP SEMI 1 1st leg BI Vs AA. 
In other news 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Astro's show glimpses of form as they annihilated arch rivals BI!!! 
15 min 2nd Half collapse take BI to brink of exit!!! 
The young BI players allow apprehension to win! 
Other News - 
The ADC in a text sent to ALL the Club Managers late last night informed them that it will NOT take any 
further part in the TZLC post the above mentioned match. It mentioned that the members are 
allowed to continue the TZLC as they wish. 
This was due to RW's behaviour some weeks prior to their semi final match against PACU, 
which led to some incidences DURING the match and then AFTER the match also. 
The ADC has received responses from ALL the Managers who vociferously stated that the TZLC would 
not function without the ADC and the ADC should punish the concerned club/players and not 
punish the rest of the TZLC members. That the ADC should NOT take such a drastic step and 
continue as is, knowing that the TZLC can only get better as the players learn humility. 
In accordance with the responses the ADC has set the FOLLOWING RULES -  
1. NO CLUB will be allowed to gather at one spot within 1 hour of playing a match. (A club is defined as 
More than 2 players from one club). Other gatherings will be allowed. 
This Rule has been created because RW were observed to be waxing lyrical about the decisions made 
by the MO's post the match Vs PACU. As all members are aware that one of the most imp rules is that 
the players are FORBIDDEN to discuss decisions made by the MO's in match. This is to ensure 
that what happens in the match, STAYS in the match. Behaviour that is detrimental to the R and R of  
the TZLC will obviously be looked at later by the ADC. 
2. The RW players were also OPENLY discussing RANDOM amounts of fines that were levied on their 
club. Please note that one of the amounts discussed was 17M DOLLARS!! This is a NONSENSICAL 
statement as the TZLC has a MAKE BELIEVE currency called the TZR. Further more, if the ADC thought 
that amount was correct, they so be it. This amount is NOT to be DISCUSSED by ORDINARY players 
but only by persons that have a higher post, the Chairperson, BOD and the Manager. 
The ADC also states that this amount was TOTALLY FABRICATED. 
3. The ADC holds all the TZLC members accountable when they are present at a gathering and  
referee bashing, ADC bashing or any other bashing is taking place. The members should remind the persons involded 
that such behaviour is uncalled for and should stop. If unable to stop such behaviour, the player 
should LEAVE the area. If the ADC hears about or notices such activity, ALL present will be punished. 
The ADC reminds EVERYONE that the R and R have been CREATED to enable a PROFESSIONAL level 
of Football to be played at a high standard sans all the theatrics you will observe in the REAL GAME. 
For eg Acting, Abuse, Disrespect and so on. 
Each and EVERY Member MUST ALWAYS hold he ETHOS of the TZLC as the top priority. 
Regardless of what is being discussed or whether what happened seemed fair or not. 
Complaints, grievances etc can always be mentioned in WRITING to your Manager, Chairperson or the ADC.  
RW was also under probation for the past couple of weeks for its players behaviour and as a club. 
Therefore the ADC, if it decided to continue, WILL DEFINITELY be punishing RW for the events that 
have occurred. ANY member of the TZLC that still holds a grudge or is unhappy is free to LEAVE 
the TZLC with IMMEDIATE effect.  
The ADC will ALWAYS strive to be Fair and Impartial and appoint Refs that are the same and play the 
game in the true spirit of it, SPORTINGLY. It believes that the players will play the game the SAME WAY. 
Wednesday 20/04/16 
Reviews have been PUBLISHED!!! 
There are a couple of opportunities left to see your own Highlight of the Season so far in the  
Highlights show!! Send in your request and the ADC Media will include the highlight in 
the opening intro!! 
135 has been cited for IMPROPER CONDUCT and has been suspended for 30 mins of RW's 
next match. This suspension CANNOT be Subbed or loaned against. 
Saturday's Return fixture between RW and PACU likely to be PP'd by RW. 
RW's Management face the SACK in a boardroom meeting scheduled by RW in a 
couple of days. 
VideoCamera to revert back to it's position on the halfway line as the ADC attempt to make 
life easier for the Vidcam person backfires. 
The ADC ORDERS the CM to LOOK at the screen and NOT look at the match while recording. 
The ADC requires that any member that is desirous or FORMING a NEW CLUB MUST approach the ADC 
before the 30th of APRIL. The player or players MUST have a plan in hand if SERIOUS and 
a rough idea if 50 - 50. Those with a FIRM PLAN will receive the BIGGER funding for the 
next Season. 
Tuesday 19/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Audi set to play 2 more of the 4 ADC CUP semi finals scores the winner!!! 
Eccentric Goalkeeper Ketan could've made it a difficult task in the return leg as he nearly gifts a couple!! 
Satsut's 1st H potty break improves his performance as he comes back lighter and fitter!!! 
RW lose for the 1st time this season!!! 
PACU fans worry that their players penchant to booze may cost them the 2nd Leg!! 
Fans are sending spy's all over town to ensure PACU remain fit for the rest of the week!!! 
RW Chairman blasts his players for changing the brilliant 4-4-2 formation and playing 
a risky 3 at the back. "What was wrong with the 4-4-2 formation where EVERYONE played well, 
the fans were happy and the opposition was scared?" 
PACU's Russian Chairperson is ECSTATIC and sent the PACU fans home with bottle of beer each!!! 
The PACU Managers need not worry as the expenses are from the Chairpersons pocket!!! 
The ADC promises a crate of the finest for the winners of the Semi's!!!! 
Monday 18/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Sherry's efforts to score an own goal foiled by Amti as he clears off the line!!! 
Sherry decides that better an assist than on own goal!!! 
Fringe players at KITFO perform very well as do the whole squad!! 
All 3 KITFO players playing for RH feel that their squad was the weaker and KITFO the stronger!!! 
KITFO set to take LCSEMI opponents BT by STORM!!! 
TC leaves early to avoid arrest, Amu gets injured and Kramer scores but still gets shouted at... 
nothing changes at RH!!! 
Top Management duo of top Club face SACK if knocked out of the ADC CUP!!! 
Other News -  
The ADC requires that any member that is desirous or FORMING a NEW CLUB MUST approach the ADC 
before the 30th of APRIL. The player or players MUST have a plan in hand if SERIOUS and 
a rough idea if 50 - 50. Those with a FIRM PLAN will receive the BIGGER funding for the 
next Season. 
Managers of the current clubs are REQUESTED to get their players to SIGN contracts if the 
contracts are expiring. They are also requested to inform their BOD/Chairperson of the plans 
for the NEXT Season (TZLC9). 
Saturday 16/04/16 
The ADC has received the views of ALL members concerned in issues that have been highlighted over 
the past few days. Some inputs have been deemed LATE by the ADC and the said individuals/clubs 
will be intimated as regards to punishment in that matter. 
After considering the evidence and responses of the witnesses and members involved in the 
Subaru Loan incident involving VG of BT and Satsut of PACU, the ADC has decided on the following. 
1. VG is guilty of approaching a Manager/Player who is a member of another club IMMEDIATELY after 
a match in matters pertaining to the very same match. IT is a RULE in the TZLC that players are NOT 
allowed to converse with members of another club during and after a match for a certain period 
of time so that the players will be allowed to cool down. (Especially if the Tunnel at the end 
of the match does not do so). The players are also NOT allowed to approach the MO's. 
Consequently a player is NOT allowed to approach a player of another club at any other point 
of time unless in a purely friendly manner. Discussing club issues MUST ALWAYS be left 
to the Manager who is allowed to communicate with the other members at any time. 
Your grievances MUST ALWAYS be directed to your Manager or your Chairman so that 
your views are heard and advice can be given. You are NOT allowed to approach Mr. Khare with  
ANY issue without specifying who you want to talk to. (Please remember that Mr. Khare's ability 
to switch persona's at any given time may be risky for any of you). 
Punishment - WARNING! Consideration of his exemplary behaviour as a member of the TZLC since 
his arrival was taken into account. His Club though will be FINED for not sticking to the the R and R 
of the TZLC and it's ethos. 
2. Satsut is guilty of offering incorrect advice to his player. Also guilty of  
responding LATE to the ADC's show cause notice. 
Punishment - WARNING!!! Consideration of his good behaviour as a member  
of the TZLC since his arrival was taken into account. 
3. Pam - Guilty of inability to maintain decorum in his club as Manager and also of not going through 
the proper procedure in loaning a player. 
Punishment - WARNING!!! Club FINED!!! 
4. Subaru - In the TZLC, Managers are allowed to DIRECTLY approach players to play on loan 
for them. The said player will accept or not. If acceptance is made, the player will contact his 
Manager to inform him. If at this moment in time the Manager has an issue with the loan then 
the Manager will ask his player to inform the opposition Manager of his UNA to play. If the Manager 
accepts the Loan the player in question MUST ask for a MESSAGE or EMAIL that CONFIRMS 
the Loan. And Vice Versa. (Especially if the Loan is completed as an EMERGENCY LOAN and the Website 
cannot be updated with the latest info).  
Subaru is guilty of NOT contacting the Manager that had asked for his loan in this case. 
Subaru is also guilty of NOT sending a written apology to his Manager or whomsoever concerned. 
He is also guilty of contacting his Manager BEYOND designated work times. 
Punishment - WARNING!!!! 
5. EL Loco - GUILTY of ungentlemanly conduct while on PROBATION for other offences. 
Punishment - 3 MATCH BAN if and when he rejoins the TZLC. RW FINED HEAVILY for their inability 
to keep promises that allowed EL Loco to avoid suspension and play.  
RW guilty of making the opposition and MO's (Including the Refs) wait for them to enter the field. 
RW as a Club will now be under STRICT SCRUTINY (Probation) over their next 2 games. 
If RW are seen to be BREAKING the CODE OF CONDUCT, the punishment will be a FINE as well 
as DEDUCTION of a point or points in their League tally. Further punishment would be 
In other News -  
Highlights to be updated by Tomorrow with a NEW OPENING SEQUENCE!!!! 
Previews to be updated by this evening along with BTB etc!!!! 
KFANDRA News -  
KFANDRA welcomes Saumin Athalye and Ishan Khadilkar to the Academy!!! 
It also welcomes Yogi Mogi as it's 'youngest' member!!! 
Apart from special guests Mkul and Pam!!! 
Friday 15/04/16 
The ADC has received responses from the concerned individuals involved in the incidences mentioned 
in the previous news bulletin. Some individuals have NOT responded and this will mean that any 
decision taken by the ADC will NOT be favourable to those persons/clubs involved. 
As for those that have responded, a decision will be taken by 10 am tomorrow. 
Clubs are requested to send in their MO's names to the HOME TEAM Manager as the Semi's of 
both knock out competitions are Home and Away.  
The ADC has requested the TZ CEO Ahjoo to provide NEW FOOTBALLS from NEXT WEEKS matches. 
The ADC has advised the Managers to see to it that they themselves and their players have 
FULL KNOWLEDGE of ALL the R and R of the TZLC. Including the zero tolerance policy and 
talking to the opposition and MO's during and after a match. The ADC will come down HEAVILY on those 
clubs that break the rules. One of the rules is that ANY club is NOT allowed to keep the opposition 
team or the Referee's waiting. 
Wednesday 13/04/16 
It has come to the notice of the ADC that Mr. J. Kothari (VG/Jehandro) and Mr. S. Suttati (Satsut) have brought the 
game into disrepute. Allegations state that both or one of the two used abusive language. Also, one 
of the afore mentioned accused the other of purposely behaving in such a way that it would cause 
harm to their club. Both players and clubs face SUSPENSION and Fines that may include a 
deduction in points in their respective club tally in the League. 
In another incident RW's player (Mr. N. Fernadez/EL Loco) that is currently under probation for incidences that occurred 
some days ago has also been cited by the ADC for behaving in an irresponsible and uncouth 
manner while sitting on the RW bench. As the said player will not be taking further part 
in the TZLC8, his suspension will begin if and when he returns. RW WILL be FINED and 
deducted points by the ADC. The ADC will announce it's decision regarding the two cases by this weekend. 
Persons involved and the Managers may write to the ADC regarding the above. The ADC WARNS the members 
writing in, to be EXTREMELY careful in the manner in which they respond. 
RH Vs PACU match scheduled for Saturday 16/04/16 has been POSTPONED by PACU! Fines will be levied! 
Highlights, BTB, Balance Sheets will be updated by Saturday. 
Tuesday 12.45 pm 12/04/16 
ADC CUP Semi DRAWS released!  
Competition to win 2 M TZR on DISCOVERING two new additions to the ADC STADIUM!!! 
Description required to WIN PRIZE MONEY!!! 
1st 5 entries from players of different clubs will be accepted!!! 
Send email with info to the ADC!!! 
Tuesday 12/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Jonty gets the first YC of his career for failing to get his side ready for KO!! 
Zero Tolerance see's another flurry of cards! 
Ahjoo missing from the BI squad...the ADC Media is in hot pursuit the TZ CEO is AWOL!!! 
135 salivates as EL Loco displays delectable dainty skills!!! 
Players that do NOT read the Reviews, Previews or MP's that their clubs have published and also 
important messages sent through the Previews and Reviews as also incuding the News Snippets 
found on the Fixtures page and Home Page along with the Latest News PLUS the info submitted by 
other clubs are liable for SUSPENSION or their CLubs will be fined. 
Competition for DISCOVERING the ADC Cup Draws to be released today!!! 
Saturday's match between RH and PACU is on the verge of being PP'd by PACU!!! 
Monday 11/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
The New Snowtop is freshness personified but he ends up on the bench more often than not!! 
Mkul's chatter gets him a red!!! 
Ajinx's push to CM in favour of Loanee Satsut has fans disappointed! 
Stoney stoned? as stiff neck leaves him looking on from the sidelines!! 
Anks's doc maybe in AA's employ as Anks gives away one Pen and nearly another!!! 
The Ref has INSISTED that the Club Management should ensure that the players are AWARE of 
ALL TZLC R and R. Persistent infringements lead to too many stoppages and take away from 
the game than anything else. Rules have been set to ensure FAIR PLAY, an Injury free Environment, 
Zero angst between team mates and opposition and etc. All players need to do is ABIDE by these 
rules. ADMIT to ones error and you may avoid a card. 
Sunday 10/04/16 
26th Week Previews have been published! 
ALL transfers between CLUBS has been CLOSED till the end of the Season. NEW players will NOT 
be allowed to JOIN a CLUB in the TZLC until the end of the Season. Players on the ADC list will 
only be AVA for Loans. New players are welcome to join the TZLC BUT will NOT be made 
AVA for transfer to a club, ONLY LOANS will be allowed. 
The ADC have RELEASED Tan to BI on a FREE. BI have shown a lot of perseverence and dedication, 
especially through their Managers Atool and Ahjoo and thus the ADC has decided to help them out. 
Tan will team up with KFANDRA team mates Ringa and Jhakaas!!! 
BI have also Purchased Parmesh N for the rest of the Season. 
Gautam Bhave has been given a 3 match TRIAL by BI pending an immediate transfer if the trial is a success. 
CUP DRAWS wil be released later today through a game competition wherein clubs can earn a little extra cash. 
Saturday 09/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
95% posession for BT against a 10 man PACU side wasted!!! 
BT fans shocked at result while PACU fans exult!! 
Brotherly love trumps Club loyalty as Ashubh defends Mkuls sitter miss!!! 
BT still have the upper hand to win the 2nd Div Title and promotion!! 
KO from next week 6.30 am!!! RW FINED for deplorable discipinary issues a few days ago!! 
This weeks highlights show to be combined with next weeks!!! 
Friday 08/04/16 
Sparky replaces Andysu for possible title decider in tomorrows fixture between BT and PACU!!! 
BI approach ADC for relief for the 2nd time this season!!! 
Mr. Khare and Mr. Dlamini set to Ref tomorrow!!! 
Tuesday 05/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Amu RH captain manages his best to keep RH on track but lose out!! 
BT's bickering brigade beat the ICU dept known to most as RH!!! 
Angus McCurry reveals scathing attack on Mr. Khare in hidden Audio Recording!! 
Rumours are that RW are the main protagonists!!! 
Mr. Khare states that he dug his own grave, got cremated was left to rot by himself!!! 
Implores his old pal Angus not to expose players!!! 
With this defeat, RW are virtually 1st Div League Champions unless something untoward happens.... 
and that is ALWAYS a possibility in the TZLC!!! 
Amma thought to be a Lucky Mascot as his presence seems to be.... yes...lucky!!! 
Sunday 03/04/16 
Reviews Updated!!! Previews Updated by late evening!!! or Tomorrow!!! 
Highlights, BTB and Ratings by late evening or Tomorrow!!! 
Saturday 02/04/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
135 questions Ref and is lucky not to be carded! 
Ref once again lets emergency AVGKL Parmesh off by disallowing goal!!! 
RW fans angry at Ref for what they call refereeing of the lowest order..Even Amonk is better is their conclusion!! 
BI's youngest Jhakaas has his WORST outing yet!! KFANDRA's Coach embarrassed! 
Chinchin states "Ear plugs need I! Jonty and Atool shoutings much!!" 
RW's title in the 2nd Season on the trot seems a done and dusted story! 
Their Champions League Place also! 
Eagles edge closer to 2nd Div status as BI lose!!! 
This Virtual World has Far TOO Many Newspapers concludes nosy passerby!! 
Thursday 31/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
KITFO have the upper hand but lose once again to a goalkeeping error! 
BT stutter but win due to the sudden inclusion of Rafa in the squad! 
KITFO actually revert back to a passing game and match if not BETTER the Thunder!! 
Out of 80 mins (BT refuse the extra 10) the SR Mayur notes down around 15 highlights.. 
of which 5 are substitutions, 4 are keeper changes 2 are IFK's and 2 are corners...and 
the goal..If the ADC can award 1M for a good job at SR or CM there is DEFINITELY going 
to be a MASSIVE fine for AA. 
Reviews, BTB and Ratings etc to be updated by 4 pm hopefully earlier!!! 
Wednesday 30/03/16 
The ADC is irritated and frustrated at the lack of professionalism shown by KITFO and RW. 
After the ADC had requested ALL clubs and organizations to behave more professionally Ie the MO lists, 
Previews etc and also other related issues like suspensions etc, the ADC is faced with an 
organization that FAILS to update the ADC or Mr. Khare and send in Previews plus their squad 
list. RW in turn after speaking to their Chairman have not informed the ADC regarding the 
EL Loco situation. Also KITFO have approached the ADC to Loan a GK for the League match against 
BT tomorrow. The ADC had allowed KITFO to loan a GK for their League Cup semi final matches. 
As for tomorrow's match, KITFO are NOT allowed to Loan a GK...BUT if the BT management accept 
the request by KITFO the ADC will allow it.  
Rumours - Prospective Managers of new clubs for the TZLC9 have already approached the ADC! 
Meeraj currently living in perpetual anxiety after ADC Media's Sound Bytes bit hard!! 
Over 5 entries came in for the Guess Who competition!! It has now been closed!!! 
Other News - Read the Latest SPO 40 in the Extra News section (Surhud's Poyetic Outburst) 
Tuesday 29/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Ajinx shows great improvement as he doesn't dive after being felled by Atool GK! 
Atool says the ball bobbled so me kicked Ajinx! 
Ryan nurses injury? but that did in no way affect his and Rock's solid CDefensive pairing! 
Goony nets one on his return but the Icemen seem lacklustre! 
KITFO asked to take players from the ADC List if falling short for the match Vs BT. If still falling short then 
the ADCY will allow the ADCY players that have not passed the medical test (weight category) 
to be ready to play for KITFO on Thursday if needed. 
Monday 28/03/16 
Adu's wins 1M for AA and his team the Majestic Mariners are racing away in the BTB!! 
The ADC is happy regarding the responses from the Managers involved in the controversy 
over the past few days created by their respective fans. The Managers have backed the ADC's 
decision mentioned yesterday. The Managers were also uneasy at what the fans had demanded. 
All members are reminded that sometimes the ADC CREATED controversies to enure that 
everyone stays focused and ALWAYS looks at the bigger picture. 
BI forced to change AVPL 
Atool sends goons to Doha where Yogi is hiding! 
All Balance Sheets updated!!! 
Sunday 27/03/16 
The ADC have released the following statement to the Press -  
The ADC will ALWAYS do it's best to be as fair as possible (Even after a match is over and 
certain circumstances call for a rethink about the result of a match) 
The Latest case is the request brought up for consideration by the BT and AA fan clubs. 
They have requested the ADC to either Replay the PACU Vs AA match (due to a goal scored 
that was adjudged as offside in the video evidence submitted) or provide some compensation to 
AA as this goal was scored in the last few mins of the match and they were 'robbed' of a point.  
Regarding the appeal for a rematch, it is unacceptable as the GOAL was awarded by the LP, the AR 
and of course the MainRef. There have been some instances in the past where such goals have been 
awarded. But it is a GIVEN that for certain occurrances such as wrong offside calls, 
Handballs that go unnoticed (basically incidences that are in the purvey of the MO's on duty) 
that a Match is Over at the final whistle and a REPLAY will NEVER be awarded.  
The ADC agree's that AA may have been wronged but in our endeavour to be as FAIR as possible 
sometimes some incidences like this one get through. 
As for the compensation request, the AVGKL for AA on that day, Jonty (RW), spilled the ball and 
handed it on a plate to Mkul Loanee to pounce on and score. If any compensation should be 
awarded to AA it should come from RW. If RW are ready to DONATE a point from their league 
tally to AA, the ADC will ensure this will be recorded as official. 
The Previews have been updated. The Highlights Show is in processing. The BTB and the Balance 
Sheets will be updated asap. 
Saturday 26/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
KITFO expose RW's weaknesses as the 15 man squad from the other side of Pune unluckily  
lose to an obviously strong but repititive Warrior side! 
EL Loco cited for performing an act that was deemed unprofessional and totally against 
the TZLC Ethos after he scored RW's 2nd and celebrated in an inappropriate way! 
EL Loco repents and asks for forgiveness! 
More Goalkeeping Oopsies by Amar and Red follow Jonty's on Thursday! 
Added to that Groo scores one and Suman assists the other combined with Amar assisting 
Toufa for RW's 1st, do KITFO understand the R and R's of the game??!!!! 
The AA and BT fans Associations have approached the ADC directly to review the result 
of the PACU Vs AA match. IN a common statement they have mentioned that as Mkul Loanees 
goal was offside the match should be REPLAYED or the result should be a DRAW and NOT 
a victory for PACU. The BT fans along with the AA supporters observed that KS, LP on the 
day, was picking his nose and swatting a mozzie during the incident. Other observers stated 
that KS was in fact WATCHING the GAME as a spectator and NOT as a LP. (Concentrating 
on the Laws of the Game). The ADC in it's response to the Media revealed that there may be a glimmer 
of hope for the disgruntled fans as they review the case. 
In another statement released to the press by the ADC, they stated that the ADC will probably  
set up a BENCHMARK to play in the TZLC.  
This benchmark is related to the weight category for U16's (all minors).  
The U16's will need to be passed by the ADC's medical team to 
be fit to play against players much heavier and stronger than them.  
Due to the high levels of intensity and hard challenges, the U16's will be in danger 
if involved in such a situation. Especially as the Season comes to an end with only 
2 months to go, the tackles are bound to get even more frantic and risky. 
PACU Vs AA and this mornings match RW Vs KITFO ratings to be updated soon. 
6 match Highlights show to be released tomorrow or Monday with a special show included!! 
Check TZLC Images for Groo's sensational own goal and Shibhobo of his own Keeper!!! 
BTB to be updated soon!! 
Thursday 24/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Shocking video shows Mkul may be offside!!! But Mantans videography leaves a lot to be desired.. 
Khare states THIS IS WHY you never catch offside on a FK!!! 
BT fans support Snowtops mission to thump Mkul after winner by Mkul for PACU may prove costly for BT!! 
The ADC claims THIS is what the TZLC is all about, first comes the game, then comes loyalty!! 
Fans thronged the venue to see Satsut, Danny, Ryan and Rock compete on the same pitch! 
Mkul Loanee ends up with the loudest cheer!! 
Tuesday 22/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Ketan 'the cat' Sarode saves RW's blushes!! 
4 goals seem like a farce but results can sometimes lie! 
BE regain team spirit! 
JJ misses a couple and is promptly pushed back in defence! 
Toufa is kept on the bench by merciless 135 but after Amonks smeared makeup needed treatment 
the Present comes on to score quick fast!! 
Monday 21/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - 
Yogi of the Jai Bhakton Satsut Jai Namoh: shocked to see Danny score with aplomb! 
Later Yogi smiles as Danny misses duplicate Satsut lob! 
BI fans ecstatic especially Tsotsi MJ whose career was ended by the defeated side in the 
1st match!! 
Danny scores the winner!!! 
Saturday 19/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Editions -  
RW with 80% possesion only manage a draw! 
RW move to 2nd but can 3 draws prove costly? 
Highlights Show to be combined with Next weeks, BTB to be updated soon, as well 
as Previews and Ratings 
Thursday 17/03/16 
Headlines in assorted late morning editions - 
Amti scores on Loan YET AGAIN!! 
Danny's stride WITH the ball too quick for PACU's AMMA!!! 
Englishman Danny wins this round against his unbelievers!!! 
Ahjoo joyous at turnaround for BI!! 
Blue Ice JUMP to 3rd and are a step closer to avoid relegation!!! 
BE slip to 4th as Papal prop up the League! 
PACU fans leave the stadium early while the BI fans stay an hour more singing songs!!! 
Tuesday 15/03/16 3.15 pm 
The suspension of RW player EL Loco has been revoked. 
The decision came about as the Referee, in a letter addressed to the ADC, stated that 
there were MANY incidences that were just as bad as EL Loco's and probably worse that went 
unpunished (To name one of the many, Satsut's handball that he did NOT 
admit to). The Ref said that he was assuming the players were mature enough to get on 
with the match but with the release of the ADC Media Highlights Show if one player 
is to be targeted the it's ONLY FAIR that ALL MUST be targeted. 
The Referee has also promised to ABIDE by the letter of the Law regarding UNGENTLEMANLY  
conduct and will ensure that such incidences will be PUNISHED instantly. 
The ADC has therefore revoked the suspension and hopes that EVERY player in the 
TZLC will behave as per the TZLC R and R. The ADC is ADAMANT that the next matches 
will be at ZERO TOLERANCE LEVELS to the EXTREME. Everyone has been WARNED. 
Monday 14/03/16 
This weeks matches are set to be played on a ground 90% devoid of rubble and flat as a  
pancake!! It's been watered and rolled and will be first used by TZ for tomorrow mornings 
session. A Big Pat on the back (Not BT and ADCY's Pat!!) for Ahjoo!!  
The Material Boxes will also make their home at TZ NCL!!! 
New player added to the ADC List!!!! 
Sunday 13/03/16 
A note to the Managers that they must NOT forget to stick to protocol. 
All Previews, Seat allocation to the Away team etc have to be submitted by Saturday 2pm. 
This is a FINAL reminder to ALL that prior to the start of this Season the ADC REVIEWED  
all the club STADIUMS to ascertain whethere they are fit to manage a LARGE amount  
of spectators visiting their Stadium during matches. As per the ADC ruling NONE of the 
Stadiums (Barring the ADC Stadium) PASSED the ADC Safety and cleanliness Stadium Act. 
Therefore ALL matches have been held at the ADC Stadium with the seating being offered 
only as per the current seating of the clubs respective stadium. 
If ANY player or Manager mentions that the match is to be held in any other stadium other than the 
ADC Stadium then the said Club will be FINED. (Even if mentioned in Match Programmes etc.) 
The Ground must be mentioned as (ADC Stadium, Papal/NCL).  
Every Club will be charged 10% of ALL REVENUE EARNED at the end of the Season. 
The MATCH PROGRAMMES will NOT CONTAIN material that infringes copyrights or patents. 
They are NOT supposed to contain FAKE Eateries or SPONSORS. The club will be fined.  
They MUST ensure that their players UNDERSTAND the R and R of the TZLC. 
The ADC has informed the Referee's that they MUST stick to the ZERO TOLERANCE LAW 
during matches which include Foul Throws, appealing, talking to the opposition etc. 
As the competitiveness and passion has increased to levels never before seen in the TZLC, 
literally over night, the chances for injuries and ungentlemanly conduct may supercede  
normal TZLC eitiquette. Therfore the ADC's insistence of a proper playing surface and the Managers 
emphasis on player behaviour preceding, during and after matches. 
EL Loco has been Suspended for 5 mins by the ADC as his actions were caught by the ADC Media, went 
unpunished by the Ref and could've led to a situation that would've been unfair 
on RW's opponents on that day, PACU. 
Thursday 10/03/16 
Headlines in the Late Morning Edition Newspapers!!! 
One of the most exciting Nil Nil draws in the history of the TZLC!!! 
PACU top the table in both the 2nd DIv and amount of draws!! 
Kapka doesn't score again....this time his excuse is that he played in CD and it WASN'T his duty to score!!  
EL LOCO rips apart Kapka and deserves bragging rights for a week!!! 
Goalkeepers Sparky and Debutant Ketan SHINE with saves and cleansheets TOTALLY against the norm! 
For more inside info read the MATCH REPORTS and Khare's Match Analysis by 3pm!!! 
Wednesday 09/03/16 
RH obliterate a relapsed BE side with 3 goals in each half! (According to SR Vikus who was 
obvously SLEEPING when Shiv's goal was DISALLOWED!!!) 
Khare says that BE have lost the plot and need to understand that the OFFSIDE trap should be 
used sparingly against strong and mature teams. 
DJ continues the roll call of disastrous keeping as the TZLC8 is relegated to a GK and defender Blooper festival. 
Meer's right toe to be insured for thousands! One condition being that the ADC pumps up the 
footballs every time!!  
Yogi Mogi's God, Satan (Satsut) informs his loyal disciple(s) that although the Doc (Not Khare) has declared 
that there is NO improvement to his injury, he will still show all (Yogi) why he is right 
to worship him when he plays tomorrow against his former club RW. In his Holiness's words 
"Mere sab bhakton, fikar mat, main hoon toh sab hai, or nahi hoon toh ek ek PACU ke khiladi 
mere liye jaan QAYAMAT kar denge!" (Mine all disciples, worry not, me am then everything is, 
and not me am, then one one PACU player of mine will for me his life SACRIFICE!!" 
Amma's response to this comment was "@#^&** Satsut !#@**& YogiMogi!#@%**!"  
(Translation - "@#^&** Satsut !#@**& YogiMogi!#@%**!" 
On a more Serious Note - Ahjoo CEO TZ begins process of clearing and levelling the TZ (NCL) Ground!!! 
Monday 07/03/16 
Mishti managed KITFO rue lack of maturity and experience against strong AA side. 2nd Half 
much better after it was shored up at half time. 
RW sink to the BOTTOM of the 1st Division! Probably for the 1st time in 2 seasons!!! 
Yogi Mogi cited for religious leanings in the TZLC after he was caught praying to God Satsut!!! 
A spokes[erson for the ADC said - This is just NOT done. No caste, no religion no nuffink in the TZLC.  
Please keep your beliefs AWAY from the ground!!" 
The ADC Media could not contact YogiMogi or Satsut as their residences were locked.  
After further investigation a LOT of chanting was heard outside Kapka's abode.  
The ADC Media decided discretion was the better part of valour!!! 
19th and 20th Weeks Highlights Show has been PUBLISHED!!! 
Sunday 06/03/16 
BT Jt. manager Mkul resigns from post!!! He cites work committments but rumours insist that his 
butting in during Bhanda's Half Time Interview (BT vs BI See Highlights Show) and his non stop 
tactical sermons forced the players to approach the Chairman about Mkul. 
Other rumours suggest the players were getting worried that too many Daadi wallahs (Bearded 
blokes) in the Management looked dangerous.  
21st Week Previews Updated (App also). Balance Sheets updated (Except BT Vs BI). 
BTB and Highlights Show by evening time!!! 
Saturday 05/03/16 
Ice prevails over Thunder as Loanee from old foe AA earns a draw for the men in Blue! 
VG guilty of missing a penalty that could've seen BT win! 
Jon AVGKL for BT shines in goals and shows how a happy player can perform!! 
BI and BE clearly in the fight to STAY in the 2nd Div as next season may start with a couple or 
more NEW clubs which means a 3rd Div will arise once again!! 
Reviews to be updated by 3 pm, Highlights TOMORROW!!!! 
Thursday 03/03/16 
AVPL Shiv turns out to be a sensational Loan as he scores the winner in a mediocre match  
on a heavy pitch after overnight rains. Ground marking had to be redone and as the Eagles come 
from afar, they were allowed to set the end time of the match.  
Rains have been forecast again so Next Home Team BT be prepared..... 
Wednesday 02/03/16 
The ROYAL WARRIORS stamp their authority with two MIDSEASON signings!!!! 
A Goalkeeper to cover the loss of Jon and a crazy man from Dubai to just make them tougher!!! 
Wednesday 02/03/16 3 pm 
A Ray of Sunshine goes missing for a month!!! 
Clubs MUST place the Medicine Box for inspection on their bench in the dugout before 
every match. Please ensure that fingenails and toenails have been clipped, NO 
jewellery allowed from tomorrow. 
BTB and BS being updated now........... 
Wednesday 02/03/16 (KFANDRA session Yesterday!!!) 
As promised a Review of what happened in yester evenings session!!! The U15's Had a great time  
I hope with Pam and Yogi my YOUNGEST U15's joining in.  
They ended up playing short game withthe Advanced U15's. The others including  
Rapunzel, AAA and Radhix of the Heart of KFANDRA fame played AGAINST the boys of the  
same age and thrashed them solid!!!  
As told by Surhud Sir (For every child in the U12 section) - Baby Goats Training  
After a training drill that consisted of ' individual running with the football ( at the feet! ) at different speeds' ,  
the baby goats then split up into groups and practised passing to each other on the run, trying always to 
play the ball into space for the other player to run onto. After a water break the baby goats played a Rugby 
passing game which involved passing in any direction and scoring by hitting over a number of  
different cones. It took some time for players to understand the new game but once they did there  
was some good, clever passing and running.  
Lots of running involved in the 2 previous activities so no need of any  
specific sprint or endurance training. Players then played 2 different football games geared  
towards improving their understanding of space and spreading play. Highlights : 
Aditya's ( don't know his surname ) excellent turn of pace in the Rugby. Raghav's excellent  
solo goal in the football. Neil Khandekar once again trying to explain something that happened,  
forgetting what he wants to say mid sentence, and then rushing off to join play again! 
Wednesday 02/03/16 
Super funny incident at KITFO this morning!!! From the voice of Khare - 
"An oldish bloke who is usually seen walking round Papal suddenly approached me during a water break. 
"Hello", he says in a distinctly christian sort of way. Every indian christian has a distinct way 
of speaking which is very similar to those from Goa so I immediately thought that maybe this chaps from 
Papal and has been asked By the Big Shot usually called Father? to complain about one of the players 
or summat. I guessed everyone thought this was a possibilty as while talking I could see the players 
glancing worriedly in our direction. Anyway he continues and says "thou playeth a friendly? Forst I ameth 
of the (some name) Church." I informed this well mannered affable person that although I seem to be 
in charge of this dastardly lot they call KITFO I am in fact only the Coach. Let me call one of the main Authorities 
at I trailed off to look for the authority my eyes focused on the man I call Mario...(Prashant Alhat). 
Instinctively I called out "Mario? Would you come here a moment please?" 
I introduced Mario to the bloke while at the same time noticing the bloke smiling from ear to ear. 
"Hello Brother", he says jovially at which moment I suddenly realized that he probably thinks 
the super staunch proud to be of my Indian heritage and of a rigid political party Mr. Prashant Alhat 
is a Christian! Because I called him Mario!!! I found this immensely funny and I thought we should ALL share  
in this hopefully very funny incident! 
In other news - Ketan S and Nishant F BID ends today. No club vying for Gautam's signature. 
Balance Sheets and BTB will be updated sometime today!! 
Tuesday 01/03/16 
AA's victory is a huge warning to the rest of the TZLC that AA are finally finding form!! 
Transfer Bids in fulll swing!!! 
6 match Highlights Show next week! Pam finally returns and has taken permission to play at KFANDRA 
to gain some much needed practice before his first match on Saturday. 
Sunday 28/02/16 
20th Week Previews UPDATED!!! 
Please see NEW players AVA for Transfer on ADC list!!! (To be Updated by 12 Noon) 
A reminder to all - Please note the following terminology to be used at ALL times when involved  
in the TZLC regarding player positions. 
A BRIEF Explanation 
Defenders - RB/LB (Right Back/Left Back) (Players who play on the right and left flank as Defenders) 
RWB/LWB - Right Wing Back/Left Wing Back - In a 5 man defence wherein the 
formation is attacking oriented, these players are asked to make a LOT of runs down the flank. 
They are termed as NORMAL LB/RB when they are asked to defend more. 
{RD/LD, Right Defender Left defender which seems to 
be commonly used can be accepted but is frowned upon} 
CB/CD - Centre Back/Central defender - Terms used for the two defenders playing the middle of the 
defensive line (Old english term refers to Centre Halves but can be complicated with a Central Midfielder 
so is NOT to be used. In a 5-3-2 formation the 3rd CD who plays exactly in the middle but a little behind 
is known as a Sweeper (SW). In a 3 person Central Defence (eg a 3-5-2 formation), the 3 players 
are Central Defenders. 
In Midfield - Originally the Midfielders playing down the middle had to be adept at both attacking and 
defending. Therefore they were called CM's. In the advent of the modern game of professional Football (Soccer), 
players got SPECIALIZATIONS. That they could be more efficient at either defending (Tackling/intercepting) than 
Attacking (through ball/scoring) hence the new coined terms of DM/AM (Defensive Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder). 
You even have terms such as In the Hole or a Holding player whose job it is to help the Mf's and the Strikers. 
So when you hear of a formation such as 1-4-1-2-1-1, this is silly as now you have no clue what in heavens name 
is happening. Clearly the initial 1 is a SW and the rest of the numbers imply DM's/AM's/CF's/ST's etc!!! The formation 
can simply be mentioned as a 5-3-2 formation. Players that play on the flank in Midfield are simply that. 
RM/LM. You can add the prefix or D or A to signify whether the player will be focusing more on  
attacking or defensive duties otherwise simple RM or LM. This is NOT to be muddled with RW/LW which actually 
means Right WIng and Left Wing. These players are WINGERS, they play specifically as a STRIKER/Forward  
on the Flank. Please do NOT mix the two. Finally the two players up front that are asked to do the scoring. 
St/For - Striker/Forward. CF - Centre Forward or a Glorified AM (Attacking Midfielder!!) 
When the term Free Role is mentioned, it means the player has the freedom to do whatever he/she wants on 
the park. Usually given to a player that cannot stick to Rules of a formation or most of the time players 
of a high technical ability that need to be creative in their own time. 
Thursday 25/02/16 
Amti Loanee SHINES for AA as one assist and a goal allow the Astro's to beat derby rivals from 
the TZLC1 away from home! 
Amti current Jt Manager of BE rumoured to be looking at offers! (For himself!!) 
Goalkeeper to go up for bid TODAY!!! No takers for Gautam Bhave as he sits on the ADC list! 
Wednesday 24/02/16 
VK scores one and assists another to give BE a decisive victory...Hold on....une momento... 
VK was loaned to KITFO!! Apologies... 
BE win the 1st Half but were put to the wall in the 2nd! 
Tuesday 4.50 pm 
Karan Shetty PURCHASED by BLUE ICE for 3.2 M!!!! 
Injured Khare may play in Goals tomorrow for KITFO!!  
Tuesday 23/02/16 
Karan Shetty's Transfer End Bid Time has been extended till 4pm today!! Latest bid at 0.900 M!!! 
Hurricanes have finally submitted their Preview! 
More players of quality set to join the TZLC!! Prospects of new clubs in the TZLC9 very high!! 
Sunday 21/02/16 
The bid is underway for new player Karan Shetty!!! 
Reviews and Previews have been updated!!! 
BTB and Balance Sheets soon!!!! 
Saturday 20/02/16 
Red Hurricanes overtake Unbeaten Royal Warriors in the race for the 1st Div Title!! 
Injuries by and large due to the huge ground and old injuries wreak havoc on both RH and BI!! 
Amu scores a brace as a new look BI keep on struggling! 
New player Karan Shetty who plays at CD and CM as his Fav positions to be added to the Bid List!!! 
At the rate of new enrollments and excess players in squads the ADC may HAPPILY offer players 
to Manage new clubs next season. Those interested are always welcome to approach the ADC 
if they are interested! 
Friday 19/02/16 
KITFO maintain their run with a great draw against PACU in a thrilling 2nd Half! 
KITFO cut down to 12 players from 18 while Bruce makes sensational return!!! 
YogiMogi of PACU reveals his plans to usurp the ADC Animation Studio in a secret coup!!! 
Thursday 18/02/16 
10 man Astro's find the winning touch through Ajinx who seems to have regained lost form! 
Amar in charge of KITFO in a quandary as he struggles to select and rotate the 18 Available players! 
BE could've lost by 6 asSubaru LP for BE Vs BT calls an offside against a perfectly legit goal! 
More mid-season transfers set to rock the TZLC!!! 
Wednesday 17/02/16 
BE fail to live up to Fans expectations as they get THRASHED at Home by one short of half a dozen!!! 
See PACU's and AA's MP's on sale now!! AA, RH and PACU make emergency Loans.  
Amar appointed in charge of KITFO to create fancy algorithm to beat PACU with 17 players to toy with!!! 
Reviews to be updated along with BTB etc between 1 and 4 pm!! Wiggio Update will be sent! 
Tuesday 4.40 pm 
Shock TRANSFER!!! Manoj U. SOLD to BLAZING EAGLES for an undisclosed price to be announced later!!! 
See out soon to return Pam's dodgy Head!!! 
Tuesday 16/02/16 
Shivam S SUSPENDED for 10 mins for horrific challenge in RH's previous fixture. 
Prashant A SUSPENDED for 10 mins for horrific challenge in BE's previous fixture. 
Subs will be ALLOWED to replace player during this time frame. 
Saturday 13/02/16 
PACU nearly capitulate on BT's 2nd H seasonal uncertainty to fall one short of equalizing BT's 3!! 
Satsut's 2nd H return 20 mins from time spurs PACU to push BT to the edge! 
Tuesday's match AA Vs RW may be PP'd!! 
Friday 12/02/16 
BE's signing of Suman see's the Eagles fall to a man of the same name as 10 Icemen/boys clearly 
get the better of the mornings efforts.  
Blazing Eagles fans protest outside stadium as they ask questions about BE's collapse. 
Tomorrow's big match LC Semi qualifier PACU vs BT!! 
Thursday 11/02/16 
See the Ratings Plus More page for the sensational Mid-Season Transfer of 1.5M TZR!!! 
Reviews will be updated, awaiting RW's Review!! (Hopefully by 3 pm!!) 
The ADC is working on getting the BTB updated soon!!! 
Thursday 11/02/16 
Crowds thronged the venue for the LCQF match between AA and RW and were not disappointed as AA 
wasted TWO chances to win, up 1 nil with a minute to go and up in the Penalty Shoot out also!!! 
BE on the verge of 1 if not two mid season transfers!!! 
Ahjoo and the Hatkinator set to seat the changing teams and MO's at TZNCL!! 
Wednesday 10/02/16 
KITFO qualify for their 1st ever Semi with a Meer (AVGKL BI) assisted goal against BI!!! 
BI fans vow to reveal a nexus between AA and Goalkeeping errors that lead to defeats! 
PACU to meet BT in final League Cup semi qualifier!!! 
TZ players shocked and amazed at KITFO unity and sad that TZ can't come up with 
something themselves.  
Vikus (RW) Cameraman caught looking through locked drawers in the ADC Office. 
ADC sleuths to look into RW indiscipline over the past week. 
Rumour Mill - BE set to sign star players!!! 
Tuesday 09/02/16 
Ryan AVGKL for BE makes ANOTHER MASSIVE error as he single handedly destroy's BE's only  
chance of qualifying! 
The ADC says that hopefully all the backlogs will be cleared today!!! 
Sunday 07/02/16 
The ADC has received apologies from BI regarding the content of the REVIEW and thereby the 
BI Vs RH episode stands as closed apart from a few minor details. 
A number of issues have come to light following the match. In Jonty's late submission of his Review for 
the above mentioned match, he has stated that he still has NO CLUE as to why MJ's goal was 
disallowed. The ADC finds this disconcerting as the Managers and Captain of RH and BI were  
specifically told to EXPLAIN the issues CLEARLY to ALL the players. Jonty was playing on Loan for RH. 
This situation should not have happened. It seems certain players were also goading their team mates to play 
aggressively and this will ALSO NOT be TOLERATED. All players will be asked to READ and DIGEST 
thoroughly the R and R of the TZLC and especially it's ethos and philosophy. 
Another problem that was probably on everyone's mind and was unfortunately brought to the forefront by none other than KFANDRA's oldest graduate Amu and concerns an Age and in turn Size related issue. 
. Unfortunate as Amu was also barely 14 or 15 when he was 
given a break to play in the PDFA organized tourney's under the guidance and with Khare (Even 
though Amu and EVERY KFANDRA graduate is all for promoting the youth CAPABLE of playing at a high level with Adults). The ADC, some may call it autocracy personified, ALWAYS pushes it's members to take the initiative. 
The ADC has only created R and R that MUST NEVER be BROKEN. It is of paramount importance 
that these R and R are followed. Every Members view is VERY IMPORTANT to the ADC. Rules and 
Regulations may be adjusted and changed if it seems to be of benefit for a majority of the  
members and if changes required are concerned with the safety of it's members.  
The current issue is the one regarding the U16's. (Youth) 16 and over the ADC considers as Young Adults and 
do not technically fall in the YOUTH category.  
Case in point - MJ dangerously fouled Mishti in the 65th min to which Player Ref Amonk stated 
that he would have been sent to the Sin Bin if he was older. In the 66th Min MJ showed incredible maturity  
and technique to anticipate intercepting Jonty's clearance and with his 2nd touch beat Anna with ease. 
The RH captains argument was (it was ALREADY a feisty affair and resembled a scene from Victoria Terminus 
than a TZLC match) that if MJ was sent off, would the goal have happened? Due to one of the TZLC 
rules being that the ADC will try and find the FAIREST impartial solution to any issue at any time, Amonk's 
statement was UNFAIR on RH. Earlier a dirty and dangerous studs up 2 footed challenge on the Young 
Adult Zak (BI) by Shiv (RH) was over looked ONLY because Amonk did NOT mention anything 
that could create controversy. (Shiv's tackle will be looked into and punished if Shiv is found guilty). 
So Mj's goal was DISALLOWED and BI Manager Ahjoo was asked to WITHDRAW MJ due 
to the RH players misgivings that he may be hurt. IF Amonk the Main Ref would NOT have made that statement, 
the GOAL would have stood and then Ahjoo would've been asked to make the change AS it was 
RH's responsibility to approach the ADC regarding their fear of MJ getting hurt. The other final issues was when 
time was called by the SR and the Ref was asked to END the match as BI were playing at home, were in the lead 
AND were NOT in possession. Amonk kept adding time to the benefit of RH EVEN though the actual 
match time WITH ADDED EXTRA Time and INJURY Time was calcuated, completed and OVER. 
RH scored in these added minutes. In the rest of the world, the REF has the final call on WHEN the match 
is to end. In the TZLC, the Ref is asked to DO his duty with FULL CONCENTRATION. Which is to officiate 
the match and not worry about time. Situations in the match in which the Ref feels the teams are wasting 
time will be penalized with a Card and the SR will be asked to add on that time at the end. 
Therefore the RH goal SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.  
SO the ADC decided that as DATES are AVAILABLE this match can be replayed unless both clubs wanted 
to go ahead with the Tie Breaker. 
It is quite clear that the Ref CANNOT do his job UNLESS the players RESPECT ANY DECISION made by 
the REF even if it is TOTALLY WRONG. 
As for the U16 debate the ADC will be including a form in the TZLC APP that requests EACH MANAGER to submit 
on behalf of their club. The club players must provide info to their Manager of the following: 
Whether U16's should be allowed to participate in the TZLC. (App form should be submitted by 12 Noon Monday) 
If the VOTE is positive then the result of the match RH Vs BI will stand and the replay will be held 
on a NEUTRAL VENUE. If in the negative then BI will be playing at Home. 
Ratings for AA Vs KITFO and BI Vs RH will be updated either today or tomorrow. 
Highlights show Today or Tomorrow.  
Previews for the 17th Week League Cup QF's HAVE BEEN UPDATED! 
Saturday 06/02/16 
Total chaos, two footed challenges, disallowed goals and oodles more as the ADC abandons 
the ADC CUP QF match between BI and RH.  
The ADC has asked Khare to officate matches even if he's fit enough only to crawl around. 
Players behaviour creates unruly scenes in stands. Both sets of supporters wrath calmed 
after announcement of a REPLAY with Khare as Ref. 
The ADC announces END to PLAYER REFS which means an end to Khare playing and also  
coaching KITFO at matches. 
Every TZLC player (over the coming weeks) will be questioned regarding their knowledge of the 
TZLC ethos. Players that FAIL the SURPRISE test will be SUSPENDED. 
The halfway season mark has been declared as Sat 13.02/16. 
Friday 05/02/16 
AA work their wingmen Marcelo and Arty hard to eke out a not so easy win! 
The ADC to start text messaging Service to Managers on Balance Sheet Update to ease 
up administrative pressures! 
Thursday 04/02/16 3 pm 
KITFO request AA to accept Khare coaching them in tomorrow ADC CUP QF. KITFO want to play their 
strongest team and will play for the win. AA have accepted the request. Player Refs for 
tomorrows fixture have been announced in the MR. 
Thursday 04/02/16 
RW pull off an amazing fightback to come from 2 goals down to win 3 - 2 with a goal in the 90th Min!!! 
Tuesday 03/02/16 
PACU's Golden Boot hopeful KAPKA may opt for a less expensive colour as his wastefulness in front 
of goals nearly proves fatal for PACU! 
All those players whose Heads are on show in 3d must provide their data for their 
profile Stats in 3 days. Those players that are interested in seeing their virtual avatar must inform 
the ADC to place them on top of the list. 
Current head being processed - Pam!!! 
New Manager Rock of AA seemed displeased with the ADC at AA's Home venue being shifted 
to Papal. The ADC's response is that the previous Management was not in contact with their 
club hence the AA BOD had requested the ADC to take action on the club. Plus Khare 
had requested the ADC NOT to fix a match on Tuesday so that he could hold a TZ session! 
Awaiting news on whether KITFO will play for the win with a FULL STRENGTH SQUAD or 
play for a win with their non-TZLC players and others on Friday Vs AA. 
Monday 01/01/16 
Read BI's 1st Match Programme (selling like hot cakes) and AA's 2nd that seems to be a rushed affair!! 
See the latest Profile update, Chinchin for Blue Ice, Stats and 3d Head! 
News just in that Khare may be back to Ref the QF matches! It seems he can walk down the stairs 
like a normal okie again and doesn't sweat anymore on seeing those motionless escalators!! 
Satsut and Ahjoo on the road to recovery! 
BI and AA are set to revive standards set on their inception! 
KFANDRA news - KFANDRA may plan a quick tourney for the U12's soon! Keep in touch with the APP! 
Saturday 30/01/16 
The AA and BI Joint Management teams have been SACKED by their clubs. The Chairpersons of 
both clubs have approached the ADC to REAPPOINT the same persons under different  
pseudonyms to avail of the advantage as mentioned in the R and R. 
Both clubs will be deducted 1 point from the League tally as a direct result of their sacking. 
The pseudonym for the BI Management will be Ahjoo Sanghvi and for Atul it will be 
Atool Shah. For the AA Management it will be Rock for Arun Chandrachud and Ryan 
for Sameer Chavan. (Unless the Managers decide their own pseudonyms) 
All members must please note that in ALL OFFICIAL correspondence with the above mentioned 
managers MUST be referred to as per their NEW pseudonym. 
Some Managers have yet not submitted their Previews etc. 
BI have been allowed an extension as they are awaiting confirmation from the ADCY youth 
Please note that in the ADC CUP QF, Clubs will be allowed to sell tickets as per their Home Venue 
seating. Clubs drawn first are assumed to be at Home. For the BI Vs RH match RH were 
allowed to choose the date as a result of winning the Draws competition. As for the AA 
Vs KITFO match the ADC arranged the ground to be at Papal on account of NO response 
from the previous AA Management. 
Thursday 28/01/16 
Aundh Astro's and Blue Ice Managers have been called to the Board Room. Rumours 
abound that the two OLDEST Clubs will have new management soon. 
Another Head has come up!!! Find out who! Rhymes with Head!! 
Ratings for BI Vs KITFO Soon latest tomorrow, BTB tomorrow!! 
Managers of BI, PACU and BE are too late to decide their own dates...ADC Cup dates have 
been set by the ADC! 
Tuesday 26/01/16 
Another head goes up!!! Find out whose!! And no, NO prize money!!! 
BI fans protest in large numbers outside BI Office.... 
AA Manangement termination decision is rumoured to be true. 
The following are the Players that FOUND the location of the Draws for their clubs. 
As per the Rules set for the competition, the Clubs are allowed to CHOOSE the 
ADC Cup dates as per who found ALL 3 draws first. The order was: 
Red for RH 12.28 pm, Chinchin for BI 3.26 pm, Satsut for PACU 3.31 pm, Sherry for BE 4 pm. 
The LC dates have been set by the ADC!!! 
Monday 25/01/16 12 Noon 
Cup Draws RELEASED BUT they've been released with a CATCH!! Those Clubs that FIND 
the draws have 1st Pick at the DATES!!! PLUS 2M TZR per draw!!! In the ADC Stadium Pana View!! 
Competition ends 12 Midnight!!! 
Also released Adu's 3d view of his noggin!!! 
Monday 25/01/16 
The Eagle has landed on a Fridge to disrtibute 2 ice cubes of his own!! 
BI beat an experimenting KITFO with 4 untested defenders and 10 men for 30 mins. 
Khare says 'Play time (outfield) was awarded to those non TZLC players, while the GK rotation 
was amongst the players that regularly got play time. I tried to blood in 4 'youngsters' 
which means new and inexperienced into the defensive line of 4. Plus experiemented with 
5 (with 10) and 6 (with 11) Cm's. All I can say was it worked in patches and the defenders 
got much needed exposure. Apart from the well done the icemen and their new recruit..' 
BI and AA fined (no corner flags and cones).  
Sunday 24/01/16 
14th Week Highlights show released!! 
New Profile system 3d released!! See Suman on the Black Thunder Squad page and MJ in the 
KFANDRA U15's section!! Profiles to be uploaded time permitting! 
One match in the coming week, BI please bring chalk powder (Phakki) and tape measure as  
some lines will have to be marked again. Possibility of player Refs continuing on account of 
Mr. Khare looking after KITFO.  
TZLC8's first suspensions announced!  
Amol 'Tiger' Atigre (AA)30 mins SUSPENDED from KO in the next match he plays. 
Karan '135' Tejwani (RW) 10 mins suspension from KO in the next match he plays. 
Friday 22/01/16 
VG in the 1st H and Mantan in the 2nd H do a good job as Player refs although eyebrows raised on their ignorance 
of Tiger's violent behaviour. ADC's presence as SR quelled much of the animosity as well as Rock's absence 
in the ongoing Amti-Rock feud. AA's Ajinx guilty of yet another match where it seems missing open goals 
is why he was purchased! BE come up with another splendid performance... 
Thursday 21/01/16 
Warriors remain true to name as they can't NOT use rough means while playing. Verbally as well. 
New TZ Home Ground still needs work. Lots of loose soil, stones and trash make the match between 
RW and BT not that exciting as was anticipated. Some time needs to be spent to clear the ground 
to enable future work to grow a thin layer of grass. 
The ADC will read through the report submitted by Khare and a decision regarding PLAYER REFS 
from tomorrow's match will be taken. 
"My belief is that the players that are quick to react should be given the job of reffing and  
organizing everything. At least to start of maybe only with Reffing. Once they experience 
life as a Ref then maybe reality will strike and their behaviour will change. If the Reffing is of 
a high standard, well and good, player refs will become a norm! The refs will be chosen regardless of 
whether they have sat for the Refs exam or not. Time to throw them into the deep end. And nothing 
can be deeper than the energetic BE and the temperamental AA " 
Hence tomorrow's Refs have already been appointed and will be announced when the Reviews 
for the match between RW and BT have been published. 
Wednesday 20/01/16 
A minute by minute account of what happened in the Daniel Eagles transfer! 
At exactly 11.45 am the electrickery in the ADC Office played spoil sport in the ongoing Transfer 
of Englishman Daniel 'Danny' Eagles. So the Managers in contention for the Highest Valued Player 
were asked their final bid price. After getting their initial bids the ADC tried to spice things up by 
enticing the Managers to bid more by mentioning that the Diamond search or Easter Egg hunt 
MAY happen again..and other such opportuities to gain some much needed spending moolah. Apart 
from the revenue generated from Match Programmes, ticket sales etc. So BOTH Managers upped their 
initial bids by at least a Million!!! But the difference in the bids was MINISCULE!! As we are  
talking of Millions of TZR!! Still itching to find out who Purchased Mr. Eagles??? 
BLUE ICE have signed on a player that may just about be the solution to end their downward spiral! 
Tuesday 19/01/16 
See Latest Images on TZLC Images page!! 
New player on the ADC list! Daniel Eagles! Bid ends at 12 Noon tomorrow!! 
Stats etc will be updated soon! Please send your 1st bid by email and the rest 
as normal. Initial value to be set soon! 
Manoj P FREE transfer to BI! 
Monday 18/01/16 11.10 am 
RH beat BE 2 -1 as the TZLC resumes once again after a long winter break! 
The ADC Media takes half an hour to decipher secret SR code! 
Mkul MR and Kapka LP have been asked to submit DETAILED reports of their abysmal refereeing. 
Khare set to step down from the player refs rule as Refs are still UNABLE to ACCEPT 
refs decisions, WHATEVER they are.  
RH FINED for a number of offences, AA and BI Fined and points may be deducted. 
All updates set to be published as and when the Reviews are received.  
Club player profiles new Avatar to be released soon! 
Sunday 17/01/16 
The ADC and TZ wishes to thank ALL the members of the TZLC that came to NCL (TZ Home Ground) 
to help in the marking of the ground. It took around 3 + hours! For all those of you that failed 
to arrive because of laziness then YOU missed out on something that will be noted down 
in TZ and TZLC's history. The size of the ground is 100m x 60m!!!  
Although 99% of the players PROTESTED the International size and even handed a letter 
to the ADC stating the same, the ADC REFUSED to buckle and asked the players to get fitter 
instead of crying like little eensy weensy babies! 
Opening match on this ground will be Thursday's match RW Vs BT! Two clubs that love to use the 
ENTIRE ground and inject the match with lots of running and movement would be an IDEAL opener!! 
Tomorrow morning's match has been shifted to the Sangamwadi ground. 
The goals will be INSTALLED tomorrow and will be noticed from a mile away for their splendour!! 
Chinchin has not updated me with the snaps of the players working on the ground and if he  
has updated them on some other site, punishments will be meted out! 
The ground will be officially inaugurated with TZ's session on Tuesday!!!! 
Saturday 16/01/16 
All members of the TZLC have been called at 10.30 am tomorrow, to the new TZ Home ground 
at NCL. Each club must send a minimum of 1 player. The more members that arrive will 
ensure that the job at hand (Marking the ground perfectly) will be completed early. 
The players AVA are requested to send their confirmation to their Managers who in turn 
will send a Text message to TZ CEO Ahjoo with a CC to the ADC. 
Please note that Next Weeks Match Previews are due by 2pm today. 
Wednesday 13/01/16 
Size of TZ Home Ground announced! The ADC said - 
"The new ground will be a match  
(At least in size) if compared to any ground in the world!! Most of the grounds are around 
100 m x 65m..TZ's will ALSO be 100 x 65 !!! Please note, Only in size!! 
Turf etc is only a Dream away!!!" See details on TZLC images page!!! 
Ahjoo is trying to get the work done asap but has assured all that he will not unnecessarily 
hurry the process. TZ ground opening may be held on the coming Sunday with 
a marking of the ground and installing of goal posts. All will be notified!! 
Monday 11/01/16 
A Winters Break Parody!! See Video in the Fixtures and Calendars Page and the TZLC App!! 
Saturday 09/01/16 
The ADC has accepted BI's request to acquire the services of the YOUTH and Adult players from the ADC. 
They will now be contracted to play OFFICIALLY for BI. This decision was taken as the ADCY 
team has been withdrawn from the TZLC8, BI are currently under a player crisis (Injuries and UNA) and 
the players missing are unlikely to return before the end of the TZLC8. BI are one of the 2 (Excluding 
PACU who were missing for 2 seasons) clubs that have been with the TZLC since it's inception. So 
the ADC is doing all it can to help BI. BI has also promised to add funding to their Youth System  
at the Blue Freezer. 
Ahjoo has begun work on the TZ Home Ground and as you can see (See TZLC Images) a lot of preparation 
is taking place. Guaranteed that the ground will be in shape starting on the 18th of Jan. The ADC 
will meet up with Ahjoo in a couple of days to decide the actual size of the Full Size Pitch!!! 
The ADC has also asked that a PORTABLE PLATFORM be created for at least one to two persons 
to be placed on the half way line for a more professional Video coverage. This platform can 
be created while working on the goals. The ADC has asked Ahjoo if this can be a possibility. 
TZ's practice sessions next week will most probably be held at National Society. Please send in your 
confirmations for the session as normal on the previous day before 4 pm. 
Friday 08/01/16 3.15 pm 
The ADC is resetting the TZLC8 Version2 in record time. See new League tables with a totally different 
perspective! The ADC has decided that the halfway point has come and gone! Players MAY be suspended  
and clubs fined as MO duties are being checked!!  
A breath of fresh air will hit TZ and TZLC's NEW VENUE!! ADC CUP and League CUP Draws will 
be released soon! More TZR to be won!  
Yogi finds ALL 6 diamonds in the Easter Egg hunt!! CONGRATULATIONS!! 
NEw competition will start soon!!! 
Friday 08/01/16 
The ADC has announced that the matches played this week in the ADC Cup 1st Round are NULL and VOID. 
The results will be disregarded and therefore records made or broken will be scrapped. 
This is because the 1st R of BOTH CUP competitions are of no use as only 8 teams are left. As the 
2nd Round is the Quarter Final Round (8 teams), the 1st R serves no purpose. 
The ADC has decided to scrap the 3rd Div for this Season and push PACU and KITFO into 
the 2nd Div. At the same time it will CANCEL the ADCY squad as most youth players are 
undergoing exams and will not be AVA for matches. Thus the 1st div would read as the same 
with the 2nd Div consisting of 5 teams. BT, who were relegated last season, may given a  
direct entry into the 1st Div to keep the Div's on par, 4 and 4. The ADC will hold talks 
with the BT management today. A new Draw of lots will be held asap. 
As of now, as next weeks matches were assigned for the LC 1st Round and they have been cancelled, 
the ADC has left open these dates for previous matches that were Postponed. Clubs can also 
PREPONE matches if BOTH clubs agree and MO's are AVA. Otherwise the next week 
will be a FREE WEEK for sessions to be held by your Coach. 
Thursday 07/01/16 4.20 pm 
TZAS DROP OUT of the TZLC!!! ADCY may face the same fate...KITFO and PACU may be pushed to 
the 2nd Div and the 3rd Div will be cancelled!!! (Website will be updated later.) 
AA and BI, the two longest serving clubs in the TZLC suffer from dropping attendances. 
Khare will take charge of KITFO tomorrow to look after substitutions. Match to KO at 6.50 am. 
All MO's have been assigned duties, please see Previews. 
Thursday 07/01/16 
3 hat tricks in one game, biggest loss, biggest win and most goals in one match since the TZLC's 
inception are the records that were broken this morning!!! 
KITFO bid to CONTINUE playing in the TZLC, ADCY signs not good, TZAS yet to respond. 
Wednesday 06/01/16 
Thunderboltz has a NEW HOME!!! Thanks much to Jai (Madhu/Honey) who did a LOT of leg work 
and Ahjoo TZ's CEO who stressed so much and also did a lot of stuff!!! 
If credit needs to go anywhere it's to these two!! The link is below! 
See new TZ Home Ground!!! 
(In the map, the area just above the dodgy kirket ground is now TZ and TZLC's HOME GROUND!!) 
Ahjoo will begin work on the ground from this evening, to level it and then also to install proper 
full size goals!! Please offer your services to Ahjoo whenever free!! 
We will be SHIFTING to the new ground in the week beginning Mon 18/01/16!!! 
I hope this news was WORTH THE WAIT!!!! 
News regarding KITFO, TZAS and ADCY is still to come in.... 
Reviews have been updated! Ratings etc will be updated by 4.30! 
Wednesday 06/01/15 
News that was supposed to Break 2 days ago may BREAK by this evening!! 
BE play some SUPERB footer but end up losing to a star studded RW side. 
The ADC reminds all that the ADCY, KITFO and TZAS were given SEPARATE entries into the TZLC  
(on an experimental basis) to enable the organizations  
to play as a group together (as many of the players play for different clubs) . This 
would also provide the players with some much needed match practice. But unfortunately 
some players that are not gaining enough match time due to problems beyond their control and 
are missing the matches feel they could attend NORMAL sessions conducted by Mr. Khare. 
Many players are also MISSING the sessions to a great extent. 
Therefore the ADC has decided that KITFO will DROP out of ALL competitons in the TZLC. 
The ADCY will soon follow, while the TZAS have been asked if they would like to  
DROP OUT of the TZLC on account of poor showing and lack of TZ sessions.  
If the above happens, then PACU will be shifted into the 2nd Div, the 3rd Div will be 
declared NULL and VOID and ALL the matches that have been played so far in which the 3  
organizations have taken part in will stand CANCELLED. The ADC will  
also decide the NEW format for the Cup competitions.  
Tuesday 05/01/16 
Still waiting on the News that was to BREAK today..... 
Reviews have been updated! Ratings by 4.45pm! 
EXPLANATION - For all the Cup competitions both HOME AND AWAY clubs will be allowed to sell 
tickets as per their current stadium seating. (As is in the league.) The Home team need NOT offer 20% 
seats to the Away team. As the ADC stadium is large enough to fit BOTH sets of spectators, 
this protocol will be applied. Those Managers that have not set their tickets as per 
the above method can set them up for sale asap. VIP BOXES included. All other Home 
advantages to be applied. 
Tuesday 05/01/16 
BT 1st club to qualify for the ADC Cup QF's after thrashing TZAS comprehensively with some 
fantabulous football.  
As soon as the other news breaks it will be notifies to you all immediately!!

