24th Sunday September 2017 1.15 pm
Watch the Latest KFANDRAAI Media Release NOW!!
Watch the Latest KFANDRAAI News Bulletin releasing NOW!!!
Go to the Home page and scroll down or go to the KFANDRA youtube links!
See the latest image of the TZ Home ground in the Images section!!
Only 3 clubs BI, BE and BT have given dates re the friendlies to be held in October. If your club hasn't provided the details of their AVA yet then once the friendly dates are announced, your club will not be allowed to participate in the October friendlies.

20th Wednesday September 2017 12.45 pm
Due to the incessant rain and flooding of the KFANDRA ground, this evenings session has been called off. Practice should resume tomorrow evening as normal.
Every participating team has submitted their request for Official friendlies in October. KFANDRAAI will set the schedule asap. 
For the friendlies, there will be no Video Coverage. Subsititutes will be appointed as LM. Any player that is AVA but NOT part of the friendly can request to be involved in match officiating by contacting KFANDRAAI on the evening pior to the match before 4 pm.
Mr Khare will be reffing all the matches.
The ground needs to be MARKED and READY prior to the friendlies. Chalk marking is NOT compulsory and that can be done a WEEK prior to the start of the season. Cones can be used for ground marking. Nets are also NOT compulsory although KFANDRAAI requests the Organisiations to create a system in which the nets can be pulled up and placed on top of the bar when not in use. This will save a lot of time and avoid the wear and tear of the nets.
For ALL the friendlies the clubs will use LAST SEASONS MATCH BALLS that were given to the Organisations. 4 at TZ and 4 at KITFO. It is the prerogative of the clubs that are playing the friendlies to hand over the footballs to the Organisational Head post the match for use in the next friendlies. There will be no Ball Boys so the rule that 'whoever kicks the ball, gets the ball' will be applied.
Clubs that have requested friendlies and do NOT have 11 playing members will be placed low on the pecking order. If clubs have 10 and need to loan a GK then the request will be marked as normal.
More News
There will now be 2 Video Camera's in use for all the TZLC10 fixtures. While one cam will be placed as normal on the halfway line, the other will be placed near the corner flag or thereabouts to catch another angle.
Some minor rule changes may be made for the TZLC to facilitate smoother and faster play.
Wiggio is shutting down it's free services so KFANDRA will be shifting allegiance soon!

16th Saturday September 2017 7.35 am
A quick Intra Tourney will be organised in a fortnight for all age groups!
The children/parents will be informed soon!!
7 out of the 10 teams in the TZLC have confirmed their AVA for friendlies and once the deadline has passed and the AVA club dates have been sent to KFANDRAAI, it will declare the Official Friendly match dates and R and R.

13th Wednesday September 2017 11.50 am
3 out of the 8 clubs and 2 Organisations have approached the KFANDRAAI to arrange friendlies.
Please note the end date for confirming AVA for friendlies is the 20th of this month. Please note that the friendlies will NOT be played if the grounds are not MATCH FIT.
Big News scheduled soon!!!
KITFO officials have confirmed that the Stand that is to be erected at TZ will not be erected at Papal a well. The plan has been pushed ahead to the TZLC11. But the KITFO officials are looking into setting up benches for the Home and Away players.