Monday 04/01/16 
Regarding the ADC Cup 1st Round matches - Home team have all advantages as in a League Fixture. 
Therefore the onus of Bringing the NETS for the Sangamwadi ground is on them as is the marking. 
The ADC has asked the marking of the 18 yard box to be 2 yards WIDER for the big box (18 yards) 
marking and from goal to goal (length) it MUST be 18 yards.  
Therefore the width of the 18 yard box (Now 12 - 14 yards) as the width of the ground is less,  
would be about two yards from the throw in line. The nets surrounding the 
ground need to be reattached as it has fallen. Can a TZLC member approach the ground authorities 
and see to this matter. Also bring a large reel of cheap sellotape, this can be used to hold the goal nets 
in place, a quick and easy method. Finally, please see if a platform can be placed on those 
wooden poles near the half way line of the ground. The camera can be placed there. 
As the TZLC is progressing by leaps and bounds, the need of a good video camera is imperative. 
The costs of a good vid camera are all upwards of 1.5 Lakh. The TZLC needs to find a way to 
purchase a camera for high quality video to provide access to the members itself and to others 
who are interested in watching or joining. Also the coverage of the matches will be easier. 
Please read the TZAS preview as well as BT's Match Programme. Starting from Jan, 1M TZR will be 
awarded to the Match Pogramme most liked by the players and fans. A form will be created that 
can be submitted through the TZLC App. BI have still not sent in their match Preview. 
Sunday 03/01/16 
Cup excitement with the ADC Cup begins this coming week!!! 
BI postpone match to Thursday....11th Week Reviews updated.... 
The ADC asks each club Manager to check their Balalce Sheet, Tickets section, TOP left corner 
for details regarding sale of tickets for Cup matches. 
TOMORROW may be TZ's BIGGEST day!!! 
Highlights of the 11th Week either tonight or tomorrow, you will be NOTIFIED!!! 
Saturday 02/12/15 
TZAS starts the new year with a win and adds to TZ's 10th year celebrations since inception! 
TZ and BE ignore the space constraints and are thrilled with the new location at Sangamwadi. 
The game had to be quick and fast and that's how both the teams played, 
The ability to breathe in normal air that too on a grass surface is far healthier than smog like conditions!! 
More Fantastic news on it's way coming to you by Monday!! TZ and the TZLC set to reach even 
greater heights!! Watch THIS SPACE!!!! 
Friday 01/01/15 
BTB heats up!! 
The ADC requests Atool/Rock to get in touch with RH's Pudang to Book the Sangamwadi ground 
for tomorrow. Also inform Satsut to speak to the Dombarwadi officials about not using the ground for 
tomorrow but thanks!! (Only after the Sangamwadi ground is booked!) 
Chinchin finds 5 Diamonds (Easter eggs) followed by Meer, Rock, Jonty and Amti with 4.  
The rest with 3 or below were Rango, Sherry and Red!  
Amti, Red, Jonty, Rango, Satsut, Rock, Sherry and Meer successfully found the Cup Draws!! 
The ADC hopes the players are enjoying a new way to earn TZR while at the same time 
enjoying the game!! The ADC is grateful to each player that attempted the search as this effort 
is what the ADC needs to make the TZLC that much more fun and exciting..... 
Thursday 31/12/15 
TZAS Vs BE at the Sangamwadi Venue!!! 
TZAS Preview updated by Rock! 
Balance sheets updated, BTB either today or tomorrow!!!  
The diamond search still persists but the Cup draws search has ended!!! Bonuses will be updated in the BS soon!! 
Here's hoping everyone has a great end of the year! All of you be careful,  
don't drink and drive, be nice and be kind to animals!!! 
Wednesday 30/12/15 
RH struggle to compete with a happy go lucky KITFO in the 2nd Half. 
See site for new option for ground (ADC states that width may indeed be too small) 
See Here -  
(Please scroll above and note BIGGER size ground..any idea whose this is??) 
The Size of this ground is around 33 Mtrs x 80 mtrs (This is grass) 
The size of Sindh is 52 x 54 and the Size of the Dobarwadi ground is 94 x 70. 
The ADC wants member of TZAS and BE to check the above mapped ground to decide 
whether the TZAS Vs BE match can go ahead on the Sangam Wadi Rd ground. 
Tuesday 29/12/15 4 pm 
Players enjoy the Easter Egg (Diamond) search and are quickly locating where the 
draws can be found! Players must send the FULL draw to the ADC to avail the TZR! 
Remember the Draws are ONE per club!!! 
Today's match Reviews have been updated....AA not sent....... 
Tuesday 29/12/15  
Audi gets a Hatrick through 3 Penalties in a FIRST time ever occurrance in the TZLC!! 
ADC Media forgotten match on Saturday, TZAS Vs BE is slotted in for new venue in Yerawada. 
After inspecting the ground with Pudang the ADC has decided to play the TZAS Vs BE match 
at this ground on Saturday. The Google Map will be sent to all SOON. 
Holiday Surprise!! First persons from different clubs to SPOT where the ADC CUP and 
League Cup draws are placed will win 1M TZR for their clubs!! 
New Easter Egg Hunt!!! (Go find the Diamonds!! 6 up for grab!!!) 
Each diamond is worth 0.5M TZR!!! Please email the ADC your finds! Once a diamond has been 
spotted by a club the same diamond will NOT be converted to cash if another player from the same 
clubs spots it. Hope you have lots of fun!!  
Clues for all will come up if the search is too difficult!! One clue is that EVERYTHING can be 
found in the ADC Stadium Panoramic view!!! 
Monday 28/12/15 1 pm 
Shivam Sharma set to make DEBUT in TZLC8 for RH as RH had NOT ended Shivam's contract!!! 
Monday 28/12/15 
11th Week Previews Updated! Ratings, BTB, Balance Sheets by 4 hopefully... 
10th Week Highlights are uploading RIGHT NOW!! Check after 2 hours!!! 
For tomorrow's match can you please ensure that the corner flags and Footballs are AVA. 
Also, EACH Club MUST have a FIRST AID kit AVA for matches. 
Sunday 27/12/15 
PACU Vs RH Reviews Updated!! See TZLC Images for movings pics montage!!! 
Ratings, BTB, 11th Week Previews and Highlights by this evening!! 
Saturday 26/12/15 
Gambo's absence is not missed as RH beat a panicky PACU by the odd goal in 7 after being 
1 - 4 up! 135 and TC get sensational goals leading to a nonsensical final 5 mins! 
Reviews, BTB and Ratings will be updated shortly. As the Monday match between RW and BI has been 
PP'd the ADC may update the Balance Sheets etc gradually.  
Members will be updated by Wiggio. You can activate Text message reminders by entering your 
mobile no in the Wiggio settings. 
The Cup draws will be released over the weekend!!!! 
Important changes will be made to the BTB points system! 
Friday 25/12/15 
AA's Rock clashes with Amti during match and Mario gets a Red Card! 
Vikki Main ref justifies by saying 'Amti history has, Rock me no anything say, Mario shoutings always 
ki I Ref crappy shoutings like woooo and red show, me happy :)!!' 
Reviews, BTB and Ratings all by 4pm! See RH Match Programme Vs PACU!!! 
Thursday 24/12/15 
AA finally get a win but are still ghosts of their former selves... 
Reviews BT Vs AA Updated!!! Ratings maybe after 4pm and BTB also..... 
In tomorrows fixture, ADCY Vs KITFO @ Papal, the ADCY will have to sep up the nets 
and mark the ground. KITFO will help with the nets and as for the marking, if 135 can bring a little  
Phakki (Chalk powder) and it ends up being less than the ground will be marked 
with flat cones. KITFO please bring the BE footballs/135 the extra footballs that you carry. 
As tomorrow is an Organization Vs Organization I will be apointing a player ref. I will assist KITFO with 
their subs and generally be AVA to all for help. I'm sure 135 will do an able jobs with the brats and 
other assorted adults! 
Wednesday 23/12/15 
BTB Updated!!! 
BT Vs AA tomorrow where TZLC8's 1st casualties crop up............ 
You can add your mobile no. to Wiggio to get updates by TEXT!!!! 
Star of TZLC who will soon be back from old Blighty set to enter the TZLC8!! 
Tuesday 22/12/15 
Ratings Updated, Previews Updated! Attendances updated!! Balance Sheets Updated!! 
BTB tomorrow!!! 
Monday 21/12/15 3.10 pm 
See moving images of two goals in the TZLC Images page!!! 
Reviews of PACU Vs BI Updated!! 
Monday 21/12/15 
Kapka get's FOUR as Khare's prediction at Half time rings true! 
Louie declared by fans as most versatile player on pitch as he gets shunted right and centre. 
BI's Manager Ahjoo dumbfounded at losing after being 1 - 3 up!!! 
Tomorrow's match BT Vs TZAS will be confirmed at 2..... 
Previews and Ratings by 4pm or earlier..... 
Sunday 20/12/15 
9th Week Highlights Updated! 
See RH Match Programme Vs AA in the 9th Week MR!! 
Saturday 19/12/15 
RH snatch a thrilling victory over arch rivals AA!!! 
Wiggio started for Members!!! 
Ratings and BTB with Highlights and Cup Draws TOMORROW!!! 
Friday 18/12/15 
The ADC is considering a quick method of communicating with all through Wiggio! 
More news on the tickers!!! 
RH make GKL change Vs AA tomorrow!!! 
Thursday 17/12/15 
Mantan equalizes Kapka's early opener after sewage envelopes the Flame Univ. Ground! 
The ADC displeased with AA and RW's behavioural issues..... 
Saturday's and Next Weeks matches to be played at Dombarwadi!! Unless Clubs opt for 
other ground. Except of course the regular fixtures at Papal. 
Wednesday 16/12/15 2.45 pm 
AA's Ajinx scores first trick of the Season while PACU Vs RW finalized at Flame Univ!!! 
Previews Updated! Ratings and BTB underway now!!! 
Wednesday 16/12/15 
AA beat KITFO by a tennis score in an ill tempered affair...most of which came from the AA side. 
The ADC will decide on punitive measures after looking at incidences in the Refs report. 
Both RW and PACU who are splitting the costs for tomorrow's match at Flame Univ have been asked to 
provide transport to ALL MO's INCLUDING the ADC. If this is not forthcoming, the 
ADC will approach Satsut to get the Dobarwadi ground booked or this match will be PP'd. 
Tuesday 15/12/15 12.35 pm 
Balance Sheet Updated!! BTB being updated NOW!!! 
Rumour - Managers may get SACKED!!  
Monday 14/12/15 
8th Week Highlights UPDATED! Ratings also!!! 
BTB and BS tomorrow!!! 
Monday 14/12/15 
9th Week Previews Updated... 
Highlights show along with BTB standings, Ratings and Cup Draws to be released by 5pm this evening... 
Saturday 12/12/15 
ADCY pull 2 back to draw with the Juggernaut that is RW!!! 
Ratings and BTB up TOMORROW with Highlights show! 9th Week Previews tomorrow!!! 
Cup draws to be made TOMORROW!!! 
See moving image pics of RW's 1st goal in the TZLC Images page!! 
Friday 11/12/15 
BE beat ADCY with 3 youth with fuel to spare.... 
ADC reschedules ALL PP'd matches after request by CEO TZ Ahjoo! Please check!! 
Matches for tomorrow, (Mon and Tues) to be played at the ground mentioned below: 
(The ground is to the left of the marker!!!) 
After which the matches will be shifted to another FULL SIZED ground!!! 
Reviews of BEADCY will be updated by 4.30 pm. Ratings of this weeks matches will be updated also, 
BTB standings hopefully today or over the weekend after tomorrow's fixture. 
Thursday 10/12/15 4.10 pm 
Reviews AA VS PACU updated!!! BTB/Ratings tomorrow! 
See first look at Satsut goal in MOVING IMAGE format on the TZLC Images page!!! 
Thursday 10/12/15 
"AA beat themselves" - Atool  
Ratings and BTB may take time (KITFO Vs BT, AA Vs PACU) AA Vs PACU Reviews please check by 4.30 pm 
The Flame Univ ground is world class says the ADC but the journey there and back leaves a person 
with no time for work...Apart from the cost.... 
Possibility of shift to 2nd Venue is high......A ground like flame would be ideal for a Tourney that is 
conducted over a day or three day's... 
Wednesday 09/12/15 
Goalkeeping errors cost KITFO match against BT! 
Great news as a Ground has been found for the TZLC! This weeks matches scheduled on 
Thur and Sat will now be played at Flame Univ.  
The Google Map address is shown below. 
All Club Managers must contact Ahjoo to finalize travel arrangements. 
Maybe a car pooling system can be organized. Otherwise to each his own. Contact Ahjoo asap you read this. 
The ADC asked CEO Ahjoo to finalize his choice for the venue and he has chosen Flame Univ for this week. 
Another ground has been earmarked JUST in case this ground proves to costly or due to Logistics issues. 
But if NO OTHER ground is AVA the TZLC will HAVE to continue on the same ground.  
(Cost issues will be covered somehow and Logistics also). 
The ADC had announced 4 months before the start of the TZLC8, after the Schedule was released that 
Clubs must try and FIND grounds in and around Pune that they could Rent (For 2 Home matches) 
so as to push for a more Professional system. The Rent would have been taken care of by the TZLC. 
Suffice to say that only a couple of Managers bothered to make an effort while the others just ignored 
the request. If this request would've been taken seriously, then the Postponements that have occurred 
due to the situation at Sindh would NOT have been a problem.  
All those clubs that have NOT received their kit or are NOT playing with their full kit (GK also) will be 
fined and players suspended. 
The ADC has stated that now the onus of the TZLC system will be tested as the TZLC will shift 
to a new Venue. This means the chance for more people to see the Tourney and get attracted to it. 
Therefore MORE clubs and MORE matches next season.  
All matches that have been PP's must be rescheduled. Managers are allowed to decide a date and then 
get it fixed with the ADC or the ADC will re-arrange the match without checking with the Managers. 
Monday 11.15 am 07/12/15 
Tomorrows match MAY still be played!!!  
Clubs which create Match Programmes must ENSURE that ONLY players in the TZLC kit, related to TZ OR 
KFANDRA kit will be allowed in the Match Programme. Any clothing or background that advertises 
anything OTHER than the TZLC will NOT be allowed. Only RW's, BT's and BE's Match programmes have been 
approved without the above mentioned stipulations. 
Sunday 6 .10 pm 06/12/15 
Tomorrow's match BT Vs TZAS Postponed!!! 
Sunday 06/12/15 
Search for TZLC temporary ground still on!! TZ Home ground search may result in a  
positive outcome soon..... 
8th Week Previews Updated! See BT's Match Programme!!! 
BTB to be updated by 6 pm today!!! 
The ADC has apologized for this temporary issue with the ground. The ADC has asked all the clubs 
to bear with the situation until the problem is solved. Till then ALL the matches apart from 
the ones at Papal on Wed and Fri will ONLY be PP'd up to as LATE a time as possible. That is considering 
the possibility that we are able to procure a ground the night before a match. 
Saturday 05/12/15 
7th Week Highlights by 5.30 pm! 
BTB and KITFORW Ratings to be updated tomorrow!! 
Work still on on new TZ ground....... 
Friday 04/12/15 
RW win again but are NOT impressive.. 
Ground situation for TZ ABOUT to see the rainbow behind a VERY DARK CLOUD!! 
CEO Ahjoo will update ALL SOON!!!  
The ADC is left licking it's lips at a prospect that may SHOCK everyone!!! 
A good and hopefully WONDERFUL shock... 
Over to you Ahjoo...FINGERS CROSSED!!! 
In other news 50-50 on ADCY Vs RH match tomorrow, Ahjoo will update all... 
TC and ahjoo off to meeting!!! 
Ratings and BTB Update tomorrow! 
Wednesday 02/12/15 3.40 pm 
The ADC makes good on it's promise with FINES for POOR performance of MO duty.. 
Vikky and Arty first scalps.... 
Ratings BE Vs RW being uploaded NOW!! 
Wednesday 02/12/15 
Blazing Eagles rain down fiery droppings of misery on the Warriors but are unable to stop 
the Royal Juggernaut! 
TZ of the TZLC set to SHIFT to a bigger FULL SIZED PITCH!!!  
The last matches to be played at Sindh may be held on Thu and Sat as scheduled.  
But only if permission is granted by the authorities that be. 
(News Just in - Thursday match POSTPONED!!!) 
Otherwise matches to shift to bigger ground nearby from NEXT WEEK.  
Venue is to be kept secret as talks are in progress. 
Tuesday 3 pm 01/12/15 
RW Take EMERGENCY LOAN GK after Taufa drops out of tomorrow's match as travelling outside Pune! 
TZ and TZLC looking at 3 Ground options in and around Pune... 
Thursday's match 50-50 as of now...... 
Tuesday 01/12/15 
For tomorrow's match at Papal between BE and RW, the players etc are requested to park their 
vehicles in an organized manner. The ADC requests ONE of the BE members to ask the security as to 
the parking arrangements and then WAIT in the parking area to ensure that the parking is 
as per regulations. 
News regarding the Sindh ground and/or the other proposed venue will be informed to all asap. 
Monday 7.30 pm 30/11/15 
TZAS Vs ADCY Match POSTPONED!!! Sindh ground issue continues, TZ may shift venue!!! TC working hard!! 
Is this the work of Amonk's dark side?? For he has been appointed twice as TZAS In-charge and 
both times matches have been POSTPONED!! 
The ADC frowns upon the intolerant few who gaze with nasty thoughts at Amonk after reading 
this news bulletin... 
The ADC has asked the ADC Media to desist from being surreal.... 
Monday 30/11/15 
TZ Home Venue likely to be changed if TZ CEO and Committee members unable to broker a deal 
with the Society and School! 
Tuesday's match TZAS Vs BI (All TZ Member event) under a cloud..... 
Please send your positive vibes to Ahjoo....... 
Saturday 28/11/15 
The ADC has frowned upon those players permitted to wear their bracelets (amount of time and distance 
run indicators) in a statement released today. It stated that the players were allowed to wear such objects 
during training sessions and TZLC matches as they were asked to convey the results to the ADC. 
But NONE have. Therefore the ADC will be banning such devices UNLESS the players send the info  
to the ADC. All Bracelets etc that can cause harm to another player will be BANNED and enforced 
Matches at Papal MUST end at 8.30 am. Therefore if the KO time is LATER than usual due to no 
fault of either team, the DURATION of the match will be shortened. 
CLUBS will be FINED if they do NOT WARM UP. KO will be at 6.50 am.  
In a report submitted by the Ref to the ADC, in RW's previous match, RW had made the REFEREE 
wait for them to be ready for KO even after 3 whistles and verbal intimation signalling them to 
be ready. 
The Easter Egg competition (Pana 3d view ADC Stadium) will move to LEVEL 2 by Monday. 
11 matches are scheduled in the next 14 days!!!  
The ADC Media has asked for feedback relating to the highlights. The feedback FORM will be uploaded  
to the TZLC App by Monday. 
The ADC will be GRADING the REFS and all MO's as to their PERFORMANCE from this week's matches. 
The Reffing and CM/SR work has been poor and the players involved in these duties need to be pushed harder.  
The Multiple Choice Level 1 Refs Exam to be held soon. 
Friday 26/11/15 
The Managers of RH (Beeraj) and Ahjoo have decided to PP the match between RH and BE as 
the ground would have been unplayable 10 mins after KO. This is also to ensure that ALL the 
matches next week will run smoothly. (6 matches!!!) 
No club will be fined as the PP is due to UNPLAYABLE Ground conditions. 
RH and BE MUST get back to the ADC with a new date for this fixture by Monday 12 Noon 30/11/15. 
Friday 26/11/15 
TZ CEO Ahjoo to inspect the ground at 1 pm. After which a decision will be taken on whether the 
RH Vs BE match can go ahead as scheduled. Possibility that the ground towards the temple side  
may get raked up as the game progresses. If that is the situation, does the Management of both clubs agree 
to play on? The rolling of the ground, if necessary, will be taken care of by Ahjoo post the match for the next matches and  
sessions if the game goes ahead on a soft pitch. 
Wednesday 25/11/15 
Saturday's match RH Vs BE set to go ahead as planned...IF the RAINS stay away.... 
Easter Egg (Diamond) hunt on in full swing, competition set to go to LEVEL 2 soon!!! 
Tuesday 24/11/15 
The ADC has decided to POSTPONE tomorrow's 3rd Div League match KITFO Vs ADCY and also the CLM 
match BI Vs PACU on Thursday. Sat's match between RH and BE at Sindh PP decision will be 
taken on Thursday. Tomorrow's KITFO session will go ahead as planned on an area that is NOT affected 
by the rain. Please give your confirmation as usual to Mr. Khare before 4 pm TODAY. As for the 
TZ session on Thu, Mr. Khare will take a HILL RUNNING session as the Sindh ground will still 
be UNPLAYABLE. Those eager to go hill running should confirm their AVA as usual to Mr. Khare 
before 4 pm on Wed. Clubs will be FINED DAILY for non-confirmation of new scheduled dates for 
their PP'd matches. 
See scrolling news for other info!! Scrolling news clip on the Main Home page and on the Fixtures and Calendar 
page are updated with News items that may not appear on this page!!! 
Monday 23/11/15 4.30 pm 
AA have NOT responded to the ADC and will be fined. As they have NOT responded 
tomorrow's match is POSTPONED. There is a possibility that the matches this week on  
Wed, Thu and Sat may also be POSTPONED (PP'd). 
Monday 23/11/15 
THE ADC's prediction of rain comes 3 days late!!! AA Vs TZAS is PP'd as the Sindh 
ground is NOT playable during rains. 
ADC asks AA to LOOK for another ground for the match OR arrange a new date in conjunction 
with TZAS. AA will NOT be fined!! The ADC and TZ have agreed to open up a Monday morning 
time slot for the match if needed. The AA Managers are asked to speak to Ahjoo (Meeraj caretaker and Amonk  
current TZAS squad in-charge) regarding the new time slot and then contact the ADC. 
Sunday 22/11/15 
AA dip into the Market again!! 
BT, RW and RH BS's to be updated TOMORROW!! 
Saturday 21/11/15 
Warriors top of the table.... 
All reviews updated...Highlights show should be AVA by 5.15 pm.... 
Ratings + BTB tomorrow......... 
Friday 20/11/15 
Will RAIN be a dampener for tomorrows much awaited clash between RW and RH? 
RH rope in Andysu as late replacement!! 
Thursday 19/11/15  
BT survive Jonty led ADCY (including 7 Adults) by the odd goal in 5! 
Match Report has been updated! As well as the Ratings..... 
Wednesday 18/11/15 3.05 pm 
NO BTB points after this mornings match as too many players were rotated by both teams. 
MR updated.......Ratings soon.... 
Monday 16/11/15 
All BS updated! The ADC has asked all MO's that have made themselves AVA for the match between 
BT and ADCY to bring their KIT if they want to play for the ADCY as there are still a few places 
left to fill in the ADCY squad. (Unless they do NOT want to play). 
Jonty has been APPOINTED as Manager of ADCY for this match. His only responsibilities are on 
match day. (To look after the squad). 
The ADCY will NOT be participating in the Cup competitions. 
Saturday 14/11/15 
RW WALLOP TZAS and Mr. Khare left wondering what he's been doing in the off season! 
But was this a SUPREME display by RW or was this just all the Seasons errors by individuals piled into  
one dodgy gift bag? 
Ratings Tomorrow, BTB tomorrow, 5th Week Preview Tomorrow, Highlights by 4.30!!! 
Thursday 12/11/15 
MR updated!! Ratings of BEPACU and BIBT being updated now!!!! 
BTB scores and BS to be updated soon!!! 
Wednesday 5.30 pm 
MR BE Vs PACU Updated!! 
Easter Eggs - Adu and Sparky win BIG for AA!!! Chinchin and Ray gets some much needed TZR for 
their respective clubs! This is related to the Easter eggs competition!! 
Please note that each member is trusted to KEEP their findings private...They should not inform their team mates 
of the location of the treasure (Easter eggs). The Easter egg location will be changed at REGULAR intervals 
and the members will be notified. Members should match the CLUE with the LOCATION of the 
Eggs to avail the prize money for their club!! 
Wednesday 11/11/15 
PACU thrash a suicidal BE Away from home! Ratings, MR will be updated by 5 pm!!! 
Easter Eggs ONLY found in the ADC Stadium 3d Panoramic View....Each Easter Egg costs 500K! 
Send an email to the ADC and your clubs Balance WILL be Updated IMMEDIATELY!! 
Key to traversing the 3d view added.... 
Easter Egg clues!!!!  
1. Slurp...tasty 
2. All aboard 
3. Prawns 
4. Champagne 
5. No. 1 and No. 2 Time 
6. Back to School 
7. Ahhh...Let's take a Break.... 
Tuesday 10/11/15 
See the UPDATED Panoramic Views of all the Stadiums!!! 
Prize - There are Easter eggs worth 1M TZR each ALL over the ADC Stadium...Find them, 
email the ADC and WIN TZR for your club!!! 
Monday 09/11/15 4 pm 
Khare out of TZAS squad on account of 11 players AVA. May continue as Coach.... 
Monday 09/11/15 10.25 am 
TZ session to replace PP's match tomorrow. 
Khare to play for TZAS on Sat! AA Fined! Refs assessment released..Sparky tops!  
ADC's Review of TZAS Vs ADCY updated! 
BTB and Ratings being updated now............ 
Sunday 08/11/15 
KFANDRA will have a COMPULSORY OFF on the 11th Wed this month on account of 
it being a festival of some importance as the College will be CLOSED. The following Thurs and 
Fri KFANDRA will have to take an attendance check to see if the Academy players are AVA 
to attend sessions.  
Saturday 07/11/15 4.15 pm 
ADCY get important away goalless draw against the TZAS! 
BTB to be updated tomorrow.....Highlights show to be published by 5 pm!! 
Friday 06/11/15 
BE keep 2nd clean sheet of the TZLC8 to beat a formidable but relaxed KITFO 1 - 0 at Home. 
Zed's gift explained by Zed as "I thought Amti was playing for KITFO!" 
Sparky just pips Mkul in the Main Ref dept. as Sparky's dodgy decisions are not as many as Mkuls! 
Satsut's passion to Ref just as his passion to play...dropping to new lows....PACU take note.... 
Thursday 05/11/15 
Possibility of some or ALL matches next week getting PP'd high! 
Latest news snippets to appear on scroll bar ticker placed on the home page and Fixtures and Calendar page. 
Tuesday 03/11/15 
The most horrific Match Report since the TZLC's beginning, PACU Vs KITFO! 
Monday 02/11/15 
For quick fire headlines go to the Opening Page of the website!!! 
Mr. Khare to play first game on loan!! Awaiting news of TZAS and ADCY confirmation!! 
Saturday 21/10/15 
The Red Hurricanes hail heavy upon a resolute 10 Icemen! 
Omi goes AWOL! 
Everything has been UPDATED!! For the Match highlights go to the Fixtures and Calendar 
page on this website and click on the fixture date in the box where all the dates are mentioned. 
(Except the Ratings and BTB points along with the Previews for next weeks fixtures to be 
updated tomorrow!!) 
Wednesday 28/10/15 4.30 pm 
The ADC has finally completed the marking of the Refs level 1 Online Exam. 
There were some particpants who finished late, who started late, who started on time but 
rushed through the Test to complete it before the 4 pm deadline. Although the ADC removed the 
Exam from it's Website, it seems the Exam form itself remained open on those Pc/Mobiles 
that were still using the page. The ADC has taken everything into account as should the 
participants. The results of this test will NOT be permanent as this was just to give 
an idea to people taking the time to give the exam of how much knowledge you THINK you have, 
how much you still need to know, of what seems simple actually isn't and  
how the TZLC offers you EVERYTHING!!! 
The ADC wants all the participants to understand that most of the q's were geared 
to reveal how YOU looked at a match and what decision you would've taken if you 
were the Ref/AP/AR/LM. Some Q's were subjective and the marks were awarded as per 
the answers provided. If you want the ADC to declare the results publicly it wil do so, if not  
please text the ADC for your result. The ADC will go THROUGH the exam with the participants 
at a later date (And anyone else that would like to take part.) 
Wednesday 28/10/15 
In the BTB Shaurav's SPURS zip to the top of the table! 
Amol 'Tiger' Atigre finally AA!!! 
MR is updated with Keano's para added. 
The reason for the ADC asking the clubs to set 2 Home games to be Reffed by Player 
Refs is not only to allow the players to gain experience to play under Player Refs and Vice Versa 
but also that Mr. Khare will be AVA for Loan for the Home team for these matches. 
The condition for the Khare Loan is that he will play ONLY if the club has LESS PLAYERS AVA. Mr. Khare 
has specified that he will NOT play on Loan if the Clubs have enough players AVA. 
As Ahjoo will be going under the knife on the 4th of Nov, Atool will be taking over as Manager 
of BI up to the time Ahjoo can resume his duties. Atool will CONTINUE as Jt. Manager of 
BI if he so desires later. 
All Managers are requested to collect the Club Banner from the ADC. The clubs will now 
be in charge of the Banner and they will have to put it up for their matches. 
Players that are unhappy with their Kit please contact your Manager and he will get in 
touch with the concerned individual. 
Red and Amar of RH have been appointed as KITFO in charge for the match between 
BE and KITFO. The current KITFO In charge Sherry and Mario will be playing for BE. 
The ADC may be revealing the Test results of the Refs Exam later today or tomorrow. 
Tuesday 27/10/15 4.30 pm 
Tuesday 27/10/15 
Everything Updated! Only Vid Highlights will be compiled at the end of the week under the 
Match of the Week Highlights show. 
All clubs that have provided Loans WILL be fined if the Loaned players do NOT send in Reviews. 
Tuesday 27/10/15 11 am 
A calm and composed BT beat a resolute but ultimately possession losing BE after 
going a goal down. 
Tiger Bid set to end today. 
Monday 26/10/15 
Neeraj's Velocity zips to the top of the BTB table with Mkuls Psycopaths holding up the table. 
This Seasons entry fee for the BTB has not been accepted as Mr. Khare is volunteering the Prize Money!! 
All Balance Sheets have been updated. Attendances are open to view on the Fixtures and Calendar page. 
Ticket prices of each match will also be open to view from this Season onwards!!! 
Tomorrows match should be a 2nd Division THRILLER!! BT Vs BE, KO at 6.50 am.  
Forecast for rain in some parts of Pune...Let's hope it rains only in the catchment areas!!! 
Saturday 24/10/15 
In 3d 
RW continue on their run with a thrilling but scrappy affair by beating AA bythe odd goal 
in 7!! 
Everything has been uploaded!!! 
Thursday 22/10/15 
GK Anand Surve goes for 4.6 M TZR in a crazy race to the finish line well before the 
deadline of 4 pm. BT Manager Mkul pipped the last bidders by 0.1M TZR after they dropped 
out of the race! BT are facing another dilemma now as 12 (13) players are set to fight for 11 places. 
Mkul was heard commenting that they need a strong squad with players like 800% AVA Bhanda in the squad! 
Patty will most likely be the scapegoat if all are AVA unless Mkul sticks to his guns and 
allows in form players to play. 
The ADC warns the clubs that have not sent in their 2 Home Match Player Ref slots. 
KITFO and TZAS must also send in their requests. 
A few KFANDRA u8 players with their parents will be the guests at the TZLC SEASON OPENER on 
Saturday. The U8's will be asked to walk in with the two squads on Saturday! 
Can Ahjoo please confirm if some TZBUDS U8's want to soak in the atmosphere on Saturday... 
Wednesday 21/10/15 
AA go in for 3rd Loan! 
All Managers have been WARNED by the ADC to follow the correct protocol. Not a single 
stadium in the TZLC has passed the ADC standards. Therefore each match will be played at the 
ADC Stadium as has been mentioned MANY times in the previous months. 
The amount of Seats you are allowed to sell will be EQUAL to the amount of seats that were 
available at YOUR Stadium. Only the Washrooms and F and B will be AVA for spectators at the 
ADC stadium along with the other necessary requirements like Parking etc. 
The ADC is NOT pleased and will be EXTREMELY strict in ANYTHING to do with the TZLC. 
All Clubs should also note that Players without the FULL ATTIRE will NOT be allowed to play. 
Complete attire - Club shirt, shorts, socks, shin pads. 
MO's are allowed to wear a track bottom/shorts but MUST wear Takkies/sports shoes, studs and SOCKS. 
BIBS COMPULSORY OR their OWN club shirt.  
Note to All the Players - Please go through the R and R on this website. (COMPULSORY) 
Any other issues please contact your Manager or the TZ CEO or 
the KITFO Incharge or the NPP Incharge before approaching the ADC. 
Monday 4.20 pm 19/10/15 
Prashant Ghadge snapped up by a patient and happy Beeraj for 4M TZR!!! 
Sunday 4.05 pm 18/10/15 
The 1st Level 1 Ref's Online Exam is over!!! Mr. Khare hopes every one had a rip roaring time 
formulating answers and picking the right choice. The results of the exams will be sent individually 
to the exam 'takers' and the persons who did very well will be given 1st choice to Referee matches 
in the TZLC8! A re-exam will be taken sometime soon..... 
Sunday 18/10/15 
The Refs Level 1 Exam will appear between 2.55 and 3 pm on the Home Page with 
the one link mobile links. The Exam will be TAKEN OFF at exactly 4 pm. 
Feel free to search for answers to your q's online or from a book as 90% of the answers 
will NOT be AVA online!! A clear copy pasted effort if the answers are found will be DISCARDED. 
All persons from any age upwards are eligible for this Exam, but preferably only those that 
have at least a smattering of knowledge concerning the R and R of Football should 
attempt this Test. 
Saturday 2.45 pm 17/10/15 
1st Match of the Season Previews have been updated. 
Reviews of the friendly played this morning have been updated. 
ALL players are requested to send in a DETAILED report of their STATS in the TZLC 
from the time they played their first match till date. They are also requested to send 
in an essay on their experiences in the TZLC, it can be funny, sad or boring! 
Last date for submission is 30/11/15. 
Saturday 17/10/15 
Awaiting Reviews for combined friendlies played to between BI Vs BT/AA. 
Plus waiting for Previews for the Opening Match between RW and AA!!! 
There is a possiblilty that the ADC may keep the recently cancelled ADCY dates OPEN 
for a NEW Club. It may be called the ADC or a new club may be formed altogether. 
This step may be taken to enable players that have not joined a club. 
Some new players have joined the TZLC and have been put up for bid. As the Season is to start 
next week, the end time for the bids will be asap. 
The Refs Online Exam is open to all and will start at 3pm tomorrow.  
Further details will be put up here. Watch this space!! 
Friday 16/10/15 
RW Get 3 past an unknown GK (As per the MR by Amma) in response 
to just one from PACU in a friendly held this morning!!! 135's MR yet to come. 
PACU are admonished for Poor MR and my be punished. 
BI Vs BT/AA Friendly Tomorrow KO 6.45 am at Sindh 
All Managers note that Previews etc to be sent by Saturday 4pm on the Saturday prior 
to match day. All Previews and Post Match Reviews must be detailed. 
The TZLC8 starts NEXT WEEK!!!! 
Wednesday 14/10/15 
KITFO beat BE in a quickly arranged friendly at Papal! See MR!!! 
Some clubs have failed to hand in their choices for Matches with 
player Refs and WILL BE FINED. 
Refs Online Exam to be held on SUNDAY 18/10/15. Time to be declared later. 
Exam may be only half an hour long!!! 
Tuesday 13/10/15 
Aundh Astro's desperation to increase squad numbers leads them to ADCY player 
Aditya 'Adu' Gadkari. Desperation may not be the apt term as Adu is rated very 
high by the ADC. In fact it goes to the lengths of saying that they have got a player 
that has great technique, a good cross, passion, committment, tactically aware and 
is a fantastic team player for ZERO TZR. 
Updated 3d Panoramic view of the Stadiums to be released before the start of 
the TZLC8. 
Ahjoo may be organizing a 4 to 5 club mini friendly Tourney this week Saturday at Sindh. 
The influx of quality players to the TZLC8 is set to increase with a few players 
joining over the next day or two. 
Sunday 11/10/15 
Main Ref Ahjoo Review for the Friendly between PACU and RH has been uploaded. 
The Managers are requested to find out from their players what the best time for  
the Refs Online Exam would be. It will be a HOUR long exam and will have to start 
any time between 10 am and 3 pm. For eg if a MAJORITY of participants have requested an 
11 am start, the EXAM can be accessed online from 11 am to 12 Noon on that date. Participants 
can log in at any time but the Exam will be inaccessible after ONE HOUR. 
The Refs ONLINE EXAM will be held within one week after the Managers of each club respond 
to the ADC. The Managers must respond with the details by 12 Noon Tuesday 13/10/15.  
The Exam will be held after 13/10/15. 
Players of the Opening match between AA and RW are requested to inform the ADC if 
their children could be AVA for the match. They can leave any time after the KO if they want to. 
Their kids would be asked to walk with them to the KO spot before the match. 
The Players are requested to do their best to make the TZLC as FAMILY ORIENTED as possible. 
Saturday 10/10/15 
MR Pre-Season Friendly PACU Vs RH updated!!! 
Subaru and Gambo get unofficial debut goals..... 
Rumours are flying around that the ADC's plan to have Player Refs for 2 Home Fixtures 
for each club for the TZLC8 mean that the player Refs will in fact be from 22 of the players 
playing on MATCH DAY!!! Another rumour escalated soon after and that 
was that the players probably need a heavy fitness session as their brains seem to have 
gone awol. The ADC is talking to Mr. Khare about the same! 
Friday 09/10/15 
The ADC has decided to hold the Level 1 Referee's Clinic ONLY 
through an ONLINE EXAM. The date for the same will be held before the start of the TZLC8 
and will be declared asap. 
This will free up the clubs to continue on schedule with their Friendlies. 
The sudden preponement also caught some of the Managers off guard. 
Friday 09/10/15 
The Refs Clinic may be PREPONED to tomorrow. 
The schedule will be updated soon. 
Managers are WARNED that if their players do not stay up to date with the TZLC 
then their CLUBS will be FINED. The ADC needs ALL the players to be up to date 
with the current goings on at the TZLC to ENSURE that EVERYONE is on the same page. 
RH choose their Home Games with Player Refs. 
Wednesday 07/10/15 
PACU Vs RH FRIENDLY at Sindh on this Sat 10/10/15 IF rains stay away. 
BT choose their Home Games which will be officiated by Player Refs. 
BTB opening Balance increased to 4M TZR. Partcipants can re submit forms if major 
changes are necessary or they can send an email with the changes directly 
to the ADCBTB.

Tuesday 06/10/15 
The ADC has asked the Managers to decide TWO Home games in which PLAYER REFS 
will be appointed to officiate. The players ELIGIBLE to REFEREE these matches will 
have to be selected from the list of players that have been graded satisfactorily in the Refs 
clinic and online exam. 
There will be NO TOSS for League matches. The Home Team will have 1st preference for  
the KO, Side, dugout and from this Season the added 5 mins in the 1st H and 2nd H. 
Neutral venues will be as per the Toss except for the dugout which will be 1st come 1st choice. 
On Neutral venues, the choice to extend the half by 5 mins will be given to the team losing at that time. 
Monday 05/10/15 
RH release Big Ben as Sid Ben exits the TZLC!!! 
The Ref's clinic will now be held on the 17th/10/15. 
The Club Managers are requested to send two images of each player to 
the ADC by the 14th Oct 2015. The images are a front profile and side profile of ONLY the head. 
Please speak to the ADC if confused.... 
18 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Saturday 03/10/15 
The Referee Test Level 1 has been Postponed indefinitely due to heavy rains leading to 
an unplayable ground situation. 
Thursday 01/10/15 
The following players have been confirmed to participate in TZLC's first Referee's Level 1 Exam 
to be held on Sat 03/10/15. The ADC will contact the participants ASAP, latest tomorrow 12 Noon. 
The Referee's that secure a 50% passing Grade in both the Practical Test and Online Exam 
will be eligible to assist Mr. Khare when he is the Main Ref. Those that have been graded above 70% 
can take control of a match as the Main Ref.  
From the TZLC8 it is compulsory that clubs CHOOSE 2 HOME MATCHES to be officiated by 
PLAYER REFS that have PASSED the ADC's LEVEL 1 Test. 
The ADC has completed the PRE-SEASON Previews of the Clubs!!! 
Please go to the Fixtures and Calendar page and click on the logo to hear the Preview!! 
Sunday 27/09/15 
The ADC has requested the Club Management to prepare an Excel Sheet with each players 
contract on a separate sheet. The new Minimum limit for every contract is 3 seasons. A copy of the contract 
must be sent to the player. The Excel Sheet must be completed by next week 4th of Oct 12 Noon and 
sent to the ADC. Those players that do NOT want to sign a contract MUST have it clearly stated in 
the contract the the player is UNWILLING to sign a NEW contract. ALL youth players will NOT be contracted 
(U16) and their unofficial contract will run for one season after which extensions can be granted 
through the ADC. 
The ADC is contemplating to hold the Referee's Level 1 Test on Sat 03/10/15 at 7.30 am on Sindh ground.  
Can TZ CEO Ahjoo please approve. 
The ONLINE EXAM will be held either on the same day, the next day or the week after. 
The Managers are requested to submit the names of the players interested and AVA for Saturday's 
Test by Tues 29/09/15. 
After the names are received by the ADC, the participants will be informed personally or through 
their Managers as to what they are supposed to carry to the ground. 
It is assumed that there will be representatives for the test from each club. These players 
must communicate with their teams the minor changes in the R and R for the TZLC and of course 
all the other Rules that they thought never existed. 
Saturday 26/09/15 
The TZLC8 get's it's first comprehensive Match Report from the ADC. See the MR section. (BT Vs BE). 
Friday 25/09/15 
BT beat BE 2 - 1 in a scrappy encounter at Papal. 
BT had more possession and were the more in control than their frantic 
counterparts. BE need some much needed match practice before the TZLC8 or 
they will be in for another season of turmoil. BT though showed some good touches and many 
a time their Youth signee Patty showed everyone how football should be played. 
The Reviews from the Managers will be updated in the Match Reports section 
of the website as soon as the clubs send in their reviews.  
The ADC may submit a small review too and/or add ratings for this match as 
Mr. Khare was present. 
The ADC hopes the BTB is living up to the members expectations... 
The Ref's Level 1 exam to be held soon. Members that have applied for the Test 
must be aware that along with the practical Test (including a Fitness Test), there 
will be an ONLINE 1 hour exam also. 
Wednesday 23/09/15 
BE to play a friendly Vs BT at Papal this Friday. Referee will be Mr. Khare. 
BT have 9 AVA players while BE have the same. The extra players need will be taken from 
KITFO. This is an OFFICIAL FRIENDLY. All TZLC R and R will be applied as Mr. Khare is the Ref. 
YC and RC along with the LC count will also be applied. 
Saturday 19/09/15 
Managers had been given over 3 months to look for a BIGGER GROUND for 2 Home matches to 
be played on. There has been no feedback or the feedback has just been wind in the air so the  
ADC has decided to CANCEL the plan unless the ADC is contacted within a week in this 
regard. Organizational Heads MUST respond to the ADC with the estimated costs by 
12 Noon Tuesday 22/09/15.  
The Be the Boss entries have OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!! 
(If anyone spots any mistakes in the form please contact me ASAP!!!) 
Friday 18/09/15 
Managers Meeting cancelled! The ADC has contacted the Managers and Organizational heads. 
Watch the Rugby World Cup if you can! Starting tonight on Sony Six and Kix! 
Thursday 17/09/15 
Managers are requested to check their Balance Sheet for a message from the ADC. 
It is rumoured that the ADC may be FAILING all clubs in their quest to get their Stadia up to 
ADC standards. The ADC will be sending the results to the Managers and also more options to 
generate revenue. 
The Referee's Level 1 Test will be held AFTER the Managers Meeting which will 
most probaby be held over the weekend. Some Managers have as yet NOT submitted the form 
and their club will be penalized.... 
Tuesday 15/09/15 
The TZLC8 Managers Meeting will be held on Saturday or Sunday 26th or 27th of this month.  
Venue to be fixed somewhere in the Pune City Area. 
The ADC plans to have a Lunch Meeting at the ADC's Cost. 
If the Managers are UNA they MUST send a representative. 
The Managers MUST submit the form AVA in the TZLC APP by 12 NOON tomorrow. 
The meeting has been arranged MAINLY to decide costs for individuals participating in the TZLC8. 
If all Managers are UNA then the ADC will contact each CLUB MANAGER INDIVIDUALLY ASAP. 
Monday 14/09/15 
New Video released by the ADC Media which includes all clips See HERE TZLC8 Kits Released! 
The ADC is planning to hold an ONLINE exam for those players that have opted for the 
ADC Referee's Level 1 Exam (Levels progress from Level 1 (Beginner) onwards) and also 
if time permits, an on field Test as well. 
Sunday 13/09/15 
Apologies to Satsut! The ADC Media seems to have forgotten to insert his clip in the 
video released yesterday. So it decided to release it today in his own PERSONAL  
video! See Here!!! 
Saturday 12/09/15 
See Video in the APP or Click HERE!!!! 
Friday 11/09/15 
Sensational consecutive day of transfer happenings! 
Subhav 'Subaru' Srivastav has been picked up by PACU for a gigantic sum of 7.2 M TZR!!! 
Thursday 10/09/15 
A THRILLING end to a FANTASTIC BID for Avinash 'Avi' Rane!! It went down to the wire with the 
two remaining clubs battling hard for Avi's signature... 
For an AMOUNT which EQUALS the HIGHEST EVER AMOUNT PAID by a club for a player... 
13.5 M TZR (135 M Old method) paid by Royal Warriors Jt. Manager Karan '135' Tejwani!!! 
Wednesday 09/09/15 
Crazy transfer Bid in progress for TZ's new recruits Avi and Subaru!! 
Rumours are circulating in the Papers as to how some clubs have so much money to spend.... 
Saturday 05/09/15 
Confusion regarding friendly result (See MR by the Managers on the Match Reports page) 
Jhakaas joins BI for free in a youth transfer 
Friday 04/09/15 
Neel 'Stoney' Chandrachud joins his Dad at Aundh Astro's in a transfer that turned out to be a  
damp squib. Rumours have it that no Manager dared to challenge the Rock to procure  
his own Son's signature.... 
In another transfer that reeked of family matters, Beeraj Joint Manager of RH got the services 
of his Brother Nikhil 'Nick' Bezalwar after both Beeraj and Red (RH) could not agree on 
a transfer price with Ajoo (BI Manager). Thus the ADC was asked to step in. 
The ADC just completed the transfer and sent the details to the Manager moments ago. 
BT's Mkul has arranged a friendly against a combined side of RW and BI tomorrow at 7 am 
on Sindh Ground. The R and R have been specified to all 3 Managers. 
For more info please contact the concerned Managers. 
The R and R will be RELAXED. 
Wednesday 02/09/15 
Watch the latest Video!! 
Less than 2 months to go for the TZLC8!!! 
Tuesday 01/09/15 
The ADC has decided to cancel the ADCY from the TZLC8 due to a majority of the Youth being involved in  
their school graduation year (10th Std). The youth will therefore get little spare time to involve themselves 
in ALL the ADCY matches. This would mean that the 3rd Div will now consist of 3 teams as is in the 1st 
and 2nd Div also. In another possibility, the ADC requests it's members to find out if a club/company wishes 
to participate as a separate entity instead of the ADCY. The last date for this possibility is 12 Noon Tue 08/09/15. 
The cancellation of the ADCY has allowed the ADC to offer it's AVAILABLE youth players to be picked up 
by clubs with a youth system. The two players available are Prateik 'Jhakaas' Jachak and Neel 'Patty' Patwardhan. 
Those clubs interested in the two players must approach the ADC for their contact numbers. 
The ADC will mostly CANCEL the BMP and instead allow the HOME team the opportunity to ADD 
5 mins at the end of the 1st H and 5 mins at the end of the 2nd H. For neutral venues the duration 
of the match will be ONLY 80 mins. The Time keeper will blow the Hooter at 39 Mins in the 
1st H and 79 mins in the 2nd H at which time the Referee will ask the Home team if they need to add 
on the extra 5 mins. This will be conveyed to the Opposition side and the Time Keeper. The time keeper 
will then blow the Hooter that will signal the END of the 1st H or 2nd H. The match will END at the sound 
of the Hooter. The time keeper MUST add the extra time to be added as specified by the Ref before sounding 
the Hooter. 
Monday 2.15 pm 
TZLCSGWC2 Higlights updated!! Go to TZLC Images page!!! 
Monday 24/08/15 
See images in the TZLC Images section of the website and the write up of the tourney in 
the It's Nothing But the Truth section!! Also the Videos will be up on Youtube soon! 
Refs clinic dates will be set soon as well as the Managers meeting for the TZLC8. 
Club kit designs will be released soon! 
Friday 21/08/15 10.35 pm 
Due to players dropping out for an assortment of reasons only a voodoo master could dream of, the ADC 
has had to make a few changes in Team personnel and the Draws and has had to cross out a country from 
the World Cup. This means some players will be thrown in the deep end as they may have to learn 
a new language over night...just a minute...only 5 words! It's possible!!! 
Please note that the change in the draws does not mean a change in the timings of the matches. 
Also there was a glaring mistake in the draws that nobody spotted! Shame on all of you!! 
KFANDRA will NOT be taking a session tomorrow evening (Saturday 22/08/15) 
as most of the U15 players are participating in the WC and the U12's are off 
shopping with their Mummy's....(Most of them!) On a serious note when KFANDRA held a session 
on Independence day out of 10 U12's that has promised they would turn up only 2 kids and a snotty 
nosed child turned up. Later we discovered the snotty nosed kid wasn't one of ours and 
was just some random kid that had wandered inside....So the decision was taken to 
CANCEL the session. If parents want the session to still take place, they should contact 
Mr. Khare (Neel Sir) before 12 NOON tomorrow. If more than 6 confirm then the session 
will be kept ON.........The parents will be sent a message CONFIRMING the session and will NOT 
be sent a message if the session is off..IF the message is sent it will be by 12.30 after NOON. 
Thursday 20/08/15 
With players dropping out of the TZLCSGWorld Cup2 due to some reason or the other and realization then dawning that 
their clubs in the TZLC would be fined because of their absence, the missing players are desperately 
looking for replacements to avoid the MASSIVE fine. 
In other news: 
The teams in the TZLCSGWC2 may change due to last moment adjustments and they are being updated constantly. 
The time the players have to arrive at the venue has also been updated. 
All changes have been made to the Draws PDF file. Also some additional info. PLEASE CHECK!!! 
Both grounds will be AVAILABLE for a KICKABOUT between 7 and 8 am BEFORE the tourney!!!! 
Many thanks to Atool who has agreed to pick up 6 to 7 degenerate KFANDRA individuals from 
a designated spot, Law College main gate. Time of departure will be decided as per Atool's convenience. 
The ADC will decide who those lucky few are. The ADC thinks 
that carting the vagabond youth to and fro for the TZLC matches has affected it's general well being so 
it thanks Atool from the bottom of it's heart. 
Monday 17/08/15 
6 days to go for the TZLCSGWC2!!!  
Keep checking the draws as some players drop out and are replaced . 
Suddenly the TZLC8 is ONLY 2 and a half months away!!! 
Sunday 15/08/15 
Please see the UPDATED TZLCSGWC2 DRAWS!! (TZLC Images) 
Please note that those who have sudden UNAVAILABILITY issues must put forward a replacement name (from the TZLC) 
if they want their club to avoid MASSIVE FINES! 
Harjeet Singh 'Louie' Matharu transfer is in progress..... 
Thursday 13/08/15 
Members should be aware that the TZLC is run PURELY on the amounts received through TZ membership and 
the amount each member has to pay to participate in the TZLC. The amount is then used for costs towards 
ground marking, Club kits and other ground material if needed. Also the costs of the Function after 
the event and from this season, before the event. All other expenses are voluntarily taken care of 
by certain individuals. This season some clubs are getting a Home and Away kit so the costs 
for one of the 2 kits will be borne individually. (Kits are to be kept CONFIDENTIAL until the ADC  
reveals the kits online soon) 
Obviously all other costs, such as petrol, injuries etc are individual expenses that we can't cover under 
the TZLC fund.  
The TZLCSGWC2 which is to be held on the 22nd was to be held using the TZLC fund amount but 
that will be difficult. So members may have to pay a nominal amount to cover excessive costs. 
(Ajoo CEO TZ will get back to you all) 
As always Ajoo will organize a meeting with all the respective Heads of the Organizations, 
TZ, KITFO, NPP (KLCGS) asap to discuss the fee for the TZLC8. 
The Heads (who are representing their respective organizations) should note that the TZLC8 is 
run over 8 months. The schedule is created more than 3 months before the event. The tourney 
is organized in such a way that it should NOT interfere with your REAL work and most of the 
time your duty towards your family. In short this is a chance for you to relive a Professional 
Footballers existence (with transfers, video coverage, commentary etc) while going on with your 
own REAL LIFE (Work, family, stress etc) existence. No doubt the tourney will bring about 
a bucket load of stress but in the end, if things go bad, it's not equated to REAL MONEY is it? 
At the TZLC we try and keep moral values at the highest level along with discipline. So you are sure 
to make more friends than enemies!  
To cut a long story short, please agree on an amount that can facilitate ALL planned activities related 
to the TZLC (Pre-function, Post-function, Kits, ground related expenses and etc) Note that expenses 
towards MO's + Refs are ZERO!! 
If the Heads fail to come to a satisfactory amount, some of the activities may have to be cancelled. 
In other news: 
The ADC Media plans to release a TZLC 3d GAME + upgrade the 3d Panoramic view soon!!! 
Clubs still on the look out for new faces..... 
Rumours - Astro's to pounce on old pebble 
135 says do is not done...... 
Monday 10/08/15 
The DRAWS for the TZLCSGWC2 have been RELEASED!!! See TZLC Images page.... 
Fines are being levied for incomplete submissions by Clubs.... 
The ADC has stated that the 3d panoramic view of the grounds is being upgraded and will be complete asap. 
Sunday 09/08/15 
Ahjoo (CEO ofTZ according to the ADC) has managed to get the Sindh ground to resemble a proper 
sports ground. It is SUCH an ENORMOUS difference to the cabbage patch TZ were playing in just a few 
days ago...The ADC wishes to thank Ahjoo for his splendid work! Now all that's left are the line markers  
to make the marking easier and also the RE-allignment of one of the goals. Please note that the TZ players 
will have to work on the goal by manually digging it up if Ahjoo says he can't get it done... 
Please see images of the ground in the TZLC Images section. The image enlarges on a PC but does not 
enlarge on a mobile phone. 
The ADC has decided to PREPONE the release of the draws for the TZLCSGWC2. It will be released 
either today by 3pm or tomorrow. 
In other news...RW, PACU and AA are playing friendlies on artificial turf at a 5 a side venue. The rules 
are relaxed as many a time non club players join in too! So although the club players are serious and  
focusing on team bonding the matches are not the same thing as an ALL OUT practice match 
for the upcoming season. The ADC may allow the TZ and KITFO sessions to be used for friendlies. 
Matches will only go ahead if the players that have made themselves ava for the practice matches 
will get to play. 
Saturday 08/0815 
The ADC organizational comittee suddenly realized that the TZLCSGWC2 is still around a fortnight 
away so it has extended the end time for players that have confirmed but are now UNA to Wed 12/08/15 Noon. 
The confirmations for the WC are also open till the date mentioned. 
Also Read the Interviews on the TZLC Images section! The ADC has also commented on the Interviews...(IMPORTANT) 
Also how the two PACU Managers seem to have taken their Jt Manager status to the extreme after 
penning their response to the interviews...TOGETHER!!! I wonder what else they do together.... 
Managers are reminded that TODAY is the LAST DATE for submission of the REPLY to the 
email that the ADC had sent earlier. 
Thursday 06/08/15 
It has come to the ADC's notice that some clubs have STARTED their pre-season friendlies albeit 
on small sized grounds. Whatever the case they MUST inform the ADC so that ALL 
members of the TZLC remain in the know regarding the FORM of the Clubs. Also the Managers 
are requested to send the RESULT of the match to the ADC. If they wish to keep 
the result secret then they may inform the same. 
The DRAWS for the TZLCSGWC2 will be released either TODAY or TOMORROW!! 
Wednesday 05/08/15 
Thursday 12 NOON is the END time that has been set by the ADC for entry into the TZLC World Cup 2 Tourney. 
Also for those that will be unable to make it. After this clubs will be FINED for not informing the ADC. 
More News later. 
The following is a snippet that has been taken from this mornings KITFO session (Excel Sheet). Mr. Khare thought that 
everyone deserved a bit of humour in their lives so he has reproduced the description of the event below: 
Prussia regaled us all with something special near the end of the short game session. Playing deep, Prussia saw Suman dilly dallying (according to Prussia), so he 'informed' his team mates to hassle as Suman is of wavering mind. As Suman took the goal kick towards Prussia's zone, Prussia proceeded to rush towards the ball, screaming "wavering mind wavering mind"! Just as Prussia reached the vicinity of the ball, the ball bounced, and startled Prussia "Waveri...what the? How ball do that can?" Needless to say that it was a scene that will be written down in the annals of KITFO history. He began falling down as Red noticed that something was about to happen. Desperately trying to regain his balance, Prussia let out an agonozing scream that led to bursts of laughter from everyone around including a few nuns and brothers (priests) walking to the Seminary. The never say die attitude of the man everyone loves, saw him scrabbling for the ball with his hands as the ball bounced over his head! Red scored with nonchalant ease while stifling a few guffaws. The embarrassed Prussia sat down a good 5 mins after, in the same spot, possibly contemplating the ensuing mauling at the hands of his friends at this happening. 
Saturday 01/08/15 
Read Beeraj talk about stuff with the ADC Media!!! 
Click to see TZ Members clean up a fallen comrade that's only a little slower than them! 
TZLC Members to be sent TZLCSGWC2 invites today!!! 
The BUILD UP to the TZLC8 has BEGUN!! 
News of the World in Pune interviews Arun 'Rock' Chandrachud! The NOTW will try 
and publish an interview every 2 days! Go to TZLC Images to read the Interview..... 
The TZLC SHORT GAME WORLD CUP 2nd Edition INVITES will be sent soon to all those 
Members that had answered INTERESTED in the form. The WC to be held on an 
The ADC has requested the Managers of the clubs to finalize and discuss with it's team  
members a list it has prepared. 
All items on the list MUST be completed and submitted by Sat 08/08/15. 
The email will be sent to the Managers TOMORROW. 
Fines for non-submission of App forms to begin today. 
Both the competitions (BTB and the TZLC Short Game World Cup 2) will be taking place!! 
The ADC will announce the plans SOON!!! 
See remarks by the Coach on the Ratings page!! Move your cursor over the value to see! Possibly will 
be unable to view notes on your mobile. 
Sumanta 'Suman' Boruah transfer BID is OVER!!! Purchased by BLACK THUNDER for 900K / 0.900M! 
The Icemen snap up the exiled returnee Amiraj 'Omi' Choudhary for a dirt cheap price of 300K!! 
Please note that each club will be FINED 0.1 M/ 100K per day TZR for every MEMBER that has NOT  
submitted the forms for the BTB and the WC by Saturday 25/07/15 12 Noon.  
A list of members that have submitted both forms has been put up on the Ratings plus more Excel Sheet. 
Mr. Khare is rumoured to be disenchanted with KITFO yet again. If he does stop coaching KITFO, 
then the future of KITFO and BE are tentative. 
Also in other news: 
An article on Vikrant 'Vikky' Ghotge about his many escapades involving his famous posterior! 
Move cursor over image to enlarge 
Vikky (viewers right) smiling through the burn.. 
The ADC plans to hold the TZLC World Cup 2nd Edition on a ground where the surface will 
not prove detrimental to scheduling. Although the ADC is not in favour of the artificial 
pitches, no other option seems available. All those interested please open the TZLC App 
and vote. COMPULSORY response from ALL TZLC Members. 
Also a reminder for you to vote for the BTB. COMPULSORY RESPONSE from all TZLC Members. 
RW finally release 2 players from their squad! Bushman and Allen... 
They were prompted to do this after warnings issued by the ADC. 
Sumanta 'Suman' Boruah becomes the latest member of the TZLC!!! He is practicing at KITFO. 
The ADC requests all the Managers to start discussing their Club Kit design with their team so that 
they are prepared when the ADC asks Ajoo to start collecting the required info. Also from the TZLC8, 
the ADC has requested that the Membership fee should include 4 NEW BALLS per club, 
the whole kit of Shirt, shorts and 2 pairs of socks per player, snacks per match per team, ground 
marking parephernalia etc. The said will be discussed with the persons in charge of the financials. 
Can all the person in charge start discussing the matter ASAP so that EVERYTHING will be 
ready well before KICK OFF DATE. 
Kunal A. resigns from the TZLC and TZ? 
We at the TZLC wish him well in the future and hope he comes back when he gets some free time 
A player that has been at TZ for a very long time is possibly on his way back for the TZLC8 (90%) 
This bloke is a world class talent and can be a strong addition to any squad. 
Possible announcement Sep/Oct. 
A player that was shunted out by his club last season has requested a 
return for the TZLC8! His application is at the ADC office and is pending approval. 
The ADC feels that if this player is allowed back, he will be much improved in attitude and discipline. 
This player is a versatile player and only has issues with LC's! 
Possible re-entry 3 days time! 
KFANDRA unveils the KFANDRA APP!!! 
Download !!! 
PACU strengthen their squad with the Purchase of Ex AA Manager Saurabh 'Jango' Jangle! 
They signed the left footed star for 1M TZR! 
AA dilly dallying as the days fly by towards the start of the Season. AA's new Management team 
faced with a reality check with their first item on the Club's agenda.. 
The ADC drafting a new rule that targets a fixed points deduction if the clubs Stadia are not 
up to the ADC standards. The call will be given by the ADC when 5 matches of the Season are 
left to play. Clubs will be deducted points at this time for POOR infrastructure at their Stadium as 
well as a NEGATIVE Balance. 
Only 2 members have confirmed their interest in the Be The Boss competition. 
The ADC has plans to schedule a quickee pre season tourney 11 a side before the rains hit 
25th July. The 3 clubs would be TZAS, KITFO and NPP. 
Also the 5-a-side TZLC World Cup is also scheduled to begin as soon as possible. 
Be the Boss form has been published! See Extra's section..... 
Please read the R and R on the Ratings Plus More Excel Sheet before sending in your team. 
I suggest that you should wait until ALL the clubs transfers are complete before 
Arun 'Rock' Chandrachud and Sameer 'Ryan' Chavan have been appointed Jt. Managers 
of Aundh Astros!!! 
Srirang 'Rango' Khoparde purchased by Ajay 'hopefully back by the end of the TZLC8 Ajoo' Sanghvi 
for a cool 2.5M TZR!! 
Also - The TZLC APP works on Android, Windows and Ipad!! 
21/06/15 8 am 
Players Describe their team mates - Watch!!! 
90% of the Goals Season TZLC7!! - Watch!!! 
21/06/15 6am 
BT swoop in and procure newbies Sagar 'Sagerr' Kanekar and Siddharth 'Sidwho' Chiplunkar 
for Cost Price and 1M TZR respectively.  
TZ celebrated a successful 9 years since inception combined with the TZLC7 awards ceremony held 
last night. Recipients of awards were: 
1st Div League Champions, Champions League Winners, Combined League Cup Winners and ADC Cup Winners 
Royal Warriors 
2nd Division League Champions 
Aundh Astro's 
Players Player of the Season - Satish 'Satsut' Suttati RW 
ADC's Players of the Season - Satish 'Satsut' Suttati RW 
ADC's Players of the Season 2 - Sagar 'Red' Pise RH 
Club Players of the Season 
RW - Satish 'Satsut' Suttati RH - Rajib 'Mishti' Das BT - Shubhankar 'Ashubh' Inamdar 
BI - Amol 'Tiger' Atigre AA - Shivang 'Arty' Joshi, BE - Suraj 'Sunlight' Patil  
Manager of the Season 
Pravin 'JJ' Naik RW 
Golden Boot (Highest Scorer) 
Satish 'Satsut' Suttati 26 goals in 33 matches 
Most Improved Players of the Season 
Amarnath 'Amma' Venkatramani AA, Jatin 'Jonty' Bhana RW, Rajesh 'TC' Bhansode RH, 
Himanil 'Hima' Bose RH, Rajib 'Mishti' Das RH, Gaurav 'Shaurav' Shah BT, Suraj 'Sunlight' Patil BE 
Jaidev 'Jai' Karanth BE 
RW splash out the 2nd highest bid amount since the start of the new financial sytem took 
over for Ivan. The first was RW also... 
3 - 4 bids set to end in a week. 
TZLC7 end of the Season function and the TZ 9 years since inception party to be 
held tomorrow night! 
If Only......Episode 2 published in the Cartoons section! 
Ivan Bid ends at 4 pm!!! 
Managers are WARNED that they need to focus on their stadium infrastructure before spending 
in the transfer market. The ADC has directed the Board of Directors of each club to ensure that the 
Chairpersons are well aware of the situation. The rule for the TZLC8 regarding a NEGATIVE Balance is 
that 1 point will be deducted for every 1M in a loss. This means if the club is in the negative after 15 matches, 
then points will be deducted from the League Tally IMMEDIATELY. Note also that if the club has a 
negative balance of around 0.245K then 0.245 points will be deducted. 
The ADC will SURVEY all stadium on 01/10/15 to ensure that they are worthy of hosting events. 
If not, ALL Home matches of the club that has failed to upgrade to ADC standards will 
be transferred to the ADC Stadium and the ADC will charge 50% of all revenue earned. 
Check out the latest addition to the Cartoons page!!! (Extra's Section!!) 
See how YOUR STADIUM compares to the ADC STADIUM!!! 
This will give all the Managers a hint on how much work has to be done to get the Stadiums 
up to ADC standards! 
(Link below the 3d Panoramic view of each club) 
Check the New Champions Cup format!!! 
07/06/15 12.30 pm 
Please send in your confirmation for the TZLC7 end of the Season function and TZ's 
completion of 9 years celebration through the TZLC APP. AVA on this website and in downloadable format. 
Sensational news!! 
Yogesh 'Yogi' Ketkar is purchased for a mind boggling 1.1M TZR!!! 
RW must be hitting themselves on the head..... 
PACU rush through on their marathon signing spree with 3 considerably cheap signings. 
Satsut goes for a 'cheap' 2M from a rattled RW and DJ along with the volatile Hima sign for 
a combined fee of 1.5M after dealing with new Manager Beeraj. 
Both RW and PACU fined for harsh language while negotiating transfer of Satsut. 
Did the wiley Jt. Managers Amma and Satsut overpower the new Managers? 
RW and PACU Chairmen step in to sort matters out, possibly to the detriment of one of the Managers. 
(Please note that these views are from the ADC MEDIA and NOT ALWAYS vouched for by the ADC 
unless explicitly mentioned to be from the ADC) 
05/06/15 6 am 
AA Manager Django part 2 finally reports to the Chairman and BOD of AA. 
The AA Chairman informs the ADC that Django has been SACKED and to give the AA squad time 
to recoup and straighten matters out.  
The ADC gives the AA squad exactly 1 month from this date to find a Manager to take over 
and resume duties. The date is 05/07/15 6 am. 
Till this date ALL negotiations with AA have been put on HOLD. Either regarding transfers, 
stadium issues or anything. 
04/05/15 3.45 pm 
Kapil 'Kapka' Samant and Vikrant 'Vikky' Ghotge exit Blue Ice for the 3rd Division to Russian 
owned PACU for 0.650K each! 
The TZLC wishes Amol 'Tiger' Atigre well as he has decided to leave the TZLC due to 
shifting base to another city. 
Yogesh 'Yogi' Ketkar joins the TZLC. 
Aalok 'Ringa' Sathe KFANDRA Graduate being chased by two top clubs. 
(Please note that the player will NOT go through a bid as he is a YOUTH graduate) 
All interested clubs must approach the ADC first with their plans for the player. 
AA have barely half a day left...... 
04/05/15 12 Noon 
Sharad 'Sherry' Yeole transferred to the Blazing Eagles from Black Thunder for 0.4M (400K) TZR. 
BE release Deba and Arun R from their squad. Both have provided no further info to the ADC 
so they are assumed to have exited the TZLC. 
Still no news from AA and things look dire for them. 
04/06/15 5 am 
Mukul 'M-Kul' Inamdar has been OFFICIALLY transferred to BT from BI  
for 750K (0.75M TZR). (He now takes over as BT Manager along with Sameer 'Pam' Patil until 
Pam's imminent departure abroad. Pam will be coming back mid-season. 
At this jumcture the ADC announces Dhananjay 'Dan' Randhawan exit from the TZLC Club participation. 
But he will continue to participate through the organization KITFO. 
Amarnath 'Amma' Venkatramani's transfer to PACU is now OFFICIAL at 0.8M TZR. 
As the AA Current Manager Django seems to be negotiating transfers, the ADC is surprised 
that AA have as yet NOT cleared issues with their OWN Chairman as well as the ADC. 
This is AA's FINAL WARNING. If they do NOT clear up the pending issues, ALL current 
AA players will be SUSPENDED along with their club for the TZLC8. 
Sharad 'Sherry' Yeole's transfer has reached a standpoint of no solution. Thus both Managers 
have decided to ask the ADC to solve the matter. Please note that the ADC will 
charge the purchasing club a fee to solve the matter and the ADC's decision will 
be final. 
03/06/15 4.21 pm 
Neeraj 'Meeraj' More is PACU's first signing by the odd pair managing them!! 
A neat total of 0.6 M goes into the BT coffers! 
TZLC8 SCHEDULE has been released!!!! 
TZLC8 starting on Sat 24/10/15 
Mkul has been officially appointed as Black Thunder Manager as Jt. Manager Pam 
is negotiating his transfer from Blue Ice.  
Intense transfer negotiations taking place as ADC set to announce schedule for TZLC8. 
To be announced today!! (Almost 5 matches per week!!! EVERY WEEK!!) 
The Champions League may end up being called the CHAMPIONS CUP. Due to the overload of 
fixtures the ADC is about to finalize the idea for a ONE OFF match to decide the Champions Cup 
winner. This single match will offer a BUMPER BONANZA in prize money and will take place 
between the OVERALL League Champions and Runners Up. (Currently, although it's an ALL PLAY ALL 
Home and Away format, the results are divided into their separate divisions.) 
AA may suffer the ignominy of dissoluton and player suspension if TZLC7 issues are 
not cleared up. Players at AA continue to rile the ADC with statements that will merit 
fines and suspensions, thereby leading (if it continues) to deduction of points 
very early in the Season. 
KFANDRA unveils it's new Website!!! (Some pages still need to be updated...) 
(So it's a PARTIAL unveiling!!!) 
Managers have been sent their TZLC8 Balance Sheets. 
(Only 2 Clubs are still to be sent their TZLC8 updates on account of clearing up TZLC7 issues.) 
Managers and Players should NOT disclose PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL INFO. 
If any Manager or Player is found to be doing so, punishment will be swift. 
Fixtures and Schedule and CL CLubs to be updated by the end of this week!!! 
Royal Warriors take home the ADC CUP and in the process the QUADRUPLE! 4 trophies out 
of a possible 5 which is an impossibility as the 5th would be the 2nd DIv Championship!! 
Satish 'Satsut' Suttati wins the Golden Boot by a mile and a half! 
Vikas 'Vikus'Atri MOM RW and Shivang 'Arty' Joshi MOM AA 
The TZLC7 has now ENDED!!! 
KFANDRA has revamped it's website to make it more user friendly and Pro TZLC!! 
The Champions League has been retained! 
Please note that an extra sheet has been added to the Ratings page to show the list 
of members that have voted. 
The ADC has decided that if it rains then the match will go ahead as scheduled as this 
Could a member please coordinate and get an umbrella for the Video camera! 
Blazing Eagles confirm their Home Ground as Papal for TZLC8. 
Possibility of the CL NOT being abolished is high. 
The LAST match of the TZLC7 SEASON , 

RW take away the Champions League as well!!! 
MR has been updated! 
Ratings and Highlights up by 4pm!!! 
RH are PROMOTED and for the 1st time since the TZLC began, BI go down! 
AA will have to change their name from the next season...a new logo will 
have to be designed.  
May 30, 9 am the TRANSFER TALKS can OFFICIAL BEGIN!!! 
The ADC wants to make it clear to AA that their player has been suspended IMMEDIATELY and therefore 
will not be AVA for the ADC CUP FINAL. If he is present for the match he will have to sit in the supporters area 
and if any TZLC Club player infringes upon the TZLC R and R for off the field behaviour, their punishment will 
be to EXIT the ground and the ADC will award a further punishment later.  
All members are hereby warned that what you do in your own time is your CHOICE.  
But if you are BREAKING the TZLC R and R you will be punished by Suspension or Expulsion. 
Any member that is dissastified with the TZLC can leave at any time.  
The ADC has asked the Referee to follow the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for the 3 remaining matches. 
Mr. Khare will be Coaching KITFO on Wed and Players will be Officiating the match Vs RW. 
Once again the ADC has asked it's members to REMEMBER that the TZLC R and R will ALWAYS come above 
anything else. So if any member of the TZLC observes any other member infringing upon the TZLC R and R then the 
member spotting the offence must make it known that an offence is being or has been committed. If 
it is later found out that NOTHING was done then punishment will be meted out not only to 
the person committing the crime but to all those that observed it and did not take action. 
(Accessories to the crime). 
This ZERO TOLERANCE VIEW has come about to ensure that the TZLC R and R will remain impartial 
and sancrosanct. 
Last dates for PPS and CPS Votes is May 30th. (TZLC APP!! Download or vote from website!!!) 
Vote for the Goal of the Season!!! Please send in your TOP 5 votes through the TZLC APP! This vote also ends on May 30. 
23/05/15 4.15 pm  
RH win after BI players frustrate Ref... 
Everythings updated! Ratings tomorrow.. 
22/05/15 2.20 pm 
The ADC has decided that Aundh Astro's will be STRIPPED of their TITLE as 2nd Div 
Champions as mentioned before, BUT they will still be PROMOTED to the 1st Div as it was 
concluded by the ADC that the issues that have arisen did OBVIOUSLY infringe on the R and R of 
the TZLC BUT were not DIRECTLY instrumental in AA's results during the season. 
K. Agarwal of AA has been SUSPENDED for the 1st 4 matches of the TZLC8. 
No ACTION will be taken on ANY of the other clubs as ALL were involved apart possibly from BE,  
but BE is facing issues otherwise so nothing can be done in their favour. 
The ADC has taken this case as an example to everyone that NOW the ADC will not be 
lenient towards ANYONE or ANY Club that infringes on the R and R of the TZLC. 
AA Manager Django currently in talks with the ADC. 
The ADC is ADAMANT on it's stand. 
RW are also under the ADC's radar for being a part of the communication regarding 
the issue on the Social Networking Sites. There are chances that RW may be penalized 
also. (Plus ANY other club that is involved). 
In a shocking but not surprising decision by the ADC, Aundh Astro's have had their 2nd Div Champions 
Title taken away after the AA players were found to be DISTRIBUTING messages on Social  
Networking sites that contained terminology that has been BANNED in the TZLC. 
The ADC has ALWAYS stated that what the Members do in their OWN free time APART from the TZLC is 
their worry. But when it involves issues that the ADC consider as an INSULT to the ADC then ACTION 
will be SWIFT. The ADC is Considering a 1 SEASON Suspension of a certain AA member and 
ANY other player involved. AA may stay in the 2nd DIv, be relegated to the 3rd Div or may 
be SCRAPPED ALTOGETHER. AA may be REMOVED from the ADC CUP FINAL also which will mean 
an entry for the Losing SFinalist RH. Or RW will be awarded the ADC CUP as RH failed to send 2 MO's to the match yesterday. 
As for the PLAYOFF's to be held between RH and BI Tomorrow 
and the 2nd Leg on Tuesday next, they may be cancelled and both teams will resume the TZLC8 in  
the 1st Div. The final decision on this will be taken by 12 Noon this afternoon. 
The ADC will NOT be accepting ANY CALLS from AA players. They may email the ADC. 
Everything has been UPDATED!! Ratings later or tomorrow!!! 
AA are 2nd Div CHAMPIONS!!! 
Image courtesy JJ 
Everything except Ratings UPDATED!!! Highlights show by 4 pm!!! (Ratings tomorrow!) 
Could the Member that still has possession of the Combined League Cup Trophy and the ADC CUP Trophy 
please return it IMMEDIATELY to Ajoo Secretary TZ or bring it/them to the match tomorrow. 
17/05/15 9 am 
Please download the TZLC APP to VOTE for the Players Player of the Season TZLC7!!! 
Last date for voting is May 30. 
Or go here: VOTE if you can't download the app!! 
Goal of the Season voting will start SOON!!! 
The Managers are requested to get in touch with the ADC regarding the TZLC8. As the ADC needs to set 
the schedule for the next season, it wants confirmation from ALL the clubs as to their 
continuance for TZLC8. ALSO, the the Managers should send in their final decision regarding the 
kits issue. Will the Clubs want the kits to be manufactured by the clubs individually or as before (all created 
under one manufacturer). If clubs decide on individual orders than they may be allowed a sponsors logo 
on their club shirt. If the clubs decide to go it alone, they will be informed of the correct protocol. 
If any member is aware of a group of players that want to join the TZLC8 as  
a club (separately without all the R and R of a normal club, just matches and MO duty) then please contact 
the ADC. Finally, the ADC is thinking of ALLOWING a SURPRISE ANY VALUE PLAYER LOAN from next 
season. This means that a player will be allowed to play on loan for a club EVEN if he is NOT a member 
of the TZLC! (A fee in REAL MONEY (Rs) will have to be paid by the club or player). 
Please contact the ADC regarding the continuance of the clubs and kits by 12 midnight tonight. 
All else by next Sunday midnight. 
15/05/15 5 pm 
Tomorrow's match has been POSTPONED!! See New schedule in fixtures page! 
The ADC has made the decision that ALL remaining matches will continue REGARDLESS 
of the ground condition or the match will be shifted to another ground. 
Call on Posponing tomorrow's fixture bteween BT and AA will be taken at 3 pm today. 
If the Match is PP'd then the NEW schedule will be updated asap. 
The possibility that the Winner of the ADC Cup Final will carry forward the extra 1 point 
gained for winning the Cup to the TZLC8 is very high due to how the fixtures have 
been arranged. 
The ADC has declared that RH is the first team to reach the PLAYOFF stage.  
Anything adverse that they do now will only affect the club POST the TZLC7 end. 
12/05/15 12.45 pm 
Red Hurricanes with 10 men get the better of the Eagles Away from home! 
RH qualify for the Playoffs!!! 
Everythings UPDATED!! Only Ratings by 4 pm.... 
10/05/15 7 am 
Due to some prankster in the ADC Offices a non finalized version of the RW Vs RH CLC Final 
was published on youtube! This video has been DELETED and the OFFICIAL version will be up and 
running LATEST by 9 am. 
10/05/15 5 am 
These images were not uploaded yesterday due to some error. (RW Vs RH, CLCF) 
The series of images shows how the two linesemen Amma and Pam who were 110% sure that the 
RW players had rushed out early during an RH IFK. The ball was brought back and the IFK retaken after  
RW had counter attacked and the Ref had noticed the two Refs Assts flagging. 
RH make RW work hard for the Combined League Cup Final! 
MR updated, App updated.. Highlights by 4 pm, Ratings tomorrow. 
08/05/15 3.05 pm 
The TZLC APP works on the iphone too!! Thanks to Red to be the first to review it!  
Get ready for the Combined League Cup Final tomorrow.  
Please note Managers that the Ground Marking has to be redone as the rains have wiped away 
all previous markings. (Ropes are compulsory and the marking should not take too long 
as the marking blocks are clearly visible ) 
Unfortunately I need to pay REAL money to get it on google play plus need an Iphone to get it 
on the Apple phones!!! As we don't need it on Google play and as the Apple users won't be able to 
download the android file, I've kept a New link on the website, 1st link on the Home Page where 
the quick links are placed....Please get back to me if this is ok.... 
The TZLC APP!!! 
Created for the end stages of the TZLC7 and for the TZLC8 onwards.... 
You can currently download the app on appcatch or wait for it to be uploaded to Google Play 
and an app for systems other than android is under processing. 
This is to make it THAT MUCH MORE EASIER for the TZLC community!!! 
Please get back to Mr. Khare if you have any suggestions or comments... 
The ADCY with 4 youth 90% of the time beat a GRUMPY RW away from home.. 
MR, Highlights updated Ratings soon!!! 
BE Vs RH Match MAY BE POSTPONED if the CLOUDS open up (Total darkness here at the ADC Office 2.30pm) 
See corrected Preview by Mr. Khare for the RW VS ADCY encounter. 
AA and/or RW will be DEDUCTED POINTS for word mentioned in the Preview (Mo's list) that has been  
STRICTLY BANNED. Also Fines/Points deducted for AA (Late MO list sent), BE and and BI no names sent and 
RH for MISSING Preview for CLC Final. 
No doubt ALL the Managers have forgotten that ALL the matches are taking place at the ADC Stadium. 
As mentioned on this page a few weeks ago, the ADC had STOPPED any match from taking place 
at ANY of the Clubs Home grounds as the grounds were deemed SUBSTANDARD. 
The ADC will HOST each match but the Home stadium is only allowed to sell the same number of 
tickets that were AVA to them at their Home ground. If you need further clarification meet 
Mr. Khare on the ground on Tuesday. 
MR has been updated.... 
The TZLC never sleeps!! 
The TZLC8 will feature just less than double the matches underway in the TZLC7. 
If the info released by the ADC to the ADC Media is true, there will be a total of 115 matches scheduled. 
This too after the 2 NEW teams (B30 and the Vets) were discarded. 
The schedule will be released with dates soon as NONE of the current teams are set to be dissolved/disbanded 
and no other side than PACU are set to be formed. 
The TZLC welcomes it's Ex-Member Ankush Moghe (HA) who was IMMEDIATELY put on the transfer list and BT 
managed to buy this Cd for cheap. 
Listen to the pronounciation of Paakhmel'ye  
28/04/15 4.15 pm 
It will now be PACU / Paakhmel'ye ACU as Amma and Satsut have finalized and accepted Russian ownership!!! 
Rumours are spreading like wildfire that ACU, the club with a Mug of Beer in it's Logo, will be rising up 
from the ashes of star tantrums and wild booze sessions to renew the star tantrums and wild booze team meetings... 
The ADC Media can vouch for the fact that the rumour is indeed TRUE! 
The ADC has ACCEPTED the rebirth or reincarnation of ACU but under certain conditions. 
After much work looking for a sponsor for ACU's revival (The ADC is NOT MADE OF MONEY..even if it's FAKE!) 
and has discovered a Russian Tycoon and an Arabian Prince that will cover the cost of ACU's revival. 
They have declared that they will cover the costs ONLY if the club is named after them. 
Russian Tycoon - похмелье ACU (paakhmel'ye ACU) 
Arabian Prince - AL ACU 
Amarnath Amma Venkatramani and Satish Satsut Suttati have been appointed JOINT Managers of AL ACU/Paakhmel'ye ACU (Pacu). 
Their first duties would be to set the name of ACU for at least 2 seasons.  
As all members know, transfers between CLUBS have been CLOSED till the end of the TZLC7. 
The management of AA and RW can decide whether the EARLY disclosure of the imminent transfers 
of Amma and Satsut is detrimental to the spirit of the clubs and therefore the two players need to 
be DROPPED for the remaining matches of the season.  
The TRANSFER fee of Satsut and Amma will be decided by the ACU management and the Managers 
of RW and AA. As per the R and R, if they cannot agree on a fee, the matter will go to the ADC. 
In other news there may be a chance that the CARNIVALE may still happen!!  
Plus here's an image of Ajoo 'Ahjoo' Sanghvi getting a bionic leg...(Players will do ANYTHING for success in the TZLC!!) 
The TZLC7 may be the year the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is brought to an end as the ADC has plans to include 
TZAS and KITFO in the ADC LEAGUE. So next season TZAS, KITFO and ADCY will be playing in the 3rd DIVISION. 
Any NEW club that is being created THIS SEASON will HAVE to begin life in the 3rd Div. 
Therefore in the TZLC8 (All play all as usual BUT results will be counted in separate divisions) there will be 
3 clubs in the 1st Div, 3 in the 2nd and 3 + NEW CLUBS in the 3rd Div. 
The League Cup 1st Round will be between the 2nd and 3rd Div after which the 1st Div clubs wil join. 
Other ORGANIZATIONS that may see an entry into the TLZC8 are a VETERANS CLUB (35+) and a  
below 30 club. (Those between 30 and 35 years can play for either). 
All rest as normal. 
The Veterans, B30, KITFO, TZAS and ADCY Clubs will NOT be SEPARATE ENTITIES which means they will not have a 
FULL TIME MANAGER, will not have BALANCE SHEETS or anything that is the norm for a REGISTERED 
Club. These organizations though, WILL BE UP FOR PROMOTION/RELEGATION. 
The ADC is CONSIDERING to create even MORE independence amongst the clubs. The plan is that EACH CLUB 
will need to ORGANIZE it's own KIT at it's OWN COST. The general set up of the kit (Logo's etc) will have to be 
as per the ADC's guidelines. The rest (Kit colours etc) can be according to the clubs wishes. (After approval from the 
ADC). The clubs can even have names and numbers printed on the back of the shirt. All clubs though, will have to have 
at least 4 EXTRA shirts printed. There will OF COURSE be a SEPARATE FEE to be paid for the TZLC8 as a whole 
to cover the cost of Ground Rent, ground markings, nets etc. If this option is NOT accepted, then the kits will 
be manufactured as before. 
In other news the plan to hold the ADC CUP FINAL and the Play off along with inviting RFS Pune has been 
CANCELLED. The ADC wishes to thank all those players that wrote in to comment on the plan to have 
a carnivale like atmosphere. Unfortunately, one of the ADC CUP FINAL teams, AA has said that their players 
will not be AVA in the evening and RW has not responded. The ADC still wishes that some sort of BREAKFAST 
plan for after the match can be arranged for players, MO's and spectators. 
RH make their PLAYOFF position safe albeit if they don't do anything foolish and get 
points deducted! 
Everythings updated! Only Ratings today by 11 am! 
The first EVER 2d GAME created for the TZLC!!! 
CLick on on the link and open the zip folder and extract and PLAY!! 
Meant for Windows!!!

23/04/15 4 pm 
Plans are on to hold the ADC CUP final AND the PLAYOFF match on the same day (30th May) 
on a FULL SIZED Grass ground. If the Playoff match is not possible on the 30th then only the 
ADC CUP FINAL will be held on that day.  
RFS Pune will be invited to hold a Rugby match as an opener to the Cup Final. We are also 
planning to invite the press to witness the festivities.  
KFANDRA and THUNDERBUDS will also be invited. 
The ADC hopes that the families of the players involved/not involved will also grace the occasion. 
The schedule will begin at around 2 pm. This is only an idea and the ADC would like 
feedback from the Managers if they are interested. (This includes the TZ, NPP and KITFO In-Charge). 
Also, the end of the TZLC7 is upon us with 10 games to go. This is time that the ADC will start preparing 
the TZLC8 Calendar. All persons that are interested in forming a NEW Club MUST inform 
Mr. Khare by the end of this month. Players that do NOT wish to continue in the TZLC8 must also 
inform Mr. Khare by the end of this month. 
Managers will be given a ONE WEEK REST PERIOD at the end of TZLC7 to recuperate and plan for 
the TZLC8. All player contracts will be discussed at this time. All the Managers are request to have EVERYTHING ready. 
BE gift ADC Y? Really? 4 goals to lose 3 - 4 in aggressive league match 
MR is ready but the ADC is waiting for ALL Loanee reviews to come in, will upload by 2 pm. 
21/04/15 Noon.30 pm 
The Icemen freeze the Warriors tlil they get frostbitten! 
MR updated...Ratings by 2 Highlights by 2!!! 
18/04/15 1pm 
ADCY go 2 nil up before succumbing 9 - 2. 
RW may be deducted points as Satsut was caught stealing biscuits from underprivileged children! 
His defence was that the kids were overprivileged.... 
The ADC says that another case has been added to his long list of pending court cases in the TZLC! 
Highlights, MR etc Updated...Ratings soon...or tomorrow... 
15/04/15 4.15pm 
BE miss out on their first win of the Season as Deep gives away half a dozen late challenges to 
bring up 16 LC's for BE and allow Red carded Andy Pandy to score the winner, Zak shows 
he can punch woth the best by getting one of BI's goals. 
Ratings up by 4.20, MR up, Highlights in 60 mins according to Youtube! 
AA will meet RW in the ADC CUP Final on MAY the 30th!!! 
(AA go past a leaky RH by an aggregate score of 8 - 4) 
Ratings, MR updated Highlights uploading currently, check in 45 mins! 
RW wallop another club in their quest for glory in ALL 4 trophy's!!! 
The ADC apologizes for the delay in the updates but it was due to an internet issue... 
Only Ratings will be up by 12 noon today 
The ADC has persuaded Mr. Khare to carry on as Referee. Tomorrows 2nd Leg Cup Semi 
between RW and BI will feature MOM prizes one Club each and hopefully some Half time 
entertainment for the Hard Working MO's!!! 
No action to be initiated on Sparky.....AA have been fined though and the ADC warns ANY 
club member that future issues will be on ZERO TOLERANCE BASIS 
Highlights from the CL match RW Vs TZAS have been published! 
09/04/15 4.30 pm 
MR RW Vs TZAS Updated 
RW maul, rake and gouge a VERY FORGETABLE TZAS side. 
Electrickery is back in the ADC office and the ADC is completing the pending Ratings work and 
other jobs. The MR etc will be uploaded TOMORROW. 
HEADLINE in TZLC's Afternoon Herald - 
Satish 'Satsut' Sutatti has a hand in two goals as RW beat BE....oops...wait...AVGKL Satsut for BE  
GIFTS AA a goal and a Pen miss as Astro's beat the Eagles by 2 goals. 
TZAS emphasize how important the art of finishing is with a mature 6 - 5 (6 - 3 FT) victory 
over the side KITFO from far away land. 
For tomorrows fixture at Sindh (ADC Stadium) between the TZAS and KITFO, the TZAS players 
will wear BIBS (with club shirt underneath) while the KITFO players will wear their RED KITFO shirts. 
Players that do NOT have the red KITFO shirts MUST wear their club shirts. 
The ref will wear attire that is distinct from the players and so will the AR's. 
Can Ahjoo TZ secretary please bring the Red Bibs to the ground tomorrow...? If he can't please 
inform the ADC. 
A freaky scoreline in quite a thriller as both RH and BI attempt to play the beautiful game 
at the Stadium Tornado. Amu proves to be the thorn picking holes in the Icemen... 
Everything except Next Weeks Updates have been uploaded...That's tomorrow. 
Some issue in the Highlights...will try and upload it soon..... 
The Blazing Eagles with 10% possession pull the wool over Black Thunders hopes for a win 
by burning them with a sensational draw away from Home. 
MR, Video Highlights All UPLOADED! 
The ADC has announced that the TRANSFER of players from Club to Club has officially 
been CLOSED till the end of the Season. The registration of NEW members joining the ADC List 
or being purchased by a club is still open. 
Due to the riot like atmosphere outside ALL the Club Stadiums in the TZLC due to over sized crowds 
and poor parking, F and B facilities and lack of restrooms, the ADC has announced that ALL the matches henceforth 
will be held at the ADC Stadium. The Home CLub will be allowed to sell the same amount of 
tickets AVA at their own stadium in the respective stands and will can offer the seats AVA to the Away 
club as before. (Everything will be done as before except the Ground would be the ADC Stadium) 
The ADC has decided to take this step so as to AVOID any UNTOWARD incident that would 
no doubt occur if the clubs continued playing their matches at their Home grounds. 
The ADC is setting up their stadium in the 3d Pana view so that the Manager of each club  
can review the ground and see the necessary changes they have to make at their own 
stadium. The Managers are NOT supposed to begin any sort of work until a survey is  
undertaken by the ADC of each Club ground. 
The ADC will charge 30% of all gate receipts from ONLY the Home club as Ground Rent charges. 
For those that have forgotten, POINTS will be deducted from the clubs ending with a NEGATIVE 
balance at the end of the season..(It's TOO late to transfer players now!!!) 
Ashubh puts two past BI to go second with BT!!! 
Everythings up!! Ratings going up now...... 
The ADC has WARNED ALL TZLC Members NOT to CALL Neel Sir/Coach/TheADC/Club Chairperson regarding 
Club or TZLC issues. The ADC has asked the members to contact the above mentioned persons via EMAIL ONLY. You are allowed to MESSAGE with a brief mentioning that you have sent an email OR as to the subject matter. 
Clubs that persist in FAILING to send MO's for MO duty will be BANNED from loaning players and their 
Club will NOT be allowed to participate further in this competition. 
Players that continuously ARRIVE well after the scheduled reporting time for their club matches will be SUSPENDED.  
Due to the unseasonal rains a call will be taken on tomorrows match between BT and BI at the Thunder Estadio. 
Members will be informed as soon as a decision is taken. 
Managers are WARNED that all PLAYER CONTRACTS must be in order. Action WILL be taken if the 
player contracts are incomplete. 
There have been rumours circulating of a previously DISSOLVED club planning to become solvent again. 
The ADC WARNS those involved that EVERYTHING will have to GO as per the TZLC R and R.  
Plans may REMAIN a DREAM as some transfers may just NOT be FEASIBLE. 
BT put 3 past ADCY in an unconvincing victory! 
Highlights show and MR has been updated... 
Ratings either today or tomorrow..... 
Next weeks match previews up tomorrow.... 
BE VS BI has been rescheduled...see fixtures. 
Mishti ESCAPES the clutches of a rip roaring scandalous affair while Satsut is embroiled in an ADC 
court case that involves a lady that has ACCUSED Satsut of leading her on and causing 
intense heart ache and pain. She is suing RW for grief caused. 
The Court Case will be scheduled soon in the ADC Court of Law and Satsut has been asked to 
appoint a Lawyer in his defense. The Lady in question has already appointed counsel. 
The Red Hurricanes do everything but score as they lose to an AFTER MATCH Late Challenge (16) 
penalty to the Astros. RH miss their LC Pen (16) with Man of the Match Anna Pai going wide. 
Astro's Man of the Match going to Santosh 'Marcelo' Pai. MOM's were decided by the MO's 
MR is up. Highlights up by 1.30 pm. Ratings up by 2 pm maybe earlier. 
BE have been awarded an UMPTEENTH final last OPPORTUNITY to turn things around..... 
Amti takes over as Joint Manager and has APOLOGIZED to the other clubs and the ADC for 
creating so many issues. 
All matches played have been reset to their prior status and also the BE Vs BI (Cancelled/Walkkover) match will be  
adjusted to accommodate BI. Can the BE Manager talk with the BI Manager to FINALIZE a date and 
then communicate the same to the ADC? 
Ratings have been updated and Highlights that include the DRONE CAM (Courtesy Saurabh Django) will be uploaded by 5 pm. 
RH manage to beat ADCY away from home..... 
The ADC may YET give BE another chance and are IMPATIENTLY waiting for the BE Management 
to get back to the ADC. 
Thanks to Django for the Drone work.. 
The Highlights and Ratings will be updated by Tomorrow..... 
MR has been UPDATED!!! 
Next weeks Previews etc updated Tomorrow!!! 
Shocking news just in as rumours suggest the DISSOLUTION of Blazing Eagles. 
Concurrently KITFO may also be REMOVED from the TZLC membership as Mr. Khare is contemplating 
his exit from the organization. 
Watch this space for the Latest News as it happens!! 
17/03/15 3.33 pm 
The ADC has decided to award each club (Except the ADCY) WIN RESULTS against BE for 
their first round of League matches against them. Whatever their result was in the 1st Round of  
league matches the score will be changed to 4 - 0 that is the SAME score as the HIGHEST VICTORY 
against BE in the Season so far. This was the match between RW and BE at the Colosseum in which 
RW beat BE 4 - 0. The ADC will allow ALL the goals scored in those matches to stand in the record books 
but the result and scores will change. BE have 6 matches left against ALL the remaining clubs. If BE are 
unable to play again then BE will be AUTOMATICALLY RELEGATED. All their results will stand 
NULL and VOID. They will then be asked if they desire to continue in the TZLC8 or not. 
If BE are UNABLE to continue, NO club will be allowed to base their HOME GROUND at PAPAL 
till the TZLC10. (2 Year suspension). 
Tomorrows League encounter between BE and BI at the Eagles Arena is now CANCELLED. 
All results, League standings/tables, will be CHANGED ASAP. 
17/03/15 2.45 pm 
RW pip BI to go up by one goal in the 1st Leg at the ADC Stadium after BI fail to score from 
an AFTER MATCH PENALTY due to RW committing 15 Late Challenges! 
ADC allowing 3 players MAX from each side to arrive on the ground POST 6.15 am. 
RH Manager Hima caught by the ADC driving while talking on his mobile phone!!! 
That too he was nonchalantly waving goodbye to Mr. Khare as he drove past.. 
Fines and/or deduction of points are being contemplated... 
RH misery continues..... 
BE have just confirmed that their new signings of Jai and Harshad have not been very 
fruitful. Both are absent for tomorrows Home fixture against BI and this means BE 
are down to 6 REGISTERED BE players which goes against the TZLC rules that state 
that there should be at least 7 registered players playing for the club. 
The ADC will take a decision regarding tomorrow's fixture (NO PP will be awarded so  
the ADC will take a decision ASAP.) If the match is CANCELLED there will be 
a NORMAL KITFO session at Papal. Last time for confirmation is 4 pm. 
(Send in your confirmations now JUST in case the match is cancelled later). 
MR and Highlights have been updated. Ratings now..... 
Watch this space for news about tomorrow's fixture. 
All TZ players that attend the TZ practice sessions please stay updated by viewing the Excel Sheet 
that has been created for your benefit. The web address has been sent to everyone at TZ already. 
There are new R and R and they are COMPULSORY. 
Can Ajoo please get the corner flags and the flags for the ground perimeter ready too? 
ADC CUP 1st Leg Semi on Monday!!! 
RW avoid a Linesman assault of AA players to beat a mild shower with sunny spots 
BT in well contested but low on excitement encounter..EXCEPT for the UNEXCEPTIONALLY 
FUNNY Charlie Prashant! (see highlights to find out why!!) 
MR has been updated!!! Ratings at 4, Highlights at 5... 
All forthcoming Match Details to be updated tomorrow! 
Astros are heading upwards as they beat long time rivals by the odd goal in 5! 
Sparky (Sean) nets a brace! 
RH the laughing stock of the TZLC! 
MR and Highlights have been published! Ratings in the process! 
10/03/15 2.15 pm 
Astros meteors burn up the Warriors bow in a convincing 4 -2 victory at Stadio Aundh! 
The ADC hopes the attempt to pump up the atmosphere at the ground worked... 
Thank you Ahjoo for all the help. Also a special thank you to all those of you who help 
Mr. Khare set up and pack up everything. 
The Highlights are up! Ratings being updated now! 
BT RELEASE Amiraj C (Omi) to the ADC List for reasons pertaining to attendance and punctuality. 
The ADC has accepted this decision by the BT Management. Amiraj will be kept on the ADC List. 
Pam and Dan have immediately jumped to replace their 4th member that has exited during the season so far 
by purchasing Rafa (Rajendra R) from the ADC List of players! 
10 Man BT get a hard fought but lucky win thanks to a misfiring RH and a much better than before Tiger AVGKL! 
Clubs fined and BE especially so and given a show cause notice, could be expelled for the rest of the Season. 
The ADC commends the Ref for reffing matches even though he may have a stress fracture/tiny hairline fracture 
on his shin! 
Slight additions to be made to the Seating area at the Sindh ground from next week in the ADC's ongoing effort 
to usher in a TOTALLY professional approach to the TZLC! 
Highlights should be up by 5 pm. MR has been updated, Ratings being uploaded now! 
Due to work overload, the Previews etc for next weeks matches will be updated tomorrow. 
Some players will be REMOVED from the TZLC7 Members list by this afternoon as the ADC 
has either received or NOT received the info it had asked of the Players IN CHARGE of their organizations. 
BI are commended for sending more than 3 MO's for nearly every match of the Season so far. 
Action against those clubs that fail to come up with the required amount of MO's will now be 
punished SEVERELY. The punishment will now include suspensions along with fines and point 
deductions in the League. Managers will also be informed that a REAL MONEY FINE will be levied 
on those players that still find it difficult to understand the SPIRIT of the TZLC. For eg arriving LATE 
for MO duty, failing to apologize, being disrespectful. If the siad players who are fined do NOT 
agree to the new ruling then they will be WITHDRAWN from the TZLC. 
The fines will be a minimum amount that will be transferred immediately to the TZLC kitty used for 
ground maintenance, trophies etc. 
The ADC is also implementing a COMPULSORY reporting time on club players for their matches. 
The ADC will be SUSPENDING any player that arrives LATE on match day. Reporting time for 
match day is 6.15 am. For MO's 6.30 am. 
Punishment for arriving AFTER 6.15 am is a Yellow card (5 min suspension). 
RW are the final team to qualify for the ADC CUP Double Leg Semi's 
after a difficult win against BT. 
The ADC wants to make it known that ALL the DRAWS for ALL the CUP matches are done 
by the drawing of LOTS. Nothing is fixed as some players may presume (as in INDIA the 
draws are FIXED- that is you KNOW whom you may play against in the next rounds up to 
the Final as there is NO draw of lots after each round in a KNOCK OUT Tourney) 
MR and Highlights PUBLISHED!!! 
Ratings underway!! 
The ADC CUP SEMI FINAL 1st Leg draws have been declared!!! 
The ADC requests the TZ Secretary, NNP Incharge and KITFO Incharge to update the AVA of the following  
players on the ADC List - Kaustubh, Jawed, Deepak, Sundeep and Harshad.  
These players have been AWOL since the start of the SEASON and unless they have COMPLETED the 
necessary formalities, they will be REMOVED from the TZLC. Will the people in charge of the 
organizations get back to the ADC asap. 
Rumours are that a BT player is to be SUSPENDED. 
The ADC has decided NOT to award the match to BI and has fixed a date in April.  
Highlights TZAS Vs BI by 4pm today... 
28/02/15 3.40 pm 
Ratings being updated now, Highlights by tomorrow or Monday... 
BI and TZAS play out a draw in a competitive CL encounter at the ADC Stadium... 
BI Vs ADCY League match called off and BI awarded the result as NOT enough youth and Adults 
are AVA for the ADCY. Score will be decided by the ADC soon.  
A normal TZ session will be held in it's stead. 
Ratings and Higlights will be put up by 4 pm. 
BE have decided to accept the ADC's decision to withdraw BE from the ADC CUP QF. 
BE have been hit by injuries and were already players short when they were hit again by 
another spate of absences. Due to this BE were UNABLE to forward 7 ORIGINAL squad members 
names to the ADC for the forthcoming ADC CUP QF matches against BT and RW. 
Therefore the ADC has decided to WITHDRAW BE from the ADC CUP. 
Both matches to be played tomorrow and on Fri have been CANCELLED. 
Mr. Khare will take REGULAR KITFO sessions ion Wed and Fri. 
Please confirm your attendance as usual. 
Balance Sheets updated, MR's updated! BE's time has been extended... 
BT RELEASE Parmesh (Exited TZLC7) and Swapnil Do Desale is sent to the 
ADC List of players. 
RW prove more adaptable to the Player Ref and unconvincingly reach the 
Combined League Cup Final match Vs RH through a very flattering scoreline. 
Highlights and MR have been UPLOADED!! 1.03 pm 
Ratiings will be uploaded by 3pm 
Match Report AA Vs RH LCF 2nd Div has been published! Rating also up! 
Mr. Khare is in recovery stage and the ADC has said that their may be a possibility that tomorrows 1st div 
League Cup Final may be reffed by PLAYER REFS.  
A call on that decision will be made prior to the game on match day. 
Point deducted on RW for Manan NOT sending an APOLOGY for poor Linesmanning has been found to be 
harsh especially after Manan showed remorse. Only fined, point deduction removed... 
BUT RW point deducted for sending only 1 MO for the LCF 2nd DIv match betweem AA and RH. 
AA let slip a 3 - 1 lead to lose in the T/B! RH thrilled as Tushar 'Anna' Pai scores 2 and sets up one 
in a match where they OUTPLAYED a good AA side! 
The ADC has somehow got very high fever and will update the MR and Ratings when better. 
The Managers Reviews have been updated.. 
Managed to complete the highlights and shoud be uploaded between 4 and 5 pm.. 
1st Finals of the TZLC7 starting tomorrow! RH have taken EMERGENCY LOANS, Please see the  
MR section... 
Also..the 3d Panoramic View has been UPDATED with a NEW BUTTON system! 
Check it out! (On the 1st and 2nd Div pages) 
Please note that Clubs involved in loaning players and the player being loaned himself are liable  
for PUNISHMENT if the LOAN taken is ILLEGAL.  
One ILLEGAL LOAN has already taken place (JJ to BE Vs RH, Actual Value 250 instead of a 220 Valued player). 
This was a QF match in which the Club JJ was loaned to, BE, lost. 
Therefore no action on the player involved in the loan nor the club taking the loan has been taken. 
Points WILL be deducted from the League Tally and the club taking the ILLEGAL loan will HAVE to forfeit 
the match. 
Unfortunately due to the ADC's internet upload speed being downgraded and the sudden 
loss of trickery, the BT vs AA highlights could NOT be uploaded at the afore mentioned time. 
The highlights have been uploaded this early morning...5.40 am. 
Astro's put 5 past BT AWAY from Home and still end up on the losing side!!! 
1 hat trick, 1 technical hattrick and 4 pen's aid in on of the MOST EXCITING 
matches EVER in the TZLC so far! 
Highlights by 4 pm! 
Saturday's match BT Vs BI has been POSTPONED to the 31st of March due to a majority of BI's players 
being UNA. As this is BI's FIRST PP and BT have also agreed, NO punishment will be 
levied on BI. 
An erratic match with highs and lows ends in a Hurricanes win at the Eagles Arena afte the Eagles 
go a goal up with a sensational run and score by Amti! 
Highlights By 2.40 pm 
BI inch closer to RW after kick and rush BI played the 'better' passing game to beat a club that played 
with 10 men and the offside trap! 
Highlights up by 1.15 pm!! Record time!! 
Dates for League Cup QF fixed (see fixture list) 
Please note that the League Cup QF match between RH and BE has been scheduled for Wed 11/02/15 
which is THIS coming WEEK!!! Please send in your MO's reps ASAP.... 
AA and ADCY play out an exciting encounter at the plush ADC Stadium with the end 
result being an obvious one.... 
BE, BT, RW and RH Mangers PLEASE note that although the ADC has requested you to 
finalize the dates for the Cup match, you must seek FINAL confirmation from the ADC. 
Amol H, Saurabh J and Ajay S have been THANKED by TZ and the TZLC for getting the ground  
in good condition. 
Highlights will be up by 4.30 pm 
JJ's grinding teeth will still grind as the ADC, after taking note of RW's statement that if RW have to  
play 2 more matches to attempt qualiying for the ADC Cup Semi's then how come RH have 
qualified for the League Cup even though they lost?  
So the ADC have decided that BE will be reinstated (Sunlight and Bruce are seeming to have shone a brighter 
light over the Eagles Arena) in the League Cup too! This means RH and BE have to come up with a date 
to play this match BEFORE the League Cup Semi's! More matches all round! 
Being fair is always fun! This happens ONLY in the TZLC!! 
The ADCY meanwhile staged a meek protest as Zak meekly asked Mr. Khare what about us? 
Mr. Khare said that "out of the 10 or so youth AVA, at least half are missing practice as they have their 
9th Std exams coming up....such a PATHETIC excuse to miss practice did not bode 
well in the ADC decision making..PLUS the ADC players AVA for the ADCY keep giving their AVA CONFIRMATION 
LATE to the ADC. Such indiscipline NEEDS to be punished." 
The ADC did NOT want RW to be the ONLY team EVER to go through to the Semi's after losing in the QF of the ADC CUP! 
Therefore, after Pam the Manager of BT requested a deja vu at the situation, the ADC decided that 
BE, who were unceremoniously kicked out of the Cup will also have a chance to play again. 
The 3 clubs, RW, BT and BE will play a 3 team League over the next 3 weeks to decide the  
club destined to play in the Semi Finals of the ADC Cup!! 
(BE's New Management have not bothered to thank the ADC...and JJ RW Manager can stop grinding his 
teeth as the ADC can hear him...!) 
Blazing Eagles have appointed Suraj Patil as their New Manager and Amod Raje as Consultant. 
The ADC has decided to punish BE with only 1 point as it termed Mr. Raje's episode as a genuine 
error. His demeanour and humility also struck a chord with the ADC and wished ALL the players were 
so humble. No doubt some already are...just the wish that EVERYONE was... 
BE will be allowed to use LOANS for the time being. LOANS from NON-TZLC players (at KITFO) will 
also be considered to help out the struggling Eagles. 
League Cup 1st Div and 2nd Div Finals have been rescheduled (see Fixture list) 
AA will be fined and possible FURTHER deduction of points for NOT sending in a detailed list for the fans 
of their TZLC7 schedule. (See logos on Fixture page) 
03/02/15 4.05 pm 
Ajoo is planning to get the Sindh ground a bit SOFTER as the hard pitch is causing injuries... 
03/02/15 2 pm 
Uday's Hruday beats all the more as his assist and winner give Blue Ice the victory at the Blue Freezer! 
Highlights up by 5 pm, hopefully earlier! 
BE decided to appoint Amod Raje as Manager and he promised to contact the ADC on Sunday. He hasn't. 
Even after the 12 am deadline on the 31st Jan 2015, the ADC EXTENDED the deadline to 2.30 pm 01/01/15 and after BE RANDOMLY announced Mr. Raje's name as NEW Manager, NOTHING has happened. Therefore, due to the DISRESPECT shown to the ADC and also to the TZLC as a whole. BE have been BANNED from ALL CUP COMPETITIONS. (BE Vs RW ADC Cup Vs Best Loser match RW AWARDED a win and League CUP BE Vs ADCY, RH have been allowed entry into the LC 1st Div Final, ADCY have been removed as MOST of the ADCY players will be UNA due to school). 
BE have been deducted 2 points in the League, their club has been put into ADMINISTRATION. They will NOT be allowed to loan players. ONLY ADC ADULTS or Youth will be allowed to play for them. They may be allowed to LOAN KITFO players that are NOT on the TZLC7 list of members if the players have been APPROVED by Mr. Khare. If BE accept these decisions then all remaining HOME matches at the Eagles Arena will be played WITHOUT spectators. If BE FAIL to continue their committments then BE WILL be 
dissolved and NO KITFO Manager will be ALLOWED to particpate as MANAGER of a Club whose Home ground is Papal or whose squad representation is 70% from KITFO till TZLC9. 
Will AA and RH please FIX a date for the 2nd Div Final and RW Vs BT 1st Div Final also. See previous MR's and Latest News for more info on the dates AVA for PP's. 
Under Saurabh Django's new management, the Astro's are back on track! 
Astro's PULVERIZE a lethargic RH to cement themselves as the firm favourites to 
win the 2nd Div Championship. 
Referee stressed...needs break...Players Refs will be appointed... 
BE have announced Amod as New Manager but Bruce has not approached the ADC for 
confirmation....MR has been put up, Ratings and Video Highlights TOMORROW... 
29/01/15 2.40 pm 
The TZ Secretary has informed the ADC that the days from the 21st to the 25th of Feb 
are needed by the School and can we 'adjust'. Therefore the matches scheduled for 
the 21st of Feb Sat BT Vs RW League Cup 1st Div Final will be PP'd. If BT and RW are 
unable to find a suitable date (Thu included, 19/02/15 included) up to 30th April then the ADC will schedule the 
match. As for the match on Tue or Wed (League Cup 2nd Div Final) either between BE/ADCY Vs RH 
or ADCY Vs BT IF BE dissolves then the match will be played on a date PRIOR to Thu 30/01/15. 
29/01/15 11 am 
Mr. Prashant Alhat SACKED as BE Manager!!! 
The club Chairman has released a statement to the media saying that due to  
a number of reasons including Financial Turmoil and the behaviour of the 
squad during and after matches, the Board of Directors, with the agreement 
of the Chairman have decided that action was needed. The action it was decided 
was to FIRE the Manager. After which the same Manager was given the option to CONTINUE under 
The Manager has responded saying that he does NOT wish to continue in the POST of Manager of BE. 
The ADC has decided that the BE squad have till Fri Jan 30th 2015 12 am to APPOINT a NEW MANAGER. 
and convey the news to the BE Chairman. If the players are UNABLE to come up with a name, then 
BE will e IMMEDIATELY DISSOLVED. ALL current players in the BE squad will be BANNED for the 
rest of the TZLC7 and for the TZLC8 also. ALL matches that BE have participated in will 
be termed NULL and VOID.  
For the moment they will be ALLOWED to continue playing for KITFO in the CL. 
This means if BE are DISSOLVED, then BT will play RW in the ADC CUP QF. 
The ADCY win the 1st Half while going down in the 2nd. BE fans ask for 
Managers exit in riotous scenes outside the Eagles Arena. 
HIGHLIGHTS by 2.20 pm!!! 
MR will be UPDATED only when the Review by Mr. Alhat is received on behalf of BE. 
GO to the 1st and 2nd Div Tables PAGE, scroll below to find the link to the STADIUMS IN 3D!!! 
Links are BELOW the PROFILE of EACH CLUB!!! 
There will NOT be a KFANDRA session at Law this evening on account of the ground being closed 
for Republic Day.. 
Almost all the goals till the halfway point of the Season TZLC7!!! 
Go to the FIXTURES page to see......... 
Blue Ice pull off another CRAZY VICTORY from under golden bow of the Royal Warriors 
and qualify for the ADC CUP SEMI FINALS!! 
Highlights to come up by 3.30 pm!!! 
BT Vs RH POSTPONED as per schedule. This is BT's request for a PP. 
The Hurricanes make a semi final spot their own in the ADC Cup QF after pipping BT to the post 
in a topsy turvy encounter...HIGHLIGHTS UPLOADED 2.15 pm 
After scoring none and losing by just 1 goal BT are hoping either RW or BI lose by a margin 
of more than 1 goal as this would put BT through. The same 1 nil result would lead 
to a playoff match and the match between BE Vs Best Loser would be postponed.