12th Tuesday September 2017 12 Noon

A PACU player may be forced out of the club if the Russian Chairman has his way. In a statement made to the Media, which we could not understand a word of as our Russian translator was UNA, had this to say "----------------", we have deduced from the tone that the said player needs to be detoxed and for the benefit of the player he needs to exit the scene to enjoy his life more and the TZLC also. The Club is accepting offers, or the player himself can approach the PACU Manager for a transfer.
KFANDRAAI Ground marking technique -
Both Organisations must procure FOUR 100 metre ropes. These ropes must have a marker at the 6 yard (5.5 metre)  mark and 12 yard and 18 yards also at the 50 metre mark.
The ropes will be placed ONE FULL FOOTBALL (8.65 inches) apart and the lines will then be marked by chalk. 
This technique will prevent the constant remarking of the the ground and will be needed to be done only at staggered intervals.
TZ may be using PAINT as the aim is to keep the grass on the ground. Regardless, the marking will have to be done the way it is mentioned above.
A date will be set up sometime in October, a week to a fortnight before the start of the season where at least 3 members of each club will be asked to help in the marking of the ground. Fines will be levied if the clubs do not comply.
As the kits are soon to be sent for manufacturing and printing, players are requested to make a decision regarding their transfers (if they are unsure) before the 20th of this month. Players that are transferred to a club after the afore mentioned date will get a shirt WITHOUT the name of the player. The said player will have to get his shirt separately printed by himself later.
Players are urged to SELL FAN SHIRTS to their Family members and friends to keep the popularity of the TZLC at a high level. KFANDRAAI will offer TZR to those clubs that sell a lot of fan shirts. 
Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar has been warned to stop dreaming about taking over KFANDRA, leaflets were spotted flying about the area declaring the birth of IFANDRA or MFANDRA. Mr Khare said "Why is it that KFANDRA attracts such people? Mkul is doing such a good job at KFANDRA as a coach that he has to go and spoil it all with his dastardly plans. If you can remember, Yogesh 'Yogimogi' Ketkar had also planned summat on these lines too."

11th Monday September 2017 7.45 am
BI and AP picked up Partho 'Arthur' Moitra and Adwait Sadwilkar respectively over the preceding week.
Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma has signed terms with PACU and just needs to undergo a medical but that we all know will be a breeze as rumours have it that the so called 'Medical' is a trip down to the nearest PACU watering hole!!!

6th Wednesday September 2017 4.40 pm
News just in that Ex-RW Manager has been appointed as Jt Manager at PACU!! Our sources mentioned that the decision was made at PACU's usual get together of lethargic and alcoholic players. It seems Mr Jehan 'VG' Kothari's promise that PACU will be teetotaling their way to glory in the TZLC10 is just wishful thinking. 

6th Wednesday September 2017 11.25 am
AP provided KFANDRAAI with a detailed explanation regarding the Copyright issues declared yesterday.
The verdict was instant and in AP's favour!!! 
A spokesman for KFANDRAAI stated - "The response from AP was very professional and could've been used as a valid doc even in a real life scenario. Their proof of concept etc was also found to be original. We hope AP the AP Management will be less stressed now and focus on whats about to start in 2 months time!"
KFANDRAAI have requested each of the Goal of the Season winners to write the following on the ball
in a distinct permanent marker colour from the signatures -
Match and Name. For eg -
League Match
Sean Mathew TZ

5th Tuesday September 2017 4.35 pm
NO Session this evening!!!
AP were taken to task by KFANDRAAI after it was found that they had infringed on Copyright issues pertaining to their kit design. AP's Jt Manager Sean 'Sparky' Mathew has asked for 24 hrs to clear AP's name and also the MASSIVE fine that has been levied.
RW's Manager Pravin 'JJ' Naik has spent big to acquire the services of  Mayuresh 'Mayur' Mandke, who rumours suggested that he was happy to play for any club after stating otherwise to a certain Manager.
A new Game will be released by the KFANDRAAI Game Dept. soon so that the clubs have another chance to make some money.
Sensational News to be revealed by KFANDRAAI in a fortnight!!!

4th Monday September 2017 3.15 pm
Shocking sudden transfer of Amol 'Hamol' Hatkar to PACU!
Sources say that Hamol locked himself up in the PACU Manager Jehan 'VG' Kothari's bathroom until VG was forced to seal the deal with BI Manager Ajay 'Ahjoo' Sanghvi who was writing a book about 'Life without the TZLC..its not possible'.
In more news that just came in an Ex-RW Manager whose name rhymes with Poopoo and Bun may be back in management soon!!

4th Monday September 2017 10 am
Tomorrow's evening session has been CANCELLED as ALL the roads will be blocked due to a religious festival!!!
Audi scores big as he clocks a large amount of dosh for his club by partly succeeding in Paaduman Returns and also in the Kit Release Competition.
A few transfers set to end this week!