Aundh Astros are the 1st club to qualify for the ADC CUP SEMI FINALS!!! 
Highlights UPLOADED on the FIXTURES PAGE!! 2 pm!! 
4.15 pm 
Gaurav S is purchased by Black Thunder!!! Shaurav will be parting ways with 
the ADCY tomorrow..... 
Rajendra Rastogi has joined the TZLC! He has now been given a place in the ADCY squad. 
A certain player from the ADCY (Adults) is currently in transfer negotiations with a club. 
More on this soon!! 
Mr. Django Jangle (Saurabh Jangle 2) has been appointed Manager of AA and MUST be mentioned as such 
in all correspondence by all club members in the TZLC. Either as Mr. Jangle, Django or 
Saurabh Jangle 2. 
OTHER NEWS - The ADC CUP match between BE and the BEST LOSER has been PP'd as it will not be 
possible to hold this match on this date as there is ONE more QF match left to be played on the Saturday after 
this match. (Kindly pointed out By Prussia and JJ). 
This match has been shifted to as shown in the Fixtures page. 
Saurabh Jangle has been SACKED as Manager of Aundh Astro's.  
The Board of Directors and Chairman declared that his committment to the cause was 
not as per AA standards and that the results and form of the team were also poor. 
The ADC said that AA will be deducted 1 point per day (league) up until AA appoint a new 
Manager. Please see R and R. 
Other News - We will soon be saying goodbye to Bhushan Kaple and Sharad Lonkar who 
will be LEAVING the TZLC and KITFO/TZ sessions due to reasons they will declare later. 
I am just happy that it's not because of me! - Mr. Khare 
We wish them well in their endeavours until a time comes when they come back and 
then they can suffer!!  
HAHA and He - Mr. Khare 
RW roll on to another purely fascile victory as the ADCY play the better football! 
A despondent ADCY Coach Mr. Khare had a big smile on his face when he saw the vid 
highlights and was justified to gaze in wonderment after the RW squad seemed pleased 
at their performance. Mr. Khare was puzzled and thought if he was at the same match... 
The Vid Highlights will reflect the truth..To be released at the earliest time till date.. 
NOW!!! 1.40 pm (Highlights now on fixtures page!!) 
Other News - BT Vs AA (13/01/15) POSTPONED to 12/02/15 at AA's behest. This is the last 
and Final PP that AA can afford before being punished. BT accepted AA's request. 
A certain Manager will be SACKED over the weekend! 
1st Manager to get the SACK in the TZLC7!! To be announced later!! 
BI win a hard fought thriller at the Stadio Aundh!! 
Highlights UPLOADED!!! 2.45 pm!!! 
On Loan player JJ tricks his way to a near victory with BE...BE's aggression and the Linesmen 
make sure RH end up victorious... 
Highlights are being processed. Please keep checking after 4pm 
BE STUN AA at the Stadio Aundh to come away with a hard earned 2 - 2 draw although most 
of the game was not a pleasure to watch. 
Highlights up by 4 pm 
All Managers are requested to ask their players to VERIFY after EVERY match they have participated 
as MO or on Loan with the EXCEL SHEET (MO Duties section). It is the Clubs OWN fault 
that they have NOT verified if the MO duties have been mentioned in the Excel Sheet. Loans WILL be 
rechecked. As for MO duties the ADC will decide whether to check the data or not. As of now, 
all data stands as is. Managers should note that if a player is LATE or has NOT completed the MO 
duty to a SATISFACTORY level, then the MO duty will NOT be considered. Also matches played on Loan 
for KITFO or the TZAS (ADCY on occasion) will NOT be taken as an OFFICIAL MO DUTY LOAN. 
MID POINT DATE FOR the SEASON has been declared as 24/01/15 
From NEXT WEEKS matches the ADC has made it COMPULSORY that each club will send 
2 (TWO) MO's for EACH MATCH 
NO MO is ALLOWED to sit in the STANDS except for the Cameraman and Stats Reporter. BB's can sit behind 
the goals BUT their club WILL be penalized if the BB is SLOW in retrieving the balls or giving 
the balls for a restart 
Match on Sat 03/01/15 is on as scheduled unless it rains heavily on the preceding days. 
If it rains and the ground is UNPLAYABLE then all Members WILL be INFORMED. 
BI WALLOP ADCY by 3 LESS then a Dozen!! 
Highlights hopefully by 4 pm! 
BI Vs RH Highlights show Published!! See Ratings Plus More Page!! 
27/12/14 4 pm 
MR and Ratings Updated!! Highlights Tomorrow! 
(All previews etc for next weeks matches will be updated tomorrow!) 
RH get their first win after a quick paced match at the Blue Freezer 
PLEASE NOTE - The MR and Ratings will be updated by LATE AFTERNOON or tomorrow 
due to minor technical issues in the ADC Studio. The Latest News will be UPDATED  
AS SOON AS the MR and Ratings are updated.  
Keep checking the Ratings Plus more page for this mornings Highlights which will be 
published by Late Afternoon or tomorrow. 
BT pulverise an assorted NEW LOOK ADCY without Mr. Khare's help by 7 goals to ZILCH!! 
Youth complain that old fogies played themselves and left us on the bench! 
20/12/14 12.45 pm 
AA have not sent in an MO for the match between RH and ADCY and will be punished. 
ADCY STUN Hurricanes to a draw with a brace from Aalok 'Ringa' Sathe. 
Amu's technical hat trick (1 BMP) goes in vain! 
The MR will be updated as soon as RH send in their Review and the Highlights show should 
be uploaded by 4 pm. 
All remaining matches as per schedule.... 
All players that MAY play on LOAN for the ADCY or will REF MUST bring their OWN CLUB KIT  
as they will WEAR their OWN club kit while playing for the ADCY. If by some chance 
the ADCY play in BIBS then the Refs will wear their own club kit. 
Unfortunately the rains have played spoilsport again as the Sindh groundpersons have declared that the 
ground will be unplayable for this mornings fixture BI vs BE. One wonders where the jinx lies, with the TZLC 
or with BE as this is probably the 4th time a PP has happened with BE involved! 
As a result BI Vs BE and BE Vs ADCY has been RESCHEDULED please check dates! 
Hurricanes waste heroics from Tushar Anna Pai as their confidence crumbles and they gift victory to 
Royal Warriors in a Combined League Encounter. 
Other News: 
Next weeks matches RH Vs BT 16/12/14 Tues and AA Vs BI 18/12/14 Thur have been PP'd as the 
school that co-owns the ground needs it for their SPORTS DAY festivities. The matches have been 
rescheduled by the ADC WITHOUT consulting ANY of the Managers to AVOID confusion.  
Saturday's match RH Vs ADCY 20/12/14 will go ahead as scheduled. 
As the BE Manager has not yet informed the ADC regarding the rescheduling of the PP'd match between 
BE and the ADCY, the ADC will RESCHEDULE the match at SINDH on a date of it's choice. 
KITFO with over 75% possession gets beat by Holders Blue Ice!!! 
RW convincingly blow the dark clouds away with an easy win over BT. 
Please note - MR is completed but WON'T be updated until the Managers send in their reviews. 
Managers please send a Mobile msg to the ADC once you have sent in your review. 
AA slaughter a limp and unenergetic RH in a run of the mill affair! 
02/12/14 9am 
The RW JUGGERNAUT ROLES ON with a humiliating (well sort of) defeat of the Icemen! 
BE Vs ADCY CANCELLED and POSTPONED to alter still TBD date! 
The Home ground of BE is being used by the Papal authorities for some festival and 
unfortunately have informed the BE Manager at this late moment in time. 
A normal KITFO session will probably be held on the smaller adjacent ground. 
The MR and Highlights show will be updated SOON!!! 
29/11/14 12.40 pm 
AA make it through to the 2nd DIv League Cup Final and Combined League Cup Semi Final 
after beating RH convincingly 3 - 1. 
Highligts will hopefully be released by 4 pm today. 
27/11/14 12.50 pm UPDATED 2.36 pm 
Read the TZLC News of the World November issue (Link on the TZLCImages page) 
BE Vs ADCY match IS on. 
27/11/14 5.30 am 
It seems more and more likely that Next Week's League Cup encounter between BE and the ADCY 
may be called off as due to it being a schoolday alomost ALL of the Youth are UNA to play. Only 1 ADC player 
is AVA and the number of players confirming to play on Loan are less. The ADC has set the last time at 12 Noon today 
to decide on the state of the match. If ADCY can't come up with the numbers, then BE will be given a BYE 
into the 2nd Div Final/Combined LC Final. 
Please note MANAGERS. ALL ADC listed players are AVA for FREE LOANING (If they are AVA to play!) 
BT through to the 1st Div Final/Combined League Cup Semi after beating BI 4 - 2 
BI get 2nd chance to qualify as being the losers they get to play against RW as in the 
TZLC no club gets a bye. 
RWAA Higlights see Ratings Plus More page!! 
Astros get the better of the Warriors in a 3 goal thriller! 
Highlights to be put up by tomorrow....... 
21/11/14 5.35 am 
The AA Vs RW match scheduled for Saturday 22/11/14 is set to be played as the ADC has 
approved steps to make sure the ground is in playable condition. 
20/11/14 12.08 pm 
The ADC has decided to SCRAP the negative points accumulated from last season that were carried 
forward to this season as this season a CHANGE IN LATE CHALLENGE RULE has been implemented. 
This is indeed fantastic news for AA (-0.5) and RH (-0.25). TZLC7 15 LC's = 1 Pen 
The ADC explained that the -ve points will be converted into a fine. It also stated that both clubs 
have changed over the off season and should NOT be punished for ON FIELD errors made by the 
previous squad. 
20/11/14 5.15 am 
AA Vs RW to go ahead as planned if the ADC gives a passing grade to the Sindh ground in the 
ground inspection to be taken today. Of course if rains occur, in between, then it will be an 
auto PP. 
AA RELEASE Venkar R. from their squad. In a very late move by a very inactive Manager Mr. Jangle, Venkat, 
who left the country some months ago was released without ceremony today. 
RH Vs BT 18/11/14 POSTPONED due to poor ground conditions. 
The rain may also cause a PP of AA Vs RW on Saturday 22/11/14.The unseasonal rains 
will cause a major fixture pile up but as this is the only ground available other than Papal, 
all the squads should be prepared for this. 
Postponed date have been set on the fixtures list. 
15/11/14 UPDATE 4.50 am 
MATCH ADCY Vs BI PP'd to Dec 30th Tues!! 
15/11/14 3 am 
ADCY Vs BI likely to be Postponed due to rains that started at 10 last night. 
RW sit pretty on top of the 1st Div after trampling the Eagles nest but not destroying it's eggs 
10/11/14 15.00 
Manoj U purchased for 260 K as a GK by RW!!! 
Watch the weekly HIGHLIGHTS show!! 
BI win at Home in 7 goal crazy match! 
07/11/14 12 Noon 
RW Vs BI Match Report updated 
Also NO ADC players have confirmed particVideo coverage set to continue!!!  
(Quality of image may reduce to cover the entire match)  
The ADC has decided to cover the WHOLE match in poor quality than the 50 mins of the match in HDD.  
Clubs that want the ENTIRE RECORDED match can provide the ADC with a memory drive.  
The copy will be returned to you after copying.  
All recorded matches WILL BE DELETED within 2 weeks.ipation in NEXT WEEKS Saturday match. 
05/11/14 15.00 
The ADC has decided to CANCEL the KITFO SELECT team from the Champions League as 
KITFO are only able to come up with ONE squad (KITFO Regulars). Therefore a couple of dates have 
opened up as a result. For next weeks free date on Tues 11/11/14, clubs that wish to PREPONE their matches 
can do so but have to confirm with the ADC by 12 noon tomorrow. Otherwise a normal TZ 
session will be taken. 
Watch HIGHLIGHTS Video on the match between AA Vs ADCY!! 
KITFO Select mAy be stricken off the CL list of teams. 
AA sputter to win over ADCY 
BI nurse wounds in Colosseum fiasco 
31/10/14 12 Noon 
BT earn draw at the Eagles Arena 
31/10/14 5.40  
Gaurav Shah newest member of TZ and the TZLC 
RW top the 1st Div table by beating lethargic RH 
Can the Managers send in the names of the players for MO duty along with those that would 
like to PLAY on Loan for the ADCY for the match on the 4th Nov. There is a possibilty that numbers 
from the Youth will be less so more places will be AVA. Some Managers have been LATE in sending 
MO reps and have been fined.  
BE Home ground Papal has been marked to world class standards along with Sindh. 
RUMOUR - 2nd Division Club Manager is on the verge of being sacked! 
Keep checking on the MR section for updates on matches. 
Ajay S. Secretary of TZ and Manager of BI has started the process of completing the PERMANENT marking  
for the SIndh ground.  
The ADC wishes that ALL members of TZ should understand that it is their moral obligation and duty to 
assist or at least make an effort to ask Ajoo if he needs any help regarding certain matters. 
Knowing Ajoo, he'll probably always say no thanks, but as the ADC has always stated, 
It's the GENUINE THOUGHT behind the offer that counts. 
REMAINING MATCHES to continue as scheduled. If there is HEAVY rain and the ground conditions are 
bad then matches WILL be PP'd up to a time where NO dates are AVA. 
The match scheduled for Tues 28/10/14 has been POSTPONED!! After looking over a very informative 
and professional report of the ground conditions at SIndh sent in by Mr. Sameer 'Pam' Patil  
(report AVA for perusal on the DOWNLOADS page TZLC IMAGES section) ,  
the ADC has decided to PP the match between ADCY and BE. (See schedule for new date). The ADC has also 
warned ALL concerned that IF PERMANENT MARKING is NOT complete by the next scheduled 
match at Sindh (Thurs 30/10/14) or if the rains continue then the next scheduled match after that, 
then ANOTHER ground will have to be booked. If this is not done then MATCHES will be PP'd. 
If the ADC runs OUT of dates then the TZLC7 will be scrapped. BE will then be declared WINNERS. 
Unfortunately due to averse weather conditions, some matches this week may be rescheduled 
as the ground can't cope up with wet conditions. 
Clubs must send in their MO Reps for the ADCY Vs BE match by 12 Noon today as the ADC needs to select 
it's side from the players AVA and appoint the Refs. Clubs that have already done so 
need not worry. For the remianing matches, the lists can be sent as usual by Saturday. 
KFANDRA sessions in the evening will remain closed from today till the 25th of Oct as the Law College is closed for Diwali. 
On Sunday 26th the KLCGS are free to use the ground for their session. 
Managers please contact Ajoo for the collection of your Club kits. 
20/10/14 08.45 
For next weeks match between ADCY and BE the ADC has kept Mr. Khare in charge as COACH of the ADCY.  
Can all the Players on the ADCY list CONFIRM their attendance to the ADC by 12 noon tomorrow.  
SPOTS that are left open due to UNA of the ADCY players will be filled up by the other 5 Clubs  
AFTER the MO's have been provided by each club.  
Those that do NOT confirm will be taken as UNA and will be left out of the squad against BE.  
ALL refs will be current players for this match. Refs to be appointed by the ADC.  
If a LOT of players CONFIRM to play for the ADCY then Mr. Khare will SELECT the squad from the list of AVA players. 
Managers MUST be clear when they send in their LOAN requests. The name of the Club and Value 
of both loaned and loanees should ALWAYS be mentioned and any other details. 
Awards for the TZLC6 to be announced soon. 
18/10/14 11.15 
18/10/14 04.00 
Match still ON!! 
The rais have stayed away from the Sindh ground and the CLQ match between BT and BI is NOT PP'd! 
17/10/14 16.00 
BT Vs BI CLQ may be PP'd due to sudden downpour!! 
The jinx I presume lives on! The ADC is unsure of the situation at Sindh but if it's even a bit like where the ADC offices are, tomorrows match has been POSTPONED! Or maybe it's Amiraj (Omi) of BT whose prayers have been answered?? 
17/10/14 11.00 
Unfortunately Sindh at 80% but the ground has been passed fit to use. 
BT will be deducted 1 point and fined if KITS are not complete. 
Under NO circumstance will the match GO AHEAD if KITS are not AVA. 
ALL players once kitted up must have uniform Shirts, Socks and Shorts. 
Shin pads compulsory. NO rings, necklaces, bracelets allowed.  
Match Footballs will be provided by the ADC. 
As always ALL TZLC R and R applicable. 
MO's may also help in decision making regarding handballs, ball going out of play etc (ONLY if the REF asks).  
The players are NOT allowed to question the REFS or MO's. The Captains will be allowed a TINY amount of leeway. 
CHOOSE your captains well! 
FOOTNOTE - NO CELEBS have been invited for the opening match of the Season!! 
You will come, Warm Up, Play the match, Cool Down, Chat and LEAVE! Nothing more!! 
16/10/14 11.00 
Match RH Vs AA on 21/10/14 postponed to 06/12/14. 
This is RH's 1st PP. RH will be fined for the PP. Each club has a LIMIT of 3 PP's . 
BE have 1 to their account. 
15/10/14 14.50  
Akshai Seshadri purchased by RH at Cost Price 
15/10/14 5.15 am 
3 days to go!  
Sindh 99% fit, Papal 99% fit!  
New, easier and more comprehensive STATS report designed! To be experimented with from CLQ! 
Referee's are asked to ease off on zero tolerance regarding certain misdemeanors during play.  
Cards to be shown for repetitive infringements, fouls committed with total disregard to the opponents well being. 
All LATE emergency Loans that have been accepted by the ADC will be updated on the Match reports page. 
Managers must send the amount of seats being made AVA to their opponents minimum 2 weeks in advance 
of the match with area designated. Minimum 20% of attendance to the Away team compulsory. 
The ADC REMINDS all its members that they have to MAINTAIN and IMPLEMENT moral values and 
discipline ALL THE TIME. Any misconduct by any person involved in the TZLC, if observed by any 
other member, either during the matches, off the field or even unrelated to the TZLC should inform the 
ADC. Approp[riate action will then be taken.  
Shivam Sharma of RH had to depart urgently to Southampton, England for a Course 
related to Football. 
09/10/14 11.20 am 
BT beat Available TZ players 2 - 1 in Pre Season Friendly at the Police Ground 
Please read - 
This is generally what the ADC feels and is not forcing it's view upon others.  
The ADC GENUINELY feels the ISL needs INFRASTRUCTURE and PLANNING to work.  
NOTHING like a Professional League or the Loyal patronage of supporters can be created SUDDENLY.  
Even the EPL started over a 100 years ago. 
The TZLC started in humble origins with only a FEW players willing to back the ADC's(Then FA's) dream.  
There were many NAYSAYERS but it's taken 6 years toreach where we are now.  
Sublimated kits, Home and Away matches, fake money, fake stadiums, buying and selling of players,  
an off season,a season that runs for 8 months etc and MOST IMPORTANTLY  
FINALLY a group of players that GENUINELY BELIEVE in the TZLC. 
PLEASE!! If this word was introduced in INDIA and the Indians INVENTED this word and they  
pronounced it DENGOOOO then I would agree. But it isn't.  
A fine will now be LEVIED on those who say DENGOOOO. 
Arun C retained by AA 
Arun Chandrachud returns to TZ and the TZLC!! 
ADCY Vs BE PP's to Tuesday.  
Please note that there will now be NO further POSTPONEMENTS allowed. 
With 11 days to go for the TZLC even the Sindh Ground is 99% match fit! 
Club colours are the only wait left. The ADC has declared that the START of the TZLC 
WILL be Postponed and clubs fined if the KITS are still NOT ready by D Day. 
Blazing Eagles Home ground is now FIT for the TZLC7. Of course there are some small 
issues to be dealt with but the ADC has decided that if the matches were to be held IMMEDIATELY 
then the matches would go ahead! 
RW Manager Mr. Alhat designs APP for BE. The APP will be published as a download 
in a link on the TZLC Images page and on the 2nd Div page. 
SIndh Ground work to start this week IF the rains stay away. 
The ADC may be DONATING the balls for the TZLC7!!

RW Manager Pravin JJ Naik snaps up Vikas Atri for 1.5 M TZR after rival bidder 
goes awol. 
One of the Joint Managers at BT resigned saying that he'd much rather quit the job 
then continue at the job as a superficial Manager. BT Chairman accepted his resignation. 
With barely 20 days to go, both groundsmen at Sindh and Papal have begin the process 
of getting the grounds tournament worthy. 
Bid for Vikas Arti underway, Bid has reached 1M TZR! 
See additional point in BMP rule in R and R section. 
Also Managers should note how their Squad salaries will be calculated. 
(Salary Sheet included in their personalized Balance Sheet) 
Shivang 'Chotu' Joshi was literally stolen from in front of RW Manager Pravin's eyes when after 
tabelling the initial bid, he fell asleep. (Initial bid on the 13th) AA came in with a bid on the 
16th at night and it was shown in the morning to be the latest bid. What was Pravin the JJ man 
doing all this while? Here's a hint - If a Manager WANTS to sign a player, then you bid HIGH 
to at least be relatively assured that any other club will not have the funds to compete 
with you! 
BUT...AA may still suffer as they have not responded to the ADC regarding the transfer. 
And other issues...... 
Rumours abound that at least half of the Managers in the TZLC face a SACKING. 
With the ADC adamant at the way things should be run, is the TZLC7 going to end up 
with only THREE clubs? 
Royal Warriors are the biggest spenders with a MASSIVE 10M TZR bid that KNOCKED out 
all other contenders for Allen D'Costa's signature! The cost would have been equal to about 
200 M in the previous method of calculation which now makes him the MOST expensive 
player in the HISTORY of the TZLC! RW basically spent on what they earned from Seans transfer 
a couple of months ago. So it can be said the RW are still sitting pretty on the earnings they made 
last season. 
Watch the ADC Media's Pre-Season Previews on their Youtube Channel! 
KFANDRA will be forced to take a break on Monday (Tomorrow) 8th on account of the Law College Ground 
being closed due to a Holiday. 
Some changes have been made to the schedule. A few conflicts were spotted by the BE Manager. 
Please check to see if your match has been recheduled. Also RW Vs BE has been reset as per 
the BE Managers request. See NEW player added on the ADC list! 
JUST OVER a MONTH left for the TZLC7!!! 
The winner of the ADC Cup will get 1 point in their division in the League. 
The winner of the League Cup will get 1/2 a point in their division in the League. 
The winner of the Combined League Cup will get 1/2 a point in their division in the League. 
The Pre-Seaon friendly was an eye opener as it revealed quite a few players who are tactically poor. 
Coach/Neel Sir planning to take tactics oriented sessions earlier than usual. 
See latest images of KFANDRA kids undergoing goalkeeping practice in the KFANDRA pool!! 
Their attempts at Diving headers, Scissors kicks and Bicycle kicks were too good to photograph! 
The ADC is planning to change the Late Challenge rule to be more effective in the match in progress 
than a punishment that will affect the club for the entire League. Instead of 1/2 a point deduction on the 
completion of 15 LC's the Club will give away a PENALTY to the opposition that will 
be taken at the END of the match or end of the half if 15 LC's occur before half time. 
1st Friendly of the season TZLC7 - 22/08/14 KO 6.50 am - BE + Rest of KITFO Vs TZ 
TZLC News of the World August Issue released - See TZLCImages page 
KFANDRA will NOT be having a session this evening (Friday, 15/08/14) as the Ground is closed. Sessions resume tomorrow. 
The ADC has decided that the TBD spot will be taken over by a NEW team. This side 
will NOT be an OFFICIAL CLUB. The players still without a Club (ADC List) will be 
automatically selected for this team. The other players involved in this side will be Players from 
KFANDRA and Thunderbuds. If player AVA is still low then players AVA from the 
1st Div (Other Div) will be asked to play. Ajay S and Prashant A will be given 1st go to 
Manage this club whenever their match comes up. After which depending on their UNA, 
other players will be asked to Manage the side. This side will NOT be asked to compete  
FINANCIALLY with the other clubs. Clubs that play AGAINST this team will get 0 points for a draw 
and 2 points for a win. 
Please note changes in relevant pages on the website. 
AA design NEW LOGO!! AA will be charged a nominal amount for the change in Logo. 
All XV players that were in XV at the moment of dissolution will need to seek 
membership of the TZLC AGAIN. Their names will be kept in the STATS sheet until a time 
where they specifically END their association with the TZLC.  
The application for membership of the TZLC involves sending an email to the 
ADC that they wish to CONTINUE in the TZLC as either a TZ/KITFO or NPP member. 
They must also give reasons as to why membership should be awarded. 
Some players need to prove that they won't continue their lack of team work 
in another club that may purchase them if they rejoined. 
04/08/14 7.45 am 
The ADC has decided that XV will be dissolved. It has come to the conclusion that 
if the current players are unable to take over than how will an UNKNOWN do the job? 
The ADC has decided to ask any ADC listed player if they want to form a NEW CLUB  
BASED at Sindh. This club will TAKE OVER the dates fixed for the TBD club. 
The ADC listed players have 2 days till the 6th 12 Noon to get back to the ADC. 
XV dates will then be SCRATCHED along with the team.  
For the benefit of the XV players, so as not to SUSPEND them the ADC has given them 
an opening. Any player that wishes to CONTINUE in the TZLC MUST write to the 
ADC asking to be put on the ADC list. The 1st option for the player will then fall to 
the NEW CLUB if it is being formed, otherwise to the highest bidder. 
The New Club will have access to ALL the current players on the ADC list. 
The NC will be allowed time to create the name, logo, slogan and also the KIT design. 
This decison is FINAL. 
04/08/14 6 am 
XV on the VERGE of collapse...... 
The ADC is faced with a disappointing task after Zaid, Manager of XV is adamant in stepping down 
as Manager. As per the R and R, no Manager can resign unless he has someone that 
can takeover his position. If nobody is willing, as in this case, then the Club will 
be forced to DISSOLVE.  
After the fiasco involving a certain ex KITFO player who was asked to manage FF and then 
after some issues suddenly resigned from the TZLC and then KITFO, The ADC has 
decided NEVER to approach a player to Manage a Club again. 
The ADC offers any player on the ADC list the option to JOIN and then TAKE OVER 
the XV Management. If none is willing then XV WILL be DISSOLVED. 
ALL the players at XV will be SUSPENDED from the TZLC7. 
The ADC has kept the final date for the decision as 12 Noon 06/08/14. 
Watch TZLC7 Videos at 
First edition of the TZLC NEWSPAPER!! 
To be sent MONTHLY!!! See TZLC Images to view the PDF doc!! 
BLAZING EAGLES create their own club website!  
See Here: 
AA and XV have not completed set standards of profile image submission. 
The ADC is considering a deduction of a 1/4 point per day from Monday. 
Images that have NOT been updated are either missing or have not been approved.  
These images have to be resent. 
Blazing Eagles unveil LOGO! See 2nd Div Table. 
One of the KITFO Teams may be scrapped for the CL as many players are NOT regular 
for practice sessions. 
Mr. Khare relents. Is back at KITFO but in a NEW AVATAAR and Rules. 
Please read his latest article in the (INBTT) ITS NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH section 
on the website to develop a clearer insight into your coach. 
The media has been informed by the ADC that Mr. Khare was forced to resign due to apathy 
shown by KITFO in general. As for the TZLC7, IF Mr. Khare does INDEED REFUSE to 
Coach KITFO, then PAPAL will NO longer be an OFFICIAL TZLC venue. ALL matches 
WILL be shifted to Sindh. If the Clubs with their HOME venue at Papal do NOT agree to 
a change in their HOME VENUE then the two Clubs XV and BE will be scrapped. 
All players currently plying their trade at KITFO (name to be changed) will be asked 
to create a NEW NAME or will be transferred to the NPP if they wish to CONTINUE 
in the TZLC. 
The ADC has asked Mr. Sanghvi to CANCEL the TZLC6 SEASON END FUNCTION 
Neeraj Bezalwar has been purchased by Red Hurricanes for the princely sum of 
1.05 M TZR. AA Manager Mr. Jangle said that Neeraj suddenly came up with the 
desire to leaveStadio Aundh for newer surroundings. Lets hope this signing is not 
as disastrous as most of Sagars signings! 
Aditya Kotbagi PURCHASED by Aundh Astro's for 1.5 M TZR!! 
This is the second biggest signing in the historry of the TZLC after Sean who AA 
purchased just a couple ofweeks ago for 1.9M. The new Manager of AA is splurging and rumours 
are flying around as to how he can have so much cash to spend after they literally 
collapsed last season and even got relegated. 
Aditya K's bid up to 1.1M TZR  
Bid is stuck in the same position for over 12 hours 
15/06/14 16.22 
1 Manager bid for Aditya K 500 K TZR  
Bid ends Tue 12 noon All bids must be sent by message to the ADC. If higher bids are made they will be updated on the website or a message will be sent to the Managers concerned about the updated bid. On the website the bid will be AVA either in the News section or on the Ratings Sheet under the name of the player who is involved in the transfer  
Other News: 
Roshan Jha has decided to exit from the TZLC and KITFO. The ADC Media reveals that a number of reasons forced him to leave. On top of the list was the demonic tirade by first the FF Chairman and then the ADC, apart from the pressure of trying to ensure FF do not get dissolved. The Media though blames certain elements that led to this situation. Anyway we wish him well for the future and 
Mr. Khare say's he's welcome to rejoin whenever he wants! 
15/06/14 12 Noon 
Mukul Inamdar has been transferred to Blue Ice 500K. His preference was Sindh. 
Aditya Kotbagi has become a member of the TZLC (See Ratings Plus more page) 
15/06/14 6 am 
ADC's decision concerning FF and XV as follows: 
Only some players from FF will be allowed to continue in the TZLC. The list will be declared at a later date. Or directly on the website. 
Players that have NOT responded to the ADC will be STRUCK of the list until further notice. 
The ADC has found XV's conduct to be unprofessional and have conducted their business while totally disregarding 
the emotions of others. The Penalty will be 1MTZR fine and 1 point deduction from their LEAGUE TABLE in the TZLC7. 
If the offences are repeated anytime before the end of the TZLC7, XV will be RELEGATED IMMEDIATELY and 
players WILL be suspended. 
14/06/14 10.52 am 
Blazing Eagles is now the official name of the New Club. They will be playing at the Eagles Arena. 
Slogan: Feet claw the earth while our hearts soar 
Other News 
XV have been banned from participating in transfers until the ADC decides on the FF fiasco. 
Last date for Mukul I transfer 12 noon tomorrow. This bid will take place through messaging. 
Please message the ADC with your bids. A last date time has been set as bids have been received. 
The ADC has received a number of informal requests from FF players that want to continue in the TZLC7. (Plus 
a couple of formal ones) Niraj S is included in the list of FF players that have NOT replied. 
These players need to send in their requests FORMALLY by email to the ADC by 6 pm TODAY. There may be a possibility 
that the ADC only DISSOLVES FF but allows the players to continue on the ADC list of players AVA for transfer. 
If this does happen and the players on the list are NOT picked up by a club then the ADC is willing to offer these players 
a chance to START a NEW CLUB. But under certain conditions. This club will replace FF in the schedule. If the FF players are SUSPENDED XV will be RELEGATED. (Due to their part in the matter). If they are NOT suspended then XV will be PUNISHED 
severely as this is a REPEAT offence of XV meddling in matters ILLEGALY. XV have STILL NOT responded to the ADC regarding 
this matter and this does NOT bode well for XV. 
TRANSFER NEWS: Mukul Inamdar Bid - 400K One Manager 
The ADC has finally given up hope on the future of Fearsome Feet. A lot of attempts had been made to ensure 
that FF continue but what many had suspected would happen halfway into the TZLC6 has eventually occurred. 
After a heated message from the ADC to the FF Chairman and then from the FF Chairman to the current newly appointed 
Manager Roshan Jha, Roshan decided to concede defeat and has resigned. This is the fastest EVER resignation in the history of the 
TZLC. XV were also involved in this final calamity and will be severely punished. Both Arun and Bijoy will be PENALIZED in this 
matter as well UNLESS the entire FF squad is SUSPENDED for the TZLC7. If the squad is SUSPENDED this would 
include ALL transfers that have been made over the PAST MONTH. The ADC will declare it's decision shortly. 
The much sought after player so far has SKY ROCKETED VALUATIONS in the Market even though the TZLC market reached an all time low with the economic price situation. Sean Mathews was Purchased by AA for 1.9 M TZR excluding agent costs. This would have been equivalent to 190M TZR in the previous economic period!!! Saurabh J the new Manager of AA is fast becoming a Manager on a mission. MORE NEWS in on the website! Breaking/Latest News "A mission to spend money" was what the angry AA Chairman said after he heard of the ENORMOUS TRANSACTION. Meanwhile RW Manager Pravin is laughing all the way to the BANK! One wonders if the LATEST COSTLIEST MAN on the TZLC PLANET has jumped from one stressful situation to another. ONLY time will tell.. 
FF Managers Ravi Poddar and Sushant Saurav SACKED from their Managers Post. 
FINAL straw for FF Chairman was when they failed to send in the REVIEWS for the TZLC6. 
Roshan Jha has been appointed FF Manager with IMMEDIATE EFFECT. 
CLUBS that have failed to send in their reviews will be punished. 
See First profile put up for the KFANDRA ADULTS (Mr. Neeraj More - TZ) 
Snake nonchalantly slithers across during a KFANDRA Session! (3rd week of May) 
See snap on Home page! 
Pravin takes over as RW Manager! Some players released by clubs! 
Prashant Alhat + 1 APPOINTED NEW CLUB MANAGER or Joint Manager for TZLC7 
The ADC, in a statement released to the media stated that out of a long list of candidates, Prashant and 
another unnamed player have been appointed as Joint Managers or Mr. Alhat will take over the reins 
himself. Club Name and Home Venue will be decided shortly. Possibilities are rife that the Home venue 
may be Papal. 
This is a REMINDER to ALL parents that the FEES MUST be paid by the 5th of the month. There are some parents that actually try and take advantage of KFANDRA. SOMETIMES they AVOID paying he fees so that we are either TOO EMBARRASSED to ask them or that they feel that they have ACHIEVED something by NOT paying the fees. KFANDRA has ALWAYS STATED that if PARENTS are UNABLE to pay the FEES for any reason whatsoever, then they should INFORM Mr. Khare. Then as usual KFANDRA will NOT CHARGE a SINGLE PAISA and the child can keep coming without issues. BUT IF the PARENTS are able to pay the FEE's then PLEASE PAY. KFANDRA PROVIDES PROFESSIONAL COACHING that I still feel the FEES in NO WAY COMPARE. You can only WONDER at how KFANDRA then manages to pay for GROUND RENT and other expenses. KFANDRA has NEVER EVER turned back ANY CHILD for any reason OTHER than a disciplinary issue. Please note that this is a place your child can go to WITHOUT fear of BULLYING. The child is taught MORAL VALUES and other very important issues related to being an honest human being. 
Arun Chandrachud of AA and TZ RETIRES! 
Arun, in a short email to TZ, has decided to retire from TZ and thereafter AA and the TZLC. 
He has had a glitering career in the TZLC that will be covered in a Magazine that will be published 
before the start of the TZLC7. Unfortunately he has left on terms that would not suit his status as one of the 
MOST VAluable Players at the TZLC, relegated with AA and no torphy this season to his name. 
Mr. Khare said - Arun was always committed and eager during all the training sessions at TZ, even more 
so than many of his team mates that were much younger. Everyone should strive to be as dedicated and 
committed as Arun was. Everyone will miss you! 
His reason to leave was due to work related issues and that he wasn't able to give the 100% required 
in training and matches anymore and that the recovery time was taking too long. 
In a final note I'll say that Arun will ALWAYS be welcome at the TZLC and of course TZ. 
He can always join the TZLC as an NPP player if he so desires. For such a player, leaving 
something that has been a part of your life will always be tough. So I would like him to get back and join 
a club that would benefit from his experience and allow him to be more of a playmaker than 
a player who has to do EVERYTHING! 
Take Care Arun from all of us at the TZLC! 
From the TZLC7, a BONUS point will be awarded to a club that plays a club wherein the TOTAL VALUE 
of it's playing squad in LESS than the oppositions and NO LOANS have been taken to counter 
this difference. The DIFFERENCE in the VALUES will be determined soon. Coupled with this the ADC is planning to SCRAP the BMP 
altogether and instead include a BONUS point to a team that WINS at HOME. Finally, a club that plays a club in a HIGHER division 
will gain a BONUS point if it secures victory.  
Many clubs have NOT sent in their MO's for the matches this week. Some have not sent 
in their Previews and Reviews. Clubs have been fined and points deducted from the TZLC7.  
The punishments will be retracted if proof that the info was sent on TIME. 
Major R and R changes for the TZLC7 -  
A club will be allowed a BMP ONLY if both clubs Home ground is the same. For a club that is travelling 
AWAY to a ground that is NOT their Home, a BMP will NOT ne given to the Home side. 
The possibility to choose U15 players will be introduced in the TZLC7. If they are able to manage 
their youth system, players will be made AVA for them for FREE. 
ALL Fines will be FIXED and mentioned in the R and R section. Even including REPETITIVE offences. 
Managers must please inform the ADC of their HOME GROUND for the TZLC7 so that the ADC 
can arrange the TZLC7 schedule asap. 
Coach/Mr. Khare will NOT be allowed to assist teams in their tactics and strategies for the FIRST 2 and Final 
2 matches of the League and for the KNOCK OUT COMPETITIONS. 
The TZLC welcomes Roshan Jha. 
Chairman of AA ACCEPTS resignation of Sameer C as Manager. Saurabh J has been appointed as NEW MANAGER of AA 
after he accepted responsibility on behalf of the AA players! 
Please note some RESCHEDULING of dates. Also the Playoff is now DOUBLE LEGGED. 
ROYAL WARRIORS WIN the 1st DIVISION LEAGUE while BLACK THUNDER are 2nd Div League Champions! 
XV Vs RH in Promotion/Relegation PLAYOFF (Possibly TWO LEGS) 
RW win toss and Combined League Cup Final Vs XV to be played at Sindh. 
A mistake pertaining to calculating the number of points XV has in the 2nd Div Table has been corrected. 
This brings on NEW focus to the Final 2nd Div League match to be played tomorrow. BT now only have to BEAT FF 
to secure DIRECT PROMOTION to the 1st Division thereby pushing XV into the qualifying spot! 
KFANDRA session in the evening at Law is off as the Law College is on HOLIDAY. 
Please note that players who DON'T vote will be punished. Their clubs will be fined and Points deducted. The player 
may also be suspended. Last date of vote to be declared. 
The ADC has decided NOT to allow Mr. Khare from taking CHARGE of any Club SO CLOSE to the end 
of the season. It says that the clubs were supposed to UTILIZE Mr. Khare during the early stages of the season. 
There is TOO much at stake and Mr. Khare will unnecessarily, in all possibilities, tip the scales in  
favour of One of the clubs. The TZLC6 has been one of the MOST enthralling seasons till date and the onus 
of VICTORY or DEFEAT should fall on the players and NOT someone who is everyone's Coach. 
In other news FF have been STOPPED from LOANING a player TILL the end of the TZLC6. 
PROFILE and CLUBS PHOTO's WILL BE TAKEN either PREMATCH or POSTMATCH or clubs will be called 
at a venue for their Photo shoot. 
End of the season coming close with only 3 weeks to go!! 
The ADC is planning to start the OFF SEASON WORLD CUP at PAPAL and SINDH! Both groups will be divided 
into separate countries as per CURRENT VALUATIONS!! Countries will play QUALIFYING matches to gain a place 
in the MAJOR TOURNAMENT!! All R and R to be declared SOON!! (5 a side!) 
Members of the TZLC are requested to send in their vote for the PLAYERS PLAYER of the SEASON TZLC6 as well as 
their CLUBS PLAYER of the SEASON TZLC6 to the ADC in the format mentioned below. 
2 AWARDS (as TZLC6 had 100 players!!) POS 1. Vote 1 2. Vote 2 3. Vote 3 POSC 1. VOTE 1 
TROPHIES TO be DISTRIBUTED to players at GRAND TZLC6 END OF SEASON FUNCTION!! Trophies to be handed out include 
along with the above, obviously the League and Cup awards and also Most IMPROVED players, Most Valuable Manager and so on! 
FF have been placed under LITIGATION by the ADCBANK. There are chances that FF will be FORCED to DISSOLVE. 
In this case the CURRENT FF players will be SUSPENDED for a SEASON (TZLC7) 
KFANDRA's Aalok Sathe received the JUNIOR GOLD at the PANINI LINGUISTICS OLYMPIAD!!! He was also part of the team which won the TEAM CHALLENGE EVENT!! 
It has come to the notice of the ADC through the RW Chairman that in the match played at the Venemous Park 
between XV and BI, Shivam (RH AVPL) kept for BI during the BMP. According to the complainant, the R and R state that 
a player loaned as an OUTFIELD player is NOT allowed to play as GK. Note rule mentioned below. 
5. A player loaned as an outfield player CANNOT become a GK during the match. 
The RULE clearly states DURING the match. The BMP is NOT a part of the match per se but something allotted 
to the Home team to award them a clear advantage. Obviously the complaint would NOT have arisen if the goal was scored. 
The ADC will NOT accept any discussion on this issue UNLESS a player can prove that he was NOT allowed to Keep during a BMP, 
when on Loan for another club as an outfield player, THIS SEASON. 
If there is such a player than the ADC will mull over the fairest way to resolve this dilemma. 
Santosh Pai suspended for 10 mins of AA's next game after the ADC judged that he tackled a player 
in AA's previous match disregarding the safety of the player involved. Ie a DANGEROUS tackle that the Ref Ajoo 
did NOT punish with a RC even after the ADC told the Ref to issue a RC at Half time. 
The match between RW and TZAS that was scheduled to be played today has been POSTPONED to every next 
AVA date. The next AVA date being Day After Tomorrow Thursday 24/04/14.  
The following two matches scheduled on 1. RH vs RW - 1/5/14 2. AA vs RW - 29/4/14 have now been 
interchanged at the behest of the RH Manager. Both RW and AA have agreed to the swap. Please send your 
MO reps to the respective Home team Managers. 
The ADC is intensely dismayed at the way some of the players at the TZLC have conducted themselves. They have also 
disappointed Mr. Khare deeply. A decision to CANCEL the TZLC6 was proposed. Mr. Khare is also considering resigning from KITFO 
as well as TZ. But it's always in the interest of those that have not erred that decisions should be taken. 
This also means that the players responsible should be punished and not the Club or Organization in their entirety. 
The ADC asks that is punishing the player enough to clear the issue? Or is it only when the Club 
is punished, will enlightenment dawn on all? Mr. Khare feels RH, BI, XV and AA should be deducted enough points that  
they will find it difficult to complete their goals this season. The ADC asks, is this fair? 
The ADC has decided to SUSPEND some players for a nominal time and to award NO further punishment on the clubs. 
Suspensions are mentioned in the Ratings chart. 
Till Mr. Khare resumes refereeing, he will act as the ARBITRATOR for any decision the Ref needs help on. 
The ADC has declared that the matter is now OVER and Mr. Khare will resume duties once he is in the mind to. 
The Stats sheet, Share Sheet, and the table with the info concerning the deduction of points will be updated later (TZLC) 
Till then please refer to the Excel Sheet TZLC6 
This page will be common for both KFANDRA kids, Thunderbuds (Coached By Surhud Khare) and KFANDRA ADULTS that includes 
all the MEMBERS of the TZLC!! 
(A new series started by KFANDRA that tries to explain common injuries to parents and players, symptoms and treatment) 
This is when the bone just above the shin and below the knee suddenly starts hurting. Walking is not an 
issue but doing anything else is. This is nothing serious and affects only those who are physically active 
and are also undergoing a 'growth spurt'. The pain starts when the Patella (Knee Cap) pulls on the 
Tibia (shin bone). This patella tendon is unable to adjust to the varying rate of growth of both the 
Tibia and quadriceps (thigh muscle) above the knee. Therefore the knee is very painful. 
As mentioned in the article, although rest is recommended, an active player will be unable to sit 
still. Any injured player is free to come to the ground and do as much that his pain allows. This 
injury may go on for the period of time that the child is growing, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years! 
Once again, this is only a 'growing up' injury and one does not expect the child to sit at home! 
MATCH DAY TODAY (29/06/13) 
KFANDRA will be involved in the events to be held on Saturday 29/06/13 at 
the Police Ground, (14.30 onwards), Shivajinagar.  
(The Girls and Boys (U15's) will be provided 'Lunch Boxes' so that the parents 
or children need not get worried about food issues. Water will be provided on the ground) 
SCHEDULE: (Timings may vary) 
Girls match 2.30 pm onwards 
The KFANDRA U15's will be playing in an intra KFANDRA match 2.30 pm onwards (at least 20 players confirmed and rising!) 
Pune Rugby Women - KHARE/TARAPOREVALA Cup - After 3.30 
Yingwe Pune Vs Mhelembe Pune 
Pune Rugby Men - TARAPOREVALA/KHARE Trophy. - After 4. 30 
Ngonhama Pune Vs Ndlopfu Pune 
(This match will also be a 'Farewell match' for Mozambiqan 'Bruno Jamisse' 
who has considered Pune to be his 2nd Home 
KLCF 2 in PROGRESS!!! (U15/U11/U8 all separate!) (20/02/13) 
KLCF2 ends! 
KFANDRA U15's to play at POLICE GROUND (05/07/12) 
The KFANDRA U15's will play an exhibition match prior to the main match between RFS Pune and the Magicians (Mumbai). Just before 
the Mens match the RFS Womens will play an exhibition match also that is scheduled just after the U15's Intra KFANDRA 
match. KO 3 pm. All matches Full Contact with the U15's playing under the KFANDRA 10 steps rule. The two 
RFS Pune and the Magicians will be fighting for the Dr. M. D. Khare and Taroparewala Cup. Matches on 07/07/12. 
KFANDRA bids adieu to Coaches (11/06/12) 
Assistant Coaches Anjana and Anuya won't be available as regular coaches at KFANDRA. They will be leaving for further studies 
and work respectively. But they have been assured that they are most welcome to participate in the coaching of the players 
whenever they can. 
KFANDRA U15 squad (11 to 15 years) in search of opposition (11/06/12) 
KFANDRA is looking for opponents to play against in both Football and Rugby. Although it's common knowledge that KFANDRA 
is the only Academy that coaches Rugby to U15's in Pune, it is sure that there are many U15 Football squads in the city. If interested 
in playing an 11-a-side match please contact Swapneel M. Khare. Mobile No. in the contacts page. 
KLCF1 ENDS (April 2012) 
The KLCF1 season came to an abrupt end with only 5 matches left to play. Unfortunately most of the players suddenly 
went awol!!! The KLCF1 Committee then decided to wrap the tournament up and reschedule a new tourney at a later date. 
The KFANDRA League and Cup Football is now underway after intense bidding for players for over 6 hours. 
The 6 teams clubs are: The Mavericks, Evergreen Boltz, Shadow Strikers, Deep Sea Otters, Dragon Raiders and Eagles Fortress. 
The teams are Valiant Vampires, Blue Blitz, Lightning Wolves and Barbarian Bulls. 
KFANDRA will soon be starting the KFANDRA LEAGUE AND CUP (RUGBY and FOOTBALL) for its ACADEMY members.  
KFANDRA is starting with the Rugby LC after which the Football LC will take place 
The players were divided into four 'Clubs' after 4 Managers were selected to manage the clubs. The Managers then 'purchased' their players through an online open bid. (KFANDRA Copyright) 
All other info only when you become a KFANDRA member 
The RFS Pune Team that comprised of one filled with Internationals ran away with the Cup. 
News Archives from Mon 13/06/16 till Saturday 02/07/16
Saturday 02/07/16 11.30 am
Amu purchased for 8M!!! No comments received from the parties involved as of this moment!!!
TZLC8 Prize Distribution and Function date set for the 16th of this month!
Rumours just in -
Top club Manager only consults one player in the squad regarding tactics and buying and selling of players and disregards other player inputs. The ADCMedia snoops clarify that this player is NOT the Manager himself. Player on being told of his Managers strategy laughs uproariously but can be seen to be blushing at the thought!
Another famous personality of a certain club continues his efforts to usurp the ADCMedia by planning
a club Website, Newspaper, Club App and cycle expeditions.
New Guess who and Cartoon to come up in a couple of days!
More Rumours
A certain person on the ADC list set to teach his colleagues certain interrogation techniques on Managers of ALL TZLC clubs. All those familiar with the term interrogation can vouch for the fact that it in no way resembles the polite questioning of persons...

Wednesday 29/06/16 11.30 am
Chinchin is gifted a possible star as clubs pull out of the race for Red's brother!
Mr. Khare thanks the few players that responded to his email on the future path of the TZLC... 

Tuesday 28/06/16 2.30 pm
Finally the rains come to Pune as Red and Paul find a new home with Sparky and Audi as the Managers fight for possession of Red's brother Sky and Amu.
Over 80 so far confirmed for the TZLC8 Function and probably more to follow declares TZ CEO Ahjoo!!
Those members that are not listed on the Wiggio Update/Reminder please contact the ADC with your email id.
Same applies for the TZ and KITFO members.

Sunday 26/06/16 8 am
Sameer 'Ryan' Chavan leaves AP as his heart is set on joining his drinking mates at PACU! Meeraj thrilled with move as his cousin would be unable to tease him if they are team mates. Ryan was observed to be sniggering on hearing this statement!! The transfer costed PACU a cool 3.5M TZR. The two PACU Managers Amma and Satsut were supposedly seen dancing and guzzling the night away with their new signing and a few other PACU players including the Chairmans wife.
"Otvratitel'nyy", is what the ADC thinks!!!
Another transfer penned for today is a Cash plus Player swap! Details to be revealed later!
Jaidev 'Jai' Karanth (famously known amongst his pals as Honey) is picked up by AP for a meagre than meagre amount. "Jai is one player that has so much potential and is bound to be a revelation in the TZLC9" stated an ADC source.

Saturday 25/06/16
PACU are the 1st team to spend in the TZLC9 as they procure VG for a meagre 2M!! 
PACU's Russian Chairman's wife commented 'VGowski Khorosho BT Rastochka, v PACU VG naslazhdaysya!!!'
BT's Manager said 'jehan leaves BT on amicable terms; BT thanks Jehan for his contribution and wishes him all the very best for his professional career.'
The TZLC will soon be hit with a spate of transfers from club to club and also from the ADC List.

Thursday 23/06/16
The ADC announces end dates to the players up for bid being declared soon!
TZ and KITFO sessions on full swing!!
Players that don't practice are an unworthy lot says hyper Silver Sharks Fan!!
Just have some tonic and success will come to you screams PACU fanatic!!

Tuesday 21/06/16 11.04 am
The bidding has begun and Amu seems to be hot property. There are a number of steals AVA and it is
possible that some players may be cooling their heels and only playing for either TZ or KITFO as no clubs will purchase them. The chance to form a new club ended as soon as the RH dissolution was announced. 
The Congolese National who has been attending TZ sessions is still to join the TZLC. He will surely be
a player that most of the clubs will go for.
The TZLC welcomes Akhilesh Singh, Aakash Pise, Divyanan Awasthi, Subin Alex, Aviank Ghanaria, Arpit Shah and Alankrit Saklani as official players from the KITFO organization.
The ADC commends Satsut and Pam for playing the Quest Game so well!! Their submissions were of a high quality and their clubs will be rewarded. There were some others such as Sparky etc who played the game well and submitted responses but Satsuts and Pams were exceptional. Though there are STILL a few uses some objects have that NONE have found!!!
Paaduman Returns to hit your screens soon!
The ADCMEDIA department has announced that the Video highlights of the ADC Cup Final and the Final League match between PACU and BT were LOST. Persons involved have been sacked and reinstated under pseudonyms! Such is the TZLC!! Funnily enough the sacked individuals stated that there was NO recording on the camera when they set up the device to the comp....
As for the ADC CUP Final which was fraught with incidences of disrepute some individuals of the old AA may have a chance to heave a sigh of relief....

Monday 20/06/16 9.15 am
Adu cut a lock of his hair on Saturday Evening and proved the POWER of the unknown as it started raining sporadically overnight till now! Just imagine what would have happened if he'd have gone bald! Such is the way of superstition when you can give a reason for anything by doing anything...
MANY players have been attempting the new Game and some Clubs haven't even bothered.
Only 1 player has tried to provide all the necessary  evidence required to win the game. Announcements regarding the winning players cannot be made as it will affect the transfer negotiations. But sponsorship awards will be handed out soon enough after considering the clubs performances last season and their behaviour. Winners of ANY game set up by the ADC will obviously boost a clubs finances. 
Coming soon, Paaduman part 2 - Paaduman Returns
Also to be released regularly - Guess WHO? Hopefully 1 new caricature a week.
And a Cartoon depicting something that REALLY happened and a fun cartoon!
The TZLC8 function will be held on the 2nd, 9th or 16th of July 2016 (All Saturday's). Please send in your AVAILABILITY to your organizational heads. For TZ to the TZ CEO Ahjoo, For KITFO to Sherry who will forward it to Ahjoo and for the NPP players, directly send your AVA or UNA to Ahjoo.
The function is meant for FAMILY and FRIENDS. There MAY be a attendance fee levied to cover costs.
Ahjoo will provide a clearer picture on this soon. There will be dinner and OBVIOUSLY the TZLC8 AWARDS ceremony. KFANDRA parents and RFS Pune players will also be invited. Mr. Khare will
confirm directly with Ahjoo later.

Saturday 18/06/16 10.21 am
The evil entity in the ADC Office internet network has STRUCK again!!! At the moment of writing this,
the net connection has been lost.....
Plans are still on to upload the game at 11 am but if unable to do so, the ADC advises ALL its interested members to keep checking the Games page for the update. This time there will be NO intimation to ANYONE. The ADC will upload the game AS AND WHEN the internet resumes post 11 am.
Other News
YogiMogi's BAN from the KFANDRA sessions has been lifted! Rumours abound that the ADC persuaded Mr. Khare to do the needful as Yogi had been pestering the ADC for some time now and even though the ADC used a new software to BLOCK his number, the evergreen cycle ride organizer used his css coding knowledge to circumnavigate the firewall!! Thus Mr. Khare has invited honorary KFANDRA U16 members Pam and Mkul to join Yogi in the Game day session with the U16's at Law this evening.
Game Day consists of a Rugby contact match and a Football match with TZLC rules.
In another matter a certain KFANDRA player that is growing into a fine young specimen and is also growing a nest on top of his head was observed STARING and GAWKING at a certain person NOT of KFANDRA. This shocked all and especially the young 'innocent'? girls at the Academy. They were so dumbfounded that their belief in this persons honesty and integrity has been almost SHATTERED! This same person was told by a Tantrik (Voo Doo man/Magician?) that if he cuts his hair, then rain will resume in Pune. It is rumoured that this young Adult refused to believe and now 1 week later, the rains have STILL failed to arrive. The ADC advises this young man to cut 1 cm of 1 strand of hair and observe the POWER of SUPERSTITION!!! Or is it Jaadu Tona?? Only Time will tell!!!!
Mkul has been observed practicing his shooting on the part of the ground not used by KFANDRA.
MJ aka Tsotsi aka compulsive story teller of 'I was banned in the TZLC8 because everyone was scared of my talent' fame nicknamed Mkul, Scoopy doopy do and MScoop!
A KFANDRA dad was observed using his helmet while allowing his child to ride without one! Shame on you shouted thousands of (..) fans!!
A reminder to all TZLC members to use Loo's if provided wherever you are and to use helmets while riding a 2 wheeler. 
See latest cartoon on the Home Page or in the cartoons section!

Saturday 18/06/16 7 am
It seems the ADC office network is back! The game will be published at either 9 am or 11 am
depending on feedback from the Managers regarding AVA of majority players at either time. The final time will be announced to the Managers 10 mins before publishing.
If by some freak of nature or the evil entity that is stuck in the ADC's network decides to act up again BEFORE the game is published, then the ADC will NOTIFY the Managers who will contact the players.
The winners of the 1st Guess who? game which the ADC hopes everyone is enjoying and will be an ongoing event this season are - 1. Amma from PACU 2. Chinchin from BI and 3. Amti from BE. All MANAGERS!! Others have responded but as per the rules, only the 1st 3 confirmations from different clubs will win the prize money.
There were some VERY FUNNY guesses!! The correct one obviously being Amol Hatki or Hamol Hatkinator. The weird answers were - Amay Dharmar, Ameya Dharmadhikar and FUNNIEST of all Andysu with a moustache!!!
Paaduman Part 2 will hopefully hit your screens SOON!!! PAADUMAN SPAWNS again!!!
The transfer bids and negotiations are hotting up! The ADC hopes all contracts are up to date!! Those players that have asked to join the TZLC and have sent confirmation to the ADC will be added to the Stats sheet and to the ADC list soon!

Friday 17/06/16 5.20 am
The ADC seems to be getting a connection every morning but by mid morning its gone! Lets hope the connection has been restored permanently!
The Game will be declared today! It can't be updated now as this would be unfair on the members that are UNA at this time.

Thursday 16/06/16
Unfortunately as the ADC office is having a problem with its internet connection, the game could not be made available at 11.30 am this morning. You are requested to check at half an hour intervals to see if the game has been uploaded on the Games page.
There are opportunities to earn cash all over the website. For starters check the Home page and guess the dodgy bloke for 1M TZR!!! Only 1 Guess!! Max 3 winners!!
Players are reminded that Chewing gum is FORBIDDEN during the session and TZLC matches.
Also after spitting (a natural occurance after exercising) the sputum should be covered by 
kicking some sand over it. You people are lucky we have a dirt ground! Soon to be grass if all goes as plan!
Some more news as a well known player came to the conclusion that if he fails to sign the new Congolese player Voyant Safari (Foye) then there is NO HOPE of winning ANYTHING this season. The ADC suggests that this player MUST take an early retirement as this attitude doesn't bode well for the future. OR change his way of thinking, pull his socks up and get on with it. Its very sad that a player who is coached by Neel Sir can speak in such a way that it reeks of insecurity. Credit should be given to those who deserve it but OVER the TOP credit is never a good sign. Lets be a bit reserved people. Keep our feet planted firmly on the ground and take things with a pinch of salt. This same bloke has sent the ADC some intricate feedback regarding the website and it thanks him for the effort! Some observations were necessary while some were not!

Wednesday 15/06/16
The GAME will be PUBLISHED at 11.30 am TOMORROW!!!!
Transfer news
New players set to join and names will be put up on the ADC LIST at regular intervals.
Red already has a bid in for him!!!
Other News
See Aundh Panthers LOGO on the Home Page! Its SPIFFING!! A great work of art by Sparky and Audi says the ADC!!!

Wednesday 15/06/16
The game to earn sponsorship money will be released TODAY!!! Stay TUNED!!!
Hints - It seems easy but it isn't THAT easy!!! You need to know how to take a screen shot and also be confident in clicking highlighted names! Enough hints!!
Transfer speculation
Red's brother Aakash or sky as I'm sure he'll now be known as has joined the KITFO sessions and is unsure of becoming a TZLC member. Rimour has it that Sky is a match and a half for Red!
Some Ex-RH players may be SUSPENDED as they did NOT think it necessary to thank the ADC for its benevolence regarding their continuance in the TZLC.
This may come as a shock to some Managers as they have already shown their excitement in signing some so called stars.
Other News
The Panthers have submitted their logo and it will be open to the public once some formalities are completed.
The TZ CEO has been asked  to start preparing the vendor for the TZLC Kits. Also to start preparing for constructing a spectator stand at the NCL ground. The Papal teams need to get CORNER FLAGS for the TZLC9. There is a lovely grassy sheen to the TZ ground even without sufficient rains and if it is well maintained, the ADC's  dream of having a grass ground for the TZLC will be complete!
More news soon!! Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday 14/06/16
The ADC is pleased that some Managers as well as themselves have tried to win the sponsorship amount by playing the Paaduman game that was released many months ago.....
Unfortunately the ADC has decided to set up another game based on a totally different style!
Its an ADVENTURE based game and once you start playing it, you'll get the hang of it!!
Stay tuned! Lots of sponsorship for your club to be won! 
The game may be updated TODAY or TOMORROW...or sometime later! Its best to stay ALERT!!!

Monday 13/06/16
After scares that the TZLC members would be reduced on account of players dropping out either due to lack of fitness or work commitments and thus having a knock on effect with clubs losing squad players and combining that with a limited influx of new players, things have taken a turn for the BETTER!!!
Suddenly both camps at TZ and KITFO are having a rip roaring time in their pre-season or off season sessions with both organizations nearly tallying over 30 players per session!
Sad news coupled with the above though as the Red Hurricanes has been dissolved.
In a press release TC stated that he tried his best to ensure that RH continued but he couldn't pull the team together. He is thankful to the ADC for allowing him a generous amount of time to try and work things out. He also mentioned that he and the rest of the squad will abide by whatever decision the ADC takes regarding them.
As per the R and R, if a club dissolved than the players who wish to continue with the TZLC will be suspended for a year. But after seeing the efforts put in by TC the ADC has come to the conclusion that SUSPENDING the players would be too harsh a decision in this case. (Cases may vary). So the ADC has decided to PROHIBIT the available players (See Ratings and Stats Excel Sheet on the Player Ratings and Stats page) from assuming AND POST of LEADERSHIP in the CURRENT TZLC9 Season. This means that once these players are purchased by a club or continue to play for TZ or KITFO they will NOT be allowed to become a Manager or Captain or ANY other post that offers them a high level of responsibility.
As a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of RH being dissolved the ADC has decided to CANCEL the relegation to the 2nd Div of Last Seasons AA. The new AA management of Sparky and Audi have decided on changing the club name, slogan and colours as a REBRANDING of the club.
AA, with the go ahead of the ADC has changed its name to Aundh Panthers. 
The ADC decided to cancel AP's relegation as AA came 4th in the combined League tally and as a vacancy opened up due to RH's dissolution, AP were the LEGAL candidates.
The ADC has come to the conclusion that TZAS are no longer All Stars and will be called as it should've been all along. Thunderboltz. They have been awarded an entry to the 2nd Div.
Mr. Khare is upset that there were some individuals that were unhappy with hardly any TZ sessions being held during the latter parts of the TZLC8 season. Mr. Khare explains that the LACK of sessions were due to Matches being Postponed and rescheduled for a Tue or Thu,
after the TZ CEO Ahjoo had accepted to reschedule matches on TZ practice dates.
Due to these individuals the ADC has come to the conclusion that under NO circumstance will a match be Postponed (Apart from a player dying or being close to death).
A WALKOVER will be awarded or the Club has to play with how many ever players they have on match day. There is no limit to how many players a club is allowed to field apart from the max 11. (See R and R).
Also, if the NEW LOOK website fills in all the blanks then the TZLC APP and the KFANDRA APP will no longer be needed and will be discarded.

On another note - 
The ADC has initiated an overhaul in the clubs thinking throughout the Management and the club players. The focus on the TZLC members to learn to STRUGGLE in times of difficulty was paramount in the ADC's words of wisdom. The joy in achieving positive results from positions of hopelessness garners a far greater sense of accomplishment than when you start off from a strong position. When you are a strong club ALL what is expected are POSITIVE RESULTS that are targeted towards WINNING. But for a club that is struggling, plus points can be found in every category and every situation as it pushes for success.

News Archives from Mon 04/07/16 till Monday 24/09/16
Monday 24th September 11.30 am
VK appointed as SS Manager!!! All members should note that he MUST be called VK in ALL TZLC correspondence.

Monday 24th September 6.45 am
New Images added to the R and R made easy cartoons! Plus small additional info included in the images updated yesterday. THIS IS COMPULSORY VIEWING FOR ALL.
BT send in request for personal Match Balls. So do BE. Both clubs must send their requirement by messaging (Texting) KFANDRAAI the day before the TZ/KITFO session.

KFANDRA - If you (Parents/Players) haven't picked up a circular do so at the next session. Friday and Saturday may be declared holidays on account of a religious festival.

Sunday 23rd September 5.15 pm
Please check the R and R page for a new link that explains in simple terms WHY the TZLC is
so different!!!
Don't forget to send in your entry for the BTB competition!!!

Saturday 22nd September 12.20 pm
BT's S. 'Pam' Patil runs 9.1 Km's in an UNOFFICIAL friendly against a much loaned AP side. Even after so much running on the wing by the BT star, last seasons promoted team lost 1 - 3!!
Read an article in today's Pune Newsline featuring two RFS Pune/KFANDRA girls!

Saturday 22nd September 6.45 am
BTB Entry Form Published!! See Games Page!!! It's NEW!!
SS STILL fin-less mid-sea and surrounded by shark hunters!!

Friday 21st September 12 Noon
SS Manager Varun 'VK' Kuzhikuttil SACKED by livid Chairperson and with backing from the KFANDRAAI!
Reasons were aplenty as the SS Chairperson stated in a Press Release that "Varun was on Strike 1 or 2 and with the next strike (Baseballing term) he'd be sent to the cleaners. Mr. Khare's early morning excessive coaching rant at an 'innocent' Ravi 'Robby' Poddar due to Varun's inability to inform the Club or KFANDRAAI regarding certain issues led the KFANDRAAI to contact Club Chairperson about Mr. Kuzhikuttil. The Chairperson had NO hesitation at all in pushing Varun of the boat as he had left SS stranded on a beach. It remains to be seen whether Mr. Kuzhikattil retains his post under a pseudonym (depending on when he gets back from wherever he's disappeared to) or SS appoint a NEW MANAGER.
In an UNOFFICIAL friendly, as mentioned in a Press Release by AP Manager Sean 'Sparky' Mathew and Amarnath 'Amma' Venkatramani, PACU thrashed AP by 5 goals to 2. K. Samant 2, A. Godse 1, H. Singh 1 and an own goal. P. Ghadge and E. Lima scoring for AP. NO OTHER INFO was provided to the Press regarding positions of players and who the AP GK was who let in 3 through his legs. Only that H. Singh and K. Samant performed well, possibly due to their regularity at the TZ sessions. Plus that the ground was marked with cones.
Rumour - R. 'Robby' Poddar openly reconciled with the volatile Khare after the KITFO session but was last seen smashing his phone to bits on receiving a message from his coach re the incident. He was then heard to state in no simple terms that there WILL be bloodshed!

Thursday 20th September 11.10 am
Keano drops out of the TZLC9 as he moves to Canada with family for a year!
BE in turmoil as along with Keano, Amti inflicts SILLY injury on himself a couple of weeks ago!
Mr Khare said 'Bets are on that a couple more crazy BE players will injure themselves while playing tiddlywinks or summat!'
Rumour has it that the KFANDRAAI may release a RAP video as a TZLC9 PreSeason appetiser!!!
Clubs are WARNED that the Match Referee will be officiating with a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY!!!
Players are allowed to procure Match Footballs APPROVED by KFANDRA from the KFANDRAAI Merchanize dept. The Footballs will NOT be of the same design used in the TZLC9. Please contact your Manager if you are interested in Match Footballs of a different design as exhibited by Paaduman.
All the Managers and In-Charges may be meeting up at the KFANDRAAI office this weekend. Details re the balls will be forwarded to the Managers.

Wednesday 19 September 11.45 am
RW have gone for an Orange tint in their new design that was allowed by KFANDRAAi as it was the manufacturer that had an issue with the previous colour.
So now in the video of the kit release, out of the 7 kit profiles ONLY 5 are the same!
KFANDRAAI EXTREMELY disappointed at SS and BE on their punctuality. As spokesman said that 'To mark the ground the players were called early by BE player and KITFO In-charge Mr. Yeole (Sherry). Some players were on time but MOST of the players were not up to TZLC standards. Although the marking of the outfield was completed WELL, the best so far at Papal since the inception of the TZLC, the ATTITUDE of the players is woeful. The KFANDRAAI is not always patient and understanding and WILL Suspend/Expel players or PULL the PLUG on it's participation in the TZLC at the drop of a hat if the players are not disciplined enough.'
A total of around 100 Kg's is required to mark a FULL SIZED pitch and the KFANDRAAI hopes that tomorrow's ground marking session at NCL will fare better.
Football Tactics Made Simple Episode 4 to be released soon!

Monday 17th September 7.45 am
Due to the Clubs holding a 1 min silence in memory of Rafa's Dad (Mr. Rastogi) passing prior to the UNOFFICIAL FRIENDLY between BT and BI on Saturday, the KFANDRAAi will NOT be punishing the two clubs as it will mar the solemn occasion. Rafa has conveyed his thanks to the TZLC and EVERYONE that participated in the silence, he is deeply honoured.
A couple of images along with the Reviews have been updated on the MR page.
Managers should note that they MUST ENCOURAGE their players to WATCH the Football Tactics Made Simple video's that have been created. Also video's will be created focusing on the UNIQUE R and R being implemented in the TZLC (TI's, Sin Bins etc).
From the TZLC9, MP's WILL be compulsory. Match Previews can be included inside the PDF MP and are NOT needed to be sent separately.
The Football that has been chosen by the players after a vote that was partly unanimous, is the MULTI COLOURED football!
Every club (7) and every organisation (TZ and KITFO) will be given 2 OFFICIAL MATCH BALLS to be brought to the ground PUMPED and READY for their own Home and Away match. So a total of 18 Footballs will be distributed. (4 Footballs per match) These Footballs are to be used ONLY for TZLC9 Matches. If the OFFICIAL MATCH BALLS are used anywhere other than an OFFICIAL TZLC 9 Match/occasion, then ANY MEMBER of the TZLC9 that is INVOLVED in the unofficial use will be PUNISHED/SUSPENDED/EXPELLED.

Saturday 15th October 11.50 am
BT loaned 3 players WITHOUT confirmation while BI went ahead with their plans without approval.
BT Fans were ENRAGED that they purchased tickets and were NOT informed that only 8 players were AVA from the club for the friendly. The KFANDRAAI has issued a Show Cause notice to both clubs.
In earlier News, in afriendly held some weeks ago Adi (Salonki) scored a stunner while in this mornings UNOFFICIAL FRIENDLY BT with 3 UNOFFICIAL LOANS beat The Rest (in actuality BI with 3 UNOFFICAL LOANS) 3 - 1!!!

Thursday 13th October 11.30 am
Rajendra 'Rafa' Rastogi's father passed away last night. We hope he can stay strong in this time of loss. The whole TZLC community is always in support of it's members through bad times and good.
The KFANDRAAI media has noted that Amonk (Mr. Monga), Harsha (Mr. Salagare), and The Khare's all lost their mum's this year and now Rafa's dad is sadly a part of that list. 
We urge all the TZLC Members to encourage their loved one's to get their medical tests done asap as well as their own.
Death is always a breath careful people!!!
Saturday's match between BT and the Rest of the AVA players has been converted into an UNOFFICIAL FRIENDLY as stated by the KFANDRAAI late last night in a Press Release. BT though have been allowed to SELL tickets for the match.

Wednesday 12th October 12.35 pm
KFANDRAAI have approved an OFFICIAL Friendly match between BT and AVAILABLE players on Sat the 15th. (See details in MR section.) Chinchin (Mr. Kadam) is in charge of the Rest Squad.

Tuesday 11th October 3 pm
Paaduman Reveals CUSTOMISED TZLC9 Match Footballs! All are KFANDRAAI Approved!!!
And KFANDRAAI approved Rugby Ball!!
The club Managers are asked to choose ONLY ONE design from the footballs displayed by Paaduman!
Those footballs will be used in the TZLC9!!!! (The Footballs and Rugby balls are as per WORLD STANDARDS!!!)

Monday 10th October 9.15 am
No players left on the KFANDRAAI list!!!! But rumours abound that there are still a few more on the way. 
Remaining KFANDRA profile Images to be clicked from this evening.
Clubs that have NOT sent in their players images and player contracts will be punished.
Mr. Khare has stated to the KFANDRAAI that he will be available to officiate matches on the coming Saturday (15/10/16) at NCL. He has suggested that 2 matches can be held between 6.50 am and 8.30 am. (60 min matches). The matches will give the players a feel of how the TZLC9 will be conducted. These matches will be termed as OFFICIAL FRIENDLIES.

Mrs. Prema M. Khare's obituary has been published in The Times of India and Maharashtra Times.

Friday 7th October 6 am
The Khare's wish to thank all the TZLC Members, RFS Pune Members, KFANDRA members, relatives and Family Friends for their heartfelt condolences on the passing away of Mrs. Prema M. Khare, their mum.
There will be no such grieving period as the Khare's believe that every day is always a day of regret or joy and such is life that a person needs to move ahead, head held up high always looking at the present and the future in the hope that joy surpasses regret and sadness. Grief will always be a constant at the back of our minds, the ultimate goal should be how we manage to control our emotions in a positive way that is beneficial to everyone.
KITFO session will be on as normal this morning.
KFANDRA sessions will also continue as normal from this evening.

Thursday 6th October 12.20 pm
See TZLC9 Video Preview on the Home Page (You Tube).
Satire to be distributed today!
Another new player from KITFO set to join the TZLC!!

Sunday 2nd October 9 am
Rains Postpone ground maintenance!
BE's Review slammed by KFANDRAAI! AP's Review for the Unofficial Friendly also not up to standards says KFANDRAAI.
R and R Updated!

Saturday 1st October 3.40 pm
AP thrashed BE in an unofficial friendly at Papal as per reports that came in from the AP Manager Audi. Ajinx and Elvis got a brace each while Audi himself scored a hattrick. No news at all from the Eagles side. Clearly though, they aren't starting off this season as well as they finished the last. But theres still a month to go and time to think things through.
The KFANDRAAI has released it's second episode in the TACTICS MADE SIMPLE SERIES (See Home Page).
The rains have lashed the city once again and are proof enough to those that doubted the KFANDRAAI as to why they scheduled the START of the TZLC9 in the 1st week of November!!!

Friday 30th September 12.15 pm
BE and AP have arranged an Unofficial Friendly at Papal tomorrow morning KO 7 am. Word has it that BE will loan a GK while AP will play with 10 players and a GK rotation system or as many KFANDRAAI back staff were giggling, Meer will keep again!!
New Club Profile Images updated!
Video Tactics Episode 2 may be released today!
KFANDRAAI asks TZ and KITFO to ensure that their grounds are HEALTHY before the start to the season.
Another player added to KFANDRAAI List!
Yogi Mogi finishes Paaduman Returns Revamped Easy Version on the DAY of its RELEASE!!!

Wednesday 28th September 4.30 pm
Keep checking the R and R section for updated info!!
KFANDRAAI allows friendly's to take place again! But under certain conditions!!
A few players images from the Academy have been uploaded! See KFANDRA PLAYER PROFILES Page!!

Monday 26th September 11 am
KFANDRAAI receives response ONLY from AP and BT regarding New Player EDUCATION initiative.
Players taking part in the TZ and KITFO sessions will NOT be allowed to use Socks and Shorts depicting LOGOS of clubs OTHER than the TZLC.
Members in the evening KFANDRA sessions will NOT be allowed to use Socks and Shorts depicting LOGOS of clubs OTHER than the TZLC.
KFANDRA welcomes brothers Ayaan and Vihaan Mantri, Aryan Pungaliya and Aryan Deore into the Academy. It says welcome back to Shaurya Chavan who had gone AWOL for a few months!!
KFANDRA will take PROFILE IMAGES of the players in all age groups from this evening!!!

Sunday 25th September 6.30 am
In a meeting held last night, with Chairpersons, BOD's and the KFANDRAAI it was decided to WITHOLD PERMISSION for FRIENDLIES between clubs involving the TZLC UNTIL the clubs ensure that its players are WELL AWARE of ALL THE R and R of the TZLC. It is IMPERATIVE that the older members EDUCATE the newer members ASAP and that the older members re-educate themselves of the R and R also.
The meeting was held after ALL Reviews for the match between SS and BI were submitted (Except unofficial MO Pam) and also the KFANDRAAI report was updated. The KFANDRAAI has instructed Mr. Khare to be STRICT in ALL departments of coaching and NOT to let ANYONE go by with a slap on the wrist. NEW members of the TZLC (NPP) along with the old members MAY BE ASKED to sit for an EXAM re the R and R of the TZLC. Failure of which would result in the CANCELLATION of MEMBERSHIP. The KFANDRAAI stated that BEFORE the implementation of the Exam is fixed, it will give each club, 4 days to REPLY to the KFANDRAAI insinuations that the Ethos and R and R of the TZLC is being disrespected and what measures the Managers are taking to ensure that their club members are up to date with the TZLC philosophy. For eg THERE is NO EXCUSE that players were UNAWARE of the address of the Venue as ALL the MEMBERS are intelligent and are able to use such software as Google Maps etc. 
Both organisations MUST ensure that the grounds are READY for the start of the Season with all the necessary material (Nets, Corner Flags etc) and that the grounds are in a good state also.
Bonuses to BT re MO duty has been withheld.
BI and SS BONUSES have been witheld.
The KFANDRAAI is prepared to CUT DOWN membership of the TZLC to the bare minumum to maintain Law and Order and the TZLC Ethos.

Saturday 24th September 2.45 pm
In the 1st Official Friendly of the Season there were a number of pluses and minuses. See MR for more info. See Images Page for Images from Match!!!
NO players left at the moment on the KFANDRAAI list.

Wednesday 21st September 3.30 pm
BI were summoned for gross plagiarisation of certain Logo's and images used in the TZLC8 as well as
their initial attempt at an MP for their friendly against SS on Saturday. Manager of BI Kadam has expressed regret and the KFANDRAAI will announce a punishment soon.
Elton 'Elvis' Lima seems to be putting in a lot of hard work at the TZ sessions as the KFANDRAAI has increased his value to the HIGHEST EVER VALUE since the new values cam into effect. Word of his talent already has the the TZLC and their opponents in an unnannounced friendly against BE on Saturday wary. Usually when opponents needs to handly a tricky player, a little bit of afters is required. But in the TZLC this is STRICTLY BANNED so BE will have to use their own guile to get the better of Elvis and his team mates!
Another Ex-KFANDRAITE is added to the Bid List!!!

Tuesday 20th September 12 NOON
KFANDRAAI states the ALL Video's are open for sharing! It also thanks Mario and Sam for the comments!
The Video Series will be released as per a pre-determined format but the members etc are welcome to send in queries that they'd liked to get cleared in a video.
RW sends list with MAX number of Fan and Children kits! KFANDRAAI lauds them and issues 2M TZR Bonus!!!
BT make changes to the Kit after KFANDRAAI states that Last Season kit is invalid for the TZLC9. They have gone Green!! See Images

Monday 19th September 4.20 pm
See 1st Episode of Tactics made simple on the home Page!!!
More players roll in!!!

Sunday 18th September 8.30 am
Managers meet at KFANDRAAI Office may be PP'd or Cancelled.
Players on the KFANDRAAI list that have not been bid for, DISTRIBUTED!!
New members 1 from KITFO and 1 from NPP (Pref NCL) added!
Watch out for Football Tactics made simple!!
Slogan for the TZLC to be announced when the Club Kits are distributed!
42 days to go!!!!!
See SS Vs BI (Sat 24th Sep) Match Previews and SS MP (Match Programme)! 1st MP of the TZLC9 Season!!!

Saturday 17th September 8 am
The KFANDRAAI head honchos along with the Club Chairpersons sat down for a late night impromptu
meeting yesterday regarding certain issues. One of the issues mentioned was about one of the Managers suggesting that the players should be allowed to decide which of their names be printed on the back of their shirts, the reason being that certain players may not like to display their religion or caste through their names. The KFANDRAAI was EXTREMELY SHOCKED at this as the ADC (FA, then the ADC) had ensured that NO names were used on the back of the clubs shirts UNTIL a time where it (Now KFANDRAAI) was ASSURED that the members were NOT concerned about religion, caste or creed.
The KFANDRAAI, after allowing nicknames or any name on the back of the shirts in the TZLC8, decided that the time was ripe to become MORE PROFESSIONAL by using SURNAMES. 
It is OBVIOUS though that SOME players still have issues regarding caste, creed and Religion.
The KFANDRAAI believes that the colour of skin, your birth, your faith and religion HAVE NO PLACE in the TZLC. ALL ARE EQUAL in the TZLC. RESPECT IS PARAMOUNT.
Therefore the KFANDRAAI has decided that the ORIGINAL ORDER of SURNAMES on the back of shirts will NOT be changed. Those that still have an issue with Surnames providing an unnecessary glimpse of their faith will be allowed to do the following. They are allowed to use their FIRSTNAME, BUT only on the conditions that they use the initial  of the LAST  NAME in front of their firstname. For eg
Swapneel M. Khare, can be used as KHARE or if the person concerned has an issue than it can be printed as K. Swapneel. If the players concerend STILL have an ISSUE with this ruling then they are requested to send an email to the KFANDRAAI asking to EXIT the TZLC.
IN other News, FOOTBALL TACTICS MADE SIMPLE VIDEO edition may be released this weekend. The first part of hopefully a long series of videos created to develop young minds as well as Adult minds in the field of strategy. Rugby Videos will also be released in the near future.

Thursday 15th September 11 am
There will be NO KFANDRA session in the evening as some roads will be closed and there will be HEAVY traffic congestion due to a Religious Festival.

Wednesday 14th September 12.10 pm
KFANDRA welcomes Viren Karande into the Academy!

New members to the TZLC keep on signing up!!!
Kapil P Bid touches 4.5 M TZR!!!
Missing - Jon aka Manoj Uniyal - Last seen avoiding KITFO and BE players..If spotted, no reward will be given, in fact BE request you to send him to a doctor as the Jon they new was without SPOTS!!!
This Media Breaking News was brought to you by reporters with extra time on their hands!!!

Monday 12th September 11 am
Paaduman Returns Revamped EASY VERSION RELEASED!!! PLAY NOW!!!!
25th September Sunday possible LUNCH date at the KFANDRAAI OFFICE for Club Managers and Organization In-Charges! The KFANDRAAI Media WILL be present!

Sunday 11th September 12.45 pm 
The KFANDRAAI has decided to STRIGENTLY IMPLEMENT use of helmets for EVERY MEMBER of the TZLC when they arrive or depart from sessions or matches or if they are observed ANYWHERE without helmets or wearing seat belts WILL be penalized. Suspensions may be handed over also.
Youth players (U16) may be BANNED from the TZLC. Young Adult CM and youth player Pat of BT fined for riding a bike without wearing helmets.
Hima and Pam latest to win TZR for Cartoon competition entries.
BI and SS plan OFFICIAL friendly at the end of the month 24th Sep Sat.
TZ Home ground NCL will be ready for tactical training and friendly matches from Tuesday 13th!!!
More News later!!!

Saturday 10th September 12.15 pm (Just past Noon)
RW have just responded to the KFANDRAAI Media with their version of the unofficial friendly played this morning. Mantan (wearing dark goggles, a trench coat and furtively glancing hither and thither) the RW Jt Manager stated 'Toffee Sheikh wunderbar bhoonga shootings 1st goalings betterings much lemon and Lima goalings!!" (KFANDRAAI translation - "Sheikh's opener for RW was a classier act than Lima's shot that hit the post after dribbling past 7 players"). Hmmmnnn Sour Grapes anyone?? Or is it just the KFANDRAAI Page 3 Media section putting unnecessary fire where it's necessary to? Mantan also added "Hahaaheeheee hyuk! Ownings Goal Rock!! Hahahee!" as he quickly ran away from the KFANDRAAI offices before anyone could spot him...Quite funny that as you just CAN'T trust the KFANDRAAI Page 3 to keep ANYTHING secret!
Mantan also added that Toffee Sheikh and Hoskote added the others. All the other info was not sensational enough to be included here!

Saturday 10th September 11.25 am
AP and RW in goal fest as they open the TZLC9 in a 10 goal thriller at Don Bosco in an UNOFFICIAL FRIENDLY.
(An unofficial friendly is tagged as one when the clubs are NOT focusing on a set strategy but more on giving players a chance to express themselves in various positions and getting to know one another. A PROPER friendly that requires Previews, Reviews, MP's, MO's, sale of tickets, announcement at least ONE week prior to the match and EVERYTHING else that an OFFICIAL MATCH requires is termed as an OFFICIAL FRIENDLY.)
Elton 'Humble? Who me?' Lima, according to reports that have just come in, DAZZLED his team mates, the opposition and 1 spectator that RW loaned to play in goals, with his talent. Ajinx who also scored a brace along with Audi who scored one were impressed and shocked at the same time that there could be someone that will chase them both in the Golden Boot competition and clubs highest scorer also! Jai scored the only other goal. No news from RW's camp at this time.
Club Managers MUST always REFER to players by their SURNAMES in the TZLC9 to bring about more
professionalism. Only KFANDRAAI and its various depts are allowed to used pseudonyms. UNLESS of course Managers are sacked and Pseudonyms have to be used.
Players with the SAME SURNAME MUST add their FIRST NAME initial to their Surname printed on their shirt, such as G. Shah. Some cultures that do NOT have a Surname must use their Fathers or Mothers name. Or guardians name. Or a name that is used on their passport. For instance if Mr. Khare did not have a surname and only a name and his name was Khare then he could use a title as Khare S. M. on his shirt. 
Please submit your entries to the new game on the cartoons page. You need to describe the ongoing story and a creative continuation to it. Audi wins 1M TZR for his efforts!

Thursday 8th September 2.20 pm
CORRECTION - RW Vs AP fixed for Saturday! Prankster caught in KFANDRAAI's office!!!
KFANDRAAI verifying size of ground....

Thursday 8th September 1.40 pm
Rock emerges from his self proclaimed exile as AP and KFANDRAAI welcome him back!!
Ashwin B hits 2M!!
KFANDRAAI Big Scary Mum on recovery stage! KFANDRAAI wishes to thank all of you that sent in a message regarding her well being! 
RW Vs PACU fixed on the morning of Saturday at Don Bosco! Conflicting rumours state that it will be
8 a side! How has KFANDRAAI accepted this as an official friendly? ask confused supporters!!
Match details to be updated soon!!!

Monday 5th September 11.40 am
KFANDRAAI Game Department have started another competition! See the Cartoons Page!!
This competition is open to KFANDRA also!!!
KFANDRA's session is ON this evening!!!
KFANDRA welcomes Aryan Karandikar into the Academy!!!
A formidable die hard TZ player is set to make a return from tomorrow's TZ practice session!
Audi, Jt. Manager of AP released a statement to the KFANDRAAI Media - 
"Yogi Mogi is yeda, AP not AP only being dodgy players there from everywhere when PACU Vs playing, Yogi Mogi paagal!"
Our ace translators at KFANDRAAI did the needful - 
"I am assuming that the Yogi of Mogi fame is still high on something he was told to take by his doctor as AP did not play the other day but was in fact a team that was cobbled together from odd areas of the city. I refute all Yogi of Mogi fame's insinuations!"

Sunday 4th September 1 pm
KFANDRAAI make public the kit designs to be used by the clubs in the TZLC9!!! See Video on Home Page!!
Ashwin Bapat bid progressing at snails pace as rumours abound that PACU welcome new signee
Yash S in typical PACU fashion but fail to invite another new signee! 
Manager of a Club gets a right old rollicking from Chairperson!
PACU beat AP 3 - 1 in an unofficial friendly at the Sangamwadi ground. Yogi the Mogi when interviewed yesterday proudly stated that the God Satsut and Goddest of gods Ryan got on the scoring sheet along with Meeraj (serf). No news from theiropponents AP....
More News soon!!!

Wednesday 12 Noon 
Players stuck on the KFANDRAAI list transferred AUTOMATICALLY by the KFANDRAAI Super Computer!!
TZLC9 guaranteed to be BIGGER AND BETTER than before!
KFANDRA welcomes Ridhaan Kunkalol and Aarav Zava into the Academy!
KFANDRA also welcomes Samiha Dabholkar back for a few sessions and a few weeks before she flies off for further studies to Switzerland!

Monday 10.30 am
Kit designs to be released by the KFANDRAAI next week!
Club Managers must start fixing dates for WARM UP MATCHES within 2 weeks from today's date.
Matches will be OFFICIAL. (Referee will be appointed and Match tickets can be sold)
Players are still pouring in to join the TZLC which means Loans next season will virtually END. Possibly only AVGKL's will be rampant. Less clubs and more players can mean only one thing...and that is that the FIGHT for places in the 1st eleven could be ferocious. The KFANDRAAI expects Managers to ensure the following methods to be used for team selection - 1. Regularity for TZ or KITFO sessions 2. Regularity in attending Club Meetings and other get togethers. The Chairperson and BOD of the Clubs have been asked by the KFANDRAAI to step in once things are being handled in the incorrect way. If the KFANDRAAI has to step in then clubs better worry.
Players that are currently AVA on the KFANDRAAI list MUST send in their confirmation of continuing in the TZLC to the KFANDRAAI by 12 Noon tomorrow. This is because the players on the current list have been missing from the practice sessions and have not been in touch. If they do NOT contact the KFANDRAAI then they will be WITHDRAWN.
Dirstribution of the players on the list to be made on 31/08/16.

Saturday 27/08/16 3.38 pm
Please read yesterdays News if you've missed it!
Karan 'KT135' Tejwani transfer remains the highest in the TZLC history books so far! Yash Shah tops this seasons transfer amount at this moment in time.
SURNAMES compulsory for KITS.
KFANDRAAI still awaiting kits designs from all clubs, Fines to be levied!

Friday 26/08/16 6 am
2 months to go for the TZLC9 as clubs make final kit preparations!
The Short Game World Cup, usually organised in the off season, will NOT be played in consecutive years decided the KFANDRAAI. The SGWC3 which was scheduled to be played in between the TZLC8 and TZLC9 will NOT be played this year. The KFANDRAAI has stated that due to time constraints and an overload of work, the SGWC will be scheduled possibly once every 2, 3 or 4 years.
The KFANDRAAI is set to distribute players at the end of this month. New players joining the TZLC will be put on the KFANDRAAI list for a FORTNIGHT and then distributed post the end of this month. The distribution of players will END 1 week BEFORE the start of the TZLC9 after which players that join the TZLC will HAVE to wait for a Bid to come in for them.

Tuesday 23/08/16 3.35 pm
As the TZ and KITFO sessions heat up to full capacity, Chinchin spots his new signee Anoop (he's a scientist!!) Mahajan up to stuff that gets him interviewed in the Local Express! (Click Here to see article)
In other news, SS Squad Images up!!!
Plus see an image of TZ's Home Ground getting ready for the TZLC9!!

Saturday 20/08/16 11.25 am
The KFANDRAAI was extremely displeased at the way 3 Managers from the TZLC conducted themselves during a frowned upon but legitimate agreement between clubs PRIOR to an open bid. As the KFANDRAAI does NOT want to POLICE conversations between Managers or clubs as this would impact upon the TRUST and HONESTY involving BALANCE SHEETS, the Bid Process and many other aspects which has been untouched in the TZLC. The players were allowed to communicate freely with each other regarding everything under the sun AS LONG as it was legitimate. Legitimate meaning INSIDE the R and R of the TZLC. So when a Manager approaches other Managers to 'kindly' stay away from the bidding of a NEW PLAYER, this agreement is DONE SECRETLY so that a NEW PLAYER need NOT SPEND a SEASON playing for a club that he doesn't want to play for. This has happened in previous seasons. To WASTE a Season at any age (approximately 1 year), is a LOT of time. Therefore the ADC (at that time) had come up with a ruling that the player could ask for a transfer after 3 matches. BUT as the players that join the TZLC are vetted for their loyalty, discipline and integrity, LEAVING a club after 3 matches seemed unethical. (This rule is still in place.) Therefore the conundrum of legalities and the ETHOS of the TZLC of Trust and Integrity at its core. Whatever transpired between the clubs involved in the transfer of Mr. Lima, namely AP, PACU and RW has been taken SERIOUSLY by the KFANDRAAI. An earlier issue had also arisen on the same lines involving Mr. H. Sathe, involving SS and BE. The KFANDRAAI have always looked at this GA (Gentlemans Agreement) as unfair but in todays world of quick social networking access, some things just cannot be police'd. The KFANDRAAI turns a blind eye if the so called GA is done discreetly. BUT the Club Managers were NOT DISCREET and this has caused ire in the KFANDRAAI midst.
Many members of the KFANDRAAI were ADAMANT that the clubs involved should be punished. Some even said that Managers, should be sacked (They have 3 lives anyway, much like the Paaduman games!!), Fined and made an example of to all the other clubs involved. 
The KFANDRAAI has decided that the GA between clubs prior to BIDS on NEWLY LISTED PLAYERS is now declared ILLEGAL. Any member found communicating with a member of another club discussing the possible purchase of a NEW PLAYER will be termed as INFRINGING upon the R and R and will be INSTANTLY dealt with. The clubs involved have been WARNED and given a SLAP on the wrist.
KFANDRAAI Authorities state that as the TZLC grows in size and stature, some R and R MUST be created so as not to CONSTANTLY depend upon a members integrity. Sometimes, even amongst the TZLC members, success or the fear of being unsuccessful or the sense of duty one has towards a friend may turn the staunchest of members to travail on the darker side of the TZLC.
Other News
Two players contemplating the KFANDRAAI random player distribution picked up by a top club!!!
Yogi wins again in the Paaduman Returns Revamped Game!! The KFANDRAAI withholds the 10M TZR prize money due to certain issues regarding Yogi's club PACU.

Friday 19/08/16 3.45 pm
Two players set to sign contracts after transfers! The TOP COP is one of them!!!
The 3 clubs that were involved in the Elton Lima transfer are being investigated for behaviour that has brought disrepute to the TZLC. The KFANDRAAI in a statement to the Media stated that 'As yet we are still dotting the i's and crossing the t's. After a thorough investigation by the KFANDRAAI's sleuths is complete we will announce our decision regarding the conduct of the clubs to the Media.
Therefore Elton Lima's transfer has been put on HOLD.'
In other news two more images have been added to the RW squad Profiles.

Thursday 18/08/16 4.15 pm
Managers rush to buy Elton Lima!!
RW Squad Images released!
Paaduman Returns Revamped Uploaded!!!

Wednesday 17/08/16 11.50 am
PAADUMAN RETURNS REVAMPED being uploaded now!!
New player is added to the KFANDRAAI list!
The KFANDRAAI will be setting up an INITIAL START BID at a certain value for a player on the Bid list.
This is to save time on the bid. 
RW Images to be released soon along with the player profiles of all the squads.
Player distribution most likely to take place BEFORE Sep 1 2016. 
Rajesh 'TC' Bhansode selected for the Police Badminton squad in the Police Games to be played soon!

Tuesday 16/08/16 4 pm
It was revealed today in a KFANDRAAI media event that the latest release of the much awaited game
Paaduman Returns started developing glitches after Yogi Mogi's record breaking 24 hour marathon session with Paaduman! So the KFANDRAAI Game Development Dept started work on a new version
of the game. The previous game was targeted at the players that NEVER played computer games in their youth. The latest release will be a challenge even for the youth of today as slight tweak in the game and a few changes will make it tougher. Have fun everyone! (Some characters were also missing in the recently released version but the mistake has not been repeated!)
(Or tonight.....)

Monday 15/08/16 4.30 pm
Two players find clubs as deadline for player distribution looms large!
RW Image Profiles to be updated soon!!!
SS's submission of profile images not as per guidelines...
Paaduman Returns Revamped coming soon! 

Thursday 11/08/16 3.30 pm
TZ and KITFO sessions swing into technical and tactical training!!
KFANDRAAI pushing all the Heads to make the TZLC9 bigger and better!!
AP Squad Image Profile Updated!!!
Two players being bid for! The young adult Adit Borde reaches the 1M mark!!

Tuesday 09/08/16 11.30 am
TZ players work hard at session with Khare enforcing disciplinary measures!
Khare starts Ball work much earlier than anticipated. In a statement made to the KFANDRAAI Media, He said "With 3 months to go for the TZLC9 to start, I can easily take physical fitness sessions based on strength and stamina as per the schedule I had decided at the end of the TZLC8 season. BUT, the players are rough around the edges in the technical aspect too.
This means that if I take fitness, I have to assume that they are working on ball work on the days there are no sessions. This doesn't happen. Neither does it happen the other way. In football, up to a limit, fitness need NOT always be the focus as the ball can do the work, especially if the team is technically good. Unlike in Rugby where Stamina and Strength are NECESSARY, in Football it can only ADD to your positives. Therefore I will now focus MORE on the ball and then slowly shifting gears to the tactical work...No doubt though, the players that have known me for a long time, realize that I will ENSURE that DISGUISED FITNESS will be used more often!!! Still, they should remember that a club with fitter players can ALMOST ALWAYS run an unfit team to the ground, EVEN if the team is technically proficient. All the more so when the TZLC9 will be played on a 100 mtr x 70 mtr ground!!! Papal will seem tiny compared to the TZ ground! So let me just say, EACH and EVERY session will be fun and tiring as always, but PUMPED up even more!! See you people there!!"
Sidhwo? Image profile uploaded!
Paaduman Returns A hit!! But sources say that the game develops glitches when played on a slow comp or by PROFESSIONAL GAMERS!! Namely players like Patty! Players that have been playing games for a long time will be provided a game that is ADVANCED to test their skills. Coming up soon! 

Monday 08/08/16 10 am
Mr. Khare will be ENFORCING the Late confirmation rule at both organizations and the Late for the Session Rules also. As the organisational heads have not collected the fines from the concerned players, Khare has decided to take this step for a FORTNIGHT and will be reconsidered only after this time frame is completed. Players that do NOT confirm in time will NOT be allowed to attend the sessions. Players that are LATE will NOT be allowed to attend the sessions. 
There is a possibility that Mr. Khare will hold a Cross Fitness session for both TZ and KITFO on Thursday at NCL. This will ensure that both organisations have a chance to meet up and work out together.
Khare WARNS all the TZ and KITFO Members that a good and positive ATTITUDE towards training is a MUST and those that are found wanting will be asked to leave the session and probably the TZLC also.
Clubs that have sent images WITHOUT their individual awards and without their full squad images will be FINED. The images that have been put up that are not valid have been put up on a temporary basis.
Clubs that do NOT follow the R and R will be punished.
Some players have failed to collect their individual awards from the KFANDRAAI. This shows the KFANDRAAI how important the TZLC is for them. It will pass over these awards to the Managers of the clubs concerned.
The KFANDRAAI has asked TZ CEO Ahjoo and Jai for updates regarding the ground situation as also the Incharge at KITFO regarding the Papal situation. Plus corner flags and nets.
Please email the KFANDRAAI with the latest info.

Friday 05/08/16
The KFANDRAAI BANK credits the PACU BS with 10M TZR but on condition that 80% of the amount must be used towards Stadium Construction.
Aalok 'Ringa' Sathe (KFANDRA Graduate and BI player) makes being intelligent boring as he gets a bronze medal for the 2nd year in a row at the International Olympiad in Linguistics 2016!
Mr. Khare congratulates Yogi for highly professional documentation of the Paaduman Returns Game and hopes that all the TZLC members treats the TZLC as professionaly as Yogi does.
More Club Profiles to be updated this weekend!
Decision on distribution of KFANDRAAI players left unsold to be taken soon but outcome may be negative as listed players fail to acknowledge KFANDRAAI's efforts.
More caricatures soon!!

Thursday 04/08/16 3.30 pm
Paaduman personally congratulates Yogesh 'Yogi' Ketkar for completing the Paaduman Returns Game!! His dedication was exceptional as he took 'only' 24 hours to complete the game!!!
Yogi earns 10M TZR for his club only if a few minor conditions are met!!!

Tuesday 02/08/16 2.55 pm
BT Squad Images UPDATED!! Have a look to see how the Squad profiles will be set up on the website!
Profiles to be updated soon!!

Monday 01/08/16 10 am
IMPORTANT For the KFANDRA PARENTS - (This message is not for those parents that have always been prompt and meticulous in paying the fees) 
Fees MUST be paid on the 4th day of your child coming for the session. If you are part of the group that is unable to pay the monthly fees then please inform Mr. Khare so that he can note it down.
Please do NOT take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere at KFANDRA related to fee payment. KFANDRA has ALWAYS maintained that the child should attend the session ONLY if the he/she WANTS to, NOT because he/she is FORCED to. For further info please contact Mr. Khare.
KFANDRA will be SENDING a TEXT MESSAGE to the parents that have paid the fees for their own record (from this month). 
KFANDRA will also be setting up PROFILE IMAGES of the Academy players on the website and will be clicking photos on the ground from this evening.
KFANDRA welcomes Vedant Pardeshi, Yash Bhorkar and Nehvaan Dudhedia into its Academy!
The KFANDRAAI will be implementing the rule that at least 3 members of their club MUST attend the regular TZ and KITFO sessions at least TWICE a month from this month. Fines will be levied on the club at the end of every month.
RW have decided not to CHANGE their name and logo.
BE's new logo has been DECLINED as the KFANDRAAI sleuths spotted that the NEW DESIGN had been PLAGIARIZED. Clubs that have KNOWINGLY done so will be FINED. (RW, take note)
Clubs may be FORCED to sign players from the KFANDRAAI list to ensure that NO players will be left without a club prior to the start of the Season. This will ensure that from next season ALL the members will need to ENCOURAGE players to take up Management of new clubs to ensure that EVERY player gets to play. This will also LIMIT LOANING and ABSENCES. Clubs have also been asked to ENFORCE discipline prior to, during and after matches. The KFANDRAAI can FORCE the Management to DISCIPLINE players by SUSPENDING or DROPPING them for matches thereby opening up a spot for a substitute. Clubs will NOT be forced to give playing time to subs.

Monday 01/08/16 6.30 am
The release of Paaduman Returns yesterday was for the early birds and to clear up a few bugs. Please play the game today as it won't be edited again!!!

Sunday 31/07/16 12.45 pm
PAADUMAN RETURNS (Fartman Returns) has been PUBLISHED!!! Go to the Games Section!!!
Also 4 new players will hit the transfer market to be updated by 4 pm!!!
PACU fined for INSULT to KFANDRAAI by sending the worst profiles ever!!!
Clubs that have NOT sent the required docs to be FINED daily!!!

Wednesday 27/07/16 2 pm
After being pinched in the pocket, the clubs rise from their slumber to start submitting documents requested by KFANDRAAI a couple of days ago.
Talking of pinched in the pocket the KFANDRAAI after incurring costs over the past few weeks hopes there won't be an issue regarding REAL finances this time round, the thinking behind which is if Mr. Khare can afford to spend cash for returns that come only in the form of intagibility then the players can afford to spend a little on the TANGIBLE and INTANGIBLE! This note from the KFANDRAAI was not because the players are complaining but only to remind the stragglers.
The KFANDRAAI may be introducing a NEW SET of FOOTBALLS ESPECIALLY for the TZLC9!!!
Andy Su has bowed out of the TZLC due to work and age related injury issues. His Manager in a Press Release stated 'Although Andysu represented BT colors only for one season, he was an invaluable addition to the team and his contribution to the club's performance is well appreciated. The BT Management, players and fans wish him the very best for the future.'
Paaduman Returns has developed some last minute glitches and the release has been PP'd by a few days!

Monday 25/07/16 12.15 pm
The ADC will now be known as the KFANDRA-AI or KFANDRAAI. (Adults Initiative or Artificial Intelligence!)
Clubs are reminded that a deadline was put in place on Monday 18/07/16. Clubs will be fined DAILY for failure to complete what has been asked of them. Profile Images MUST include an image of the Team or Individual award given to the players for the TZLC8. More fines to be levied on failure to send contract details and Kit design.
Paaduman Returns to be released in a few days!!

Thursday 21/07/16 11.20 am
News just in that ex-TZLC player Ashwin 'Gambo' Gambhir's Dad passed away. On behalf of the TZLC the ADC sends its commiserations to Gambo.

Transfer News - 
The Harsh Sathe Saga ends with the ADC accusing both SS and BE of extending a transfer that could  have been sorted out amicably. Dalindar meets up with ex-team mate at new club!
More caricatures soon along with the release of PAADUMAN RETURNS!!!

Wednesday 20/07/16 11.50 pm
Go to the Images section, then to the More Images section and then CLICK on the TZLC8 Gallery link!
Harsh Sathe and Dalindar Transfers to be completed soon.
All images in the TZLC8 Function Gallery have been taken by Ace Professional super cool Photographer Blue Ice Manager Sachin 'Chinchin' Kadam!!! 

Tuesday 19/07/16 10.30 am
The TZLC's first Report in a REAL Newspaper has been published in the Sakaal Times!!!
Go to the Images section to see the snippet or go to the link below!!
Click Here for article in Local Newspaper
The ADC wishes to thank the reporter and those involved for setting this up. There is a possibility
that there would be regular coverage during the TZLC9 too!!!

Monday 18/07/16 3.45 pm
TZLC8 Function Video will be published at 5pm this evening! Go to the Home Page to see Video!!!
A new rule which is to be set by the ADC soon is that it will be compulsory for at least 3 members of each club to be a BONAFIDE member of either TZ or KITFO. Clubs that are unable to comply will be fined per month.

Monday 18/07/16 10.20 am
The TZLC8 Function has been declared a Huge Success by those present at the venue!
Apart from the Winners Trophy each winning team member received unique personalized awards, every player that was successful in a certain category also got an award. Awards of appreciation were handed over to certain members of TZ and KITFO. The KFANDRA Graduates were also falicitated! Following is a list of all the awardees - 
Club competition Awards
1st Division League Champions and Combined League Winners
Royal Warriors
2nd Division League Champions
Paakhmilye ACU
ADC CUP Winners
Aundh Astros (Now known as Aundh Panthers)
League Cup Winners
KITFO (Khare's IT Footballers and Others)
Individual Awards
Golden Boot (Most Goals scored in the season)
Aditya Kotbagi, Aundh Astros
BE THE BOSS (Fantasy Football Winner)
Aditya Gadkari (Majestic Mariners)
Clubs Players of the Season (Voted by each player from their respective club)
Aditya Kotbagi, Aundh Astros
Mukul Inamdar, Black Thunder
Karan Shetty, Blue Ice
Karan Tejwani, Royal Warriors
Sameer Sonaikar, Blazing Eagles
RH were not allowed to vote on account of their dissolution
The Players Player of the Season (Voted by Each member of the TZLC through a secret Poll)
Aditya Kotbagi, Aundh Astros
The ADC's Player of the Season, (The ADC choice)
Amit Bhable, Blazing Eagles
Sharad Yeole, Blazing Eagles
Sameer Sonaikar, Blazing Eagles
Honourable Mention Award 
Atul Shah, Blue Ice
Appreciation for Contribution to their Organisation Award
Ajay Sanghvi, For a Decade of selfless commitment to TZ (Thunderboltz Football Club)
Rahul Rathi and Kunal Agarwal, Both TZ
Jaidev Karanth and Mr. S. B. Karanjkar, Both handed over through TZ
Ignatius D'silva, Zaid Inamdar, Nitin Khole, Amit Bhable, Rajib Nath, Amartya Mukherjee, Amd Raje, Prashant Alhat - ALL KITFO
Suvrat Kher, Awarded through KFANDRA (Khare's Football and Rugby Academy)
Yogesh Ketkar, As Above
Aditya Gadkari, Zakir Tikekar, Tanmay Pardeshi, Aayush Khole, Pratik Jachak
In Other News - 
Managers need to update their profiles (Images and history) with the ADC ASAP along with their Player contracts. Players that they may purchase at a later date can be handed over at that time.
A reminder - The Manager and Player MUST possess a copy of this contract.
Club KIT designs MUST be handed over to Ahjoo TZ CEO and the ADC in 1 WEEK (By the 25th Monday 12 Noon). The ADC requests the Managers to include at least 3 pairs of socks and 2 shorts in the KIT cost so that the players will not fall short in the kit dept. Also Home and Away Kit optional.
The ADC has suggested that the KITS may be designed for 2 SEASONS in a row so as to cut down on 
the Annual Expenses. This call will be taken by the Club members through their Managers.
The KIT Vendor must also provide a MINI sized kit for members that have children.
More News Later

Friday 15/07/16 12.20 pm
If you want to see all the Caricatures in a larger format go to the Cartoons section. Have you checked if there are NEW images? Check now!
Guess Who 4 Released!!!
One day left for the OFFICIAL END to the TZLC8, the TZLC8 FUNCTION on Saturday!!
A special prize for the BEST DRESSED Bloke at the TZLC8 sponsored by Khare!!
To be announced JUST before the Prize Distribution!!!
Women excluded as the ADC believes that they are ALWAYS well dressed!

Tuesday 12/07/16
Aalok 'Ringa' Sathe has been selected to represent India for the International Olympiad in Linguistics 2016 to be held in Mysore near the end of July! 
The team consists of 8 students from various parts of India and were selected after a week-long camp at IIIT-Hyderabad last week, where I was given a Silver medal.
As everyone knows Ringa is a KFANDRA graduate and is currently playing for Blue Ice.
We wish him well!
Other News - 
Another player is set to enter the ADC list!!
Some KFANDRA parents will indeed make it to the TZLC8 function and Ahjoo TZ CEO is expecting at least 80 + members who will be gracing the occasion!
The ADC has stated that there WILL BE a DRESS CODE for MEMBERS of the TZLC. Players MUST wear FORMAL attire (Decent trousers or Jeans, a formal shirt/a round neck shirt/shirt with buttons/Kurta, Optional but encouraged - Kurta, A tie, A Jacket (Blazer). The shirts MUST be PLAIN. Members dressed informally will NOT be allowed to attend the Function. (Family members are exempt from this ruling/Friends are NOT exempt).
NOT ALLOWED - Sandals, Slippers/Flip flops, Shorts, muscle T-Shirts, Vest (you get the drift)! Members that have been allowed entry and are still deemed improperly attired by the ADC will NOT be allowed to receive their award on stage if being awarded. 

Monday 11/07/16
The never ending saga of Tan finally ends!
The ADC hope everyone has kept Saturday night FREE!!

Friday 08/07/16
TZLC8 Dinner will begin at 8 with starters and beverages. Followed by speeches (Compulsory for Ahjoo CEO TZ, Sherry/Amti/Mario for KITFO and Satsut for NPP, also Managers of each club in the TZLC8 including Ex-Manager Red of RH...Any member that wishes to say a few words MUST contact the ADC so that it can fit it into the schedule. Wives/Gf's/Bf's welcome to speak!!)
The TZLC8 Prize Distribution will follow. (All winning club Managers please bring the Winners trophy so that it can be awarded OFFICIALLY). Young Adults must come with parent/parents/guardian or with PERMISSION from their guardian/parents/parent. U16's COMPULSORY with Guardian/Parents/Parent.
Every MEMBER will behave in a respectful manner at ALL TIMES. Members are advised to have a
Non-drinking member to be assigned Car driving duty or book a cab. Members that behave in a way that runs against the ethos of the TZLC will be asked  to leave immediately and will incur further action.
New member from the KITFO side set to join the TZLC!!

Thursday 07/07/16
Tan transfer bid piddling along.....Rains cause some players to cry momma and stay away from the
practice sessions while the one that are brave enough are enjoying the fitness and Game oriented training that included boxing, karate and Rugby!!!

Monday 04/07/16
KFANDRA graduates in the news yet again!  
Click Here

News Archives from 25/09/11 till 31/12/16
Saturday 31st December 2016 11.45 am
Cup Draws have been released!!! (Interesting match ups!!)
AMAZINGLY the most laidback team of the TZLC9, RW, are the first to respond with Ivan (S Hoskote) doing the needful. Yogi (Y Ketkar) wins MUCH TZR for his DETAILED entry!!
BE and SS fail to participate and therefore were considered in 6th and 7th position respectively!
See the New Years Greeting (If you haven't already) from KFANDRA and KFANDRAAI on the Home Page!!!!!
Rumours -
A certain person has filed a complaint against Ex-AP Manager Audi (A Kotbagi) at the KFANDRAAI court. In his statement released to the Media he said "Always he teasings moi about fines me getting from Respectful, Honourablings etc etc KFANDRAAI! Forethere moi complainings to KFANDRAAI!!" (He always teased me about getting on KFANDRAAI's bad side and getting fined, so I've made an official complaint!" The certain person is said to be competing intensely with Audi in the BTB in the top two spots, but the KFANDRAAI Media is sworn to secrecy!

Friday 30th December 2016 3.45 pm
KFANDRA have decided to CANCEL the Session TODAY and TOMORROW as most of the children have gone off on holiday!! The Sessions will resume on Monday 02/01/17!!

Thursday 29th December 2016 3.15 pm
The Cup Draws in the TZLC9 will be arranged in an extremely unique way. The KFANDRAAI Game Dept have just published a game that will be DIRECTLY linked to the Cup Draws. The draws have been arranged in a pre-decided format by the KFANDRAAI (Please see the Calendar and Fixtures page). So as soon as a player COMPLETES the game he/she will send a message/text/email to the KFANDRAAI Game Dept. The KFANDRAAI Game Dept will note down the exact time it has received the notification by the player. In this way, when 7 players from their respective clubs notify the KFANDRAAI Game Dept, the club they are representing will be placed in chronological order. For eg. If Sparky II from AP is the1st to notify, then AP will be marked down as 1. If the next confirmation is Mkul from BT, then BT will be marked down as 2, if Audi from AP sends in the next notification then his club will be rewarded with TZR and will not be given a number as Sparky II had already notified the KFANDRAAI Game Dept. The players MUST maintain utmost secrecy. The player that completes the game is allowed to tell his team mates that he has completed the game and contacted the KGD. But he MUST NOT inform the other club members and he/she is NOT allowed to tell ANYONE about how the game is played.
In another move that will set the TZLC nerves jangling, the KFANDRAAI has announced the following -
The two member organisations will be slotted DIRECTLY INTO the TWO CUP QUALIFIERS. Not only will the two matches be significant because of their status as QUALIFIERS, but the two matches will be considered as a HOME AND AWAY 2 leg FINAL by themselves. The Cup will be called the SUPER CUP!!!
This will be the first trophy to be awarded this season!! 

The members are requested to contact Mr. Khare if they find this idea exciting!!

Tuesday 27th December 2016 11 am
KFANDRA's session in the evening is CANCELLED as the Law College ground is being used by the Law College Authorities. Sessions will resume again tomorrow. 
KFANDRA may not hold sessions on the 29th, 30th and 31st as many of the children will be absent.
As of now, the sessions are on and the final call will be taken tomorrow by 12 Noon..

Monday 26th December 2016 11.30 am
Audi's Bling Bling and Yogi's L'Equipe de Yogimogi vie for pole position!!
TZLC9 takes an End of the Year Break!!!
KFANDRAAI Cup and League Cup Draws to be released at the end of this week!
Kramer (A Seshadri) frustrates the KFANDRA teens by giving away 10 points to the opposition during the Rugby game and then going 'solo' in Footer!!
KFANDRAAI competition Dept SHOCKED that some TZLC players assume that ANYONE with a beard that is NOT Mkul is automatically Pam!!!

Saturday 24th December 2016 1 pm
Headlines in the Late Afternoon Editions - 
The KFANDRAAI Curse of the Most Expensive Player underperforming strikes Ashubh!!!
SS prove that there is NO weak team in the TZLC!!
Chants of 'Mkul, Mkul, where arts thou? BT neeeeeds you NOW!' cascaded through the BT crowd!
An ardent fan had even brought in a Sitar so that it could provide the background music!!
Passion and Adrenaline bite BT!!
Sparky lights a fire for the Sharks while a Tiger's roar can't be heard at BT!!
The Black Thunder whimpers away as A Sharks Teeth glisten!
(Ed's note - That's enough of the Headlines!!)
Alan's (A Saklani, Captain and Interim Manager SS) wifey and FIL (Wifey's Daddy) made it to the ground to watch the Sharks in action and we hope they enjoyed what they saw! This is the first time an FIL has shown concern for his SIL...Wonders will never cease!!! As Alan commented "I'm such a nice guy!!"
The KFANDRAAI hope the stand for spectators and the Camera will come up soon!
Reviews should be completed by this evening....
Cup Draws to be RELEASED SOON!!!

Friday 23rd December 2016 3 pm
Guess Who 5 Released! See Home Page and for a Bigger image see the Cartoons Page!!!
MOnday's match between BT abd BE has been Officially Postponed!!!

Wednesday 21st December 2016 12.30 pm
The KFANDRAAI are in the process of finalising the SUSPENSION of ALL YOUNG ADULT PLAYERS.
The news above was leaked to an independent Media Source by some disgruntled old men.
The new Big Screen attachment will be AVA for Saturday's match!!!
KFANDRA will be asking the KFANDRA members parents about whether their children will be attending sessions during the end of the year period.  KFANDRA may announce a holiday break once feedback is received in the negative as over the past decade or so many children remained absent and sessions continued with only a couple of players and 3 coaches!!! (This is taking the teacher - student ratio to the extreme!!) Of course a holiday will be given if the Law College declares a holiday! 

Tuesday 20th December 11.20 am
AP clearly the less fluid side as TZ Reserves Ashub (S Inamdar) out performs AP star Elvis (E Lima)!
The KFANDRAAI may FORCE the TZLC fraternity to say the following terms before mentioning
Mr. Khare's name in ANY context. The terms may be interchanged. The words are (An example is given below) -
A TZLC, TZ or KITFO member walks down the street, calls up Mr. Khare or just speaks about him with a 3rd person who may not be affiliated with the afore mentioned groups. 
"The Esteemed, Benevolent, Astute, Respectful, Honest, Honourable and other terms that may describe the saintly soul of Mr. Khare has stated that the world is round. Therefore as The Esteemed, Benevolent, Astute, Respectful, Honest, Honourable and other terms that may describe the saintly soul of Mr. Khare has said that the world is a sphere we need to believe him..."
The said individual that created the above example was later arrested because he did not mention
The Esteemed, Benevolent, Astute, Respectful, Honest, Honourable and other terms that may describe the saintly soul before saying 'him'.
Adi (A Sankolli) whose parents suddenly appeared at this mornings fixture were in for a shock as they saw him playing with players that had too much hair and players that had no hair at all. They were overheard talking to each other about how this could have a negative influence on their lovely child. The KFANDRAAI will be sending Video evidence to Adi's parents about how their child is NOT as innocent as they think!!
Another new ruling at the TZLC is as follows - If a player carries 1 crepe bandage, 2 pairs of studs, 1 pair of takkies and a photo of his great grandmother in his wallet then he will be brought up before the KFANDRAAI court of Law and he will be asked to EXPLAIN the reasoning behind carrying such material. If he has no VALID REASON (Especially the photo of his Great Grandmother) then he will be SUSPENDED until he provided a good enough reason. IF he is picking his nose and scratching his bum at the same time that he was caught then he will be suspended for the ENTIRE SEASON!!

Sunday 18th December 6.30 pm
KS and Chinchin win big on Week 3 KFANDRAAI Game Competition!! Competition still on!!
Week 5 and 6 Video Highlights released!
Yogesh Ketkar inquest decision has been extended due to incident in Week 5 and 6 Highlights Show!!!
PACU in trouble!!!
Previews for Week 7 to be Updated tomorrow!!!
KFANDRAAI has made a ONE time allowance to BT and BE to postpone their fixture if needed as it is falling on the day AFTER Christmas day. (Although the KFANDRAAI does not consider Religious dates, it is still a BENEVOLENT organisation and accepts that many of its members are religiously inclined.) The request has also been extended to those clubs that MAY have player issues. PLEASE NOTE that ONLY the dates that have been OPENED up due to the CANCELLATION of TZ Reserves and KITFO Reserves AWAY matches will be AVA!!! Both the clubs NEED to agree to the PP!!! Each club has until 23/12/16 to send their requests to the KFANDRAII.

Friday 16th December 12 Noon
Amma and Satsut in a joint effort cracked the Game competition that was released in the Week 3 edition of the Match Highlights Show. Satsut II understood the hidden meaning behind the riddle (declared on the 14th Dec) and with him and Amma II persevering without a break they have brought in MUCH NEEDED funds for PACU!! Well done Amma II and Satsut II!! They have been sworn to secrecy though and this game competition will be left OPEN till the next one comes up in the Week 5/6 Highlights Show!!!
The Week 5 and 6 Combined Highlights Show will be released this weekend!
Many of the TZLC players are rumoured to be getting married!! We wish then well and hope they don't keep it a secret from the KFANDRAAI Media!!
Caricatures to be released soon!!! Win Big!!!

Thursday 15th December 12.30 pm
Players still unable to decipher clue! (1 player has but still can't find what has to be found!!)
Reviews Released KITFO Vs AP!

Wednesday 14th December 12.30 pm
AP knock 8 past KITFO Reserves!!
KFANDRAAI announce new ruling to ease up fixture congestion!!
KFANDRAAI announcement -
All KITFO Reserves and TZ Reserves matches (League) will be LIMITED to ONE fixture against a club or Organisation. Apart from those fixtures that have ALREADY been played, the KITFO and TZ Reserves matches will be played ONLY at PAPAL and NCL respectively. As has been explained before, the KITFO and TZ Organisations will ALWAYS give the players (NOT getting full game time for their clubs and those players that are members of their respective organisations but NOT TZLC members) FULL GAME TIME for matches in the LEAGUE. As the Season has entered the 6th Week it has come to KFANDRAAI's notice that the RESERVE players and NON-TZLC players are unable to participate in all TZ and KITFO League fixtures, ESPECIALLY AWAY fixtures. It would therefore be unreasonable to CONTINUE playing these matches if the MAIN IDEA behind these matches would be to give the Reserves and Non-TZLC members a CHANCE to improve their game and test themselves on the same playing field with some highly talented individuals and against VERY GOOD club sides.
Therefore the KFANDRAAI has decided to CANCEL ALL KITFO RESERVES AWAY matches that have yet NOT been played and ALL TZ Reserves matches as above. Only the matches that have as yet NOT been played against a Club side will remain. This means that KITFO Reserves and TZ Reserves will play ONLY 1 Leg of a Home and Away Season in the League.
The advantage of the above ruling is to INCREASE the recovery time for injured and tired players by freeing some dates. It will also open up a few dates for a regular TZ and KITFO session!!!
A CLUE has been provided by the KFANDRAAI Game Dept for the competition that had been released in the 3rd Week Highlights Show. The clue is as follows - 
Some people say,
Eleven is a number,
Venus is a planet,
Energy is the ability to do work,
Nine planets in the Solar System,
XXXII is a Roman Numeral,
(A Raging fire and a Bolt from the Blue)

If the above clue/hint is not enough you have been provided with an additional piece of Info -
This PROVES that we are N-T -L-N- in the Universe!!

The prize money has been reduced to 4M TZR!!!

Monday 12th December 1 pm - 
RW Fans angry at insipid display against 2nd Div Icemen!
Icemen Fans mock RW fans and their much vaunted squad!
Sparky appointed as AP Manager (S Mathew Part II), A Kotbagi takes a break!
Amma II and Satsut II are the new Managers of PACU!!!
Top of the Table positions in the BTB remain UNCHANGED!!!
Kev (K Kuber) and Bhanda (P Bhandari) of AP and BT respectively upsets KFANDRAAI Media with POOR SR/CM work!

Sunday 11th December 1 pm -
PACU Managers get the SACK!!!
In a statement released by the Chairman of PACU he stated that 'Both Managers had been WARNED of NOT utilising players AVA and then loaning players thereby INSULTING the AVA players by benching them. A WARNING was issued to the Managers about this and I've had ENOUGH of it all. The DEFEAT ONLY makes it worse. If they'd have won, they COULD've had an argument but all this just leaves a bitter and very sour taste in the mouth. We are building a strong squad but to build it with outside help and not within is just a WASTE of the clubs money." 
Yogi (Y Ketkar) has been issued a summons to the KFANDRAAI court along with TZ CEO Ahjoo (A Sanghvi) as TZ will be asked to take a decision in the matter for which Yogi has been called. 
Previews for Week 6 will be published by 6 pm.

Saturday 10th December 12 Noon - 
BI emerge triumphant in an odd goal in 3 win!
BI Chairman chased out of Stadium by irate PACU supporters!
Paul (P Ghadge) of AP, CM for this mornings match was overheard telling friends at a tea shop that he probably missed the Khilare (Rishi) winner along with the build up to the goal as he hadn't pressed the record button!!! AP dig themselves into a deeper pit than ever before!
Week 5, in which two 12 - 0 results were quashed and turned into 3 - 0 wins, the 1st match had Loaning irregularities and the BI Vs PACU was a thriller was epic to say the least. The two matches AP Vs BE and PACU Vs BI will be combined with the WEEK 6 Highlights Show so this week there will be NO Highlights Show.

Friday 9th December 2016 12 Noon -
After another 12 goal victory in the TZLC KFANDRAAI has decided to implement the following Rules.
When a club seeded in the BOTTOM 3 of the TZLC plays a League fixture against a club NOT in the bottom 3 seeded teams (or be it ALSO in the bottom 3), then the Teams concerned must take note of the following -
1. If the club which is NOT in the bottom 3 WINS by MORE than 3 goals at the end of the match, the result will be considered as ONLY 3 - 0 and the goals scored in the match will NOT be included in the players INDIVIDUAL goal tally. Even if the Top seeded club wins by LESS than 3 goals (the goals scored in the match will NOT be counted in the Individuals tally).
2. If BOTH clubs are in the bottom 3 seeds than the above rule will be applied.
Rules NO. 1 and 2 have been implemented as the Organisations may VARY in Team QUALITY and STRENGTH as the season progresses. Also their coach is constantly rotating the players in every position possible including the GK and also experiementing with the formation. It will be HIGHLY UNFAIR if a Club NOT seeded in the bottom 3 plays one of the Organisational teams when NO RESERVE team players are AVA and only High Techincal Ability players with experience are AVA. It is also getting VERY DIFFICULT for Mr. Khare to force players to play at the deep end in these matches. On some occasions instead of gaining valuable experience, only a SCAR which cannot heal is left of the occasion. If Mr. Khare is NOT AVA to explain how the experience could be valuable, there is a high probability that the novice player may GIVE UP!!
3. Therefore, BONUS and NEGATIVE points will NOT be considered for these matches.
If a Team seeded in the bottom 3 DRAWS or WINS a match against a higher seeded team than the RESULT WILL STAND!!!

The LEAGUE TABLES WILL BE RESET asap. The BTB will NOT include this mornings result!!!

Blue Ice face uphill battle!!
G Natekar (Goony) transferred to KFANDRAAI list as his AVA dates do not match BI's.
A 'Poona' Mahajan is off to Antarctica and BI may decide to TRANSFER him to the KFANDRAAI list too!!

Tuesday 6th December 2016 11.30 am
PACU break the TZLC record for the biggest victory and biggest win with a clean sheet!
SS Chairman says this defeat will only make us work all the harder!
Satsut's Raging Pirates leapfrog into 3rd place in the BTB!
Kapka (K Samant) Scores first Hattrick of the Season!!!
PACU gives EVERY other club the heebie jeebies!
Remember that the Academy will face a slight issue on the ground as the Law College holds its sports fest! KFANDRA will still maintain a high level of discipline and ensure that the sessions will continue as before. (Last date of the Legal Ease programme is the 20th but should clear up earlier than that).
KFANDRA kids wishing to see Footballers up close can watch the TZLC matches in progress! Please contact the Coach's for more info!!!

Monday 5th December 2016 11.35 am
KFANDRAAI awarded AP 3 points and deducted 1 point from BE's League tally for unfair practices. In a SHOCK announcement, KFANDRAAI stated that BE used a player that was said to be UNA to play and thus were allowed to use the KFANDRA Youth player N Patwardan (Patty). (A Youth player is allowed to play as a 4th Loan). Thus for at least some duration of the match, BE were playing with an ineligible player. BE may be FINED and DEDUCTED more points as BE were NOT in proper attire.
A Kotbagi (Audi) and S Mathew (Sparky) have been SACKED from their post of Joint Managers ar AP. In a statement released to the Press, the BOD said 'The Major issue with the Management team was that they were NOT communicating with the Club regularly. The caretaker S Pise (Red) appointed by the two Managers was ALSO inefficient. Although the Chairman of the club and KFANDRAAI have spoken highly of the 3, it is with deep regret that we have to take this decision.'
AP fans were seen to be REJOICING at this event! 
It is yet to be seen whether the two outgoing Managers will be taken over by their clones (Under pseudonyms) or a new man will be brought in!
In the BTB, Yogi's L'Equipe de Yogimogi moves to four points behind Audi's Bling Bling!
News just in!! Wiggio is STILL IN SERVICE!! For the moment at least!! Till then Updates WILL continue as before!!!
Parents are hereby informed that Law College will be having its annual sports events on the ground from the 5th to the 20th. As always KFANDRA will use any space available (AVA) so the sessions can continue. KFANDRA may hold a quickie tourney soon. 

Sunday 4th December 2016 3.45 pm
AP Management Team of S Mathew and A Kotbagi WILL be sacked NO MATTER what the result on Monday says IRATE AP Board of Directors! Chairman could not comment! Fans PLEASED!!!

Saturday 3rd December 2016 12.20 pm
PACU go top in TIGHT 1st Div that is destined to go to the final match of the Season!!
4 KFANDRA members in the BTB share the bottom 4 spots!!! 
All backlogs (Balance Sheets etc will be updated this weekend) !!!!
Failed to spot something in the Week 3 Edition of the Video Highlights??? Due to the KFANDRAAI Game Dept. offering the following hint the prize money of 7M TZR has been slashed to 4M TZR!!
Hint - Are we ALONE in the Universe????? 
UNFORTUNATELY the Email Notification Service that we have been using, Wiggio, will be going OFFLINE for GOOD. This is why KFANDRA and KFANDRAAI has suggested that members download the Google Chrome attachment VISUALPING which will send you a notification whenever a page that you have specified in the KFANDRA website gets updated. Also Mr. Khare will NOT be sending reminders to the TZ and KITFO Members regarding the practice sessions. It will now be up to the TZ CEO Ahjoo to do the needful for TZ and the KITFO In-charges to do the same for KITFO.
They are allowed to appoint someone to send the reminders.

Friday 2nd November 2016 11.30 am
BI are unconvincing as fans stage walk out!
Famous Club Manager of TZLC states 'TZ's Camaraderie and Focus and Bonhomie has always been strong so why the need of Mr. Khare to coach TZ?'
Mr. Khare SHOCKED at statement! Says 'Let TZ manage itself from Saturday. Even after spending more than an hour on the rotation policy and then receiving 3 drops to force a change in the rotation strategy for the match Vs PACU this coming Saturday, I am thrilled that the players need no input from yours truly. I will Referee as normal. Let the TZ CEO appoint someone to look after TZ.'
Another club Manager fails to adhere to club policy and spends late night playing Futsal! Chairman asking for EXPLANATION of unprofessionalism from Manager. Manager risks being dropped!!

Wednesday 30th November 2.05 pm
Thrashing SS was unconvincing says AP fan!
Fans stage protest outside stadium regarding FAILURE of Managers S Mathew and A Kotbagi.
Chairman and BOD give them one more to prove their worth and CANCEL impending SACKING!

Tuesday 29th November 11.30 pm
Mr. Khare nearly loses his voice and pops a blood vessel as the TZ Reserves experience life under a pro coach!!
BT happy with the chance to rotate players but sad with the goal they let in, which only shows HOW important a goalkeeper is.
There is a 90% chance that the 3rd Week Highlights Show will be released today!
Chinchin (S Kadam) brings screen accessory! It's left unused as a bracket was missing!
Elvis (E Lima) wishes the Screen and the Seating stand could've been brought before the season started as his contender for goal of the Season (to be highlighted in the 3rd Week) was only partly captured by VK Part III! VK Part III nearly missed ALL the goals and whatever highlights were of use in that match. The video is interspersed with INANE conversation between his equally inept SR Deep.
The KFANDRAAI is UNSURE if even a BIG SCREEN will be enough for VK III to do his job as CM.
Another contender for goal of the Season is ACTUALLY captured by VK III Varun 'The moment they develop an instrument that captures the images in my mind, I'll be safe' Kuzhikuttil!

Monday 28th November 12.30 pm
RW beat BE in a display that showed RW are still a team to reckon with!
KFANDRAAI extremely disappointed with the Camera work and S Kadam's (Chinchin) input that the Screen Accessory has arrived is literally spoon feeding inept Camera men. If the players can't do a good job LOOKING at a BIG SCREEN then KFANDRAAI will show them the error of their ways.

Sunday 27th November 4 pm
Check the new design for the Match Reports! 
Week 3 Highlights may be published tomorrow or on Tuesday!
Mr Lee gets 1st Refs job in tomorrow's match!!!

Saturday 26th November 12 Noon
BT make hard work of BI with a 2 - 1 win!
Match has been recorded after Players ensured that the illegal advertising hoarding was covered!
Amma 2nd to win 2nd Week Video Competition but may be flustered when news of fines set in!
Batty CM (A Bapat) and Kapster BB (K Patwardhan) delay the start of the 2nd half as they saunter back from a loo break. Plus they walked with carefree abandon through a cricket match that was in mid-play and even had time to tell the batsman 'goodings shot' and the bowler 'luckings goods time next'. The cricketers were the least bothered with these players as they walked through as it seems it is common place to see people of varying descriptions that are in no way related to a match in progress, merrily meandering through any sport in progress at that time. 
BUT it is KFANDRAAI's opinion that if anyone is using a space for certain activities, especially if they are AUTHORISED to use the space, then passers by MUST use a detour OR take permission quickly enter and exit the area if another way is impossible. RW WILL be fined!!!

Friday 25th November 11.35 am
SS manage to draw against Kitfo Reserves in a topsy turvy encounter!
Mr. Dlamini plays major role in inexperienced SS's draw!
Yogi's L'Equipe de Yogimogi still sitting pretty on top of the BTB table but Patty's Olympians. Audi's Bling Bling and Mkul's Suicide Squad gaining ground!
KFANDRAAI needs a response from the BT and BI players if they are getting bed sheets to COVER the advertisement boards. If they are, they need to contact Mr. Khare so that the Video Camera can be brought to the ground.
KFANDRAAI Media is purchasing an new Audio Capture device so that the next Highlights Show will have a proper Audio commentary. Week 2 saw the Audio being barely audible...

Thursday 24th November 11.45 am
Big Daddy (J Bhana) wins moolah for RW in competition released through the 2nd Week Highlights Show!!
But KT135 (K Tejwani) loses much of the winning amount after scathing attack on Mr. Khare!
Mr. Khare had approached the TZLC's own hardware wallah KT135 for wheels for the Football, Rugby and Training Material Cart at KFANDRA. As a joke Mr. Khare told KT135 that he'll pay him in REAL 1000 and 500 Rs notes! Mr. Khare received a call from KT135's CA stating that his client will NOT accept the cancelled currency! With his hand on his heart Mr. Khare wiped away his tears and informed KT135's CA that it was merely a joke and that money accepted anywhere would be provided. (Mr. Khare was yet to recover from this attack on his humour when another TZ player struck a low blow too). 
DAP (A Sadana) arrived at the KFANDRA evening session as he was just passing by. So Mr. Khare informed DAP, NO worries you can help in the coaching and I'll pay you 10 000 Rs in 1000 notes and 500 notes (old currency real!) on the 1st of Jan while giggling loudly! DAP proceeded to accuse Mr. Khare of FORCING him to work for KFANDRA!!!
Mr. Khare is now taking bed rest and is unable to fathom the lack of the TZ funny bone!
(Some parts of the above news item are true - KFANDRAAI Media)
In other news, Amma spends important Real Court time scanning the 1st Weeks Highlight Show for solution to Competition and ends up sucessful!!
In more Breaking News (KFANDRAAI Media is on a roll!) Organisations UNRELATED to the TZLC have spotted the NCL ground and are now using it with aplomb. Well, they have taken permission from the NCL authorities but still! Most probably the Saturday match may NOT be covered by a Video Camera as Advertisments are present all over the ground. (Unless the players get white sheets to cover the
dodgy advertising boards)!