3rd Sunday September 2017 12.40 pm
Priyank 'Crank' Gurhani was the latest signing by BI for 7.5 M TZR. They are desperate to lose the tag of being labelled as the melting icemen and are hoping their new signee will crank up the freeze factor!
KFANDRAAI has asked ALL the players to go through their contracts with a fine tooth comb as the Chairmen of the Clubs have been told NOT to INTERFERE with the contract negotiations. They can only discuss the MANAGERS contract that will be finalised only AFTER the Managers complete the players contracts. Therefore the onus is on the PLAYERS to ensure that their contract is beneficial to them also and not pro club. KFANDRAAI stated that the the SELL OUT CLAUSE inputed in each player contract will be INDISPUTABLE. So if clubs decide to go to KFANDRAAI to ask them to negotiate a contract, unless there are extenuating conditions in the contract that may question the SELL OUT CLAUSE, the contract will be taken as OFFICIAL thereby triggering the SELL OUT CLAUSE.
For example, if a player wants to leave a club and the PURCHASING club does NOT have enough funds, the TRANSFER CANNOT TAKE PLACE.
Therefore, players that have ALREADY signed their contracts for the TZLC10 will be given ONE more chance to recheck the contracts and approve the same or get a new contract written.
(Contracts as per the PROFORMA on the website)
Managers MUST submit the contracts to KFANDRAAI by the 15th of September 2017.
The contracts should be named after the player and placed in a zip folder. 
Clubs that wish to play FRIENDLIES in OCTOBER must send a request email to KFANDRAAI by the 20th of September 4 pm. SS/BE matches are to be scheduled on Wed and Fri while all TZ clubs matches will be scheduled on Tue and Thu. Please note that PREFERENCE will be shown to those clubs that have a MAJORITY of PRACTICE PLAYERS. A window will be open for those clubs that have a majority of NPP players as KFANDRAAI will be setting up at least one friendly each against TZ and KITFO.
Mr. Khare has declared the START of TACTICAL and TECHNICAL training from this Tuesday. Obviously some LIGHT and FUN fitness will be taken whenever necessary.
The marking on the both the grounds will be done in a professional manner and as per a system devised by KFANDRAAI. This will be updated soon.
TZ are sure to see a SEATING STAND being set up soon at their ground while KITFO are also planning one.

31st Thursday August 2017 2.40 pm
ZM are slowly building up their squad as the players they had targeted to join the TZLC afresh have begun attending trials at TZ. As of now only 2 prospective signings are left.
This morning Abhishek Jain and Abhishek Agashe were both given the nod by Mr Khare.
Parsh 'Sharpe' Kothari transferred!!!
Shocking news as Rumours abound that another BE star, immediately on the heels of lady heart throb Amit 'Amti' Bhable', is set to cross Pune to join a TZ based club. Sushil 'Sushi' Nayagar was overheard saying that he wanted to relive the good times with his friends from College. The KFANDRAAI Media always thought players moved so that they could improve their own game as well as be useful for the club they are joining, this is the 2nd time after PACU (They purchase players who like alc-h-l, hence they lost Yash 'Shay' Shah and Amit 'Godsa' Godse after only one season) that players are expressing their desire to join a club only for fun and frolic!

29th Tuesday August 2017 3.10 pm
More players are added to the list as the 2nd Bid Frenzy of the Season continues at a frenetic pace!!!
Jatin 'Big Daddy' Bhana crawled to his mobile phone and dialled the KFANDRAAI office using his one working eye to press the buttons with his crippled finger.
Me injured badly is, me ordering KFANDRAAI refereeing me job!! Onwards is from November!" Then he cut the call.
KFANDRAAI were thoroughly astounded with this request and are amazed that Big Daddy thinks that by Refereeing he will be safe from further injury. With 2 months to go to the start of the season, KFANDRAAI still haven't updated the R and R regarding some plans it has.
All will be revealed soon!!!

28th Monday August 2017 10 am
Just in - BE have decided to scrap their pink kit and go for a BROWN one....The KFANDRAAI Fashion Dept. wonders whether a Poopy Brown is better than a Girly Pink...we'll all just have to wait and see!!!

28th Monday August 2017 9.30 am
The bid for 2 players heats up!! See KFANDRAAI List! 
An Ex-TZ Member and one of the players that exited the TZLC some years ago is back!!
Goal of the Season Winners that are not keen on picking up their awards will be struck of the list and the awards will be used elsewhere.
KFANDRAAI warns those players that still approach Mr Khare without specifying the personality they wish to speak to. The KFANDRAAI Media is everywhere and material that is supposed to be secret can be exposed if you are not careful.
2 months to go for the BIG KICK OFF!!!!
1 month to go for the Official Friendlies!!!

25th Friday August 2017 11.30 am
BE's players have woken up from a deep slumber after they 'saw' their kit on the Kit Release Video by the KFANDRAAI Media. A number of them were startled to see two thick, bright stripes of pink cascading down the sides of the humanoid. Rakesh 'Rake' Raghunathamans (BE manager) phone started ringing incessantly after the players imagined wearing the pink shirts. 
'Babies!! Shouted a KFANDRAAI PRO when we contacted him early in the morning. "Those players that have suddenly woken up from their deep slumber need to realise that the colour of a shirt or your underpants does NOT affect your performance on the field UNLESS the undies are more than 2 sizes small or big and if you are colour blind and blah blah blahity blah!"  He proceeded to shoo us out his door but not before we caught sight of a pink sofa and pink curtains.
KFANDRAAI have announced that 'NO CHANGE in KIT DESIGN will be allowed, although a SLIGHT CHANGE in the COLOUR may be accepted. The Clubs were given at least 2 months notice to design a kit and as the Kit Release has been painfully put together, by a harrassed KFANDRAAI 3D Department employee, and to save him from falling into a deep and profound depression, BE will NOT be ALLOWED a change anything other than the colour.'
In some other news, KFANDRAAI also announced a significent moment in the history of the TZLC. They have stated that the AVERAGE age of TZ and KITFO members has gone down by at least half a decade. With players like Amarnath 'Amma' Venkatramani, Neeraj 'Meeraj' More and Sameer 'Ryan' Chavan (All PACU) amongst many others all dropping out from regular TZ practice, and the new members at KITFO being much younger than usual, the average age of the players is somewhere in the late 20's and early thirties. Young Adults like Aditya 'Adi' Sankolli and Adit 'Mop' Bhorde paired up with the 'young' Inamdar brothers has raised the fitness levels to a new high. Can the Grandpa's of the old TZLC cope up with the energy of youth? 

23rd Wednesday August 2017 11.45 am
Mr. Khare has asked the members of TZ and KITFO to COMPLETE the WARM UP and STRETCHING before the session starts at 6.50 am. He has stated that the WU and stretching takes at least 25 mins of the session and leaves him with no time for other important drills. Now that ALL the players are aware of the proper way of Warming Up and important stretching drills, it is unnecessary that Khare supervise this part of the session. Therefore, from TOMORROW's TZ session, it is the players DUTY to ensure that they are CHANGED and READY for the session to begin at 6.50 am at FULL INTENSITY. The Material from the box should be kept ready as well as all the personal Footballs/Rugby Balls be pumped and ready to use.
Mr. Khare also stated that he will ensure that OFFICIAL FRIENDLY MATCHES are held with his presence on PRACTICE DAYS in the month before the TZLC is to begin. R and R for that will be provided later.
Members will NOT be allowed to attend sessions if they do NOT confirm before 4 pm the previous day.
Nikhil Oswal, Nikhil Kulkarni and Gaurav Ghanekar have been allowed to particpate in the TZLC10 as ZM recruits by KFANDRAAI after they completed their formalities in a session held at TZ a couple of weeks ago.
ZM's latest possible recruit (Mr. A. Jain) has been unable to complete the formalities and his trial period has been extended to 4 days.