Wednesday 23rd November 11.30 am
Be make it a far too laborious attempt at defeating TZ Reserves!
Harjeet 'Louie/Harry' Mathura makes amends after he pole axes Rakesh 'Rake' Raghunathan!
Varun 'VK Part III' Kuzhikuttil kicks the dustbin which was had been carefully looked after since VK Part I and Part II were sacked. VK Part III misses HALF of Elton 'Elvis' Lima's WONDER GOAL. He was the videographer on that fateful day......

Tuesday 22nd November 2.40 pm
BE sign up two players in the nick of time as they face TZ Reserves tomorrow!!!
Issue of internet speed slows down publication of Week 2 Highlights!!

Monday 21st November 11.15 am
AP miss another host of chances as RW take all theirs!
E Lima score surpasses S Suttati's wonder goal of last season!
Kapster puts his hand up for entry into the goal of the Season list!
Empty AP stands reflect poor times for the Panthers!
Deep SR totally messes up Stats sheet!
2nd Week Highlights to be published TODAY!!!

Saturday 19th November 11 am
BI get their first win of the Season with an undramatic win over cross town rivals SS!
Yogi's L'Equipe de Yogimogi takes a big lead on top of the BTB table!

Thursday 17th November 11.05 am
PACU thrash a Paakhmilye AP and go TOP of the 1st Div Table!!!
Yogi's L'Equipe Yogimogi back to the top as Audi's Bling Bling falls with AP's fall and Patty's Olympians grab 3rd spot!

Wednesday 16th November 4 pm
BTB pole position changes with Audi's Bling Bling over taking Yogi's L Equipe yogimogi while Mkul's Suicide Squad goes to third!
BE Vs KITFO Reserves Reviews Updated!
Mr. Dlamini selected by PACU for tomorrow's fixture!!

Wednesday 16th November 11.20 am
BE beat KITFO Reserves after 2nd side from Papal nearly do what their brethren at SS did a few days ago.
M Joshi, Main Ref in the BE Vs KITFO Reserves match ran 0.52 Km's, compared to a steady 7 Km's by
Mr. Dlamini, Mr. Angus McSmith and Mr. Khare when they officiate!
Members should contact the KFANDRAAI if they wish to retain VIDEO COPIES of the matches played so far. They must send an SMS to KFANDRAAI with the request clearly stating which match needs to be copied. An 8GB pendrive MUST be provided to the KFANDRAAI to record the match. (1 match = 1 8GB pendrive). All matches recorded so far will be AUTO DELETED by 10 am tomorrow. After which you can provide a pen drive and a request either prior or post ANY match in the future. 
A reminder to all the Managers, you allowed to CHOOSE the Referee's for your Home match in the League. For the Cup matches, BOTH Managers concerned can decide on the Ref. If the Managers fail to agree then Mr. Khare will be a DEFAULT Referee. The Managers are allowed to choose A ref the minimum of 6 times a Season. The KFANDRAAI has appointed a 4th Referee and his name is Mr. Hans Von Dorf. Choice of Match Ref must be through the MP and email. End time for Referee request can be made by 2 pm prior to match day. (A fee will be charged to the club for late intimation).
A large crowd is expected at tomorrow's EPIC match between PACU and AP!!!

Tuesday 15th November 12.30 pm
FORMAT and Info for sending Squad list and etc as follows (By EMAIL COMPULSORY) -
The squad list or ANYTHING else MUST not be ALIGNED VERTICALLY. It must be sent in a HORIZONTAL
(normal text) format and font. For eg
Don't send the squad list in the foll. manner - 
Send it like this 
1. oiio 2. ihioh 3. oijoi
ALSO the MO list MUST be sent SEPARATELY to the KFANDRAAI by the HOME TEAM. It is up to the club to include whatever they think necessary in the MP.
Other News -
Reviews RW vs BT Updated!!!
BTB to be updated today!! Ratings to be Updated soon!
Mr. Khare will coach TZ and KITFO in the League and Cup competitions with PLAYER REFS being appointed to officiate EXCEPT if the Organisations will be playing against each other.
(KITFO preview added Vs BE).
Also read S Sharma (Shiv's) Review in Last Saturdays match RW Vs PACU!!!
2 players AVA on the KFANDRAAI list!!!

Monday 14th November 5 pm
Week 1 Highlights will be AVA by 5.15 pm!!
Reviews for this mornings fixture TOMORROW!!!

Monday 14th November 11 am
BT's variation of the 4-4-2 wreaks confusion in RW ranks! RW fans already confused with their own teams positioning were, to put it mildly, dumbstruck at BT's system!
Video Highlights of Week 1 to be released today!!
BTB to be Updated today!!
Saturday's ratings have been updated last night!!
Ratings SOON!!
Goalkeepers will now be allowed to take 6 STEPS before releasing the ball (it was 4 steps) if needed. If they take more than 6 steps they can avoid being penalized if they THROW the ball out. The goalkeeper is NOT allowed to CHANGE the DIRECTION of his run after taking the 6th and final step but can change the direction of his throw. This is to ensure that the team in possession is NOT unfairly punished because their goalkeeper got a little excited (One small step within one yard will NOT be counted as a step). The other rule of 6 secs is the same. The cartoon depicting the rules will be changed soon.
The KFANDRAAI wished to thank Mantan (M Joshi) for pointing out that the Latest News Dates were one day in the future for the past 3 days!!! The error has been corrected!
2 Linesman flags have gone missing from TZ. If ANYONE has taken them by mistake, please return them. TZ has been asked to procure 2 new Linesman flags from the nearest sports store if possible or the 2 Flags that were given to KITFO will be used at both venues.

Sunday 13th November 2 pm
RW Vs PACU Reviews Updated!! Ratings soon!!!
Balance Sheets Updated!!
Previews for this week matches hopefully by 5 pm!
Highlights latest by 10 pm!
Rule changes announcement along with Highlights publication or earlier!

Saturday 12 November 11 am

1 goal scored in the 1st Half of 5 mins added on and then 2 by RW in the 2nd H of 5 mins added on
time brings the 1st week of Football to a sensational end!!!
PACU who would've been satisfied with an Away point feel as if they LOST 3 points!
The TZLC has reached new heights as players perform exceptionally well!
Reviews should be uploaded anytime by 4 pm today, Video Highlights by 6 pm tomorrow!
BTB and Ratings by 12 Noon tomorrow latest!
SS FAIL to send MO's for match between RW and PACU and incur KFANDRAAI wrath! KANDRAAI issued the following statement -
"KFANDRAAI honestly believes that the TZLC will NOT succeed if each and every club and member take their duties and responsibilities without the seriousness that they demand. A STAND has to be made at the UNPROFESSIONAL behaviour of some members and to ENSURE that EVERYONE is aware of how IMPORTANT each and every persons part is in this venture. The SS players that failed to turn up for their MO duties have profusely apologised and FINES will not be levied. BUT 1 POINT WILL be DEDUCTED from SS's League Tally. On the same note the KFANDRAAI wishes to thank Atul 'Atool' Shah's daugther and KFANDRA member Antara (AAA) for her selfless work as MO (Ball Girl) for this mornings match. Without her participation, the MO's AVA would've have been forced to work even harder. Thank you Triple A and I hope you enjoyed this mornings fixture!! BI WILL be given a shot in the arm with a BONUS package for you work"

Friday 11th November 3 pm
KITFO Vs TZ Reviews have been Updated!
More Clubs fined!!!

Friday 11th November 5 am
TZ under review as only 12 players registered for match Vs KITFO at papal. KFANDRAAI decide to wait and see how many players KITFO manage to register for Away fixture at TZ  and TZ Clubs Home ground. Action may be initiated to ENSURE that players who register for matches are awarded with more game time. KITFO register 20 players for fixture. Hence KFANDRAAI thinking of a mix and match policy.
Vikas 'Vikus' Atri irks KFANDRAAI after stating he knows how to do the Videography and FAILS miserably!! (BESS fixture) RW to be fined!! 
KFANDRAAI reviewing RW's Nishant 'EL Loco' Fernandes eligibility for tomorrows opening fixture against PACU. KFANDRAAI may have a change of heart and allow him to play under some conditions.
Meeting with RW Management to be held today.
BT also to be fined as Manager prefers to DEFEND his player Adit 'Mop' Bhorde instead of siding with KFANDRAAI for Mop's poor disciplinary levels while doing MO duty and at practice sessions.

Thursday 10th November 3.25 pm
Reviews of the match between BE and SS have been uploaded!
BTB and Ratings to be updated SOON!!
See image of Penalty incident in the match between BE and SS on the Images page!!!

Wednesday 9th November 2 pm
The Eagles got the better of the Sharks in the North East Pune Derby at Papal this morning!
The Reviews, Balance Sheets, BTB may be uploaded late as there is NO match tomorrow and the KFANDRAAI has the space of a day to get things in order and stop all its employee's from panicking due to the Real money scare!!!
(Although it will try and do its best to complete everything today!)

Tuesday 8th November 11.20 am
AP prove the stronger of the two Auld Enemies with an easy victory!
BI AVGKL Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma of BT lets the pressure get to him as he vents out his frustration at the KFANDRAAI Media after he gets a YC!!!
Reviews and Ratings to be updated ASAP!!!
See Sean 'Sparky' Mathew defy gravity as he saves a Y. Shah effort in yesterday's match! (Go to the Images section)

Monday 7th November 3.40 pm
PACU and BT share a goalless morning!
Red's Red Panthers and Patty's Olympians zip to the top of the BTB while Tanny's Battling Blackhawks crash land!!
Reviews have been uploaded!!!

Sunday 6th November 11.40 am
Match Programmes, Previews etc will be Updated as soon as RW complete their submission!
Suraj 'Ray' Patil of BE first winner of In-Game competition in Football Tactics Made Simple part 4!!!
The TZLC9 set to Begin TOMORROW!!! PACU Vs BT!! KO 6.50 am!
New addition to the MR - Previews by the KFANDRAAI!!
KFANDRAAI Media may set up a PLAYER CAM feature!!!

Friday 4th November 5.40 am
Watch the Video Football Tactics Made Simple Episode 4!! (Home Page!!)
The TZLC9 is set to start on Monday as the kits are to be delivered by Saturday!! Please contact TZ CEO A. Sanghvi to procure your club kits well on time before your match.
Match Footballs to be distributed either on Saturday or on Match Day.
EVERY member of the TZLC MUST have a clear understanding of ALL the TZLC R and R AND the BASIC rules on HOW to officiate a match. The KFANDRAAI will come up with a manual soon!
KFANDRAAI will ask the 4 Referee's assigned to officiate the matches with the underliying principles of FAIR PLAY, CONTROLLED AGGRESSION but only in a manner that is NOT HARMFUL to your opponent.
Players MUST understand their own CAPABILITY as well as their opponents BEFORE jumping into a tackle. Therefore a YOUNG and FIT player can go in hard on an EQUALLY fit player BUT MUST THINK TWICE before challenging a weaker player. It is obvious here that BRAINS must be used before BRAWN. Also the WEAKER players MUST NOT hold ONTO the ball for too long a period as this will be UNFAIR on the fitter opponent. In the end, the Ref will officiate in a way that is TRUE to the SPIRIT of the TZLC.
Please note that the submission of Match Programme's (MP's) can be made before 4 pm Sunday on the week of matches.
The MO's will be APPOINTED by the KFANDRAAI on the DAY BEFORE the match. Home Team Managers are requested to name the Main Referee to be appointed from the 4 mentioned in the Latest News some days ago, in their MP. If NONE are mentioned then Mr. Khare will be appointed automatically.
If any Member has a query, please approach your MANAGER or IN-CHARGE before approaching the KFANDRAAI or Mr. Khare if the query concerns the TZLC. Otherwise feel free to contact Mr. Khare in a RESPECTFUL manner.
In other news, more players are set to sign on for the TZLC!!!!
Watch the KFANDRAAI List today!!

Wednesday 2nd November 3.55 pm
Kit Vendor employee that has just signed on for PACU profusely apologises for the delay in the completion of the TZLC9 kits. As KFANDRAAI was set to PONDER on the apology and possibly reduce the fine, the same player was involved in an issue concerning the KFANDRAAI Game Dept.!! The name of the team submitted by the player was considered to be abusive and totally against the Ethos of the TZLC. 
The following teams have taken part in the TZLC9 BTB competition so far - Mkul's Suicide Squad, Chinchins Stoic Aurelius, Patty's Olympians, Saumin's Spartans, Tanny's Battling Blackhawks, Tsotsi's (MJ) Striking Snakes, Red's Red Panthers, Satsut's Raging Pirates, Saumin's Spartans and Audi's Bling Bling Eleven!!

Tuesday 1st November 10.55 am
KFANDRAAI brought down the crown of justice on a number of clubs today as it punished some for not sending a minimum number of players for sessions during the month of October and PACU for being involved in the KIT fiasco that led to the TZLC9 being postponed by a WEEK!!
KFANDRAAI Media may hold an event later this week for the Managers and IN-charges. 
Play the BTB!!!!

Sunday 30th September 11.40 am
Shocking news just in!! TZLC9 Kit Vendor guilty of poor timing!
Says Vendor PRO "Shirtings, Sockings and Shortings finish no no, partying is labourings, sorry is us!"
Translation - "Kits incomplete due to labour running off to party!"
KFANDRAAI is in a state of deep shock as this month proves to be a month of great misfortune.
The Managers are also in moods of varying level of anger and disappointment along with their
team mates.
KFANDRAAI has stated that the match on the 7th of Nov between PACU and BT will now be the OPENING match of the Season. It has also asked the Managers to either find a suitable date for the matches that have been cancelled or it will move the entire week to the end of the Season by pushing the last week forward.
We CANNOT begin the season improperly clothed!! We hope all of you can understand that this situation was NOT in KFANDRAAI's control but a certain person we don't wish to name and all we can say is that he plays for PACU and his initials are Y and S can be frowned upon.
On another note, the KFANDRAAI Game Dept. is awaiting entries for the BTB competition. 5 entries have been received so far!!

Saturday 29th September 12.30 pm
Managers PLEASE NOTE that the MP's can be submitted by 2 pm on SUNDAY on the Weekend of the matches. Therefore the latest info regarding the MO's and Match Details will be uploaded by
4 pm on Sunday. This decision had been taken 2 months ago and this is ONLY a reminder for all you frantic Managers. 
Please see Calendar and Fixtures for more updates.
A request by RW regarding the suspension of N. Fernades is under review. The review is taking some time and therefore he won't be able to play against TZ on Thursday at least.
With 2 days to go news has just come in that the kits are ready and Ahjoo CEO TZ will make the announcement soon on when and where to pick up the kits.
Referee's WILL HAVE TO WARM UP prior to KICK OFF. Referee's are NOT allowed to mingle with the players before KO. Referee's must check the entire KIT (Shin pads compulsory and any jewellery that is deemed to be dangerous is NOT ALLOWED and the Refs must ask the players to remove the objects).
Referee's MUST be in full KIT (Track Bottom and Takkies/Studs COMPULSORY) if in shorts PROPER GAME SOCKS COMPULSORY. 
MO's MUST wear CLUB KIT of TZLC9 or past TZLC's and BIB is also compulsory.
Excuses regarding ANY OF THE ABOVE will NOT be accepted. Please do NOT approach ANYONE regarding the appeasement of rules.
Players/MO's/Refs who are NOT in proper attire WILL NOT be allowed to officate.
Clubs MUST bring their OWN FIRST AID BOX, Banner and F and B.
There will be NO toss for League Fixtures. Only for cup competitions.
The Home team has the choice of KO and whether to ADD the extra 5 mins at the end of both halves or not (See R and R).
KFANDRAAI has employed 4 REFEREE's for the TZLC9! Shocked? Read on!
The 4 Ref's (Main Refs) will have 4 VARIED PERSONALITIES. 
1. Mr. Dlamini - Happy Go Lucky character
2. Mr. Angus Smith - A bit hard and a bit soft
3. Mr. Lee - Difficult to judge, depends on mood
4. Mr. Khare - Crazy Strict!!!
These 4 ref's can be chosen by the Home Team Managers a minimum 4 times a Season.
But they MUST use them at least 4 times. The matches will be reffed accordingly.
If confused PLEASE contact the KFANDRAAI.
MP's Must include CHOICE of Referee and the Squad AVA. Plus more news if you need the MP's to fly of the shelves.

Thursday 27th September 12 Noon
KFANDRA - There will be NO sessions from today (Thursday) till Monday due to the ground being occupied by trucks etc as they prepare the ground for some show and also due to the religious festival Diwali as many children will be absent. Practice session will resume on TUESDAY 01/11/16.
A warning is hereby given to ALL the players to ENSURE that they stay in CONTACT with their Manager. They MUST respond within 1 hour of getting a call/message/communique whether it be from an Organizational In-Charge, Manager or the KFANDRAAI. If this rule is breached, the player will be liable for EVICTION from the TZLC.
4 days to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 26th September 5.30 am
5 days to go for Kick Off!!!
New Video uploaded regarding possible TZLC9 Club formations! 
Mr. Khare says that his views are to be taken as that of a NEUTRAL Coach. He still insists on his policy of selecting a team that focuses or regularity for practice sessions and discipline. Obviously the clubs will have to play their best team available at least at the start of the Season and then watch what happens from there on. Mr. Khare has set up his formations with that mindset..A Coach being appointed by a club and who is NOT focused on player attitude and talent but on a players ability.
(If you aren't mentioned in the Video, it's only because you are still looking to break into the 1st 11).
Team selection is SUPER EASY!! No need to spend time on thinking about which players to buy and your budget! You are allowed to select ANYONE!!
(Ony 1 rule and that is that you can't select more than 2 players from 1 club!!)
PLAY NOW!!! (Go to the Games page and click on the link!!)

Tuesday 25th September 12.30 pm
More Cartoons uploaded in the R and R section!!!
NCL ground marking completed!!! 100 metres by 70 metres!!!
Personal Footballs being picked up super fast!! Be quick or stocks will not last!!!
Spectator stand at NCL make not make it for KO!! 
New Video Camera has been purchased!! Chinchin (Mr. Kadam) and Sparky (Mr. Mathew)
do the needful!!!

News Archives from 04/01/17 till 31/04/17
14th Friday April 2017 11.30 am
KFANDRAAI in a statement released to the Media stated that they may reset their plans re the 1st and 2nd Div to include a 3rd Div. The 3rd Div though will be for the Organisations! There will be NO Promotion or Relegation to or from this division. This decision has been taken as Mr Khare informed KFANDRAAI that the results of the TZ and KITFO matches in the League is a foregone conclusion as the Coach experiments with the positions in the team and also priority for team selection goes to the players that are unable to get a place in their club's 1st 11 and those members of the organisations that are NOT members of the TZLC. These organisations will play only 1 match at HOME against all the other clubs. Or the earlier rule may be implemented! The 3rd Div teams though (Organisations) will be participating in the Cup competitions in which their will be NO experimenting and they will be looking to WIN the matches.
KFANDRAAI will be hoping to include SPONSORS for the TZLC10. This will not only provide extra amenities to it's members but it will push the effort of publicising the TZLC in the local newspapers. 
In actual fact this can be done even now but it would be more like blowing our own trumpet than others doing it for us because they can understand what a unique concept the TZLC is and WANT to show it off to the public at large. The individual ENTRY FEE will STILL be maintained as it will tie the member to the TZLC. It will also enforce the idea that the players will be more inclined to follow the Ethos of the TZLC as they may be EXPELLED for bad behaviour thereby losing their fee! 
The ground conditions at TZ's home ground are deteriorating and this will be looked into post the end of the TZLC9. A quick touch up may be undertaken on an urgent basis though.
Those of you that may be able to locate a sponsor should contact KFANDRAAI.
News is that TZ will also be setting themselves up in a more professional manner re matters related to non-football issues.
TZ have gone in for a GKL for tomorrow's KCSF match against PACU!!

13th Thursday April 2017 1 pm
TZ Coach declares that if TZ wins Saturday's Semi, it will be a GREAT VICTORY against a strong PACU side!!
Win 2M TZR for your club if you think you found something new on the website!!

11th Tuesday April 2017 11 am
S Nirala SUSPENDED for the 1st H of his next match!!
PACU players that failed to perform their best during MO duties have been pardoned by KFANDRAAI due to emails sent that expressed their regret with profound apologies.
The following info has just come in after KFANDRAAI made an announcement that all current clubs in the TZLC9 will be continuing their existence in the TZLC10!!!
The TZLC10 will most likely have 5 clubs in the 1st Div and 5 in the 2nd!! This would mean that the club coming in bottom place in the 1st Div (TZLC9) will face the club coming in 2nd place in the 2nd Div in a playoff match for a 1st Div place in the TZLC10. The 3rd place team will NOT FACE a playoff match and will STAY in the 1st Div, the 2nd Div Champions will gain automatic promotion to the 1st Div.
The New Club has been given the ALL CLEAR!!! The new club will be inculcating MORE THAN 3 NEW OUTSIDERS into the squad and those players will NOT be included for OPEN BIDDING as per the R and R. It goes without saying that the membership of the new players will be on PROBATION till they attend the FIXED MINIMUM 2 sessions under Mr Khare either at KITFO or TZ. 
The New Club Manager (Only known to KFANDRAAI) has been asked to keep ALL dealings that concern the NEW CLUB, SECRET!! The names of the players that may join the NEW CLUB from other clubs within the TZLC and the players that may join the TZLC are to be kept PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL until the KFANDRAAI allows you to lift the veil.

10th Monday April 2017 11.10 am
Adit 'Mop' Bhorde scores a Hatrick as BT win a crazy match 5 - 4 and go through 7 - 5 on aggregate!
3 Penalties awarded! Ajinx (A Yadav) scores ad many as he missed!
KS (K Shetty) has a nightmare!!
At least 4 of the 9 goals were spectacular!
Pam (S Patil) heaves a sigh of relief when KS stated he was UNA after commiting to AP when Pam approached him to play on loan for BT!!
Mr. Negativity approaches Ref after the match to discuss the Penalty because of his foul!!
Kev (K Kuber) and Tiger (A Atigre) both heave a HUGE sigh of relief at not facing the possibility of coming into the Sudden Death situation against Mop!!! 
CM (S Athalye) also happy that facing Elvis (E Lima) in the Sudden Death would now be a never to happen event!!

9th Sunday April 2017 12 Noon 
Previews for Week 23 to be Updated Soon!!  
Week 21 Highlights Show to be published by 12.45 pm or earlier!! Keep checking!!
S Patil (Pam) of BT, protests innovative new Tie Breaker system by being negative!! Fans that absolutely LOVE this thrilling new concept are calling him Mr. Negativity!
K Patwardhan passes the ball!! Too difficult to believe? See Week 22's Highlights Show!!
Managers are once again REMINDED that KFANDRAAI are allowing seats for both clubs to sell as per their Home Stadiums MAXIMUM seating capacity forthe Cup Semi Finals as has been the case for 2 SEASONS now.
Neutral Fans DESPERATE to see at least ONE Semi Final encounter take the Tie Breaker route!!
BTB should be set to resume after an internal glitch in the system!! Check online by the end of today!!

8th Saturday April 2017 9.35 am
The KFANDRAAI Media got their hands on some information that is bound to shock every member of the TZLC!! A certain club (Name withheld) may shut up shop sooner than expected. This would mean that the TZLC9 would be akin to an elephant walking about in a room full of mice!! (Total mayhem!!)
Although mayhem may be too strong a word, as the KFANDRAAI has contingencies for every situation, some of the problems would be sounding the death knell for the players at least. They would be SUSPENDED for the remainder of the Season and for the TZLC10!! All the results and records of the club would be SCRAPPED and so on!! This situation may also have a DIRECT effect for the supposed NEW CLUB that is set to be given Legal Status by KFANDRAAI. EVERY thing related to the above has been put on hold with immediate effect till the matter is sorted.
Meanwhile Monday's match will go ahead as scheduled. The KFANDRAAI stated that all the matches will continue as NORMAL until a definite decision can be taken.

6th Thursday April 2017 12.45 pm
The New Tie-Breaker System has been clarified even further so that EVERYONE, INCLUDING the players participating, can hope that the matches enter the Tie-Breaker stage!
Groov (D Agarwal) was abducted by aliens on the day of the TZR Vs SS match! A KFANDRAAI Media reporter approached him for his reason behind not turning up and not providing excuses or apologies to ANYONE at TZ or KFANDRAAI and he answered 'I don't Know' with the most quizzical expression on his face. This reporter has seen that look on many an occasion especially during mass UFO sightings. The common link usually, is a mark somewhere on the body that the person has no explanation for, that could be said to be caused by a sharp instrument of an ALIEN origin. The KFANDRAAI Media is paying 2M TZR to any player that can catch an image of Groov's alien scratchings!! Note - Please do so at your own risk as KFANDRAAI will not be responsible for ANYTHING if Groov does not take your request for images in a warm hearted manner.....KFANDRAAI suggests Groov should stay away from rabid Club Managers/Players that are desperate for extra cash. This competition will end as soon as you read this news article or hear about it from someone!!!

5th Wednesday April 2017 12.45 pm
New Tie-Breaker Method Unveiled!! (See R and R Page, scroll to the bottom!)

4th Tuesday April 2017 12 Noon
U Shinde, A Lodha, H Matharu and S Iyer shine for the TZ Reserves as they excelled in defensive duties!
Coke (A Patel) gets more chances in this match as compared to all the other matches put together and still scores a brace!
Ashubh (S Inamdar) Captain of TZ congratulated by Mr Khare for a job well done!
The KFANDRAAI Media stayed away from this encounter as none of the players from both teams asked for the match to be recorded!
Cup 2nd Leg Semi's of BOTH competitions Next Week!!
KFANDRAAI will announce an EXCITING SUBSTITUTE for the TIE BREAKER if the matches are drawn over both legs!! Announcement to be made by Thursday 06/04/17!
KFANDRAAI has declared that there MAY be a possibility that the bottom club from the 1st Div may NOT be directly relegated but may face a PLAYOFF to stay in the 1st Div with the 2nd Placed club in the 2nd Div. The club WINNING the 2nd Div Title will be promoted automatically. (The 3rd placed team in the 1st Div would not then have to face a playoff). This scenario may take place ONLY if a NEW club is inculcated into the 2nd Div and NONE of the current clubs are dissolved. Therefore in the TZLC10 there would be 5 1st Div Clubs along with 5 in the 2nd Division!!!

3rd Monday April 2017 9.50 am
TZ Reserves Vs SS Match Previews have been Updated!!
RW and BI PUNISHED for unprofessionalism!!
Spot the Wisdom Tree in the Week 20 Highlights Show!! Win 5M TZR!!

1st Saturday April 2017 11.15 am
RW bounce back after letting 2 goal lead slip to score 5!!!
Goony (Natekar of BI) breaks two bones in his thumb and may face surgery after pulling down Kapster (K Patwardhan) for a Penalty!!
From this Month, Birthday Greetings!!!
Birthday wishes to Ajay Sanghvi (Ahjoo) TZ CEO and BI!
From this Month, Birthday Greetings!!!
Birthday wishes to Suvrat Kher, KFANDRA Coach!!
KFANDRA Tourney planned for the end of this month!! But focusing on FUN Games!!!

29th Wednesday March 2017 12.30 pm
YogiMogi wins big for PACU as he continues his run of winning competitions!!
Announcements for Next Seasons plans SOON!!
A NEW club may be formed!!! (That was Quick - KFANDRAAI)
The Media means re the new Managers, sackings, resignations etc (Oh....!!!)

28th Tuesday March 2017 1 pm 
PACU slot for past PACU but are given a scare!
Last PACU goal scored in illegal extra 2 mins awarded by the Ref (Extra 2 mins was for BI!!)
Subin 'Zubin' Alex muffs up 2nd H 38 min call and awards extra 5 mins himself!!
Cracks in the ground getting wider, bushes on the fringe growing bigger, Referee refuses to go anywhere near the far side on fear of the netherworld entering this realm through the holes of hell!!
S Yeole (Sherry) suggests to cut the width of one side and both teams play WITHOUT their wing players on that side!!! Dr Khare sent by KFANDRAAI to measure his mental state of health...

27th Monday March 2017 4 pm
KITFO shine as RW look as if they are a one man team!!
Reviews will be updated as soon as RW's Review is received.
Ratings tonight!!!

27th Monday March 2017 12.25 pm 
Commiserations go out to Toufiq Sheikh of RW and A Monga also of RW on losing someone very close... 
Toufa lost his Mother while Amonk lost his Granny.

As a mark of respect, the Headliines for this mornings match between RW and KITFO will be released by 4pm....

Sunday 26th March 2017 4.30 pm
Week 21 Previews have been updated!
A Chandrachud SUSPENDED for 45 mins of AP's next fixture.
S Suttati SUSPENDED for 30 mins of PACU's next match!!!
N Awasthee SUSPENDED for 30 mins of BI's next match!!
Club Managers are WARNED that if they CONTINUE playing players SUSPENDED for INCOMPLETE MO duty jobs then the club will be FINED and the player will face a BIGGER SUSPENSION. The MATCH if won, may be AWARDED to the opposition also. It is up to the Managers to check the info on the Website and approach the KFANDRAAI re suspensions.
Week 20 Highlights TONIGHT!!!

Saturday 25th March 2017 1.20 pm
SS scare PACU with formidable display!!
Alok 'Coke' Patel shines with sterling display!
Week 20 Highlights Show may be published sooner than expected!!!
The KFANDRAAI has just got information regarding a member that has gloated about incidences that are not worthy of KFANDRAAI membership. The said member, name not disclosed for privacy issues, has been asked to explain his conversation with another member to the KFANDRAAI. His membership and continuation of playing under Mr Khare is under review.

Friday 24th March 2017 12.30 pm
AP take BE by the wing and send them flailing with a thumping victory!
Was BE's decision NOT to loan a GK a BIG mistake???
Ajinx A Yadav scores sensational Hattrick!!!
Mr Khare shows how to handle a volatile affair reminiscent of the PACU Vs TZ Cup encounter with a dozen Red and Yellow Cards flung about hither and thither!
3 AP players arrive late, PACU Manager S Suttati 3 underlines KFANDRAAI's belief that if the Bossman lacks discipline then how will his protege's behave? Suttati arrives LATE for the match and is improperly attired! KFANDRAAI have written to the PACU Chairman for action to be initiated.
KFANDRAAI are speculating on Fines, suspensions and deducting points.
KFANDRAAI allow KITFO and TZ to loan a GK for their Cup Semi encounters!!
Some clubs awarded for correctly guessing the players in the latest Guess who Competition!!

Thursday 23rd March 2017 4.10 pm
Check the new Common Injuries page!!!
The deadline for players interested in Managing new teams, for current managers not interested in continuing as Managers for Next Season and players that are interested in forming a new club is FAST approaching!! (Friday 31/03/17)

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 1.10 pm
Week 20 Previews Published!!!
Week 19 Highlights SHow had been published at 5 am!!!
A Venkatramani and S Suttati have been appointed Managers in their 3rd and Final Avatar!!!

Monday 20th March 2017 5 am
KFANDRAAI has received confirmation from BOTH sets of players (PACU and TZ) that the 1st Leg SF KC will be declared NULL and VOID etc (see 18th March News report below).
Mr Khare was hoping that the players would come to the same conclusion and is happy that some sense prevails coming to the end of the TZLC9!! All the incidents in the match can be brought up in the future only for the purpose of education or when some members are having a laugh somwehere appropriate!!
The Highlights show though WILL be including this match in its next edition!!
Previews for this week to be released today!
Henceforth, Mr Khare and his friends Mr Dlamini etc will be reffereeing ALL the matches till the end of the Season and till him and his multiple personalities exist!!
"We are now VERY CLOSE to the end of the Season people, lets all be on our best behaviour! If we need to call friends and family to watch a few matches then we need to be well behaved!!! Don't forget that the end of the Season Function is ON and will be held soon after the end of the Season," said Mr Khare suddenly even though the Media had not approached him for further comments...The Press decided to release their own statement "When else would the end of the Season function be held?? Talk about stating the obvious!!"
KFANDRAAI - PLEASE do not use the KFANDRA website for your inane feuding..Thank you!!
Other News -
S Chavan (Ryan of the Ryan Incident) was STOPPED from cutting his arm off, the same arm which caused all the issues, by none other than Mrs A L Coholic. Said Mrs Coholic "Theesh thingsh happen Samya....looksee at moi, when Ich do shumthings badsh, me jussht shtop thinking for 5 minsshhh by taking another pegsh". 
Lo (A Lodha) of BE was threatened with dire consequences by the local police force when he kept calling up S Patil (Pam) at any old hour asking him why he didn't give a throw in!! A flustered Pam was seen to be relieved at the KFANDRAAI Police intervention.
Shay (Y Shah) is looking for a doctor that can do something about his elbows.
"I like them how they are but they seem to have a mind of their own and they keep getting me into trouble!"
A Godsa (Godsa) was also tagging along with Shay to get his arms and mouth checked...."They seem to be possessed" he muttered.
S Suttati (Satsut) III and A Venkatramni (Amma) III were attending classes on 'How to maintain discipline'.
The Entire BE squad will be attending Ballet classes to get them more in sync. "We are not catching offside PERFECTLY ENOUGH", said Sherry (S Yeole) and Amti (A Bhable).
Audi (A Kotbagi) has contacted S Mathew's (Sparky) wife Nisha. He has asked her to whisper Up and Back in his ear when he's asleep while pushing him forward and backward. We later saw Audi sporting a black eye.....and Sparky looking very tired...Nisha meanwhile was looking for Mr Khare... to ask him a few q's no doubt!!
KFANDRAAI has GAGGED the Media due to irrelevant news clippings!! But if you do enjoy these snippets please pass the message on to Mr Khare!!

Saturday 18th March 2017 2.15 pm
BE take the match to AP and come away with a 2 - 2 draw!!
A Kotbagi (Audi) scores after a phenomenal 70 metre run!!!
Referee fails to award Last minute Penalty to BE even after spotting it!
(Video evidence shows that the Referee need not stand in line for harakiri as Video analysts suggest that if at all, an IFK could've been awarded!!! According to a person in much of the news lately, M Joshi (of RW and this mornings CM), G Patil of BE was mistaken to think that the AP AVGKL D Agarwal had pushed G Patil as what he thought was a push was only a touch of his substantial girth! Also according to D Agarwal (Groov), G Patil was leaning into him and causing him much angst with his body checking and other unmentionable stuff. Therefore the GK thought it best to give G Patil (Groo) a bit of you know what...Groo also declared that he was pushed and would've scored otherwise! We all know which part of that statement COULD be true!! Anyway Video Evidence shows CLEARLY that Groo was at least 5 km's from Groov, there WAS a push, M Joshi is better at CM work than Goalkeeping!!
Back to the Headlines - 
A scrappy but entertaining match that was hard but fair!!!
Cracks in the ground almost swallow diminutive A Lodha (Lo)!!! Lo, in a show of protest gets angry at S Patil (Pam II) LM for not waving his flag when the ball, according to Lo who was by now desperately calling to his team mates to get him out of the hole, had gone out. It was the Ref who finally helped him out with a scowl and a YC!!!
Another few Headlines -
The ground is in a better state though with the removal of most of the crabgrass!
BE players heard begging the Ref to end the match but Ref sticks to his SR's timer to blow only at the 90 min mark!
Monday's KLCSF2 between RW and KITFO has been POSTPONED!!!
Video evidence proves that H Bose LM was correct in not calling A Chandrachud's goal as offside!!
(Although Hima went to sleep in the last 5 mins of the match!!)
Sensational!! The Grandmother of all BREAKING NEWS's follows -(This part is serious people!!) 
The Ryan Incident -
Mr. Khare asks KFANDRAAI to pardon Mr S Chavan!!! In a statement released to the press he stated 
"S Chavan has always been the example of integrity and this incident of deliberate handball was not reflective of the kind of person he is. Whatever he has done is unpardonable and maybe KFANDRAAI are correct in stating that if the iconic Mr Chavan is made an example of, then it will be easier for others to toe the line. But this incident may cause his impeccable reputation to be soiled and as TZ Coach I request KFANDRAAI to go easy on Mr S Chavan. He is ALSO a member of TZ and it shows how the TZLC members can be loyal to whichever team or club they play for. That he can stoop to such a level, for the first time in his life, against his own club."
KFANDRAAI released the following statement to the press in reply to Mr Khare's plea -
"KFANDRAAI, after reading the statement decided to VIEW the incriminating footage to recheck if they have NOT been too harsh in levying a 1 match suspension. Thus after viewing the footage we have come to the conclusion that S Mathew TZ would have reached the ball before the Loanee GK M Joshi if S Chavan had not DELIBERATELY raised his hand to block the pass. EXACTLY as Mr Khare, TZ Coach, had stated immediately after the incident. KFANDRAAI, after a lot of deliberation have offered their last and final option to both PACU and TZ. This match can be considered as an 
EXAMPLE of how the intensity of the occasion can overcome a persons true personality and even cause a player to ignore the welfare of the opponent when tackling a player. The offer is this -
This match will be declared NULL and VOID. All suspensions will be declared NULL and VOID. The Sacking of the two Managers S Suttati and A Venkatramani will stand as will the Fine. But the fine will be reduced by half. The team going through to the FINAL will be decided on the date of the 2nd Leg to be played as scheduled. The losing team will have the option of the extra 5 mins. The TZ players that were in the squad as well as the PACU players must come to a decision by Sunday 12 Noon 19/03/17. This decision should be UNANIMOUS. If NOT, then ALL the previous decisions will be held as official."

Friday 17th March 2017 11.25 am
PACU have been fined 10M TZR for bringing disrepute to the TZLC.
Managers A Venkatramani II and S Suttati II have been SACKED by PACU.
The possibility of them retaining their post in their 3rd Version are slim.
S Chavan has been SUSPENDED for the return fixture against TZ.
A Godse has been suspended for 60 mins and Y Shah for 60 mins.
All suspensions MAY be reduced SLIGHTLY if their behaviour in their League match against SS is commendable.
S Suttati and A Venkatramani have been suspended for 10 Mins for Saturday's League match against SS.
PACU have been reprimanded earlier for indiscipline. If they REPEAT the offence in the future they will be deducted 3 points from their League Tally. If the SAME is repeated AGAIN then they will be AUTOMATICALLY relegated to the 2nd Div.
E Lima has been suspended for 10 mins of the return fixture.
KFANDRAAI released the following statement -
The TZLC is not meant for ruffians who think that they can take the law into their own hands. Every person and species on this planet and we are sure in the entire universe is capable of playing dirty. It's whether you can play fair and play clean to succeed is the the ultimate test. The TZLC is not FIFA where you are allowed to abuse the Referee, abuse anyone you take offence against and get away with it, it is not a sport where sledging is allowed. Football in the TZLC is based on the Rules and Regulations. There is no grey area. Every member and would be member is requested to understand this BEFORE appearing for your next fixture. Please RESIGN from the TZLC if you are unable to comply. In the TZLC, the REFEREE's decision is FINAL. The ZERO TOLERANCE rule will be implemented henceforth. KFANDRAAI has experimented with the maturity of the players and has come to the conclusion that the TZLC is still not ready for a more open environment.

Monday's KLCSF1 match between RW and KITFO will be reffed by Mr Khare. He will also be assisting KITFO with their substitutions and other minor details. He will NOT be involved as a Coach of KITFO on the field. For eg he will not be allowed to ADVISE players regarding their duties and responsibilities while the match is in progress. He is allowed to have a chat with the KITFO players before the match and at HT. 
If RW feel this is unfair as they can't trust Mr Khare to be impartial then they can give KITFO a walkover. If some of the RW squad feel the same and some don't then those who feel that Mr Khare is biased can excuse themselves from the match. RW will be allowed FREE LOANS in their place.
The same rule will be applied to ALL the matches where TZ and KITFO are involved.
This decision has been taken by KFANDRAAI due to the disrespectful and immature behaviour of the PACU players on Tuesday.
The KFANDRAAI would also like to add that ONLY players below the age of 21 and above the age of 16, who are termed as Young Adults, may get the benefit of immaturity in some cases. Those above the age of 21 WILL be treated as ADULTS when it comes to punishments. Especially so if they have team mates that are EXPERIENCED and MATURE.

Thursday 16th March 2017 1 pm
See Images Page for the latest GUESS WHO competition for 3M TZR!!
Punishments to be handed out tomorrow!!

Wednesday 15th March 2017 4 pm
PACU will be PUNISHED severely for their behavioural issues against TZ and the MO's in the 1st SF PACU Vs TZ yesterday. A few players are also facing a lengthy suspension. The senior members of PACU, namely the two Managers, A Venkatramani and S Suttati have not yet provided any form of apology regarding their clubs lack of respect towards the TZ players and Coach and also the MO's on duty. This does not bode well for PACU.
The KFANDRAAI states that apart from the eccentric Mr Khare, each and every member of the TZLC, ESPECIALLY the Senior members MUST ALWAYS ensure that the decorum will be maintained. It is clear after yesterday's encounter and previous misdemeanours from some of the PACU players that they are unable to control their players as well as their own behaviour.
E Lima's (AP and TZ) behaviour was also questionable and even though his behaviour was in REACTION to certain incidences, KFANDRAAI will always penalise the person or persons at FAULT involved in a cause and effect situation.
A Merchandise page has been released!!! See now!!!

Tuesday 14th March 2017 11 am
PACU need only a draw in the 2nd Leg to reach the KFANDRAAI Cup Final!!!
KFANDRAAI question Mr Khare on rumours that he is informing all the players that the aggregate score will not be looked at. KFANDRAAI want to make it clear that the AWAY GOALS rule will not be applied but the AGGREGATE scores will still count.
KFANDRAAI was pleased with Referee A Bhable and his assistants but unhappy with PACU's constant questioning of the Referee's decision. EXPERIENCED members of the PACU squad should NOT allow such things to happen. They should be an example to the rest of the members. 
KFANDRAAI will also be looking at the Referee's decision of a YC in the S Chavan DELIBERATE ball handling case. It is felt that the YC was not SUFFICIENT enough of a punishment and that further suspension may awarded to the player at fault for the 2nd Leg. It will also be looking at the Referee's report for the match regarding all the incidents that happened during play including the A Godse RC.

Monday 13th March 2017 11 am
A Yadav (Ajinx) absence proves fatal for AP as El Loco (N Fernandes) of RW on loan can't match up to Ajinx's standards!
BT Chairman RESIGNS from post after BT win with the same unorthodox formation used prior to BT's losing streak! Recap - After the BT Chairman had suggested BT implement changes, BT slipped to two + defeats in the League. The Manager S Patil was also sacked the other week. The BT Chairman while leaving the ground said to the waiting KFANDRAAI Media that "BT is an enigma, woe befall any who dares fiddle with the Thunder that is blacker than the blackest black! There is a factor that is a part of BT's soul that is beyond comprehension, It is like a mystery that will confuse and obfuscate the cleverest of intellectuals....." A member of the BT BOD was passing by when she overheard these remarks and she immediately called the psychiatric ward at the local hospital. The BT Chairman is now convalescing and is said to be recovering fast.
This is the FIRST ever incident in the TZLC involving a Chairman of a club RESIGNING!!
KFANDRAAI will announce shortly it's decision on using a QUICKER and more EXCITING version of a Tie Breaker if needed in the Cup competitions!
Mr Khare will announce the 1st 11 to the TZ players during the day..........
The Law College Ground will be CLOSED today!!! The authorities will not be allowing the session to be held tomorrow. Back to normal from Tomorrow!!!

Sunday 12th March 2017 4.15 pm
Week 19 KLC and KC Previews Updated!
Week 17 and 18 Highlights show to be Published by 5 pm!!!
The Law College Ground will be CLOSED tomorrow!!! The authorities will not be allowing the session to be held tomorrow. Back to normal from Tuesday!!!

Friday 10th March 2017 12.15 pm
See new Golden Boot and Golden Egg Page on the website and in the Excel Sheet!!
Highlights Show will be released by Sunday!!
Sparky enjoys his session at KITFO!!! AP fans SHOCKED and worried!!

Thursday 9th March 2017 3.15 pm
Next Week - Cup FEVER as Semi finals 1st Legs will be played!!!
New U12 Profile snap added!!
If your profile is missing (KFANDRA or KFANDRAAI) please contact Mr Khare!!
Plans for TZLC10 begin with a whoop de do as talks already underway regarding a NEW CLUB!!!

Tuesday 7th March 2017 11.15 am
SS manage to create at least 4 open chances as AP fail to shine!
Sparky (S Mathew) makes a proper keepers save!!!
Rock (A Chandrachud) storms off the ground!
BTB to be updated this week!!!
S Patil 2 (Pam 2) takes up new job with gusto and promises every member of BT from Chairman, through the BOD and the fans that he will do what the previous manager failed to do, COMMUNICATE!!!
TZ members that are AVA for the KFANDRAAI CUP SF 1st Leg at PACU must confirm with TZ CEO Ahjoo (A Sanghvi) BEFORE 12 noon Thursday 09/03/17. Ahjoo will pass on the info to Mr Khare. Those members of TZ that have paid the TZ Fee's and have come regularly for practice will be eligible for selection. Paying the fee's and being irregular for practice is also a valid reason for selection. If more than 16 players confirm than Mr Khare will select 16 SQUAD MEMBERS and the rest will be on stand by. All 16 MAY not get to play as it depends on the tactics at that time. TZ must wear their blue kit and be on the ground by 6.05 am. KFANDRAAI will be appointing a PLAYER Ref for this match.

Monday 6th March 12.30 pm
The BT Manager has been SACKED!! The reasons have only been disclosed to the Manager himself in a press release issued by the BT Chairman. The Manager has till Saturday 12 Noon to announce his continuation as a clone or to submit the name of a NEW Manager!

Monday 6th March 11.10 am
Eagles and Thunder slug it out with only Manager S Patil (Pam) getting the knock out blow!
Jon (M Uniyal) and A Bhable (Amti) fail to hit the target from 5 yards out in the last minute of the match!
Shiv (S Sharma) keeps a clean sheet in the 1st H, was caught off his line many a time as he was desperately trying to stay AWAY from the GR and BB!!
BE's loss spices up the 2nd Div Title race as BI's resurgence gains ground with player AVA rising!!
Mr Khare announces Tactical Training as KITFO and TZ semi's loom over the horizon!

Saturday 4th March 12 Noon
BT have been offered two options regarding their player S Sharma. The options are 1.) 1 match suspension and 2.) He can play the whole match, BUT under the condition that one half will be played as a GOALKEEPER!!!
Players that are interested in Managing a club next Season MUST approach the KFANDRAAI by 30/03/17.
Managers that have announced their lack of desire to continue as a Manager from the TZLC10 (as noted in the form sent to KFANDRAAI) must contact KFANDRAAI with a REPLACEMENT for their post by 30/03/17.
TRANSFERS between clubs will NOT be allowed till the END of the Season from today.

Friday 3rd March 1.45 pm
See the images of the KFANDRA Tourney played the other week!! Go to the Images page and then click on the orange link which states KFANDRA U12's Tourney Images!!!

Thursday 2nd Mar 2.30 pm
BE Vs RW Reviews Updated!
AP Vs SS rescheduled!!!  (Due to KFANDRAAI error)
S Sharma of BT has been SUSPENDED for 1 half of his next match. BT have been fined 5M TZR.
These punishments are a WARNING to all the members that whether you are playing on loan or are playing for your own team or are doing MO duty, you MUST ALWAYS be SERIOUS. Any player in the future who commits the same infringement will be punishable with a SUSPENSION for the current Season and the next.

Wednesday 1st Mar 11.05 am
Kapil 'Kapster' Patwardhan scores a brace and challenges AP's Ajinkya 'Ajinx' Yadav for the Golden Boot!!
Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma AVGKL for BE, learns that unwanted inputs in a conversation with the GR Kanekar and BB Ghotge can prove costly as his lack of concentration leads to Kapster and RW's 1st Goal!
Post the match, BE's Chairman threw a dart at the BT Chairman who was a guest of KFANDRAAI in the VIP Box. The BE Chairman insisted that he stumbled as he threw a dart while playing Killer with the rest of the Chairmen who were also guests of KFANDRAAI. The BT Chairman said he deserves it and expected as much when his player Shiv thought conversing with the MO's more important than playiing in a match. BE Chairman said that although the dart was a mistake, he will still be asking KFANDRAAI to take action on the player and the club. 
"This is the TZLC and with KFANDRAAI in charge, such things cannot happen", he angrily murmured as he gazed lovingly at the PACU Chairman's wife who was playing a game of darts with everyone. 
"'s a good darts player and I admire the way she plays, " croaked the BE Chairman as he saw us staring at him mouths agape. We, the KFANDRAAI Media, decided to leave the scene after a flustered looking PACU Chairman left with his wife in a huff.
Prashant 'Mario' Alhat has openly stated that he wants Surhud M Khare to Coach KITFO Rugby!! He, in no mean terms mentioned an article that had appeared in a newspaper yesterday. 
Mr Khare (Neel Sir/Coach) magnanimously accepted Mario's proposal and asked Mario to contact Surhud Sir himself!

Tuesday 28th Feb 10.45 am
New Coach at KFANDRA, Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar was guilty of a goof up in the KFANDRA U10 Tourney held yesterday when certain names that were NOT on the Winners list were awarded with medals!! Therefore certain players that were supposed to be awarded were left dejected!
Mkul's supporters in his defence stated -
"If this can happen at the Oscars, then this just shows how BIG KFANDRA is!!"
KFANDRA thought it wise NOT to take the medal back from the players that got the medals because of the Mkul error. This phenomenon will now be called the 'Mkul Effect' or 'to do an Mkul' in KFANDRA circles. The players that won the medals can rest in peace that they will be allowed to keep the Medals forever if they want to. Only the Coaches are aware of who was not on the list of awardee's and this list will be kept a SECRET....up until the time we are all paid a GAZILLION MAJHILLION in Cash under the table....
On another very serious note, those of you interested in joining the KFANDRA Whatsapp group can contact the now very famous Mukul Inamdar at 9764582124 or Tanmay Pardeshi 9922704483.
They will be the MODERATORS of the WHATSAPP account. Please ensure that all correspondence with the moderators is formal. Members to Members correspondence will NOT be ALLOWED. This Whatsapp account is being created ONLY for QUERIES by the members addressed to KFANDRA or to send updates to its members. Members communicating with each other through the KFANDRA account will be liable for punishment. (You can create you own accounts for communicating with each other!!!)
The Website will ALWAYS be AVAILABLE as normal.
The KFANDRAAI Cup Draws and KFANDRAAI League Cup Draws have been DECLARED!!! See Calendar and Fixtures page!!
Previews for this weeks ONLY match between BE and RW to be played tomorrow morning will be released by 12 Noon today.

Monday 27th Feb 3 pm
Week 15/16 Highlights Show released!!!
U10's Tourney planned for this evening! U12's practice on as usual!

Sunday 26th Feb 11.30 am
KFANDRA Greens won out over KFANDRA Reds with a super display from Shourya Chavan! His Dad plays for PACU in the TZLC 1st Div so we can assume that his Genetics are beginning to kick in! A solid display by both sets of players saw a well contested if not scrappy affair bring the U12 competition to a close. More matches will be held in the future but the PARENTS/GUARDIANS must realise the importance of the children participating and INFORM the KFANDRA Authorities if their child will NOT be AVAILABLE. Highlights will be put up on the Website in a weeks time!!!
There will be a small Tourney for the KFANDRA U10's on Monday!!!
BI Vs BT Reviews have been published!
See League Tables Page on the Website!!! (Direct Link)

Saturday 25th Feb 2017 11 am
Favourites BT have technically put paid to their hopes of the 1st Div Title!
Now they face a tense relegation battle!
BI manage to keep their 1st Div hopes alive with direct promotion as they survive a BT onlslaught!
3 players WITHOUT official kits for this mornings match!
3 players arrived LATE for MO duty!!
With around 10 players MISSING from the U12 group, a lot of angst was felt towards the missing players by their team mates and the Coaches. But the match went ahead with a few adjustments so that the teams would be fair. 
The result ended in favour of KFANDRA Reds. Uniquely designed Medals were awarded to the winning team while a gift was given to all present.
This evening the U12's will play a one off Football match. The coaches will be appointed on the ground itself. Chief guest will be the Black Thunder Manager Sameer 'Pam' Patil.
Go to the images section for some snaps from the match!
Stay tuned for a special Highlights Show that will be released in a weeks time!!!
Contact Mr M Inamdar or Tanny if you want to get updates through Whatsapp from KFANDRA!!!

Friday 24th Feb 2017 1.37 pm
The Rugby and Football teams have been declared! See Below! (The teams will be the SAME in both categories!!) Teams MAY be ADJUSTED as per PLAYER AVAILABILITY!!!!
KFANDRA RED ....(Team name TBD by the players)
Aarav Surana, Vedang Pardeshi, Aryan Pungaliya, Rishan Sarode, Vivaan Darda, Chinmay Karandikar, Aman Deshpande, Aryan Deore, Rian Mujgule, Varad Kulkarni, Rounak Panshikar,
Yash Gadgil
KFANDRA GREEN...(Team name TBD by the players)
Shourya Chavan, Aditya Karande, Shounak Joshi, Ishan Khadilkar, Rishab Sangoi, Anay Karandikar, Rajveer Tavanandi, Aditi Apte, Satyen Naidu, Tejas Bapat, Krish Shah, Sahil Chhajed
The U12's RUGBY match will be held this evening while the U12's Football match will be held tomorrow evening.
On Monday or Tuesday we will hold the U10's Tourney.
KFANDRA will be starting a WHATSAPP account to enable its members to stay in touch with the condensed happenings at KFANDRA. Please note that the KFANDRA WEBSITE will still be used to convey messages DIRECT from the KFANDRA HQ. Mr Mukul Inamdar (KFANDRA Coach) and Master Tanmay Pardeshi (Current member of KFANDRA's Young Adult Group) will be the MODERATORS of the WHATSAPP account. Please ensure that all correspondence with the moderators is formal. Members to Members correspondence will NOT be ALLOWED. This Whatsapp account is being created ONLY for QUERIES by the members addressed to KFANDRA or to send updates to its members. Members communicating with each other through the KFANDRA account will be liable for punishment. (You can create you own accounts for communicating with each other!!!)
N Patwardhan SUSPENDED for 1 HALF.
S Sharma SUSPENDED for 30 mins.

Thursday 23rd Feb 2017 4 pm
KFANDRA Intra-Tourney Rules and Regulations for the Rugby and Football Tournament have been announced! Click on Links below!! (DATES to be finalised TOMOROW)
KFANDRA Rugby U12's (KFANDRA Green Vs KFANDRA Red) The players will decide the name of their own team)
KFANDRA Football U12's (KFANDRA Green Vs KFANDRA Red) The players will decide the name of their own team)
KFANDRA Rugby and Football U10's 

Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017 11.20 am
SS disappoint against 10 man BI!!
A match that brought the standard of the TZLC down from the highest echelon it had reached!
KFANDRAAI and Referee reach ground at 6.40 am for the 1st time since Mr Khare started coaching TZ, KITFO and the TZLC!! Is this a sign that his passion is waning or are his excuses of a Headache, chasing after Gcinaphi and aliens landing on the terrace true?
3 man Subs Bench Vs a 10 man BI squad is a JOKE states KFANDRAAI!!!
Axe to fall on irregular and players that are NOT disciplined enough for the TZLC!!
Form submissions to be released soon! Those players that have NOT submitted the forms will be SUSPENDED!!
K Sarode (The Cat) was put on a pedestal after Monday's sterling performance but after this morning performance as an MO, his punishment will be SWIFT and HARSH!!
SR WORK has been abysmal. It is up to the Managers to ensure that their players do the job well. If the player is found to be lazy even after the Managers attempts, SUSPENSIONS will be meted out. How DIFFICULTcan the SR's job be after the KFANDRAAI has created SO MANY documents and Video's and written SO MANY REVIEWS? 
Matches will now KO at 6.45 am!!!! Therefore all members must reach the ground 5 mins before the previously set time of (6.20 players and 6.30 MO's).

Tuesday 21st Feb 2017 11 am
AP have been warned regarding their APPEALING for OFFSIDES that has been termed EXCESSIVE as per reports received from the Referee's Committee.
All club members have been WARNED regarding their on the field abuse (Very RARE excepting certain instances when the stress levels are high). While this is NOT allowed directing ABUSE at another team mate, opposition player, spectator and MO will be punished with a SUSPENSION of the current Season with the possiblility of the next season or the player will be unceremoniously EXPELLED. Everyone should understand the importance of a FAMILY ENVIRONMENT!!!
This evenings Session has been cancelled as a Polling Station has been set up in the Law College Premises near the ground. The Law College Authorities have decided to disallow use of the ground today.
The END of the MONTH tourney will be played on one/all of the days mentioned below. (depending on player Availability). 
Fri 24th, Sat 25th, Mon 27th and Tue 28th Feb 2017.
The U12's will be divided into 2 teams for Rugby and Football. These two teams will compete for the KFANDRA Rugby Cup and KFANDRA Football Cup.
The U8's will be divided into more than 2 teams (still undecided) and will also compete for the
KFANDRA Rugby Cup and KFANDRA Football Cup.
The Rules and Regulations for the Tournament have been ADJUSTED to allow the players more freedom while playing and ease up the confusion regarding some R and R.
Parents/Guardians will be provided with material on this website or on the ground regarding the R and R so that they can be actively involved too. Please note that Parents/Guardians should cheer conservatively in the knowledge that another childs feelings may be hurt if the cheering is excessive.
Parents/Guardians should PLEASE ENSURE that their child brings the BIB to the ground for EVERY session. Children should PURCHASE an EXTRA Bib if they think 1 bib is not enough. The child will be SENT HOME if he/she is not wearing the Bib.
A  Tourney for the Over 12's will be held ASAP!!!

Monday 20th Feb 2017 4 pm
Abuse and anger spoil a good outing at RW Vs AP!!!
Ratings AP Vs PACU and RW Vs AP will be updated tomorrow!!
RW Vs AP Reviews tomorrow!!!

Sunday 19th Feb 2017 12.30 pm
Video Highlights Week 14/15 to be published SOON!!!
Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi appointed JT Manager of AP in his 2nd Stint!
Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma SUSPENDED for 30 mins of his next league match!!
Mr. Khare's Review for AP Vs PACU to be updated by 4 pm!!
Previews for Week 16 have been UPLOADED!!!

Saturday 18th Feb 2017 11.45 am
AP win the 1st H while PACU win the 2nd H in a thrilling 2 - 2 draw!!!
There was blood, guts and skill on show this morning!!
Sparky's (S Mathew) young disciples, resplendant in their AP kit watch match with eyes wide open!!!
A Ghanaria (Avink) of SS solves secret to Alok Patel's nickname of 'Coke', wins 1M TZR for SS!!
Week 14 Highlights Show to be released either today or tomorrow!!!

Friday 17th Feb 2017 12.30 pm
AP Vs PACU, a possible 1st Div Title decider KO at 7 am TOMORROW!!!!
The KFANDRAAI Media is DISAPPOINTED at the SR and CM performances during the past week and this weeks match BT VS RW played on Monday. All the matches that were to be covered for the Week 14 Highlights show have numerous errors that the Media is losing its mind.
The KFANDRAAI has asked KFANDRAAI to PUNISH the players that do NOT perform well in their jobs with SUSPENSION. The KFANDRAAI Media asks the TZLC Members to go through the power point presentation and also read the following -
1. Highlights are those moments in the match that you would find INTERESTING to watch in the HIGHLIGHTS SHOW VIDEO.
2. By writing PACU 12.33 you mean what exactly? PACU cleared it's line? Took a shot on goal? Went for a poo together during the match?? Be MORE SPECIFIC - PACU Amma shot goes wide 12.33 so the Media KNOWS what to LOOK FOR.
3. Goals and Assists are supposed to be written IN BOTH the spaces demarcated for GOALS and ASSISTS AND COMBINED HIGHLIGHTS!
4. The CM and SR are WARNED NOT to communicate during the match OTHER than RELATED to the match as any other communication WILL be used by KFANDRAAI ANYWHERE against you!!
5. SR and CM are NOT allowed to BROWSE through the Video recording themselves or SHOW the SR sheet or Recording to ANYONE other than KFANDRAAI.
6. Inform Mr Khare if you are UNAWARE of the TALLY SYSTEM of marking or you are unable to read or write due to you being locked up by your guardians/parents in your room for a long time without access to anything apart from yourself......

Monday 13th Feb 2017 12 Noon
A lively encounter see's RW beat BT by the odd goal in 3!
Kapster (K Patwardhan) gets 2 while Shiv scores AGAIN as BT lose AGAIN!!
Highlights Show to be released before Saturday's match!
BE may be FINED and deducted points as they send only 1 MO! Match was affected by his absence
(A Raje). 
KFANDRAAI WARNS players for not arriving before 6.20 am. MO's also (6.30 am). The Managers MUST implement a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards their own players or KFANDRAAI will inititate punishments.
A Sanghvi TZ CEO will be getting the NCL ground raked and rolled soon. NCL ground, that TZ have created from scratch, is becoming very popular amidst the public. A Govt organisation will be holding a tourney there but will NOT affect our schedule.

Sunday 12th Feb 5.40 pm
Go to the Images Page for New Images!!!

Sunday 12th Feb 10 am
In a MASSIVE clean up of errant members of the TZLC the KFANDRAAI have decided to penalize those that have repeatedly erred. Also, these suspensions will be a WARNING to those that are taking the TZLC in a light hearted way, that the SUSPENSIONS are being used as a DETERRANT to similar behaviour and henceforth 2nd chances or minor punishments will NOT be issued.
1. A Godse and Y Shah (Both PACU) - Repeatedly late for MO duty and matches.
1 (One) Half (45 mins) Suspension. (Players MUST be AVA for the match on time for the suspension to count) If players are late then the suspension will increase to the entire duration of the match.
2. S Iyer (RW) - Late for MO duty SPECIAL CASE SCENARIO.
1 (One) Match Suspension (Player MUST be AVA for the match on time for the suspension to count)
Player is on probation for special rules implemented by the KFANDRAAI to benefit players unable to secure a 1st team place due to Managerial decisions.
There is a possibility of this list increasing later on today.
The KFANDRAAI has decided to VALIDATE the result between BI and AP. The R and R state that ONLY the bottom 3 seeds will be afforded the Result verification conditions set earlier in the season. In BI's case, their application by the BI supporters club was declined due to the following reasons -
1. The situation created in the BI squad (10 players to start then 9 in the 2nd H) was in ENTIRETY due to player issues and on not the fault of KFANDRAAI or AP.
2. The FAIR RESULT system they had mentioned stating that if any other higher seeded club would've the opportunity to play against BI with a full squad against 9 or 10 players, then even their result may have been different. For eg BI Vs RW (1-1) or BI Vs SS (2-0). KFANDRAAI have decided that SOME results need NOT ALWAYS be scrutinised under the FAIR RESULT RULING COMMITTEE. Some results are a part and parcel of the 8 month long tourney and there will be a few incidences that CANNOT be changed post the questionable occurance.
RW's 1 point deduction for the SACKING of Managers is under Review and will most likely be removed.