22nd Tuesday August 2017 12 Noon
The Kit Design for the TZLC10 has been released through a Unique KFANDRAAI Video News Bulletin that has just been uploaded!!
Just a little more than 2 months to go for the Big KO!!!
Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi becomes the 2nd player to complete Paaduman 2 (Paaduman Returns Revamped) Advanced level!! His club Balance will be uploaded soon!!! His summary of the game was not as expansive as Record Holder Yogesh 'Yogimogi' Ketkar but it was approved by the KFANDRAAI Game Dept. 
An entry has been received for the competiotion mentioned some days ago. The competition has been extended indefinitely as the Video has been released quite soon.

21st Monday August 2017 7 pm
TZLC9 Awards Ceremony Published!!! Go to Home Page to view!!! Also, see Image on Images Page!!!!

21st Monday August 2017 9.45 am
KFANDRAAI have announced that the statement released by a KFANDRAAI official on Sunday was revoked as not a single club approached KFANDRAAI regarding a merger. It stated that simple courtesy in recognising KFANDRAAI's benevolence in offering the merger option was not shown.
Clubs that are short of players can struggle to sign on new players or fold which means that if the clubs are unable to sign on enough players, the players in the squad that are still AVA to play will be suspended. The transfers that have occured post the TZLC9 from the clubs in danger will be CANCELLED with immediate effect and these players will ALSO be suspended.
KFANDRAAI advises the Managers of the clubs in danger to approach players in Clubs that have excess players and who are unsure of getting enough play time. It also advises the Managers to ENSURE that the problems of the clubs are NOT discussed in an open public forum and MUST at all costs be kept INTERNAL. It is PURELY IMMATURE and UNPROFESSIONAL to discuss PRIVATE matters in public. The players who do so from this moment on WILL BE SUSPENDED for a period of time that is sufficient.

20th Saturday August 2017 8.50 am
KFANDRAAI thanks Sameer 'Pam' Patil for volunteering to man the Video Camera and do a splendid job. He noticed Mr. Khare looking for help when Anjana 'Jane' Narayan had to help with the awards and stepped in like a Knight in shining armour!!
Also Ajay 'Ahjoo' Sanghvi for organising the Venue and the impromptu 'swimming' lessons that everyone declined later!!

20th Saturday August 2017 8.50 am
The Awards Ceremony that saw 3 official speakers, who spoke first, (Gaurav 'Shaurav' Shah, Sean 'Sparky' Mathew and Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi) being quickly forgotten after Khare allowed members without prior permission to speak. This caused the Ceremony to begin even later than scheduled as the 8.30 pm KO was postponed due to technical glitches in the on site computer and the everyday occurance of traffic to the venue. KFANDRAAI are fining every club that spoke without permission 5M TZR. PACU may suffer more penalties as their ex-Manager Satish 'Satsut' Suttati rambled on about PACU being the greatest and slipped in a comment as to how great Khare is thinking that Khare has a hold on KFANDRAAI and saying nice things about Khare will leave them scot free! Add to that that Satsut does NOT have OFFICIAL CLEARANCE as he is an Ex- Manager, PACU are really in the doldrums now....
KFANDRAAI have officially certified that Mr. Khare is loopy and needs psychiatric treatment. In his speech, that lasted 10.3 milliseconds he didn't thank anyone, he didn't speak about the TZLC9 or how many advances were made in the season or what the plans are for the TZLC10.
When he came to speak he put on such a long video about him and the other 'loopy' refs that more than half the members fell asleep, carried on with their own thing and kept glancing at Khare with incredulous looks on their faces. Khare meanwhile was hiding behind some furniture. The only positive was that the TZLC10 KIT RELEASE gave a much needed boost at the end of the News Bulletin. The News Bulletin along with the ENTIRE FOOTAGE of the TZLC9 Function/Awards Ceremony will be released soon.
A total of 10M TZR is to be won if the members answer questions related to the Video. This competition will end the moment the Videos are published.
1. What do you think was happening in the other dimension? (Write a story)
2. What things did you notice in the video?
3. Name all the characters post the game clips and prior to the Kit Release.