Saturday 11th Feb 3 pm
AP work their magic with their star strikers getting 5 of the 6 goals scored! Ajinx scores a hattrick and may be in line for a KFANDRAAI Football! But the result may be changed to a 3 - 0 scoreline if an appeal sent in to KFANDRAAI by the BI Supporters Club is approved. If the appeal is successful, the goals scored will be considered null and void!!
Y Shah and A Godse persist in riling the KFANDRAAI by turning up late (Repeated infringement) for MO duty. S Iyer also appeared beyond the End Reporting Time for MO's . 
A clean up is set to take place undertaken by KFANDRAAI of members that are NOT COMMITTED to the TZLC. This clarification process may begin DURING the current season. Players that are asked to LEAVE the TZLC will be allowed to exit by providing their own reason. They will not need to face the ignomy of a public ejection. The members will receive an email and they will be allowed to respond by email and/or telephonic conversation with the KFANDRAAI EXPLAINING their position for a final reprieve or 2nd  and LAST chance.
Reviews for yesterday's and this morning's match should be updated by tomorrow afternoon. If it is updated earlier then the members will be informed.
Many U12's and the Teen's ENJOYED a great Hill Running Session yesterevening! An image and 3d image taken on the hill will be uploaded later!!

Friday 10th Feb 12 Noon
The Eagles manage to edge past their Derby rivals!
This evenings session (Friday the10th) will be difficult to hold due to the Show being set up on the ground. This would mean that tomorrow's session would also be impossible as the Show being held is on in the evening itself. Therefore, this evenings session will be turned into a Hill Running Session.
The Hill to be used is the one at the end of the road on which Vikhe Patil School and Darpan Art Gallery are situated. Parents/Guardians are requested to MAKE SURE that their children are wearing their KFANDRA Bibs. Also NORMAL running shoes should be worn along with a water bottle. The session for Over 12's will start at 5.30 pm and end by 6.30 pm. For The U12's the session will start at 5.45 pm and end by 6.30 pm. Parents/Guardians MUST confirm their childs attendance by messaging Neel Sir by 4 pm TODAY. Saturday's session will be CANCELLED!!!!

Thursday 9th Feb 11.40 am
TZ have been struck by attempted robberies in broad daylight! More shocking to note is that two Members of TZ were involved of which one of them has been with TZ since it's inception and the other is a newbie. The fact that the TZLC ethos is prevalent in all its members and how could such dastardly acts take place? was what was on the minds of all the members of the KFANDRAAI Media.
The episodes took place over the previous fortnight. It was extremely lucky that the erroneous behaviour was spotted early in the larceny so that the culprits could hide behind a facade of innocence. As is the belief of all members that all their colleagues are pure in heart and soul, did the two supposedly prestine individuals escape further accusations.
As is the KFANDRAAI Media way, NOT to name the guilty unless proven until proven guilty, their names will be kept a secret through the use of the latest software developed by YogiMogi Systems and Mario's Marvelous Methods, two companies that have not filed their IT Returns with KFANDRAAI. 
11.45 am
Just in, a Virus has struck the software created by YMS and MMM and a few letters of the Names of the fiends were revealed! The KFANDRAAI Media apologies to the two villains.
1. N..r.j M.r. of P.C. and
CAUGHT stealing Adit 'Mop' Bhorde's Football after a TZ session.
2. A..t.a Lo..a of BE!
Apprehended lifting KFANDRA Bib from KFANDRAAI baggage and then proclaiming that the Bag was 'open' so took it and returned it after the session!! This offence is twice as culpable as he violated KFANDRAAI's space with his own persiparation that infested the Bib!

Wednesday 8th Feb 12 Noon
BE find themselves in an UNFAMILIAR position of being the better side!!
Is the change BE have been desperately wating for?
Or was it just a POOR display from the Icemen?
Snowtop (N Shah) continues to show his former Club BT what they lost!
PACU fined a WHOPPING 5M as PACU kid fails to bring his bib to KFANDRA practice!!
PACU fined a WHOPPING 5M as PACU kid fails to bring his bib to KFANDRA practice!!
BIBS are COMPULSORY! The Bibs if washed or soaked can be dried in 30 mins. It can also be worn to the ground wet. Or the Parents/Guardians can PURCHASE another Bib. 
CLUB Paraphernalia APART from KFANDRA is NOT ALLOWED at practice sessions. The children violating  the R and R of KFANDRA will NOT be allowed to practice.
Mkul (M Inamdar) of BT has been appointed as a Coach at KFANDRA.

Tuesday 8th Feb 3.30 pm
Gaurav 'Goony' Natekar has walked straight back to the Icemen after wandering in uncharted territories for a few weeks. BI welcome him back with open arms as they face another end of season in turmoil! On another note, our own Goony will have his name etched on the Tennis Stadium at Balewadi (A Stand will be named after him). As per reports in a local newspaper some days ago.
Automatic suspension for those players that arrive at the ground on match day after 6.20 am. For MO's the time is 6.30 am. This decision was taken by the KFANDRAAI as the clubs were unable to punish their own players and had to wait for Mr Khare to pounce on the errant persons...
All MO's will be tested at ANY TIME by Mr Khare re the R and R of the TZLC!!!

Tuesday 7th Feb 6 am 
An addition has been made to Mr Khare's Review for yestrday's match between BT and PACU!
KFANDRAAI reiterates that - MP's are NOT COMPULSORY. They are OPTIONAL. They provide an ADDITIONAL source of income. Those Clubs that view the MP as an extra job that they can't find the time for can rest easy as a FIXED amount will be arranged as an income if the MP's remain unpublished. 

Monday 6th February 12.30 pm
PACU put 4 past a beleaguered BT!
The PACU Chairman gets drunk with happiness and other intoxicants!
The BT Chairman was puzzled at his players who carried on with the new formation without ensuring that the players studied it through!!
PACU's disciplinary committee had suspended two players for 10 mins at the start of the game for unpuctuality and Potty problems!
BT's disciplinary committee was on a leave of absence!
BT fans were shocked at their clubs infatuation with the proper way to play if some of the players themselves are unwilling to LEARN the proper way to play!
Neel 'Patty' Patwardhan's Grandad, was all praise for BT and was observed snapping photo's on his mobile phone. Akshai 'Kramer' Seshadri was spotted preening himself infront of Pat's Grandad only to be shooed away by the disgruntled Grandad. Kramer was none to pleased and had a go at Pat but to no effect as Pat's used to crazy characters at KFANDRA.
The KFANDRAAI have decided that it will NO LONGER be compulsory for ALL MO's and Loanee's to send a Review. Only the Managers are supposed to send a Review. The Reviews were compulsory for the Referee's and the other MO's till date but the Rule has been relaxed. Now Members other than the Managers that have something pertinent to say can send their Review's voluntariliy.
More news later!!!

Sunday 5th Feb 2017 2.30 pm
KFANDRAAI Media Strike over!!
Week 13 Highlights Show Released! (SHORTENED version, GO THROUGH the entire Show!!!)
Previews for Week 14 to be released by 5 pm!!!!
More news at that time!!

Saturday 4th Feb 2017 8.40 am
KFANDRA have decided to go ahead with the Session in the evening. Preparations for the show scheduled on the ground are ongoing but the coaches will find some way to ensure that an evening does not go to waste.
KFANDRA has come to know that there is ANOTHER show that is scheduled for the next weekend and as it is a BIGGER event, the practice sessions may be inconvenienced once again. Parents/Guardians should know that this usually only happens in the month of Jan and generally the rest of the year is free of adjustments. We request the Parents/Guardians to bear with us as these adjustments are part of our agreement with the Law College. If the ground is unplayable then we will look at a Hill Running session or take the session at some other venue.
Parents are requested to CHECK their childs profile image on the website. If their image has NOT been updated, please contact Neel Sir with the info.
As the Form Submissions by the TZLC Members pour in, KFANDRAAI has already started taking steps to STREAMLINE the TZLC in such a way that the Managers do not feel like they are sometimes doing work that NOBODY else wants to do! KFANDRAAI is bringing together a LOT of personalities to get the job done!
The Submissions will be made PUBLIC once all the responses come in but the Members names will be left out. This will encourage members to speak without fear of repercussions. It is felt that the Members should know what their colleagues have to say. Some responses that have come in actually reflect what the KFANDRAAI has been speculating on for a while now.....

Friday 3rd Feb 11.40 am
All TZLC Members are requested to SUBMIT the form (Link below) by 12 Noon Tue 07/02/17.
Those that need an EXTENSION should please get approval from KFANDRAAI.
Player Refs LIKELY from Next Week! 
Video Recording of matches may be POSTPONED till KFANDRAAI decides the time is right.
Till that time, no COPY of matches AVA with KFANDRAAI will be given to players.
Total CONTROL of Media events may be handed over to the players APART from certain particulars that are needed to run the TZLC. (Website, Balance Sheet etc)
The KFANDRA sessions may be inconvenienced due to there being some event scheduled on the ground. The sessions will go ahead as can be or some other arrangement, if possible, will be made.
The Intra KFANDRA Rugby and Football Tourney scheduled for the end of Feb is still on!
Cheques are still being accepted for Fee payment. (Cash is more convenient though)
Those Parents/Guardians that are unable to pay the fee's, please inform Neel Sir. He will ensure that your child can continue participating in the session. Mr. Khare only needs to make a note of the same so that a Reminder won't be sent to the Parents/Guardians regarding fee's.
If there are any issues concerning KFANDRA please feel free to contact Neel Sir at!

Thursday 2nd Jan 3.45 pm
Player Commitment Assessment Forms have been sent to the Managers of all the clubs!
Please check UPDATED MO's Attendance and Suspensions!
Players involved in other issues, S Suttati, A Godse, A Pote, J Wagh, Sa. Patil, K Patwardhan suspension under REVIEW!!! Other players must remain wary as ALL the names have not been mentioned.....

Wednesday 1st Feb 12.40 pm
KITFO, with many players missing, defeat SS, without their star A Saklani (Alan) in a tight encounter!
A Ghanaria (Avink) plays last 5 mins with injury and upsets his SS tea mates especially with 1 FIT player sitting out!
Dejected SS players who are members of KITFO immediately look to KLC SF's!!
Only 1 email received out of a 100 TZLC members regarding the KFANDRAAI Media Strike!
KFANDRAAI Media continues srike! 
BT remorseless over episode in dugout as only a couple apologies received!
3 entries received so far in Highlights Show competition!
Cup Draws may be held over the weekend!
A certain player from PACU who shall not be named requests KFANDRAAI that he receive a PARDON for his late arrival to the ground on match days. This player cites his reason as being related to his irregular over productive intestines that have no sense of timing.
KFANDRAAI's response? Get up early and do your duty!
Godsa (A Godse) and S Suttati (Manager) will be SUSPENDED for reasons pertaining to repeated late offences and FAILURE to drop players who have broken the R and R and replace them with players in the squad that had come on time and were fit!
S Patil (Pam) may be SUSPENDED or Club fined or BOTH for failure to acknowledge KFANDRAAI's request for decorum to be maintained in the dugout post the League Match between AP and BT.

Tuesday 31st Jan 2017 12 Noon
AP claw their way back from a 2 goal deficit to win 4-2 in a THRILLER!!
Tempers frayed as Mkul (M Inamdar) verbally assaulted by some BT teammates but Mkul gives it right back to them!
KFANDRAAI speaks to BT Chairman regarding the same! Action may follow!
Mr Khare says 'Right, now I'm only up for pure Coaching duties, TZ and KITFO. If the Club Chairmen ask me for help re team strategy, I will say NO!!!" If this a result of BT's reaction to the loss?
"All we can hear are little babies sobbing" are what the BT FANS chanted at the end of a FANTASTIC match. They were least concerned about the result as it was the first time they enjoyed BT's performance....
V Ghotge (Vikky) appointed as Main Ref for tomorrow's QF LCup match between SS and KITFO!
A Monga II (Amonk II) seemed to be suffering from RW's match yesterday with a LETHARGIC display as LM while M Joshi II (Mantan II) Jt Manager RW, plays as AVPL for AP and dazzles!

Monday 30th January 2017 12 Noon
A match which saw 2 goals being disallowed for Offside ends up going the PACU way!!
Ratings Updated!!
KFANDRA Media still on a part time strike.....
KFANDRAAI is awaiting an update from the SS Manager re the Papal ground AVA. If ground is still unplayable then the match will be shifted to NCL. (SS Vs KITFO KLC QF)

Sunday 29th January 2017 5.20 pm
Previews for Week 13 have been Updated!!!
Video Highlights of CUP WEEK is under processing and will be seen soon...Latest by night time!
BTB backlog to be updated ASAP!!!

Friday 27th January 2017 2.40 pm
A change of venue, Red Cards, Yellow Cards, wild challenges, crazy goals, many goals, Linesmen getting subbed and more in a feast of entertainment from the KFANDRAAI League Cup Quarter Final between BE and BI!!
BE win getting the better of a 7 goal thriller!
Lots of FINES as players still unaware of how to do MO work!!
Kev (K Kuber) Single handedly does a SPIFFING job as MO and earns BONUS for club!!
KFANDRA-Intra Tourney planned for the last fortnight of February!
Parents are requested to give the fee's through CASH!!! Mr Khare took a LONG TIME to fill up cheques dating back to December and he is FED UP!!
Or hopefully by the 1st week of Feb KFANDRA will come up with an easier system for fee payment if Cash is inconvenient for the parents.

Thursday 26th January 2017 11.45 am
RW have decided to accept KFANDRAAI's 1st Option. With this decision RW have been docked a point but progress through to the SF's of the KLC (KFANDRAAI League Cup). Both Managers have been SACKED and their replacements are signified by the Roman Numerical II at the end of their names. A further point has been deducted from their League Tally on account of them being SACKED.
The KFANDRAAI hereby WARNS all Managers that if they have doubs re anything to do with the TZLC R and R, they can approach their Chairmen for assistance. 
All pending work (BS, Ratings etc) will be updated over the weekend and some of the work may be completed today.
The Highlights Show will be released reviewing both Cup competitions SOON.
More competitions to be released soon!
There is a possibility that another music Fest will be held at the Law College ground. This may mean a compulsory off for a day for the KFANDRA members. Parents will be informed.
A quicky tourney may be held soon sometime in Feb for the U12's.
PARENTS should note that players attending practice sessions without the KFANDRA Bibs or with Club paraphernalia not relating to KFANDRA will be SENT HOME.
Children that have COUGHS and/or colds MUST wear a mouth MASK. This is to ensure that the infected child does not spread the infection to others.
Children MUST be taught to COVER their mouths while coughing.

Wednesday 25th January 2017 3 pm
KFANDRAAI have gone through the evidence required and have decided to offer RW with 2 options.
KFANDRAAI has responded to RW's defense with a DETAILED summary of the reasons for it's verdict.
Option 1 - A deduction of 1 point in their League Tally and a fine of 10M TZR after which their result against PACU shall stand 2. A fine of 15M TZR after which their match against PACU will be replayed. Of the 15M TZR Fine, 5 M will be DIRECTLY TRANSFERRED to PACU for inconvenience caused. (PACU will have NO SAY in this matter. A date will be fixed by KFANDRAAI if the 2nd Option is taken)
Both Managers will be INSTANTLY SACKED by the Club post their decision and they will have 1 day to declare their AVA as Managers in their new Avatar. If they decline, then they will have 1 day to LOOK for a new Manager to replace them. After which if a Manager is NOT found, RW will be DISSOLVED and all current members will be SUSPENDED for 2 Seasons including this one.

Wednesday 25th January 2017 2.15 pm
AP vs BT Reviews Updated!
Ratings etc to be Updated late today or tomorrow!
Decision on RW Vs PACU KFANDRAAI League Cup later today or tomorrow!

Tuesday 24th January 2017 2.15 pm
The Panthers claw their way through the Blackest Thunder to qualify for the KFANDRAAI League Cup Semi's! The new strike partnership of Ajinx and Rock see them through!
If the rumours are to be believed, RW may be in a spot of bother re their match against PACU! More details to be released to the Press tomorrow...
In another shocking but over all fair decision, KFANDRAAI has asked TZ to forfeit the match against KITFO tomorrow. As Mr Sanghvi CEO of TZ is busy he was not approached and KFANDRAAI decided to ask Mr Khare to take the decision. When an explanation was sought from KFANDRAAI they stated that,1. Only 12 players from TZ have confirmed for the match while 21 players from KITFO have confirmed. In the 1st Leg/KFANDRAAI Cup Qualifier their were 19 TZ players and 18 KITFO players AVA at NCL, so the excuse that the organisations can't find players AVA for Away matches does NOT hold true 2. As TZ have already qualified for the KFANDRAAI Cup, KFANDRAAI thought it fair that KITFO should participate in the KFANDRAAI League Cup. Thus Mr Khare will be able to coach both Organisations this season. 3. KFANDRAAI is also worried that if TZ meet with BT in the KFANDRAAI Cup and League SF, then TZ would NOT have enough players to field a team!!! This would be disastrous. 4. KFANDRAAI feel that it is TZ that needs more time together playing as a team to develop a sense of unity while KITFO already has it in abundance. It would be unfair for TZ to pip KITFO with MORE THAN HALF of the BT squad playing for them. 5. Mr. Neel Khare left his door open in the morning at 5.30 am and before Mr Surhud Khare knew what was happening, their intelligent cat Gcinaphi ran out the door between 6.30 and 7 am. Mr Khare therefore is not inclined to coach either team tomorrow. He may take a normal session but coaching an Organisation in a match is just not possible at this moment in time.
There it has been decided to Postpone the 2nd Leg Super Cup match to a later date TBD. KITFO have qualified to play against SS and the match on the coming Saturday between the two afore mentioned clubs has been postponed to Wed next week as it would be feasible to hold a match with a 90% majority of KITFO players on their OWN ground.
Reviews for this mornings match will be updated tomorrow. All other related info will be udpated tomorrow.

Monday 23rd January 2017 1.30 pm
RW beat PACU 1 nil in a well contested match but the KFANDRAAI is set to throw a spanner in the works after noting that RW's loans went against the PHILOSOPHY of the TZLC!!! RW loaned a player through the EMERGENCY LOAN system LATE LAST NIGHT and caught the KFANDRAAI on FATIGUE mode.
KFANDRAAI allowed an EMERGENCY LOAN that was for A Rane (Avi) but turned into an AVPL Loan due to the Value difference. BUT RW made a FATAL MISTAKE as they had ENOUGH SQUAD MEMBERS on the bench to AVOID this loan. This would've forced RW to ADJUST their team internally and NOT seek help from outside. There have been MANY incidences in previous matches regarding the same and some Managers have been sacked. In ALL likelihood the outcome of this EMERGENCY AVP Loan that has gone AGAINST the values set for Clubs in the TZLC will be DISASTROUS for RW.
As of now KFANDRAAI has convened a MEETING and will be ANNOUNCING it's decision SOON.
Both RW Managers have been asked to send an EMAIL to KFANDRAAI re the EMERGENCY LOAN even though they had ENOUGH players in their squad. This may indeed be the last act of the two Jt Managers A Monga and M Joshi.
The KFANDRAAI has decided to either AWARD the match to PACU or hold a REMATCH or take a decision dependent upon the SAME match being played in the Leage Next week (if its a draw a tie breaker will be held to decide the Semi Final spot as the 1st match between RW and PACU was a draw).
The REVIEWS for this mornings match will be RELEASED whatever the decision of KFANDRAAI!!!

Sunday 22nd January 2017 4.30 pm
PACU BREAKS the all time TZLC MP record by selling 1 lakh 39 Thousand and 9 MP's in last week's cup edition but this weeks release saw Fans BURNING the copies and rioting!!
KFANDRAAI League Cup Match Week 12 Previews RELEASED!!
HIghlights for the Cup matches may be released with a competition by early morning Monday!
BI have still not sent in their Preview info!
P Ghadge and E Lima have been SUSPENDED for 5 mins of the next match after they arrived late for their match against RW. After hearing their Manager's pleas and apologies/reasons, KFANDRAAI have decided to CANCEL the 5 mins suspension if they come before 6.10 am for their next match. 

Saturday 21st January 2017 2.45 pm
A final in the Quarter Finals is how the Media is describing the super exciting match between
RW and AP this morning!
Reviews may be updated by 4.30 pm or tomorrow.
A call on the Highlights Show will be taken tomorrow.

Friday 20th January 2017 12 Noon
'He Khare Premache' Memoirs by the Late Mrs. Prema M. Khare has been released in PDF format by her Sons. (See Books link above). Most of the text is in Marathi but there are many parts that even a person that is unable to read the language can understand. Such as some inputs in English from
Mr. Surhud M Khare and Mr. Swapneel M. Khare. Also included in the Book are a tonne of Images that will give you an insight to the history of the family.
Please do go through the book at your leisure and if you need to get back to us with your feedback, write to or
Mum had just about completed the book before she fell ill and finally passed away so we felt that the least we could do was to complete it for her. 
The Books section is a NEW section on the website that will be used SPECIFICALLY for books that have been published by the TZLC members.

Thursday 19th January 2017 12.45 pm -
BE Vs PACU Reviews Updated!
KFANDRAAI wishes to thank Sparky and others for ensuring that the match on Saturday between RW and AP can be played under adequate playing conditions. Also thank both Sparky and Chinchin for their contribution towards the Vid Cam and accessories.
In a SHOCK PRESS RELEASE by the KFANDRAAI it was announced that new stipulations regarding TZLC Memberships have been set.
Every Club Manager will be asked to fill a FORM that is being prepared by KFANDRAAI in respect of the TZLC10 that will begin this year sometime in November. (Yes PREPARATIONS are ALREADY underway!!)
The gist of the form covers specific inputs that the KFANDRAAI requires in relation to the players playing for a club. Such as, player involvement in Club Activities like the Match Programme, Strategy, Team tactics, Internal club communication, response towards MO duties, attitude etc. 
The KFANDRAAI stated that due to the SUDDEN rise in membership, certain issues have arisen that can prove to be a road block in the TZLC's future. It is imperative that ALL the players are on the same wavelength. As the saying goes, ONE BAD APPLE can spoil the bunch.
Those members that have NOT PASSED the 'TEST' will be asked to LEAVE the TZLC. If the TZLC10 ends up having only 6 clubs with passionate members then it's better than having 10 clubs with members showing NO interest in the running of the club they belong to.
BUT a lifeline is being thrown to those that are reading this and KNOW that it is possible that they may be on that list of no return. The FORM will be sent to the Managers ON the 31st of January and must be sent back with the necessary info by the 10th of February. Players have from today the 19th of Jan till the 10th of Feb to sort themselves out.
All Balance Sheet's, MO's etc will be updated tomorrow.

Wednesday 18th January 2017 11.45 am
A TEMPESTUOUS affair see's PACU prevail!!
New Signee at BE surprised at the PASSION displayed by the clubs from Papal!
2 day break may be extended if NCL, Home Ground of TZ, is NOT made ready by Saturday!
Mr Khare offers first 45 mins of tomorrow's morning session at TZ as an opportunity to de-weed the ground. Managers must get back to Mr Khare by 1 pm with their plans.
KFANDRAAI setting up a POWERPOINT Presentation for those members of the TZLC who still have  NO CLUE on how to do the SR and CM job!

Tuesday 17th January 2017 4 pm
SHOCK TRANSFER!! N Shah (Snowtop) plays around 30 mins of this mornings match for BT and will be playing tomorrow for BE!!! This cana happen ONLY in the TZLC!! Snowtop has now USED up his ONE transfer permitted for the Season.
BT's S Patil (Pam) released this statement to the Press -
BT management would like to announce the transfer of Niraj Shah to our rival club BE. Niraj has been a central player in BT's outlook for the season; however, in the interest of the clubs' priorities and the player's future, sometimes difficult choices have to be made.  
The development may appear sudden and shocking for our fans and all those involved closely with the running of the club, but the terms of transfer were discussed amicably with the concerned player and the club that the player is being transferred to.  
 I am sure BT as a club will miss the element that Niraj brought to our game. We wish Niraj all the very best for his future career with BE!
The transfer amounted to around 1M + in TZR and Shares!!
See the LATEST Profile pics of the U16's in the KFANDRA Player Profiles page!!!

Tuesday 17th January 2017 1.20 pm
BT THRASH SS to burst their balloon!!
Both matches played Yesterday and This morning hav been converted to 3 - 0 scorelines as the matches involved the bottom 3 seeds! 
KFANDRAAI Staff members elated as the work load is suddenly reduced!

Monday 16th January 2017 12.30 pm
Thunderboltz's splendid display see's them through to the KFANDRAAI Cup Semi's!!!
Previews will be updated by 3 pm!!
Please note that the HALF of the SEASON has been declared as the 28th Jan 2017. The KFANDRAAI is updating its records re MO's etc!

Sunday 15 January 2017 4.50 pm
A KFANDRAAI OFFICIAL MATCH BALL will be awarded to the Goalkeeper that makes the most heroic save of the Quarter Finals, Scorer of the most liked goal in the QF's and a Defender who made the most important tackle/interception in the QF's. (Both Cup QF's will be considered for the awards).
Week 11 Previews Updated!!!
Player Profiles will be updated by TOMORROW!!!

Friday 13 January 2017 1.45 pm
Headline in a Late Afternoon Edition -
The Panther Paws are dipped in butter before being loaned as GK's!! - Secret Expose of AP players going on Loan as GK's by S L Ippery'ands
The PACU duo known as Godsa and Shay have been Suspended for 1 match, but if some conditions are met then they will be suspended for the 1st 30 Mins of PACU's next match. In a KFANDRAAI court hearing where the players were NOT called (The Managers were though) but documents, conversations and statements were looked at thoroughly it was resolved that the two players MUST be punished, that they had made a mockery of the TZLC R and R and that this incident was not the 1st time they had infringed upon the R and R.
KFANDRAAI informed PACU that 'the two players Mr Y Shah and Mr A Godse have been proven guilty. They will face an automatic 1 match suspension if they arrive for their next match AFTER 6.10 am. If they arrive on the ground before 6.10 am then their suspension will be reduced to 30 mins after which their suspension will be declared over. PACU are NOT allowed to loan players to replace them.
Another player K Sarode of RW has been issued a WARNING by it's club but KFANDRAAI has insisted on some form of punishment. Therefore the Chairman of RW stated that he will talk to the Management and ask them to SUSPEND K Sarode for 10 mins of their next match. Mr J Bhana will NOT be allowed to replace K Sarode as GK for the 1st 10 Mins K Sarode is absent. RW are NOT allowed to loan a player for Mr Sarode.
Video Highlights to be released by Sunday, Reviews for KITFO R Vs BT to be released by 2.30 pm and Previews of Next Week's Cup matches to be released by Sunday.

Wednesday 11th January 2017 12 Noon
One Panther spells doom for the Eagles!
Yogi's L'Equipe de Yogimogi and PACU super happy today!!
2 PACU players SUSPENDED by KFANDRAAI..official notice to be sent to PACU Chairman who will in turn contact PACU Management!!!

Monday 9th December 2017 9.30 am
TZ score 2 in the last 5 mins of the game to beat KITFO in the KFANDRAAI Cup Qualifier!!!
Previews of Week 9 Updated!!!
More game competitions to be released soon!!!
Secret of Week 3 Video Game Competition revealed!! Go to Week 3 Highlights Show and look to the sky  between the 7.32 and 7.34 mins!!!
If your club needs cash, play the games AVA on the Games page!!!
Please ask your Manager if the Club Balance has been updated with your winnings for the various Game competitions you may have entered, if not, ask your Manager to send an email to the KFANDRAAI Game Dept to remind them to do the needful!!
Alok Patel's transfer completed!! A minor glitch in the KFANDRAAI Technical Dept caused the delay!!!
Parents/Guardians please note that the payment of fee's can be given by cash or cheque!!!
If your children are interested in watching a highly competitive professional match please ask at KFANDRA regarding teh TZLC!!!

Thursday 5th Jan 2017 12.15 pm
TZ Vs KITFO match on!!!
It is rumoured that KFANDRAAI will be asking Surhud Khare to act as Coach for the Away teams in both
the Cup Qualifiers. Mr Khare will then be coaching the Home teams. Of which the 1st match is on Saturday. If Surhud Sir declines the offer then Mr Khare will be giving guidelines to the Away team and will be assisting them in such a way that it will not interfere with his Coaching of the Home team and the match will remain competitive.
The Super Cup will be held every season in the memory of those persons close to us that have now left the world of the living. A 1 minute silence will be held before the start of each match to remember those that have left us. 
KFANDRAAI have also decided to include a minutes silence before the start of EVERY FINAL in the future.

Wednesday 4th Jan 2017 11.15 am
SS succumb to 10 man RW!!!
KFANDRAAI Media Dept wins award for most interesting headlines ever!

News Archives from 15/04/17 till 27/05/17
27th Saturday May 2017 12.30 pm
With the awarding of the trophies to the 1st Div and the 2nd Div Champions along with the Combined-League Cup Trophy and the KFANDRAAI Cup in this mornings last match of the season, KFANDRAAI have officially declared that the TZLC9 has ENDED!!
BT stumble as Loanee GK K Sarode gifts PACU a goal!!!
M Inamdar's only glimmer of happiness after missing two headers a 99 year old man with a broken leg, one eye and one ear could have scored, was that none of his students from KFANDRA , where he coaches, came to watch the match!
S Sharma's experiment of modifying the Snake Eagle formation leaves a lot to be desired!
Both clubs defenders 'successfully' FAILED to move to within 25 yards of the halfway line!!
1st Div Champions - PACU
2nd Div Champions - Blue Ice
KFANDRAAI League Cup Winners - RW
Combined League Cup Winners - PACU
Golden Boot - Ajinkya Yadav (AP)
Platinum Pass (Assists) - Satish Suttati (PACU)
Be The Boss Winner - TBD
All other awards will be declared at the TZLC9 End of Season Function. Clubs that have already received trophies must bring them to the function so they can be handed over again!
For Images go to the Images page!!!
The TZLC10 will OFFICIALLY begin the MOMENT all the Managers of the Clubs gain possession of the TZLC10 Balance Sheets!!!
Highlights for the Last 3 matches of the season BI Vs BE League 2nd Div decider, the KFANDRAAI League Cup Final RW VS AP and the KFANDRAAI Cup Final PACU Vs BT will be published in a weeks time!!!
Members need to send in their articles for the Magazine edition of the TZLC by June the 15th 2017!!
A form will be provided soon for the voting of the Clubs Player of the Year and the Players Player of the Year Awards!!!

26th Friday May 2017 12 Noon
Some Managers that were on their 2nd or 3rd Avatar have been reinstated in their original form!!!

Two separate competitions are to be held for the Adults age Group and children at Half Time. But ONLY IF there are a substantial number of participants. Rugby Balls to be won!!!
Spectators are advised to bring along a chair and umbrella!!
KFANDRA members MUST contact Neel Sir if you will be coming to watch the match. Come in your FULL KIT as you may get the chance to walk on to the pitch with the players. Neel Sir will be bringing some shirts to the ground this evening. KICK OFF is at 6.40 am. 
Your coach Mr. Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar will be playing for Black Thunder!!! He may need all the support he can get!!

26th Friday May 2017 6 am 
The Merchandise Page has been updated!!
Prizes to be given away during Half Time competition of the KFANDRAAI Cup Final tomorrow!!!
KFANDRAAI thanks Mr Y Ketkar and Mr S Kadam for informing it regarding the website not being AVA yesterday!
More News later!!

23rd Tuesday May 2017 12.30 pm
KFANDRAAI has stated that if members are going to fuss about TZLC membership fees then Mr Khare will start charging a commission PER MEMBER for conducting the TZLC. Members can imagine how high the costs would rise if fees were levied relating to the amount of work being undertaken by Khare.
Members that are still grumbling are welcome to EXIT the TZLC. 
Clubs have been asked to prepare ONLY ONE kit design. Apart from that in the TZLC10, each member will receive ONE common colour shirt that will be used as an AWAY colour in case of a colour clash or for your duties as MO. It can also be used anywhere else you like. EVERY member of the TZLC MUST wear TZLC approved kit while entering and leaving the ground. 
There is a possibility that the Awards ceremony will be held in the afternoon. 
The Schedule for the TZLC10 will be released post the KCF. BS's for the new season will also be released at the same time. The TZLC10 will officially begin as soon as the 1st Div and 2nd Div Champions are officially declared at 12 Noon Sat 27th May.
Mr Khare is upset re a few things and KFANDRAAI is worried that he may suddenly just drop out of the TZLC if things are not sorted out on priority basis.

22nd Monday May 2017 11.15 am
The KFANDRAAI Cup Final is on Saturday!! BT Vs PACU!! What a season finale!!
Read the BT MP compiled by S Sharma (Shiv) and especially Shiv's season ending message!
Previews will be updated in 10 mins!!
For all of you that have forgotten, the TZLC World Cup will be held NEXT SEASON before the TZLC11, Yes, it's been 4 years!!!!
All clubs are reminded to SUBMIT their KIT design for the TZLC10.
More News later!!!

20th Saturday May 2017 12 Noon
Royal Warriors came from behind to beat Aundh Panthers in the New Tie Breaker in a thrilling match this morning!!
Kapil 'Kapster' Patwardhan proved to be the deciding factor!! (Although for the first time this season, a lot of RW players shone too!!)
Aditya 'Adi' Sankolli and Jatin 'Big Daddy' Bhana score wonder goals while the two donning the gloves were also in action. Ketan 'The Ket' Sarode nearly decapitated Ajinkya 'Ajinx' Yadav twice and Mihir 'Meer' Naik displays exceptional goalkeeping skills as he dived at an opponents feet.
See Images section for more!!!
The Last match of the Season on next week Saturday!!! The KFANDRAAI Cup Final between PACU and BT!!!!

19th Friday May 2017 12.20 pm

Tomorrow's SESSION, Saturday the 20th has been cancelled as the ground is being used for some sing song show!!
Practice will be on as close to normal this evening and resume as close to normal on Monday!!!
Players from KFANDRA that are interested in WATCHING a HIGH QUALITY match (Kick Off 6.35 am) please contact Neel Sir any time today. Also read the KFANDRAAI News below!! 
It's the KFANDRAAI League Cup Final followed by the KFANDRAAI Cup Final next Week!
Participate in Competitions at Half Time!!! (Read the News below)

Zona Mista have revealed their Logo that KFANDRAAI approved in a feisty Press Conference that heard screams of Misty Boys and Baby Boys!!! See Image of Logo in Images section of the website!!
Nitin 'Tintin' Khole is back in training at the KITFO sessions and is willing to play for any club that wants to sign him on!!!
Mihir 'Meer' Naik AP, dazzles his coach at the KITFO session this morning! 
"I've never seen him play with so much concentration and energy before. He was diving around like a pro and eager to supplement his current knowledge of playing as a Goalkeeper! He'll be on of the rare sights on show for sure tomorrow, a capable GK at the TZLC!!!  On the same note I thought Manan 'Mantan' Joshi of RW was in fine form at the session at TZ on Thursday. I'm expecting fireworks from these two, sizzling shots and spectacular saves!!"
KFANDRAAI stated that "every member of the TZLC thats not officially involved in tomorrow's League Cup Final should make an effort to come watch the match. Not only do more eyes make the match more interesting but what better way to spend a Saturday morning then to watch a match that will be played at a very fast pace and should be very exciting indeed. Bring your friends and wives along also. Don't forget to bring along an umbrella to protect you from the heat and a chair that you can sit on!! Where can you enjoy a high quality match for FREE and without the issues of abusive players or fans? NOWHERE!! There may be some competitions for the fans and MO's at Half Time!!! Who wants to walk out with the teams at KO?? Call Mr Khare any time today!!!"

16th Tuesday May 2017 11.30 am
The last League match of the season saw BI get on the wrong side of the Law as KFANDRAAI spots an infringement on the Ethos of the TZLC!! In a quickly held meeting post the match, KFANDRAAI decided to deduct 1 point from BI's points tally. This means that at least at this point of time, Blue Ice has been promoted to the 1st Div. But as has been said before, EVERYONE needs to wait for the announcement from KFANDRAAI that the TZLC9 Season is officially over. This may indeed take a few days beyond the last match of the Season on the 27th.
The controvery was when BI decided to sit out their registered squad member N Awasthee (Dalindar), citing an injury, and play the AVPL A Bhorde (Mop). After the Referee consulted with KFANDRAAI (as per the R and R a SQUAD member MUST get preference to play ahead of a Loanee) they decided that as the player was an AVPL and not a DL, the loanee can replace any OUTFIELD player IF the said registered player cannot continue playing due to an injury or dueto some other valid reason. The issue escalated as the Referee NOTICED that BI were getting ready to bring BACK Dalindar for ANOTHER registered player!!! This TOTALLY impinged on the trust shown by KFANDRAAI to BI. Thus a point deduction was equal to the same punishment meted out to a couple of other clubs during the season.
A reminder - Send in your articles (to be publsihed in Magazine format) to the KFANDRAAI Media dept.
by the 15th of June 2017. (Articles should be based on experiences in the TZLC, stories about members, experiences of your 1st season etc).

15th Monday May 2017 11.30 am
Previews for this weeks matches have been UPDATED!!
The Highlights Show (4 matches) will be published in 30 mins!!! (Keep Checking) The Highlights Show is in a new format and KFANDRAAI has coughed up some moolah for a Professional Editor that is the precursor to the TZLC10!! Bigger and Better EVERY SEASON!!!
ZM's 1st attempt at a Logo has been rejected for plagiarism!! Warning issued by KFANDRAAI!!
ZM start the TZLC10, before the end of the TZLC9, on the wrong side of the law!!
Certain TZLC members expressed concern re the new club as they felt that the discipline levels would be so terrible that Mr Khare would be admitted to hospital! Mr Khare responded that he has faith in the new club players and KFANDRAAI still has to OFFICIALLY accept the membership of the new players so the emergency room is still a long way away and will ALWAYS be his own home as he abhors hospitals. Anyway, he added, everyone knows what can happen to ANY member whether new or old if he tramples on the law....JUSTICE is SWIFT and if YOU have broken it you must face the consequences!
All pending Balance Sheet work etc will be updated soon!

13th Saturday May 2017 12 Noon
Mop grabs a POP in the last minute to earn a well deserved 2-2 draw! (Mop is A Bhorde)
S Sharma (Shiv/Snake) tweaks his formation as (P Bhandari) Bhanda (110% confirmed) drops out as usual and BT with 10 men display their knowledge of weird and not so wonderful formations and the TZLC10 will now have two clubs with dodgy formations, BT and ZM!!
Snowtop (N Shah) of BE doing the SR work, riles Mr Khare so much that he ranted and raved about passion and professionalism regarding whatever job a person does during the half time break. He then went on to the field and pleased the spectators with bhazoonka shots at each end. Is this a sign???
Shay (Y Shah of PACU) (Loaned to BT) was provided instructions by the Snake before this mornings match and they were simple,
"Listen Shay, we can't tell you anything regarding tactics as you are playing for PACU in the Cup Final against play here, the Snake then pointed to a place in a weird looking drawing of a ground he had scratched into the sand, run up and down and don't worry about us!"
Shay winked at Snake, smiled and said -
"Don't worry Guvnor, at PACU the instructions are the same, in fact, your drawing of a ground seems slightly better than PACU's!"
KFANDRAAI have stated that the Final League positions of the 1st Division and 2nd Division will be declared POST the Last Match of the Season on the 27th of May. This is because if a club breaks the rules and are due to be punished by a deduction of points after declaring the positions before the end of the Season it can have a calamitous effect on the TZLC. Also the club Balances have to be looked at as Negative Balances result in a deduction of points. Thus the saying 'It's never over till it's over and it's only over when the KFANDRAAI declares that it's over!!' As per the current standings though, the 1st Div would look the same as the 1st Div is being increased to 5 teams in the TZLC10. BT would've been DIRECTLY relegated if the 1st Div had remained at 4 clubs. Therefore the only team to be promoted will be from the match between BI and BE on Tuesday. BI need only a draw for promotion. The 2nd placed team were to play a playoff with the last placed team in the 1st Div but KFANDRAAI decided that instead of a playoff the COMBINED League Standings will decide the final place, hence BT are SAFE.

12th Friday May 2017 11.35 am
Zona Mista is the New Club Name that the ZM Manager Ashwin Bapat (Babbut/Batty) proudly announced at a Press Conference yesterday. Amid sounds of mirth and shock a few comments were overheard -
Does that mean all the players are Italian? Giggle
Does that mean prospective signee's have to appear for a test based on a shaky version of the current 4-4-2. 3-5-2 and Snake Eagle formation to play for the club? Guffaw
That sounds like a girl I met at the bar yesterday!!! Hyuk
That sounds like a boy I met at the bar yesterday!!! Shriek
That was Babbut - piped in a sozzled Kapster (K Patwardhan) (who according to his interview is a comic) and rumoured to be Babbut's first signing!!
Enough of the jokes as Zona Mista does indeed sound super.....stated a KFANDRAAI rep.
After silence settled the happy crowd, Babut continued "and the Slogan is GegenPress!!"
Does that mean all the players are German? Giggle
Does that mean that if you don't Gegen or Press you will be subbed? Coughity laugh
Does that mean....At this point Babbut got his first taste of TZLC humour and responded in his own unique way, "We of the Zona Mista, will GegenPress our way into the hearts of the TZLC and sizzle the tournament with sleek and sensational football!" 
Before the excited and sniggering press could ask any questions, Babbut Gegen Pressed his way Zona Mista style far off into the setting sun.
Whatever anyone thinks about the new club said Khare a little later, I will give them a nickname they will enjoy (or their opponents will), I will call them the Misty Boys!!!
In a Meeting held yesterday, Blue Ice proved that they are nowhere near folding and have already made plans for the 'Cup Final' (League Title Decider, Last match of the 2nd Div on the coming Tuesday) and also for the TZLC10!!
KFANDRAAI are thinking of pressing charges on a PACU player. The said PACU player aka the RolyPoly man, it seemed FAILED to wave BACK to a KFANDRAAI official after the KFANDRAAI official waved to him first. All the official got from the RP man was a slight nod of the head and a smirk. A case has been filed with the KFANDRAAI police.

11th Thursday May 2017 11 am
Thunderboltz have decided to bid adieu to it's old Logo and Slogan! KFANDRAAI, in a meeting held with CEO A Sanghvi (Ahjoo), suggested that TZ's inception arose from people who did not have the same dreams as the current squad of players do. As the name Thunderboltz and TZ is now a household name, no change will be made to it. KFANDRAAI has asked ALL CURRENT members of TZ that embody it's belief of striving to play a professional level of Football with pride, seriousness and the proper Ethos to send in drawing of what the new Logo should look like and also a slogan. You must send in your entries to Mr. Khare. TZ will also be revamping it's inner functioning to adjust to it's new modernised look. (Ahjoo will be contacting all TZ members ASAP). The Logo's and Slogans that are approved will be discussed and final adjustments made BEFORE KFANDRA publishes the new look website. The submissions should be made by the 22nd May. 
KFANDRAAI has thrown out current Illegal Manager S Sharma's resignation letter. 
'What evil has been done, CANNOT be forgotten, but it can be forgiven,' stated KFANDRAAI. The player Shiv (Snake) has done a good job at the club in the absence of Ex-Manager S Patil (Swami Pam) and has proved that what he could not manage at the dissolved club Red Hurricanes, he has succeeded with at BT.
There are some other views at KFANDRAAI though and a person that wished not be named (Not Voldemort) said "Success? What Success? The Chairman, who I knew to be a knowledgable and caring person ran away to the Himalaya's as his attempt to make BT play the beautiful game, a game where EVERYONE is involved in attack and defence, was shut down unceremoniously. I hope your mind see's tranquility my friend...The BT that the Snake has created has two parts. One hangs about between the goal line and the edge of the 18 yard box and the other in the other half. Give the ball to the highly skilled and fit attacking players and let them do all the work! Ridiculous!!" At this point, the KFANDRAAI representative started losing a bit of colour (literally), it looked like he had put on a lot of make up and it was getting runny, plus he had started frothing at the mouth and spittle was flying about everywhere. We pointed this out to him and he squealed suddenly, tried to cover his face with his jacket and ran away. As he ran away we did notice that he had on a pair of hiking boots...(Who is this guy? 1M TZR to guess correctly!!)
The New Club has submitted a Name and Slogan and KFANDRAAI will declare if it's been accepted or not soon. Rumour has it that if the Name and Slogan are accepted, the New Club will surely be at the brunt of all the jokes in the TZLC10!!!

10th Wednesday May 2017 6 am
It has come to light that the appointment of S Sharma as Manager and Captain of BT was ILLEGAL as 
one of the stipulations set after the dissolution of RH was that no RH player would be allowed to take up the post of  
Management or Captaincy. The issue is being looked into and the possibility that all the matches under Shiv of the Snake Eagle formation may be SCRAPPED are high.
In some positive news for BE but not so for BI, KFANDRAAI has decided to CANCEL 1 of the two points deducted earlier in the Season for BE. This means that BE need only a WIN to see them as Champions of the 2nd Div but only Iif the match goes ahead as planned due to question marks over BI's continuance as a club.

9th Tuesday May 2017 11.30 am
RW's new Manager Sarvajit Hoskote (Ivan) off to a flying start!!
SS put up a brave display and finish the season with pride!!
KFANDRAAI unhappy with TZ as Mr. Khare questions his continuance as Coach......
"A work of a Coach is only satisfactory if off the field, the work is satisfactory too," said a disappointed Khare.
Blue Ice Temp Manager S Kadam (Chinchin) has been asked to provide VALID PROOF that they have ENOUGH NUMBERS to continue being a living entity.
Mr. Khare has requested the players NOT to wear the so called upper body innerwear as according to him, it causes more harm than good. He stated that 'In all my many years of playing at the highest level, in the cold or extreme heat, I never needed it, so why do the players need it now?? Sweat is a product that the body uses to maintain it's core temp. Why do the players need a so called second skin? This second layer was introduced in countries with a very COLD CLIMATE. Players that were NOT USED to such conditions needed the extra protection. I do believe that this is only an ADVERTISING gimmick".
The Stats Sheet is set to change......

8th Monday May 2017 9 am
The KFANDRAAI verdict on PACU's deduction of points looks positive for PACU. It stated that PACU is under probation till the end of the Season (Last match of the Season) and KFANDRAAI will be looking at their behaviour on and off the pitch with a magnifying glass. Also, if even ONE player from PACU is caught infringing on the TZLC laws governing vehicles, then PACU's points will INSTANTLY be deducted.
Members of the TZLC are requested to send in stories and anecdotes and experiences of their time in, before and after the TZLC to the KFANDRAAI Book dept. Images are also welcome! It is planning to create a TZLC Magazine for it's 10th Year in existence!!! The articles will be Proof read!! (Submit your articles before the 30th of June 2017!!!)
Voting for the the TZLC9 Players Player of the Year and other awards will begin soon.
A new look Highlights Show may be revealed sooner than expected in preparation for the TZLC10!!
The new look Website will be revealed in a months time!!! (Or earlier!!)
Read the SS and BT MP's that have been published this morning!! SS's article by their club Captain A Saklani (Alan) is a must read!!

7th Sunday May 2017 1.15 pm
KFANDRAAI is and will always be at heart a benevolent soul to many..especially A Monga (Amonk) of RW as his suspension is reduced to 5 mins from 60 mins!!!
But for many other it has an EVIL heart spawned in the depths of the netherworld as rumours abound that PACU may be deducted 4 points for rash and negligent driving in the real world!!!
Previews have been Updated!!!

6th Saturday May 2017 11 am
PACU clinch 1st Div Title and Combined League Title a fortnight before the end of the season....was what the headlines would've looked like if a PACU player had not almost run over the friendly walk loving cat staying at the KFANDRAAI office. In a complaint received at 6.09 am, the said player sped by giving little regard to the safety of law abiding citizens. The speed at which the PACU player passed by was such that the dentures of an old lady walking 20 metres away were blown off as she opened her mouth in shock. Not to mention a friendly white doggy that got such a fright it spray pooped the same lady's dentures as they fell to the ground. 
KFANDRAAI are discussing point deductions....possibly in such a way that RW may still get a chance of winning the Title!
As we at the KFANDRAAI always say, when you play in the TZLC, NOTHING is over, until it's over, and it's over ONLY when the KFANDRAAI DECLARES it's over!!
Another BE player to be sacked at the behest of the BE Chairman!!!
A Missing Persons Report was also filed at the KFANDRAAI office. (KFANDRAAI are seriously thinking of introducing the KFANDRAAI Police Force to look after certain matters). Surprisingly, the description of the said missing person resembles a bloke we all know!! 1M TZR to anyone who guesses who this person is!! Submit the answer to the KFANDRAAI Game Dept. by 1 pm!
Missing Persons Report 
Name - I don't Know
Age - Not that old
Description - Plays in the TZLC, hasn't been seen lately, black hair with white streaks, likes fiddling around with cars, has a lot of power to punish people but prefers to be the nice guy!
MPR submitted by - Why do you want to know?
KFANDRAAI is befuddled at the kind of person that even bothers to file an MPR and hopes the new KPF will get to the bottom of the matter!!
Breaking News just in - An old lady was admitted to a hospital at 7 am complaining of smelling and tasting doggy poop since the early morn....The Hospital authorities reported the matter to KFANDRAAI. An investigation is underway and the newly appointed KPF sleuths are wondering if the case is linked to the PACU speedster....

5th Friday May 2017 12 Noon
New Club given till May 15th for submission of Club name, Slogan and Logo.
Managers MUST submit TZLC10 Kit Design by the 30th of May to KFANDRAAI.
The TZLC10 kits would need to include Club shirt (Except Green), shorts and socks along with a club or Common TZLC shirt that MUST be worn while exiting and entering the ground. This shirt can also be used in case of a clash of kits.
Players/MO's that enter the ground from the parking area itself MUST be properly attired. A player/MO WILL BE SUSPENDED
if improperly attired. For the TZLC10 an MO will be appointed to POLICE the gate to ensure that the R and R are compiled with. (ANY TZLC approved shirt other than the club kit and extra shirt IS ALLOWED)
KFANDRAAI has stated that each club must consist of at least a 20% quota of PRACTICE PLAYERS. This is to ensure that what is being coached at TZ or KITFO is being passed on to ALL THE CLUBS. For eg if a Club has 12 players in it's squad then there should be at least 2.5 persons playing at KITFO or TZ. (Brought to the closest minimum, 2). Practice Players can be defined as PAYING the monthly fee's at the organisations mentioned previously. In which case if the clubs find the easy way out by paying REAL MONEY, they must try and keep in touch with the coaching through the News Updates and chatting with regular practice players. Practice at KITFO and TZ is SUPER IMPORTANT to ensure that the players get used to the high level of discipline and other R and R along with developing a sense of camaraderie amongst all the members before the Season starts.
Footballs that were distributed in the TZLC9 will be CONTINUED for the TZLC10. A test will be undertaken by KFANDRAAI to see if the footballs used in the TZLC9 can still be used in the TZLC10. Inferior Footballs will be replaced with new ones. 
Or KFANDRAAI will initiate the process of asking the members to DESIGN a new ball for the TZLC10. Please note there is a minimum order of 200 Footballs and this cost will be added to the TZLC membership fee's.
KFANDRAAI had sponsored the International Quality Footballs for Season TZLC9.

3rd Wednesday May 2017 11 am
Manager Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma 1st act of the day was to use his Snake Eagle formation to DROP Ex-Manager Sameer 'Swami Pam' Patil!! (Shiv btw, gave himself a FULL GAME!!)
BT manged to come back from a goal down to wallop BE! 
Although the victory seems convincing to those that heard the news, it was not quite the same for those that saw that match, with the match looking very scrappy and amateurish.
The Eagles Chairman openly asked the new Management to get rid of a player that we feel should not be named to protect him!
Aditya 'Adi' Sankolli embarrases Mr. Khare in his office car, refuses to help Mr. Khare pack up the Media Material after the match and the rest is on a need to know basis!!! (The Media knows, although the general public may need, they won't know!!)
The KFANDRAAI is disgruntled at the Managers of the Clubs that have entered the two Cup Finals. They were not asked to select a new date but to check if they could play 2 matches on one of the Fixed dates of the finals. It has been decided to follow the schedule as per the calendar.
With this defeat BE have virtually awarded a 1st Div place to BI who have not been spectacular by any means this season...

2nd Tuesday May 2017 11 am
Mkul's Suicide Squad pushes past Yogi's L'Equipe de Yogimogi and Audi's Bling Bling to go top! Chinchin's Stoic Aurelius not far behind in the BTB Competition!!
KFANDRAAI urges New Club Manager to submit the name of the club etc ASAP. Stress levels are bound to increase once deadlines are set!!
S Patil (Ex-Manager of BT) aka Pam and now Swami Pam, was seen attending the session at TZ this morning. A secret source revealed that the 10 days of doing nothing, saying nothing and just thinking about potty all day long were wasted after he got home and checked all his social networking accounts as well as the TZLC happenings and was bombarded with 10 days of information. Word has it that Swami Pam calmly smiled, said something very profound and collapsed in a sobbing heap.
He seemed normal at the session though, said Mr Khare.........

1st Monday May 2017 12 Noon
Week 26 Previews Updated!!
Week 25 Reports Lost!!! Shock as KFANDRAAI reports theft in it's office!!

KFANDRA will NOT be having a SESSION Today, Monday 1st of May as the Law College will be closed on account of Labour Day!!!

30th Sunday April 2017 9.45 am
KFANDRA will NOT be having a SESSION on Monday 1st of May as the Law College will be closed on account of Labour Day!!!

The AP Management have been asked by the AP BOD as to why they should continue as Managers.....
More News Later!!!

29th Saturday April 2017 11 am
KFANDRAAI stated that they have approved of PACU's request that at the end of the TZLC9 Season, the current Managers A Venkatramani II and S Suttati II will RESIGN to make way for VG (J Kothari) as PACU's Manager. PACU, in a Press Release by their Russian Chairman stated that "VG, although he doesn't like being called that, so we just tell him it means Very Good, is a HARD MAN and we can see a much needed level of seriousness entering the alcohol infested domain of PACU. "Me and the BOD wish him Udachi!!!
Hot on the heels of the revelation that the former BT player VG will now manage PACU, KFANDRAAI announced the name of the New Club Manager as Ashwin Bapat (Babbut/Batty) who is currently playing for RW. KFANDRAAI has WARNED all the players that are negotiating a transfer with this club and their own, apart from the possible NEW registrations with the TZLC and therefore the new club, that CONFIDENTIALITY must STILL be MAINTAINED until the BALANCE SHEETS for the new season are submitted to all the Managers.
With the official announcement of ALL the Managers for the next season being declared, the Managers will be allowed to approach Players and Managers for a transfer. A word of advice to all of you, ENSURE that all communication should be in a written format if proof is needed by KFANDRAAI.
The release of unwanted players etc can ONLY be made once the announcement is made by KFANDRAAI.
KFANDRAAI is planning to REVAMP the website for the TZLC10.
Rumours abound that the TZLC10 may not be the TZLC10 from next season!!!!

29th Saturday April 2017 9.20 am
KFANDRAAI received a list of players from TZ CEO Ahjoo (A Sanghvi) for the match that was to be played on Tuesday the 2nd of May. KFANDRAAI have ALREADY cancelled the match citing poor attendance at the TZ practice sessions.
KFANDRAAI request the New Club to send in their Clubs Name, Slogan, and Logo for approval ASAP as they will be FINED every day post the final date of the 2nd May 12 Noon.
KT135 (K Tejwani) suspension has been revoked due to good behaviour but his club will be fined.
A Monga (Amonk) suspension has been increased to 60 mins.
RW and SS will be deducted a point on account of MATCH POSTPONEMENT.
KFANDRAAI is proposing to hold BOTH the finals on one day on a grass ground. The club Managers of the 4 clubs that have qualified MUST contact KFANDRAAI after having a chat with each other re the proposal. KFANDRAAI will sponsor the Reasonable rent in real money for the venue. 
KFANDRAAI requests TZ to follow up on the advice given by Mr. Khare  to ensure that the TZL10 is bigger than the TZLC9.
The offer for a NEW club has now ENDED.
The set up for the TZLC10 is as FOLLOWS -
There will be 3 divisions - 
The 1st will have 5 teams and the 2nd will have 5.
The team that will be BOTTOM of the 1st Div in the TZLC9 will NOT be directly relegated but will FACE OFF with the team coming 2nd in the 2nd Div according to the COMBINED LEAGUE STANDINGS. In this case, as per the COMBINED LEAGUE STANDINGS, the 2nd Div teams are way behind the 1st division teams and unless something drastic occurs, the 2nd placed club will STAY in the 2nd Div. Therefore the TZLC10 should look like this -
1st Div - PACU, AP, RW, BT and BE/BI..2nd Div - BI/BE, SS, NEW CLUB, TZ Reserves and KITFO Reserves.
Promotion from the 2nd div would be 2nd Div Champion DIRECT promotion, 2nd Placed team playoff spot Vs 4th Placed team in the 1st Div.
R and R Vs the Organisations - Each club will play only ONE MATCH against the Organisations. The Organisations can NEVER be PROMOTED. If there is a GLARING disparity between the values of the Organisational Reserves 1st 11 and the Club side than the club would have to win by a CERTAIN number of goals to avail of the full quota of 3 points. (TBD later)
If the teams are equally matched then there will be no minimum number of goals to be scored requirement.
Goals scored for or against Organisations etc will NOT be counted for PERSONAL targets such as the Golden Boot or Platinum Pass.
For clubs SHARING the same VENUE, AWAY teams will HAVE to complete the Ground Marking etc.
More R and R will be updated soon!!!
The deadline for the calculation of BALANCES re the the Clubs Balance Sheet is fast approaching! (2 weeks before the end of the Season)!! League positions MAY STILL CHANGE!!!!

28th Friday April 2017 11.30 am
KITFO Reserves scare PACU after they take them to only a goal deficit in the 1st half!!
But it took only 2 mins of the 2nd Half for the goal rush to start!! 
Meer (M Naik) after a stupendous first half including a RC scores in the 2nd his own goal!!!
PACU showed their individual superiority but as a team they were not convincing!
PACU set to lift 1st Div Title!!!
More R and R for next season being drawn up!!!

26th Wednesday April 2017 11.45 am
BT's Snake under the Eagles Shadow formation set up by Interim Manager Shivam Sharma proves successful against the combative Sharks! 
2 of the 3 Strikers in the SUES formation scored 6 goals while 2 were own goals! (The Ket, K Sarode of RW SR failed to note the own goal specialists!!)
The POP was used twice in this mornings match and was a GRAND success!! Mop, A Bhorde missed a POP off a pass from Ashubh (A Inamdar) from 6 yards out!!!
The 4 LM system was slightly changed to enable coverage of the touchline on both side. The 4 LM ruling was a roaring success!!!
A Saklani (Alan) shows of how positive the Sharks are by stating that "Phir Bhi humne do goal marre!" ( We did end up scoring two!!!!)
S Patil (Pam) has been SACKED!! He will have the option of Managing again under a Pseudonym. One wonders if the 1st thing he finds out after his 10 day escape to a place in which some of the rules are that you can't speak or watch tv or (what else does one do?? We hope he's allowed to read) is that he has been SACKED! Will he say something peacful like 'Let there be Peace' and prove to us all that those were 10 days that were not wasted or will he spontaneously combust? BT fans will be camped outside his house to see what happens!
In other news, another new club being formed seems less and less of a possibility.
The initial new club looks to be stuck on a Club Name etc...
S Kadam (Chinchin) resignation has been pulled back. The BOD of BI stated that KFANDRAAI observed the suspended players and saw a positive change in their behaviour. Chinchin had indeed tried to implement some levels of discipline. Therefore the Manager has been re-instated!

24th Monday April 2017 9.20 am
Please see the updated R and R that includes the POP (Penalty in Open Play) and Manager Guidelines. The Manager guidelines are not only important for the Managers but the players will also find them interesting.

23rd Sunday April 2017 12 Noon
KFANDRAAI seem to in the process of a total and complete overhaul in nearly every club in the TZLC!!
S Kadam (Chinchin) has been asked to resign due to his inability to maintain player discipline re MO duties.
S Patil (Pam) may be on the way out as BT Fans protest his departure midseason for a holiday break!
PACU Managers are uneasy as the axe may fall on them next after it was learnt that quite a few important players were also leaving on a holiday and will be missing the KFANDRAAI Cup Final!!!
New Club's name and slogan REJECTED by KFANDRAAI!!
TZLC members have been asked not to contact KFANDRAAI members today.
Mr. Khare has declared that players will ONLY be allowed to wear material that has been approved by KFANDRAAI at TZLC matches and TZ and KITFO sessions. Plain shirts without a Logo/Brand of another club or company will be accepted. Players that arrive for the TZ/KITFO/TZLC sessions in a kit that is not acceptable will NOT be allowed to take part in the session or in case of the TZLC will not be allowed to participate in the proceedings. The players MUST ENTER and LEAVE the ground in attire approved by KFANDRAAI.
Members can procure TZLC shirts from Managers that have old stock with them. They are to be purchased for a fixed amount and the proceeds will go to the TZLC Fund.
Members can also order shirts through KFANDRA at CP. Please send in your shirt sizes to Mr. Khare.
For next Season, every club will have a HOME kit and a SIMPLE/CHEAP alternative away kit to be used in case of a clash of shirts. NO club will be allowed to use the colour GREEN as it has been decided that the MO's will be using the green Bibs. 
KFANDRAAI will begin the process of handing over the clubs to the new Management ASAP.
Clubs should start preparing their design for the TZLC10 kit with the help of whichever members they have at the club that will be signing on for next season.
The Previews for Week 25 will be Updated SOON!
Members that are DROPPING out of the TZLC10 MUST inform their current Managers ASAP so that they can pass on the information to KFANDRAAI.
TZ Vs BI scheduled for Tue 2nd May may be CANCELLED with 3 points and 3 goals awarded to BI if the attendance at the TZ practice sessions continues to be poor.
Sarvajit Hoskote (Ivan) has been appointed for the Managers post at RW!!!
Sharad Yeole (Sherry) and Rakesh Raghuthaman (Rake) have been appointed as Managers of BE!!!

22nd Saturday April 2017 4 pm
KITFO have asked the KFANDRAAI to CANCEL the re-match of the KITFO Vs RW match held yesterday and to be played on the 10th of this month. They have requested KFANDRAAI to award RW the victory and ease their path to the Final.
In a statement released to the Media, KFANDRAAI said that they have accepted KITFO's decision and added that an Organisation has shown a professional club the true meaning of honour and integrity.
They also mentioned that RW have not BOTHERED to respond to this mornings request by KFANDRAAI.
The TZ Vs RW match that was CANCELLED due to the re-match will remain a no event.

22nd Saturday April 2017 10.10 am
Amit Bhable (Amti) and Suraj Patil (Ray) both Managers at BE have been SACKED!!! 
Manan Joshi II (Mantan II) has been SACKED from the post of Manager at RW!
Both club Managers should immediately complete the submission of a new Managers name by Sunday 12 Noon. KFANDRAAI has stated that the 3 Managers will not be allowed to submit their own names again for the cloning process. The Balance Sheets will be updated soon.
KT135 (K Tejwani) of RW has been suspended for 1 match.
A Monga (Amonk) of RW has been suspended for 40 mins.
See the new R and R to be implemented from next week!!!
KFANDRAAI are waiting for a response from both RW (New Manager) and KITFO (in charge) re the replay of the Semi Final. Do RW believe that they deserve to go through? Do KITFO believe that RW deserve to go through? Or Vice Versa? Should the entire match be replayed or only the T/B in the new format? Please send in your responses by 12 Noon tomorrow.
The New Club Manager will be announced as soon as he sends in the new club Logo and slogan along with the New Club Name. Only after KFANDRAAI has approved of the same will the new Managers name be announced. The list of club to club transfers (current club to new club) will still be kept under wraps until the transfer amount is negotiated between the clubs. The New Club will receive their Financial details soon after the submission of the new club details.
The offer for another new club may be pulled sooner than expected as KFANDRAAI prepares for the end of the Season and the beginning of the new season.
KFANDRAAI has asked Mr. Khare to CONTINUE as Referee after it made the changes to the R and R.
KFANDRAAI requests ALL the players to go through the R and R especially about GK's as some players are unaware that the rules had been adjusted early in the season to make it easier for Gk's and Referee's.

21st Friday April 2017 11.45 am
The KLCSF2 2nd Leg between KITFO and RW ends in a draw but KFANDRAAI have announced a RE-MATCH!!!
KFANDRAAI stated that there were MANY discrepancies in the officiating and RW's Management.
As for the the officiating, NOTHING can be done about that, but the Ref's CANCELLATION of the new Tie Breaker format was HIS personal call and was NOT approved by KFANDRAAI.
The match will be REPLAYED and the date has been fixed (See Calendar).
We spoke to Mr. Khare who Reffed the fixture and he stated that the match was the MOST HONEST match that he has EVER Reffed. "I was SO SHOCKED at the COMPLETE turn around in the behaviour of a player such as Kapster (K Patwardhan) and Meer (M Naik) that I was questioning my own decisions EVERY minute of the match. Even if I knew I was right, I sat questioning my own decisions and therefore started looking at the players faces for their reactions when I KNOW that due to pressure situations and the adrenaline rush, players may not always know what they've done. I can't remember WHEN things started to go wrong for me but it was probably the moment I LISTENED to Big Daddy's (RW GK) verdict that the ball was coming straight to him when Avi (A Rane) deliberately handled the ball was my downfall. Mantan (M Joshi) comments immediately after the incident though was the ONLY issue I had with the behaviour of ALL the players. After that Meer's admission of Hball in his own area was termed to be accidental and then when Kapster was felled by KITFO GKL KS (K Shetty) in the box, Kapster joined the Ref's discussion with the LM about whether he had lost control of the ball BEFORE KS scythed him down and Kapster raised his hand and agreed!! Whhaaat? Can you media people believe that?? After that Avi scythed a KITFO player, I think it was Bruce (A Raje) who ended up scoring a SENSATIONAL hattrick btw, and I gave an IFK as per the TZLC rules. Bruce, I thought had lost control of the ball. My persona as KITFO's coach was SHOCKED on seeing KITFO playing the game of their lives and they went 4 - 2 up! This can't be fair I thought and made 3 substitutions by taking off 3 on form 1st teamers for 3 reserve players thereby in my mind allowing RW to catch up. That they did and it went into the Tie Breaker. The reason i took it into the T/B Penalties was because RW had PREPARED their list of players for 10 squad membes when they had 12 (they had informed KITFO they had 10) after which a LOT of time was being wasted. My cancellation of the NEW system was wrong, I should've approached KFANDRAAI and asked for their decision. I personally HATE the PSO and I'm GLAD that KFANDRAAI have taken this decision. I will explain more in the Review, Thank you!"
In other news, KFANDRAAI is fuming at the 3 RW players that did NOT even BOTHER to thank KFANDRAAI for withdrawing their suspensions.
An RW player was spotted by KFANDRAAI talking on his PHONE while driving his car and he will be suspended.
The 2nd Leg between TZ and PACU will NOT be REPLAYED stated a KFANDRAAI announcement this morning. The TZ attendance at practice sessions has NOT been satisfactory and this pushed the decision in favour of PACU.
The TZ Res Vs RW match to be held on the 11th Thursday has been CANCELLED due the the same reason above. 3 points and 3 goals will be awarded to RW in due course.
BI will be penalised for not sending their MO for this mornings match.

20th Thursday April 2017 12.40 pm
The KITFO Preview has been published!!
KFANDRAAI has decided to WARN and NOT suspend the consistently erring RW players KT135 (K Tejwani) and A Monga (Amonk). The club will be FINED, but the two players are on PROBATION.
The Penalty is set to be ERADICATED from the TZLC. The New format to be announced SOON!! The new format will be implemented in the KFANDRAAI Cup and KFANDRAAI League Cup Finals!!
News just in that two players have been arriving early for the TZ sessions. WELL BEFORE even Mr. Khare's arrival. Mr. Khare stated that one of the said individuals, over the 6 years that he has been attending practice sessions, has come LATE for the TZ sessions, was absent without informing and without apologising as well, at least 90% of the time. It is AMAZING that the same player has come SUPER EARLY ONLY for the other player that is not mentioned. Mr. Khare stated
"What I could not do in 6 years was done by one of the unnamed individuals TWICE in one week!! What can I say? Sometimes when a flame is kindled, miracles will happen!"
Mkul (M Inamdar) stated that he was asked to come early by one of the players but declined the offer thereby conveniently extricating himself from this sordid story.
We hope you have enjoyed reading the TRUE stories from the pen of Miss A L Lhogwash!!

19th Wednesday April 2017 11 am
BE anger KFANDRAAI with underhand dealings regarding player loans...and other issues...
BE Management facing stern punishment and may lose their jobs in the process!
AP avoid the Tie Breaker with 10 secs left for the final whistle! 
AP score on BE's added on time of 5 mins!!
Manan Joshi (Mantan) of RW, AVGL for BE ANGERED BE fans by laughing and joking after the match...
Another RW player SUSPENDED for arriving late for the match!!!
KFANDRAAI angry with both clubs for lack of discipline!

18th Tuesday April 2017 12 Noon
TZ Fans bombarded the KFANDRAAI offices with requests for a re-match as rumours escalated that A. Lodha (Lo) was WRONGLY declared as offside and thus the goal A Bhorde (Mop) scored was disallowed!!! What decision will the KFANDRAAI take? Things continued to sour on the PACU front as the PACU players were seen arguing with KFANDRAAI officials...Everyone knows that KFANDRAAI never look kindly upon people with disciplinary issues.
Week 23 Highlights Show to be released SOON!! Keep checking the link on the Home Page or Mr Khare's Youtube page as the Show has been set up for upload!!
A Monga's (Amonk) suspension increased to 20 mins while K Tejwani's (KT135) suspension set at 10 mins for RW's next match. The RW Fans have written a letter to KFANDRAAI re the suspensions...

17th Monday April 2017 11.45 am
There may be a possibility that another new club may be formed...!!
Previews for Week 24 have been released!!
KFANDRAAI asks all members that are submitting Previews, Reviews etc MUST always mention the players by either their FULL name or 1st Name initial and Full Surname. Suspensions will now be awarded to those that fail in submitting info in the proper format.

16th Sunday April 2017 11 am
KFANDRA wishes Ishan Khadilkar a Happy Birthday!!! (His birthday was a couple of days ago and the staff at KFANDRA realised a bit late..Anyway as the old saying goes, it's better late than never!!!)
There were literally 4 U10's and 5 U12's along with 2 Over 12's with 4 coaches in yesterday's session!! Talk about extreme professionalism!! No doubt the families had gone off on a long weekend break...KFANDRA as everyone knows hasn't had a break since it's inception way back in 2000!! 
Summat funny, if looked at in a certain way, happened during yesterday's session that will be encaptured in a cartoon to be released soon!!
KFANDRAAI in a statement released to the press at 1 am (why at 1 am we don't know...) announced that the TZLC10 may bring about a rule change regarding penalties that will bring the excitement of the Tie-Breaker to regulation time!! 
KFANDRAAI also declared that they have set Sunday, 30th April 12 Noon as the FINAL date for a new club forming for the TZLC10. It had already been declared earlier that a New Club has been officially formed and their club name and logo will be declared soon. This new date is an opportunity for those players that have suddenly realised that they may not get 1st team places next season as KFANDRAAI may do away with the DISTRIBUTION of players that are sitting idle on the KFANDRAAI list 2 weeks before the season starts. (Those players that have not been purchased by clubs are placed on the KFANDRAAI waiting list)
In more sensational news, in an early release by our insider in the KFANDRAAI Media Dept, TZ's equalizer in the the final quarter of the Tie Breaker that was adjudged offside because a player on the far side had involved himself in play (Lo, A Lodha) was NOT offside!!! The goal should've stood and that match should've gone into the sudden death format!! The disputed penalty in the dying minutes of regulation time was CONFIRMED as the correct decision!!

15th Saturday April 2017 11.45 am
PACU's Shay (Y Shah) with 1 goal in Regulation time and their other in the NEW TIE BREAKER version seal a KFANDRAAI Cup Final Place Vs BT!!!
Two INCREDIBLE goals, one by Sparky (S Mathew) a WONDERFUL half volley from the edge of the box into the top corner for TZ and the other a GEM of a header from Jango (S Jangle) again into the top corner from a corner for PACU make this Semi Final match even more thrilling then it was!
Alan (A Saklani) was spotted entering a shop that sells disguises soon after the match. His performance in goals for TZ was akin to a Shark in a desert and we will have to see if his efforts at disguising himself are successful as the TZ Fan Club looked immensely dissatisfied at his performance....
A Yadav (Ajinx) of AP and the Golden Boot leader, hit the headlines when he was RED CARDED by the Referee during the Tie Breaker...Laughter rippled through both camps of players and spectators as Ajinx was the LINESMAN for the match!!!
His Manager Sparky (S Mathew) spoke to the Media and explained "Oh I think it was a genuine mistake, he was so enthralled by the match that he forgot to do his job...!" Thank you Sparky, although we feel that that is probably the worst excuse ever, we appreciate you honesty!!
Special mention to Sparky (S Mathew) and Jango (S Jangle) who got together and ensured that the ground this morning had no cracks leading down to the depths of hell! The work drew applause from all quarters as it being Good Friday and Easter!!
Jango single handedly drove his JCB round and about the ground digging and excavating and rolling to make the ground playable. 
Due to this the KO for the match was delayed by 5 mins as the players had to remark the ground...Well most of the PACU players felt justified NOT to help as Jango was their player!!!

News Archives from 29/05/17 till 19/08/17

19th Saturday August 2017 4 pm

The day has arrived!! But with a change of venue! Due to the incredible timing of the rains that have followed us since the TZLC1, the venue has changed to a place just down the road, at CITIOTEL!!!
Please note that the Awards Ceremony will begin at 8.30 pm Sharp. Three members have asked to speak on the occasion and their time will come at around 8.35 pm onwards.

18th Friday August 2017 3 pm
KFANDRAAI requests those members that have lost a member of their family or a person very close to them during the preceding season (From July 2016) up to today, to send in a PHOTOGRAPH, Full Name and the date the person passed away. Send in the names by 9 am TOMORROW.
The TZLC9 Awards Ceremony is set to break all records with the attendees probably crossing the 90 mark!!
As mentioned before, Formal wear is COMPULSORY. Jeans acceptable.....If possible, club members should wear the same shade of colour as is predominant on their shirt, For eg PACU - Yellow and SS - blue. This is NOT compulsory. 
Managers are request to bring the Footballs deflated and signed to the venue itself. You will be allowed to take the remaining signatures at the venue before handing them in.
Members are allowed to arrive by 7.30 pm. Awards Ceremony will start at 8.30 pm sharp.

15th Tuesday August 2017 3.40 pm
This evenings KFANDRA Session has been called off as the Independence Day and a Religious festival have fallen on the same day and the resulting confusion is bound to cause traffic jams which will be stressful for the Parents/Guardians dropping off the kids or picking them up. Therefore practice will be back to normal tomorrow.
4 days to go for the TZLC9 Awards Ceremony!!! Dress code - Formal Attire...For the Male Members - A formal shirt COMPULSORY, traditional wear acceptable, tie and jacket optional. For the Ladies - Whatever makes you comfortable!
Managers MUST CLEAN the FOOTBALLS before getting the signatures!!!!! Punishment for inability to hand over the footballs, last date Friday, will be a 3M TZR punishment per day and consecutive punishments every following day.
Not a single member has stated that they would like to speak at the Awards Ceremony!!

13th Sunday August 2017 11.40 am
The TZLC9 Awards Ceremony will be held at Bamboo House on the Terrace. (Sat 19/08/17)
KICK OFF at 7.30 pm, Awards Ceremony proper to begin at 8.30 pm. All those members that wish to say a few words MUST contact Mr. Khare before Thursday the 17th of this month. 
Managers have been asked to COLLECT the TZLC9 Footballs (2 Footballs were given to each club before the start of the TZLC9), DEFLATE THEM, collect the SIGNATURES of EACH PLAYER in their squad in the TZLC9 with a permanent marker on each FOOTBALL. So for eg the AP members will sign on the AP Footballs ONLY. The Footballs MUST be handed over to Mr Khare by Friday the 18th of this month. Footballs can be handed to Mr Khare post the Sessions this week. Players that are UNA to sign will not be a part of this landmark event. 
The TZ Ground is gearing up for the TZLC10 with the 1st grass cutting of the Monsoon season!
It's still not too late to come for the final event to celebrate the TZLC9! Contact the In-Charges asap!

9th Wednesday August 2017 12.30 pm

With the impending graduation of most of KFANDRA's oldest players at the Academy coupled with the appointment of Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar as Coach, Mr. Khare has decided to take a few breaks from the evening sessions whenever possible.
This is the 1st time that Khare will be taking a break since he started coaching at KFANDRA close to 17 years ago. We caught a hold of Angus McSmith who is in the city for a bit of KFANDRAAI work. "Och Aye the Noo!! Aym nowt alood to sae nowt withoot KFANDRAAI's blessins!" Bagpiped Angus as he ran off....Luckily we spotted Mr Khare himself..."Listen people, in actual fact the break is NOT a break as I'll be working on some Animation and KFANDRAAI work and not to forget the Bengal descendant that lives at the Khare's. No, No not a Bengali but a cat whose breed is Bengal you nincompoops!! She needs extra attention and has been spoiled silly! I'm working on a few cat vids as well so that should be fun! Anyway, I have no clue who will find this interview important and who will bother to read it, so I'll keep it short and sweaty! Bye bye!!" 
No doubt the above news is a direct or indirect result of some sickly person who wants to get in Khare's good books, hence the unecessary report.
The ZM Chairman has been urged by KFANDRAAI to push things forward re the signing on of players. KFANDRAAI may suddenly come up with a NEW CLUB transfer deadline and that will definitely catch the ZM Manager Ashwin 'Babbut' Bapat gasping for air.
A Reminder - Players MUST ask their friends and family members if they need a Club Shirt as the order will be given as soon as the KFANDRAAI Media releases the TZLC10 Club Kit designs.
Another Reminder - 19th of August, 2017, TZLC9 Awards Ceremony, venue TBD.
Not a Reminder but a request - See the Images page for some action from a KITFO session this morning!!

4th Friday August 2017 4.30 pm
KITFO lifted the Cup of Dreams in a sensational display of attendance!!!
After a 0 - 0 draw against TZ, and when TZ thrashed the Mixed Mambas 4 - 0, KITFO could only get past MM because of two errors from two TZ loanee GK's! Mr Khare stated that his interference  resulted in KITFOs sudden lack of cohesion. When a supporter suggested the TZ beat KITFO in the Touch Rugby match, Mr Khare said No no no! Afterwhih it was declared that the sheer weight of numbers for KITFO made the 2nd Leg all the more interesting and therefore the Cup of Dreams was awarded to them!
See the Images page!
Go to the Calendar and Fixtures page for the MATCH REPORTS of the Cup of Dreams!!!

2nd Wednesday August 2017 2.40 pm
Mr Khare has decided to reconsider the 2nd Leg Cup of Dreams to be held on Friday as he has realised that this one off plan may become an Annual event including a PART 2 version when the organisations face off in the TZLC. Mr. Khare was pacified when he saw that nearly all the members of both Organisations were heartbroken at the cancellation. Also, a number of players personally wrote to Mr Khare regarding the issues that led to the cancellation and re some others.
KFANDRAAI has requested the Google Group In-Charge to ensure that only the members have access to the groups. Non-members need not be bothered by these notifications and the updates can be considered rude.
Players must confirm their attendance for the Cup of Dreams 2nd Leg by 2 pm TOMORROW.
WIggio is sill facing some problems and the Google Groups will be used till another method is sourced.

2nd Wednesday August 2017 11 am
Mr Khare has decided to CANCEL the 2nd Leg of the Cup of Dreams that was scheduled for Friday at KITFO.
The reasons Mr Khare gave were that the disciplinary issues regarding both organisations were unsatisfactory and although TZ pipped KITFO by an enormous extent, it was decided that organising another fiesta of fun would not be pertinent.
The Previous decision to have a Game Variation Week for the TZ and KITFO sessions has also been CANCELLED and practice will continue as scheduled.
Elsewhere, RW's current manager Sarvajit 'Ivan' Hoskote's resignation has been accepted due to REAL LIFE work related issues. Mr. Praveen 'JJ' Naik's appointment as Manager of RW has been confirmed!!!

1st Tuesday August 2017 12 Noon
TZ played out a 0 - 0 draw in the 15 min Touch Rugby match then beat KITFO 1 - 0 in the HandFootball 15 min match.
TZ Regulars then beat KITFO 1 - 0 in the 12 Min Football match, they then beat Mixed Mambas 1 - 0 also. KITFO regained some pride by beating MM 1 - 0 in their 12 min match up with the irregulars.
Mr Khare suddenly decided to allow a 10 min match with ALL the players playing, so TZ faced KITFO, 36 players on the pitch, and total mayhem!! But GREAT FUN!!
Highlights - Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma of TZ and Aviank 'Avink' Ghanaria of KITFO lit up the proceedings with two stunners!
Subing 'Zubin' Alex did his fair share of lighting up the proceedings with two goal line saves, one of which was with his posterior!! Atul 'Atool' Shah managed to put his name where it mattered with a toe to score and Akash 'Sky' Pise was lucky his own goal was given for a corner!
A disgruntled KITFO fan was extremely disheartened with the lack of unprofessionalism that TZ showed. Tucking his skirt in his leggings he growled 'Just wait for Friday,' and before he could add anything else, he was locked in a room with Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar and Prashant 'Mario' Alhat to air his grievances.
Mr Khare thanks all of you who said nice things to him at the end of the Combined Session and also those of you who took the time to message. 
Please note that corrections to the some of the Highlights will be released as soon as all the complaints are received!!!
Please see images of the match on the Images page!!
31st Monday July 2017 12.30 pm
Due to some issue with the Wiggio network, Mr Khare has asked the KFANDRAAI Media to remind all the TZ members and KITFO members to confirm for tomorrow's offseason Friendly for the Cup of Dreams 1st leg before 2 pm!!
New competition to be released with the New Stadiums hopefully by this evening 4.45 pm!!!

30th Sunday July 2017 12.45 pm
Mr Khare, in a statement released earlier today, said that instead of the Intense Cross Fit Circuit that was planned for the week to come, he has decided to hold 2 OFFSEASON Friendly Matches between KITFO and TZ, Home and Away! They will fight for a Cup to be called the Cup of Dreams! Why? To emphasise to the NPP members (Non-Practicing Players) that practicing at KITFO or TZ will always be a dream for them!!! 
The First match is scheduled for Tuesday 01/08/17 at the TZ Home Ground while the 2nd Match is to be played at the KITFO Home Ground on Friday 04/08/17. 
The teams for both squads will be decided by Mr Khare and he will keep a few In-Charges to control the team if needed as he will be reffing. The teams will play 10 mins of Touch Rugby, 10 mins of the HandFootball Game Variation and then 25 mins of normal Football in each half preceeding the TZLC Football Friendly. 
The KO if will be at 6.45 am.
The days between the two matches, Wednesday and Thursday have been declared by Mr Khare as REST PRACTICE FUNDAYS which means only game variations will be taken on those days.
Players from TZ have to confirm for Tuesdays session as normal except BEFORE 2 pm. And for Friday on THURSDAY BEFORE 2 pm. For KITFO, the players must confirm BEFORE 2 pm on Monday for Tuesdays match while at the normal time for FRIDAY but BEFORE 2 pm. The squads will be declared on the Organisations respective Google Excel Sheets.
Members of the Organisations that have NOT been regular since the Off season training began may be included if there are less regular members that are present.
The Organisations MUST have their OWN BLUE (TZ) or Red (KITFO) Kit. They must also bring their Bibs and other R and R as normal.
Mr Khare will announce the squads on the GES by 4 pm.
Finally, Mr Khare hopes that he has made a lot of players Super Happy with this announcement!!!

28th Friday July 2017 3.25 pm
Much beleaguered as per his own doing, new signee Goalkeeper/Striker Akash 'Kaash' Roy has added a few more Millions to his transfer Value. 
"He must've done something sensationally good," stated his Managers Siddharth 'Sidwho?' Chiplunkar and Sagar 'Jack' Kanekar at BT.
Apart from nearly decapitating returning member of KITFO, Manoj 'Jon' Uniyal and KITFO member Robbinder in this mornings session, he proceeded to do the unthinkable. Soon after Mihir 'Meer' Naik had distributed chokkies to everyone as it was his Birthday, Kaash sauntered over to where a KFANDRAAI Member was seated. He looked hither and thither, and surreptitously THREW the Chokkie wrapper into the bushes!!! It is fairly obvious that littering is one of the deeds one must not do, in real life or the TZLC, but to show such POOR levels of AWARENESS when he failed to notice the KFANDRAAI member shows Mr. Khare's coaching skills to be of a very poor quality. If a GK/ST can't see someone standing 3 feet from him in broad daylight, woe be upon Jack and Sidwho? and BT...and Mr. Khare!!

24th Monday July 2017 7.15 am
A new form has been uploaded on the Forms page and each member is requested to submit it quickly as this form will be removed by 4 pm TODAY!!
The TZLC9 Function is to be held on Saturday the 19th of August. Venue and Official start time of the Function will be updated soon. (The main event is the Prize Distribution)
The Awards for the Prize Distribution are 'slick and attractive' said a source close to the designer.
Heribert 'Herb' Thomas was picked up by BE Jt Manager Rakesh 'Rake' Raghunathaman at cost price in a jiffy!
Mr Khare may plan a JOINT TRAINING CIRCUIT session for TZ and KITFO on a day over the next two weeks at the TZ Home Ground on a Tuesday or Thursday followed by a Friendly on a Wednesday or Friday at the KITFO Home Ground which will include ONLY those members that have attended the Circuit session and who have been regular attendee's since the Off Season training began.

20th Thursday July 2017 3.30 pm
Jaydeep 'Deep' Wagh has been Purchased by BT for 4M TZR! We were unable to contact Deep for a comment but an individual professing to be near and dear to Deep said 'Deep wanted this transfer for ages! He is actually very afraid of sharks and swimming. So when Black Thunder finally contacted him he jumped at the chance to play as far away from the ocean as possible...' Just after that conversation we got a call from the KFANDRAAI Police Force. They said - 'Arrre, Woh paagal, kya boltein hai? Jaydeep? Han ji wohich. We getting call from peoples Jack and Sidhwo? saying that they is seeing some dodgy fellow, kya bolte usko? Loute...light..han ji, loitering and much suspicious looking outside Club Office of theirs at 1 am. Toh hum gaye udhar, aur dekha ki person is this Deep guy! Rest aap dekho, sach kya hain aur jhoot kya!"
From the above tidbits we can surmise that it was Deep that prompted the move. But what actually worries us is what Jack and Sidwho? were doing at their Office at 1 am.....

18th Tuesday July 2017 12.50 pm
The Quota System that KFANDRAAI had created for the benefit of the Organisations has been abolshed as the Organisational Heads declared that extra fees generated from players in the 20% quota would be negligible.
The 2 day window for the re-signing of players will be over at 12 midnight tonight. Just by sending the contracts does not mean that you have committed to signing the players. Managers MUST send an email stating that they would wish to re-sign the players at cost. Those Managers that have already done so should await their Chairmans call.
See the latest Image on the Images page!
Akash 'Kaash' Roy was the individual that incurred the first player fine of the TZLC10!!
TZ and KITFO Organisational Heads have been asked to set a date for the TZLC9 function in August. As per the votes, most of the members voted for a Saturday night as being the most ideal time. Therefore there are 4 dates that fall in this bracket, the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. Please decide on the date before the 29th July.
The Function is open to Family and Friends at whatever price the Organisational Heads decide.
Due to many players missing yesterday's session at KFANDRA because of the rain, it has been decided that if the rain (heavy) starts by 4 pm and continues till after 4.45 pm then the session will stand CANCELLED.

17th Monday July 2017 4.30 pm
KFANDRAAI released a Video of the Top 23 goals of the TZLC9. The list was chosen after the members were asked to choose the goals they thought were of a super high quality. Please watch this video on a big screen with adequate volume. The KFANDRAAI Media stated that this Video is a sample of the Highlights Shows to be released during the TZLC10!!
As the Organisation Heads have not responded to KFANDRAAI, it is most likely that the QUOTA system will be abolished!

15th Saturday July 2017 11 am
KFANDRAAI has fined clubs that have not completed the NEW contract validations as per the news released many days ago. All clubs apart from SS and AP have been put on notice. Players currently registered at those clubs have been set as AVA for transfers FREE OF COST. Their contracts have  been declared NULL AND VOID. Clubs will have a 2 day window to re-sign their players at Value price and set up new contracts within 7 days or the players will go on the transfer list and the SALE VALUE will be set at a MUCH HIGHER PRICE.
If the Organisational heads do not respond within 3 days re the QUOTA system then the QUOTA system will be declared NULL and VOID.
Due to the awards being paid for through the contributions of the players at the start of the season, the TZLC9 Awards will differ from the ones awarded in the TZLC8. The exclusive designer for KFANDRAAI, Miss Anjana 'Jane' Narayan has stated that "I had the freedom to design the awards without looking at costs as Mr Khare was sponsoring them. This time with Mr Khare out of the picture re financials, I have decided to provide my input free of cost and will look to cutting costs re the Awards but will ensure that the quality will not drop."
Mr Khare thanks Jane for her continued support.

14th Friday July 2017 2.30 pm
The Organisational heads have as yet not responded to yesterdays news...
The friendly that was to be held tomorrow at TZ's Home Ground has been called off as the rains have made the ground soggy. 
Playing on such a surface would only worsen the ground condition for the match itself and for the sessions to be held on it in the coming weeks.
Date for the TZLC9 Function to be announced SOON!!!

13th Thursday July 2017 1 pm
Out of 18 players present for the TZ session this morning an astounding number of players were from AP and BT, 6 each to be precise.
2 were from BI, 1 from BE, 1 from RW, 1 from ZM and 1 Vagabond (Player without a club). 1 PACU player turned up but he resembled a tourister out sampling the early morning Pune air, gripping a cuppa coffee in one hand and Jam Butter Toast in the other.
Out of over 20 players coming for the KITFO sessions at least a million are from BE and another million from SS. Even here though, AP and BT have left their mark.
KFANDRAII has requested the Organisational Heads to get back to KFANDRAAI regarding the QUOTA SYSTEM Rule. The rule states that at least 20% of the players at a club must be practice players and if they are not attending sessions but paying the Organisation fees, then they will still be eligible for the 20% quota. KFANDRAAI wants to know if the fee's generated by these non-playing fee paying practice players is too small to notice. (NPFPPP) If it is, the QUOTA SYSTEM will either be increased to 50% or aboloished altogether.
Regarding the proposed Friendly Tourney between KITFO and TZ at the TZ Home Ground, KFANDRAAI is unhappy with the lack of responses to it's head office. KFANDRAAII does not consider statements like "Saaaar, whatsapped each other us doing many many many lots peepulls sayings, very much funs we havings on coming Saturday! KFANDRAAI cool dude is!!" (Translation - We messaged each other on Whatsapp saying it will be a lot of fun and that KFANDRAAI is awesome!!)
KFANDRAAI has requested the TZ players to contact Sparky with their AVA for Sat by 12 Noon Friday. While the KITFO players should contact Sherry with their AVA by 12 Noon Friday. The two players will contact KFANDRAAI by 1 pm and then a decision will be taken by 1.15 pm and an announcement will be made to the TZ and KITFO members re the decision to play or not.

10th Monday July 2017 9 am
KFANDRA has published some images from their Over 8's intra Tourney Rugby and Football held last Friday! Click below or go to the Images Page and click on the link there!!
Go to See Images!!
Another new entry into the TZLC, Savya 'Savvy' Sachi goes up for bidding today!!
ZM Media released the following Press Statement - (There was no editing by KFANDRAAI Media)
It's an exiting time at Zona Mista with new arrivals making it a busy week at the club. 
Fans were present in large number to welcome Mr. Khilari, Mr. Pai and Mr. Iyer.  
Due to excessive tanning over the summer break and other personal issues, Mr. Khilari would not make himself available for the signing photo session, hence delaying the photo session to later this month. Hopefully the manager will be able to get him in line as the season approaches. 
Mr. Pai and Mr. Satire were happy to meet the new teammates. Apparently their only concern when they met Mr. Kapster was, "will you pass the ball to me?" 
Everyone laughed at the light moment but Mr. Kapster knows that the constant nagging to make him pass the ball will force him to do so in the coming season. 
That's all from the ZM media centre today. 

In some sad news received a few moments ago, KFANDRAAI will be cancelling it's plans to create a TZCL Magazine to commemorate 10 years since inception as it received only 2 articles from over a 100 members that were to be printed in the Magazine. The articles were supposed to cover humorous and not so humorous moments involving TZLC members during their time at the TZLC, TZ and KITFO. The articles were also supposed to highlight some things about the members that were not known to all. Unfortunately, the members seemed to be reluctant to get involved and are solely responsibe for not being a part of another historic step.
Meanwhile, over 70 members have submitted the form and clubs whose members have NOT submitted the form will be PENALISED.
KFANDRAAI may hold an impromptu 3 match Football Friendly on this Saturday at TZ's Home ground. TZ, and 2 teams from KITFO will be formed to play in this League Friendly. KFANDRAAI have decided that only 1 TZ team will be formed as there are less than 15 members attending the sessions while KITFO will have 2 teams as there are 20 + players attending the sessions. The match will go ahead ONLY if the RAINS stay away from Thursday. If there is a sudden downpour on Thursday and Friday and if the ground is soggy then the matches will be CANCELLED. If the ground is too soggy for football but just right for a bit of touch rugby where only takkies will be allowed (no studs) then the matches will go ahead. The decision will be taken by Mr. Khare over the week.

7th Friday July 2017 3 pm
KITFO have their own grassy haven to be proud off!!! See Images and Home Page!!
Quick intra tournament for the above 8 age group planned for this evening!!

6th Thursday July 2017 12.30 pm
TZ experienced what it is like to play on a lush green surface as the NCL ground looked delectable!! See Images page and Home Page!!!

4th Tuesday July 2017 12.30 pm
Mr. Khare expects TZ and KITFO to ensure that a 1st Aid box is ALWAYS ready on the ground. Apart from that the players should be changed and ready on the ground at 6.50 am for the session or earlier to help Mr Khare with the setting up of the session. This means that the Football each player brings to the ground individually MUST be pumped up. Any player that is LATE henceforth WILL be punished or sent home. No confirmations for the session after 4 pm the day before the session will be entertained.
Mr Khare thanks Mr Sanghvi re the agility ladder repair!!
The form that the members were supposed to submit will be removed in 4 days.

3rd Monday July 2017 1 pm
KFANDRAAI made an announcement late last night that the Stadiums that were handed over to the clubs have developed structural issues. KFANDRAAI are looking into the matter and will provide an update soon. The stadiums on show on the website have been declared null and void. BUT those clubs that have made additions to the stadiums will be taken into consideration when KFANDRAAI comes up with a solution.
KFANDRA played a quick 2 match festival on Saturday where the more accomplished players had a go at each other! The KFANDRA U17's, Neel 'Patty' Patwardhan, Antara 'AAA' Shah and Arth 'Arthur' Bodas were the U17's that were allowed to participate, Anjana 'Jane' Narayan was the Coach that was given a chance to relive her days of yore while Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar (Coach at KFANDRA and AP player) along with Yogesh 'Yogimogi' Ketkar (Lifelong KFANDRA member and PACU player) were also given a chance to show their stuff to the young lot and finally Aditya 'Adu'Gadkari, Saumin 'CM' Athalye, Tanmay 'Tan the Man' Pardeshi, Aayush 'Bif' Kolhe, Adit 'Mop' Borde and Zakir 'Zak' Tikekar joined in the get together!!!
The Reds beat up the Greens in a thrilling Game of Momentum Contact and the Greens ended up defeating the Reds in the Football match.
See Images on the Images page!!!

1st Saturday June 2017 4.10 pm
A cart load of cash is spent for the services of GK/ST Akash 'Kaash' Roy by BT!!! What new Managers with itchy fingers in the cash box will do!!!
ZM snaps up two players for Face Value as fans question move.
Santosh 'Marcelo' Pai currently in some faraway land seems to have pulled the wool over everyone's eyes (Read BI)  
After he was picked up by Zona Mista, Satish 'Satire' Iyer was last seen visiting all the holy sites because he threw his beliefs to the wind when he was treated shoddily by Ex- Managers M Joshi (Mantan) and Amonk (A Monga). One wonders what these two men, Satire and Marcelo, will be doing amongst the Misty boys!!
The man in the news ALL the time is Mkul (M Inamdar). This time it seems he is rumoured to be sending feelers out to new Managers Sidwho? (S Chiplunkar) and Jack (S Kanekar) of his old club. His current manager of AP, Audi (A Kotbagi) had offered Mkul his favoured position in CM (with Jt Manager Sparky (S Mathew) who is currently recovering from an operation to give him X-Ray vision, supposedly seconding the CM decision) and barely 5 mins later had bought high profile star Ashubh (S Inamdar) who funnily is Mkul's brother and whose also been promised a CM spot. Once Mkul realised the gravity of the situation with there being at least 10 CM's at AP, he has been showing nervous ticks and randomly checking his mobile for ghost calls and texts.
We all wish him unwell for a happy Mkul is a boring Latest News section!!!

28th Wednesday June 2017 4.10 pm
Akshay 'Nickname TBD' Deshpande has been purchased by BLue Ice for a WHOPPING 8M TZR!!!! After a SENSATIONAL turn of events when both Managers sent in a like for like 7.5 M TZR Final Secret Bid as the 4 pm deadline had been crossed!! The Managers were then allowed ONE more bid to end the deadlock!!! This was after KFANDRAAI put Mr Deshpande in the soup after stating that the Managers could woo him face to face for his signature!!
ZM officially sign on Yash 'Shay' Shah and Amit 'Godsa' Godse! See images sent in by the ZM Media (In actual fact a sad and lonely chap who reluctantly agreed to do the job only because his Manager promised him that he would NOT play him in goals in the TZLC10) in the TZLC Club Info page. 
The other signee Kapil 'Kapster' Patwardhan was none too thrilled. He was overheard complaining willy nilly to all and sundry and whoever would lend an ear. He -
"See you people Images of Shays und Godsa? Rubbishings man!!! Photoshopped man!! Sad man! What Manager of mine says? Discipline schmicipline!! Why not he mine Photo putting? Why not he mine Photoshopped? Why? Why? Me thoughts ZM meanings friendships and Yaari and Dosti but nows thinking I is all nonsense!!! Least at RWings me star like treating, here in Misty Boy's only nothings!!"
Babbut the ZM Manager could not be found to explain his unhappy and disgruntled 'not a star' player's comments...

28th Wednesday June 2017 11.20 am

Akshay Deshpande, whose bid has been in progress for more than a week finally ends today!!
Suspended player Rishikesh 'Rishi' Khilare of BI has been picked up by 'Art of Discipline' Master A Bapat, Manager of ZM for 4.5 M TZR and extra's.
In a funny incident the other day, Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar of AP, was hard at work assisting Mr. Surhud 'Rude'. Khare at KFANDRA. Mkul of 'Coach I am of KFANDRA, me not Striker, me am Mcool' fame as usual was eagerly eager to impress Rude. The 8 to 12 bracket was under their care on that fateful day. So Surhud Sir set up a drill wherein he placed random cones about the area and gave them a letter, such as a, b, c and d. When Surhud called out a the name of a country, such as Botswana, the lads had to dribble round the 'b' cone and come back to the starting spot. A drill focused on awareness etc. Who knew that it was to be a drill set up to judge Mkul's 'awareness'? So after some time, noting that the young lads (Not Mkul and Surhud) were enjoying the drill, Surhud told Mkul to take over.
'Right-ho Mkul my man, you take over, let's make it easy for you, let's change the letters to w, e, y and z!"
The super enthused Mkul, with a deftly placed
"Yes Sir Sir", called the lads to him and told them to pay attention.
"Show's us to Surhud Sir, how good we are is! How goods I am is and youse little peoples also! Remember now is that being cones letters are w, e, y and z. Ok?"
The sprightly young 6 + year olds sang out a jolly YESSIR!!
'Wokay then, heroically shouted Mkul. begin us lets!! Ready??
"Yessir" screamed the excited kids.
"UGANDA!!", yelled out Mkul. The lads sprinted hither and thither and then paused, totally befuddled.
"Um Sir', spoke up one tot bravely, Uganda begins with a U!!"
Let me finish by saying that KFANDRAAI will be thinking twice about Mkul fighting in a court of Law on it's behalf!!
(Please note that the KFANDRAAI Media saw it fit to alter a few parts of the TRUE story above for reasons as yet undisclosed) One may surmise that it's only to elicit a few giggles....
In other news, The very same Mkul mentioned above has been appointed by ZM Manager Mr Bapat to fight their case Rishi Vs Suspension Order against KFANDRAAI. Mkul was spotted in an unfashionable part of town later that day screaming
'I can speak proper english, I am also fluent in French, I am a Human Rights lawyer and all what is true in the article is that I am COOL!!" 

26th Monday June 2017 2.30 pm
Ambuj 'Jumbo' Agnihotri has been signed up by SS for a measly 6 M TZR and yet to his his form Aditya 'Lo' Lodha has left BE to join BT. The Lo transfer though has hit a speed bump.....
The ZM Manager Ashwin 'Babbut' Bapat released the following statement to the KFANDRAAI Media -
Kapster entered the training ground today expecting to be treated like a star. 
What he was met with was a strict training regime in defensive duties.  
Kapster was given the option to do a tracking back drill. He said he'll pass. 
But since that rarely happens, the manager forced him to complete the tracking back drill. 
Kapster was quick to learn that his starry tantrums won't be tolerated at his new club.

One wonders if Babbut's Press Release was a hint at RW's poor handling of players or that ZM will only allow starry tantrums from their Manager. We'll all have to wait and watch....

 8 am
Kapil 'Kapster' Patwardhan and Manan 'Manic Mantan' Joshi are transferred for paltry amounts as per the current transfer happenings in the TZLC. RW fail to loot PACU of their obviously wealthy status, rumoured to be the RICHEST club in the TZLC, while the Kapster seems very influential when he starts persuading Managers not to bid for him as his heart is set on ZM. This tactic worked for Patwardhan as he was sent to the KFANDRAAI List for not possessing a contract with RW. Obviously, RW may be deemed the club that has LOST more in the transfer market than any other club.
A REMINDER to all Members to submit the FORM and for the Managers to submit the Club Kit in the required format.

23rd Friday June 2017 4 pm
In the HIGHEST EVER FEE being paid for a player since the new valuation system was brought in, Aundh Panthers spend a WHOPPING 12.5 M TZR on a Super Star of the TZLC!!
KFANDRAAI Media was on hand to get some juicy tidbits!!
A sobbing Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar after blowing into his already dripping hanky said 'Jab maine BT ko chod diya toh mera dil ka ek tukda BT mein hi rakh diya. Aur bye bye bol ke AP ke aangan mein gaya. Lekin..."
At this very pensive moment, another voice chimed in...."Mera Dil pigal gaya tha, accha nahi lag raha tha, aisa laga ki maine Maa or Babuji ko nainsafi kiya..." Mkul then sobbed "Ro mat mera jigar ka tukda, tumne dekha hai na woh picture, Yaadon ki Baraat? Jaisa oos picture mein poora family the end mein ek saath ho jaata hai, toh hamare liye bhi waisa hi hoga..." he paused to wipe his tears once more and the other voice piped in again..."Lekin maine tumhara jigar ka tukda uthake tere peeche peeche ah gaya...BHAIYA!!" Screamed  the as yet anonymous person that all of you are wondering who it can be....Mkul squealed in a voice heard only in the depths of a courtroom in the middle of nowhere "BHAIYA!!!"
Shubhankar 'Ashubh' Inamdar" has been transferred to Aundh Panthers!!!
Direct to English Translation of the above below -
When me BT left then my one heart piece I left in BT and saying Bye Bye AP's garden I went to play in - Mkul 
My heart is melting not feeling good I is,  felt I is that my mother and father doing I is bad justice - Ashubh
Cry not my piece of soul, seen you have not that movie, rain of memories? Like just in that movie whole family the end in everyone together come, like that just for us together will we come!!! - Mkul
But me pickings up piece of soul yours and behind behind I come yours...BROTHER!!! - Ashubh
BROTHER!!! - Mkul

AP Managers Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi and Sean 'Sparky' Mathew had nothing to say except for Audi who said 'Sparky had nothing to do with this transfer, it was me and only me, because I am me and none of you aren't!'
Managers of BT Sagar 'Jack' Kanekar and Sidharth 'Sidwho?' Chiplunkar said that 'we needed to bring some fire into the squad and thought that kicking out too much brotherly love was the right thing to do!!'
In other News KFANDRAAI increased the value of Ambuj 'Jumbo' Agnihotri! The 22 year old is set to show the youngsters of TZLC9 a thing or too!!
All Managers who leak transfer info, Balance Sheet details or who send their players out to poach players WITHOUT official notice will be SACKED and the club fined!!!

22nd Thursday June 2017 12 Noon
Rumour Mill
The KFANDRAAI Media is unsure and can't quite guarantee if it's sources are correct but they have received info that a Hot Shot player with silken skills and with talent that runs in the family is preparing to leave the club that is currently in the process of undergoing a revamp!!
Managers it seems are approaching players willy nilly regardless of etiquette or decency!!
Managers have been asked to RESEND their final KIT designs. Their earlier submissions have been approved and therefore KFANDRAAI requests the Managers to send in their Kit images in the following manner to
Enclosed in a ZIP FOLDER, 1 Image of the Shirt, 1 Image of the Shorts, 1 image of the Socks (IF the socks can be stitched to the Clubs requirement then the Socks will be arranged otherwise something else will be set up), A Goalkeeper shirt design (See Socks info). ALL IMAGES should be in HIGH RESOLUTION. If UNABLE to send in HIGH RESOLUTION then send it as is.
The shirts should be WITHOUT LOGO's as the  LOGO's will be added later.
Fill the form!
Clubs MUST HAVE 20% playing staff from an OFFICIAL COACHING CENTRE approved by KFANDRAAI. (TZ and KITFO)
Players must understand that from THIS SEASON, the MANAGERS will NOT be FORCED to PLAY the ENTIRE SQUAD AVAILABLE to them. They are allowed to LOAN players at their discretion. This means that KFANDRAAI will NOT interfere in a clubs Squad selection for a match. Or whether they PLAY all the players sitting on the bench or not. Or whether they play LOANED players AHEAD of registered club members in a match. EVERY player on the FRINGES of a club had been given the opportunity 2 months before the end of Season TZLC9 to create a NEW CLUB so that they could get a 1st 11 place. 
As before the fringe players will get an opportunity to play for TZ or KITFO in the 1st 11.
MEMBERSHIP FEE's to the TZLC10 will be the SAME for EVERY PLAYER.
For the TZ and KITFO LEAGUE FIXTURES, a TZ player and KITFO player will be given the opportunity to PLAY AND COACH the Organisation. KFANDRAAI will be appointing a Ref for the match. In the KNOCK OUT TOURNEYS (CUP), KFANDRAAI will be appointing PLAYER REF's. For the TZ Vs KITFO and KITFO Vs TZ matches, Mr Khare will be reffing the matches.

21st Wednesday June 2017 4 pm
Amol 'Tiger' Atigre has decided to walk into a TZLC10 Eagle Convocation after he quietly slipped out of his Panther enclosure....His Get Out of Aundh card was not Free, it cost a cool 3 M TZR!!
Anand 'Brandy' Ranade seen smiling from ear to ear at the commotion caused by his entry into the TZLC. He was heard asking a friend,
"What if I was nicknamed Champagne???"

20th Tuesday June 2017 3 pm
Watch Goals of the Season TZLC9!! Go to the Home Page!!!
Anand 'Brandy' Ranade lights the Transfer list on FIRE!! Raging bid in progress!!
Anish 'Calendar' Date has been picked up by BT for around 4M TZR!!!
Fill in the form for the TZLC9 Awards Ceremony and more information that KFANDRAAI requires. The Form can be accessed in the menu above next to the R and R link.

19th Monday June 2017 11.30 am
The BIGGEST possible Value transfer for many seasons to come was completed by KFANDRAAI this morning. Mr Y Shah (Shay) and Mr A Godse (Godsa) have been purchased by ZM for a whopping huge amount never before experienced in the TZLC post the Value change! This deal also included a condition based on future outcomes and club shares. 
Rumours have it that ZM are in a very hot soury (is that a word??) soup as this being only their 2nd and 3rd purchase, they have more than half a dozen to go and their funds must SURELY be drying up.
In another Player swap + Cash deal, the new BT Jt Manager duo of Mr S Chiplunkar and Mr S Kanekar came to terms with a much frazzled AP Jt Manager Mr A Kotbagi. Mr M Inamdar of BT and Mr P Ghadge of AP will be playing for new clubs next season!!!
Finally, the BE and SS Management came to a deal of around 4M TZR regarding GK and Snazzy Left Winger Mr M Uniyal (Jon)!!

19th Monday June 2017 9 am
KFANDRAAI have come to a final decision re the transfer of Mr Y Shah and Mr A Godse from PACU to ZM as the clubs could not finalise a deal themselves.
Many players have popped up on the KFANDRAAI list and are AVA for bids!!!
A COMPULSORY INFORMATION Form for ALL members to be released TODAY!!!

17th Saturday June 2017 1 pm
ZM have decided to approach KFANDRAAI to resolve the transfer deadlock as talks between PACU and ZM have failed over the transfer of 2 PACU stars. KFANDRAAI will try and set a final transfer amount asap.
KFANDRA have decided to call OFF this evenings session due to incessant rains over the past few days. Yeterday, LIGHTNING struck a steel pole and mentally scarred quite a few of the U17's when they were packing the ball box!!! Since KFANDRA's inception, the rains have never played spoilsport and KFANDRA have always enjoyed playing in the rain. But lately, over the past few years, the frequency of LIGHTNING strikes have increased and therefore the chances of being struck by lightning are high. Especially so as the only players playing on the field are KFANDRA players!! Although the chances of being struck by lightning are low and are equal to being struck if you were out jogging or in a car, we have decided to be cautious. This will not stop KFANDRA from playing in the rain but if ever the coaches feel that there is a lot of lightning wandering and sneaking about ready to electrify the innocent and not so innocent, animate and inanimate, then we will ensure the safety of all the players first by running away screaming and squealing towards the nearest safe shelter....
In conjunction with the incessant rain, a religious procession is also snaking it's way through Pune over the weekend and this may cause traffic jams...AND many of the players in all age groups will be absent because of other unrelated activities.
A reminder to some of the parents to pay the fee's before the 5th of every month....

14th Wednesday June 2017 4 pm
In a statement released by KFANDRAAI to the Media few moments ago, the future of BT was made abundantly clear. See below for official release -
KFANDRAAI have decided to allow BT to appoint Mr. Sidharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) and Mr Sager Kanekar (Jack) as Jt. Managers of BT. Although their interviews were fraught with errors, it was found that the two players were genuine at heart and would be working towards BT's success in a more expansive way that included the emphasis on playing better football and enjoying the game. The two players also promised to participate in the practice sessions held at the TZ ground to give them a better understanding of the game and to experience life as a practice player. 
BT Fans heaved a sigh of relief as did Mkul (M Inamdar) and Audi (A Kotbagi) when KFANDRAAI released the statement. But with the new management, all the deals that the previous occupants participated in have become null and void!! 
Sidwho? and Jack will receive BT's New BS shortly. The outgoing Managers are  requested to send Sidwho? and Jack the TZLC9 BS so that they can review the previous seasons happenings and gain some experience.
KFANDRAAI wishes them both well and warns them about EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILERS that reside in the TZLC!!!

13th Tuesday June 2017 12 Noon
S. Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) and S Kanekar (Jack) are the players that are set to take over BT. The final go ahead has not been approved by KFANDRAAI as yet as the outgoing Manager S Patil (Pam) has requested that he be allowed time to mentor the two and hold their hands in case of emergencies.
KFANDRAAI will be INTERVIEWING the two prospective Managers to ascertain whether they would be the right candidates. If the interview does NOT go well, then BT will be automatically dissolved and most of the players including Sidwho? and Jack will NOT be allowed to play for a season.
When the Media approached KFANDRAAI, a PRO stated that 'it's unhealthy to think that you have players that are unwilling to participate in the big picture and feel satisfied at hanging about doing nothing important. The TZLC is for those that need to play an active role in the club they play for. Be it helping out in MO duties or the Match Programme or in Management roles. After KFANDRAAI had given a deadline to BT, NOT a single person from BT, including the outgoing Manager Pam, contacted KFANDRAAI or their Chairman regarding the situation over the final 3 days of BT's possible existence. We are all EXTREMELY disappointed and urge all members of the TZLC to pay attention to what is happening here so that they won't make the same mistake. The interviews will be held over the next couple of days and we will FINALLY come to a decision after that. All Mr. Patil's (Pam) powers as Manager have been revoked. He is NO LONGER the Manager of BT. All deals that clubs have entered in with Pam have been declared NULL and VOID. Pam will continue playing for BT and is allowed to ASSIST any member of BT at his discretion. KFANDRAAI apologises to those Managers that have been affected by the goings on at BT and the players that have been embroiled in this mess.'
Managers are requested to send an email to KFANDRAAI in respect to the players that they will NOT be offering a contract to for the TZLC10.  (The players you will be releasing on a free) LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION Fri 16/06/17.
Managers are reminded that 20% of the players in your squad MUST BE PRACTICE PLAYERS at either KITFO or TZ. They can have members that are PAYING fee's at the Organisations. If any club is unable to fulfil the stipulation then the club will NOT be able to play matches up until the time they reach a Min 20%. For eg if you have 10 players in your squad, at least 2 players MUST BE PRACTICE PLAYING PLAYERS. 
More News Later.......

12th Monday June 2017 4.30 pm
The link to the Season Ending Highlights Show will be seen on the OLD HOME Page!!! Go to the All Archives Page and click on TZLC Archives!! Depending on Upload speeds, the show may be published by 6 pm or 7 pm!
KFANDRAAI has received no info from BT and in all likelihood at least half a dozen BT players may be SUSPENDED for a SEASON!!! Not to mention the DISSOLUTION of BT!!

10th Saturday June 2017 7.45 am
Vishal 'Poison' Jobanputra was PURCHASED for 3 M TZR after SS pulled out of the Bid for reasons that they
have not disclosed!!! Rumours have it that Poison had withdrawn his stipulation of Ground Preference after being approached by a Manager from the TZ/NCL side of town. Surprisingly no other club jumped in once the ground preference was removed...Poison stated that he was 'happy at being picked up for a big amount and will do his best for BE but the Manager from the TZ based club has indeed left him wondering why he was emotionally blackmailed..'
KFANDRAAI 360!!! Watch and play!!!
KFANDRAAI sends email to organisation heads!!!
KFANDRAAI wishes to thank those that informed it about the website being off air for nearly the whole day yesterday, the error was rectified at the source in the evening.
TZLC9 Final weeks SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS SHOW will be released this week!!!
Clubs have been warned that the club kit designs must be send to KFANDRAAI by Thursday the 15th June 2017. 
Black Thunder have been given 3 days to VERIFY it's status. If NOTHING is resolved by 12 Noon Tuesday 13th June then ALL MEMBERS OF BT will be SUSPENDED for 1 season. Only Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar will be given the option of FORMING a NEW club with OUTSIDE help if needed. (This would mean that his transfer to AP that was on hold will be CANCELLED)  Only 2 or 3 members of BT may be given the go ahead for particpating in a NEW CLUB due to their efforts in looking for a solution to BT's issues.

8th Thursday June 2017 1.30 pm
Check the Latest Video Published by KFANDRAAI!!!
Mkul (M Inamdar) spotted ouside local lunatic asylum spouting gibberish!!!
Audi A Kotbagi (AP Manager) blames S Patil (Pam) BT Manager for entire problem while Pam blames Audi for creating mountains instead of molehills and Fans of both clubs are getting frustrated at the childish behaviour of Sagar Kanekar (Jack)!!!!
V Jobanputra is open to play on both Grounds states his Agent!!
Bidding set to reach new frenzy as KFANDRAAI ups bid price!! More clubs set to join race for Poison's signature!!!

7th Wednesday June 2017 12 Noon
Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar, Specialist in Cm, Spontaneously Combusting and Motor Mouth'ing, has decided to take up residence at his close friend and Jt Manager of AP's!!! We caught Mkul moments after the signing was declared at a local ground where he was having a kickabout with his new team mates. In an exclusive interview to the KFANDRAAI Media in which we edited all the nonsensical ramblings and wiped away the spittle before it landed on our writing pad, the sometimes bearded and sometimes not play maker said -
"Lately I was ostracised from BT, (I wrote an email to two persons who I presumed to be Managers but even KFANDRAAI were unsure so I am wondering how this deal has taken place as they haven't bothered to respond to me) BUT I was heartbroken as it has been a lot of fun at BT.." At this point Mkul suddenly turned around and we heard the distinctive sound of muffled giggling. Wiping his tears and removing his hanky from his mouth he continued, "I hope to cut down on this rumour that I lose my temper and talk incessantly. I will show everyone tha......", Mkul quite unexpectedly.... started 'at' someone behind us. "Oi Audia doin wat you is? Knowing you not wat? You like this do, like dat do, what is this Ya??" The Audia was none other than Mkul's new Manager Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi who stood there STUNNED and no doubt was in two minds about the task he has taken on!!
Oh yes, the transfer came about after Prashant 'Paul' Ghadge expressed his reluctance at playing in CM at AP. It was too much for him after his Managers expected him to run around chasing younger and fitter players. He was very impressed by BT's tactical strategy re defenders. In short which is 'Defend, no need to run, defend, you can stay in one place, Defend, let's have fun...'
Sensational News just in, KFANDRAAI have PUT A HOLD on this transfer as they have learnt from the BT BOD that Sameer 'Pam' Patil has not as yet been given authority to conduct transfers!!!
It is learnt that Sagar 'Red' Pise, who was sold to BE yesterday has already begun tapping into his new clubs funds. Red came to the early morning practice session without SOCKS and borrowed a pair from SS's Aviank 'Avink' Ghanaria. According to Mr. Khare the socks were girly socks so a fine was about to be levied when Mihir 'Meer' Naik, arrived on the scene to lend ex-teammate Red a pair of finely washed socks. Later, Meer quietly filed an application with KFANDRAAI re the cost of renting the socks..1M per sock!!!
(Note by Mr. khare - Girly socks are meant for females and can still look good in them even if participating in a tough sport....Blokes can't...)
After innumerable calls to KFANDRAAI asking about the FINAL Highlights Show, KFANDRAAI have decided to release them in a weeks time. (Word just in that there was only ONE person who called up KFANDRAAI and that was Jatin 'Big Daddy' Bhana who wanted to see how he performed before he got into surgery!!!)

5th Monday June 2017 11 am
AP and BE have come to an agreement regarding a PLAYER exchange and cash!
Sagar Pise and Amit Bhable are the players involved in the transfer. There was also an undisclosed amount in cash that was negotiated to be transferred by one of the clubs to the other.
This transfer highlights the rate at which the TZLC has grown over the years as the amount negotiated has increased the average selling point. 
Neither of the Managers or players were AVA for a comment. But it is rumoured that Bhable had always desired to play for one of the TZ based clubs for a long time. Especially when he declared in his speech at the TZLC Awards function some season ago regarding his willingness to leave BE.
Pise on the other hand was clearly frustrated at not having a regular place nor a fixed position in the AP side. We can only wait and watch to see what happens in the TZLC10. We at the KFANDRAAI Media wish them well!!
S Patil (Pam of the Swami fame) of BT suddenly appeared at the KFANDRAAI Media House stating that he was alive and well excepting a few scratches and wounds. It seems he had run of with a couple of colleagues to visit a Tiger sanctuary somewhere. (It is not known how the Tigers are faring....)
ZM have been offered a one time fee for K Patwardhan by KFANDRAAI!!!
From June 15th - All Managers MUST include the SIGNED CONTRACT COPY of the player involved while sending proof of the Agreement re the transfer of the player. (Contract used during the transfer and not the proposed new one)
On a more sombre note -
We wish S Gangadharan (Summit) of SS all the strength to be strong during the tough period of his Fathers ill health.
Himanil (Hima) Bose of PACU will be going under the knife tomorrow and we hope his doctor knows that Hima gets very excited sometimes and we advise the anaesthesiologist to be careful with the dosage.
It would be good if their friends could give them a call to show them that they are not alone.

4th Sunday June 2017 11.30 am
KFANDRAAI have initiated a Clause in the R and R regarding Clubs that have failed to prepare a contract for their player. Ex-Managers of RW (M Joshi and A Monga) have left the New Manager in trouble as they failed to get the signatures of Mr A Bapat and Mr K Patwardhan on an OFFICIAL CONTRACT. KFANDRAAI have been FORCED to send Mr K Patwardhan to the KFANDRAAI list but have allowed the immediate transfer of A Bapat to ZM from the KFANDRAAI list to speed things up. A certain amount will be subtracted from the ZM BS for the transfer.
KFANDRAAI will soon be preparing an UPDATED R and R Sheet with the LINK to a NEW CONTRACT FORMAT.
All Managers are expected to get their players contracts up to date. All OLD CONTRACTS will be declared NULL and VOID on June 30 2017.
Rumours -
S Patil (Pam/Swami Pam) is AWOL!! His phone is dead and KFANDRAAI have issued an all points bulletin re his whereabouts!
AP Managers Audi (A Kotbagi) and Sparky (S Mathew) are set to make two or 3 sensational transfers!!
Clubs have been asked to RELEASE players that will NOT be AVA for more than 50% matches!!
Other News -
ZM are requested to send an email and Text Message to KFANDRAI regarding the players they have been allowed to sign from OUTSIDE the TZLC. The Manager can send the players for the KFANDRAAI Eligibility Test on any date from today. Sessions at TZ (NCL) or KITFO (Papal). 2 sessions have to be SUCCESSFULLY completed before the players can become OFFICIAL members of the TZLC. 

3rd Saturday June 2017 2 pm
Transfer Rumours
Ashwin 'Babbut/Batty' Bapat starts making deals WITHOUT ensuring his own transfer!! 
Unbelievable scandals as Top Quality players may be had for FREE!!!
See Images page!!!

1st Thursday June 2017 5.45 am
New player high quality player added to KFANDRAAI list!!!
Rake, (R. Kunnathully) Manager of BE was seen sobbing on Jt Manager (S Yeole) Sherry's shoulder. We came to know that a long serving and important member of BE has decided to part ways with BE.
"He could..sniff....not even...sob....say good...(Rake pasued to wipe his nose) ...bye properly. He broke up..sniffle...with BE through a text....bawl...message...", said Rake by now holding a very wet hanky. A more sober Sherry added "He could've at least called,"...
The said person, who we will not name due to KFANDRAAI regulations, stated that "If I'd have called, they'd have emotionally blackmailed me...I know that as I've done the same to very many others!!"
In other news, Big Daddy (J Bhana of RW) tore his ACL and countless other tendons snaking through his right knee. This injury came about while he is currently undergoing treatment on his left knee. The funny part for us readers is how he got injured. Big Daddy was back peddaling (no not on a Footer or Rugger pitch as would've been the macho thing to do) on a Tennis court, when he was running away from his baby kid (not a goat)!!! We wish him well...
VK (V. Kuzzhikuttil) manager of SS took time to write to us about yestrday's article. He explained that he was not hiding at home but is away on official duty. Yes, yes, say us, we understand....
More News later!!!

31st Wednesday May 2017 5.45 am
Information was leaked yesterday that a certain club was to benefit in the ongoing transfer market and reap in rewards that could cripple any club.
BT Management shocker as BT is currently rudderless!!
A few high profile BT players are being poached as this report is being written! (One wonders how this is possible as no transfer talk can be intiated if the BT Manager is AWOL!!!
Soon to be exiting the TZLC for further studies, Saumin 'CM' Athalye was seen to be gorging himself on a, as per his statement, staple of Maharasthrian cuisine, Veg Dumplings!!!
Managers of BE S Yeole (Sherry) and R Kunnathully (Rake) have been seen prowling the streets of Pune and it's outskirts for fresh talent. Word has it that missing BI player TC R Bhansode is privately investigating the matter of two dodgy looking characters wandering about with a football and boots asking random people to do step overs and take pot shots. The KFANDRAAI Media is tracking the exciting news story as it happens!!
Manager of SS VK (V Kuzhikuttil) has locked himself up in his room in a vain attempt at not getting sacked so early in the season. according to Mr Khare, he is not attending sessions regularly as well as casting furtive glances at Sherry and Rake.
BI Ex- or not Ex that is the question Manager Chinchin (S Kadam) was spotted hanging outside 'I deserve a holiday as I deserve it' A Sanghvi (Ahjoo) newly revamped home in the vain attempt at catching the New Manager before he shoots off on another trip again!
TZ is on the right track stated a TZ spokesperson who looked a lot like Mkul (M Inamdar) of BT but it's hard to say as his facial features keep changing. Hence the constant complaints by all his gf's about not recognizing the BT 'I am not a Striker so don't play me there' player who we feel changes his appearance so that he can do just that, avoid his many gf's!!!

29th May 2017 1 pm
ZM FINED as what missed the KFANDRAAI Anti Plagiarism and Copyright committee was spotted by a freelancer. As a result of the undisclosed persons submission re the ZM Logo, ZM 's Logo has been REJECTED. They have been given 2 days to resend a new logo for approval.
KFANDRAAI unveils a new look to it's website!!!
All Managers have been handed over their respective Balance Sheets!!
The TZLC10 SCHEDULE has been UPDATED!!!!
KFANDRAAI will be updating pages etc as and when possible.
If errors are noticed on any page and in the schedule, please contact KFANDRAAI through a message or email.
The Awards Voting Form will be published soon!!!