KFANDRAAI is upset that a couple of players were unsure that their club would last the 3 months left to the start of the TZLC10. But amid protests from the insane Mr. Khare, KFANDRAAI has once more opened the possibilty of a MERGER to tide over problems the clubs are facing up until they can find themselves on a path of sustainability. (Which will obviously be till the end of the TZLC10). This will no doubt cause Khare further mental fatigue as all the hard work that he went through creating the schedule, making the Kit Video and so on would've been a waste of time and effort. And this is why KFANDRAAI tries to ENFORCE the idea that KFANDRAAI and it's many depts are led by different entities. The organisation will look into filling the soon to be open dates with something or the other if possible.

The list of awards handed over to the players are as follows -

Every club that WON a TROPHY (1st Div Champions, 2nd Div Champions, KC and the KLC got personal awards)

Individual Awards 

Anjana Narayan received a Special Mention award for her selfless dedication to creating the awards from scratch (Design and putting up with the demanding KFANDRAAI) for 2 years in a row. She received a KFANDRAAI Approved Match Ball with the signatures of ALL the members present at the Ceremony.
(Thank You Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma who went out of his way and got the signatures on the Football)
BE THE BOSS Winner, Sachin Kadam's Stoic Aurelius 
(Amid half hearted protests by Mkul Manager of Suicide Squad)
Ajinkya Yadav, AP Golden Boot 
PACU Satish Suttati, Platinum Pass, 
Club's Player of the Season  
(This was decided through an Online Vote many weeks prior to the the ceremony. The players from each club voted for the player whom they thought was the Man Friday in their own club)
AP Ajinkya Yadav 
BT Adit Bhorde 
BE Harshad Sathe 
PACU Yash Shah 
SS Alankrit Saklani 
BI Ameya Dharmadhikari 
RW Kapil Patwardhan 
Most Improved Player of the Season 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
Subin Alex, SS 
Ajinkya Pote, SS 
Yogesh Ketkar, PACU 
Gururaj Patil, BE 
Special Mention Awards 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
Kapil Patwardhan, RW 
Nishant Fernandes, RW 
Mukul Inamdar, BT 
Players Player of the Season 
(All Member Player Online Vote)
Yash Shah, PACU 
KFANDRAAI's Player of the Season 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
Jehan Kothari, PACU 
Adit Bhorde, BT 
GOALS OF THE SEASON (Footballs that were used by each club, 2 per club, were signed by the players from the club and handed over to the players) 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
1 Kapil Patwardhan, 
2 Elton Lima, 
3 Shivam Sharma, 
4 Mukul Inamdar, 
5 Yash Shah, 
6 Sean Mathew, 
7 Jehan Kothari 
8 Sarvajit Hoskote 
9 Shubhankar Inamdar, 
10 Aditya Kotbagi, 
11 Aditya Sankolli, 
12 Jatin Bhana, 
13 Adit Bhorde, 

KFANDRAAI is planning to initiate a WOMENS League to begin within the next 5 years. This season the push will be to get the current members Wives and Girlfriends to participate in a couple of matches that will be set up especially for their benefit. KFANDRAAI hopes that this initiative will be backed by the Husbands and Boyfriends!!

Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi was spotted 'chatting' up a number of ladies at the event. One surmises that he was trying his best to sign players through the more intelligent species. Amol 'Amonk' Monga was also spotted later with the same ladies, as Amonk has no managerial post, one wonders whether he was in actual fact honestly having a good time or telling the ladies that Audi is totally bonkers and not to trust him.

Rainwater poured in through the windows and other openings as the night wore on and many players were seen protecting the ladies, it was unfortunate that the ladies they were protecting from the elements were the male members with long hair. 

Gaurav 'Goony' Natekar was observed waving his healing thumb at everyone and showing off images of his pus filled grotesque thumb from a couple of weeks before. A few members were so horrified that they gagged at the starters that were being passed around. Goony was quietly led off by his son and Ajay 'Ahjoo' Sanghvi's son to a quiet corner where he mulled over life and thumbs. 

KFANDRAAI will announce more SENSATIONAL news soon!!!!