20th Monday October 2017 6.50 am
KFANDRAAI have decided to cancel the 1 point Bonus and -1 penalty for the +9 goals scored and -6 goals scored against as they feel the players have not understood the importance of such a rule. It will be looked into later.
But they have decided to PENALISE those Clubs that do not feel it IMPORTANT to send MO's to matches. For every MO not sent for a match or not in proper attire, the club will be docked -1/2 a point per player.
Therefore BT -1 for not sending two MO's for a match (BI Vs BE) and -1/2 a point to ZM for sending only 1 MO in a match held recently. The extra -1/2 for the other MO arriving in improper attire has been turned into a warning as it is suspected that there were a few players since the start of the season that have come to the matches dressed in the wrong way. All the clubs are WARNED that from tomorrow's encounter NO leniency will be shown. 
All MO's MUST wear the Red shirt assigned to them. They must carry their Club shirt and BIB to ALL matches. For matches involving KITFO, the MO's are allowed to wear their club shirt and BIB on top. The Referee's MUST wear SHORTS while officiating matches also. 
A roll call will be taken for all MO's at 6.25 am. It has been noted that ALL the matches are starting 10 mins late. This is because the Home team is busy marking the ground and the Referee's take this opportunity to have an important chat. Henceforth ALL the LM's that have officiated so far with one of the MAIN KFANDRAAI APPOINTED REFS MUST talk to their clubs regarding the talk that the Referee had with these LM's. So the Referee can start the match on time. The Ref need not go through a few of the tricky rules prior to the match.
Balance Sheets etc will be updated during the week. The Highlights Show is in the editing room. 

18th Saturday October 2017 12 Noon
RW and PACU played their hearts out in a competitive and hard encounter which resulted in both cubs gaining a point. With a few minutes to go, N. Fernandes of RW worried his teammates as he suffered a possible hamstring tear. We caught up with El Loco post the match and he was in tears, he uttered a Poem to us as he left,
"Eyes of mine, are crying many drops, most for my divine, the rest from my forced hops,' (hops as in how he is forced to hop because of his hamstring injury, the meaning of divine is for the KFANDRAAI Media to know and you to discover!)
ZM in big trouble as ZM player caught speeding by KFANDRAAI cops on way to RW Vs PACU match, only 1 ZM player AVA for MO duty and even the one player was in improper attire. No apology received from ZM for ungentlemanly conduct by ZM player(s) regarding their complaints about Refereeing yesterday. Massive punishments in line for new club which may include PLAYER Refs for ALL ZM matches and deduction of points!
KFANDRAAI UPSET over SR work and insists that the players SEE the powerpoint presentation and ask KFANDRAAI regarding their queries if any. KFANDRAAI Media threatens KFANDRAAI by refusing to compile Highlights Show.
See Images!

17th Friday October 2017 1 pm
Praveen 'Preen' Sumathi scores the winner for BE as Zona MIsta fall from grace.
PACU's Massive fine reduced to near nothing as Mr Dlamini talks to KFANDRAAI.
Mukul 'Mkul' Inamdar sacked from his job as soothsayer for betting syndicate as they lose millions on his prophecy.
ZM roll back the years in tactical immaturity as they play a sweeper in a 4 man defence.
Ashwin 'Babbut' Bapat, with a thin layer of water vapour sticking to his specs through out the match had only two words to say about ZM's performance, they were, 'two words'.  On further pestering he stated in no mean terms that 'we were given a harsh reminder of how tight things are in the TZLC'. Please note that sometimes these comments emanate from KFANDRAAI's ESP Dept. The mind readers are a part of KFANDRAAI's intricate network.
KFANDRAAI is facing an intermittant internet issue and is working hard to resolve the problems.
See Images!

16th Thursday November 2017 3.30 pm
KFANDRAAI was this morning in a state of shock after it received two medical reports for two star players at PACU from the PACU management. KFANDRAAI explains -
"We never for one instance thought that the PACU Managers were fibbing about the ailments suffered by Mr Suttati and Mr Chavan. What was conveyed to us was that the two players were in such poor condition that they could barely play let alone walk and it was their passion for the game that will push them to play at least a little. After the match, it was CLEAR that both the players may not have been fully fit but were at least in better playing condition than 70% of the players in the TZLC. This is what shocked KFANDRAAI. KFANDRAAI did NOT ask for PACU to submit EVIDENCE as it's OWN in house doctors' were looking after Mr Suttati and had observed that Mr Chavan had indeed caught the chickenlollypops. Therefore to submit PROOF WITHOUT being asked is just digging a deeper grave. KFANDRAAI asks WHY the PACU management did NOT approach their Chairman BEFORE doing the unthinkable? HE would SURELY have advised you against it. It's amusing as for EVERY other instance PACU and all the other Managers have always approached their Chairman first. The MASSIVE fine which was levied on PACU is under review once again. There is a possiblilty it may be increased. Even then, KFANDRAAI may reduce the the FINE depending on PACU's last chance email."
KFANDRAAI have decided NOT to deduct the one Bonus point from ZM's tally.
See Images Page! 

14th Tuesday November 2017 12.35 pm
RW upset with Main Ref and Linesmen as Player officiating creates controversies! But RW manage to slink away with a win as TZ Reserves goal is cancelled.
M Inamdar, In-charge of TZ stated "Me am Greatest! Beard of mine grows overnight shows power of me and my's thinkings and stratagings. Appointed me, Audi et Pammings did Ahjoo, TZ CEOings for match. But moi standings easily tops of everyones!" 
The Week 3 Highlights Show will be AVA soon. Internet speed slow so unsure of when the upload will finish.
AP players irate as Ratings by KFANDRAAI go against common views. Mr Khare spots chance during match this morning to placate disgruntled feelings.
"The Highlights may not place the Ratings system in a good light as it prefers to show ONLY the good bits. Everyone must remember that a match lasts around 90 mins. The Highlights show spends around 5 - 8 mins per match. Do the math!!" KFANDRAII released this statement to the Press.
"Ooooooooo, KFANDRAAI's feelings have been hurt." shouted an insensitive youth after reading the comment.
This just proves that KFANDRAAI allows the freedom of speech.....
(It was later learnt that the parents of a certain youth have filed a Missing Persons Report with the KFANDRAAI Police.)
See Image from TZRES Vs RW!!

13th Monday November 2017 12.20 pm
BI and SS fight to a drab and dour draw...
Highlights Week 2 set to be released today!
2 Clubs set to fire their Managers this week!
See Images Page! 

12th Sunday November 2017 12.20 pm
Review of Karan 'Kojak' Shetty Suspension may take place today after appeal by player is being considered by KFANDRAAI...
Ketan 'The Ket' Sarode suspension may increase if the player he crocked, Suneet 'Sunset' Nirala remains out of action due to the injury sustained in that horrific challenge.
Pulkit 'Pooky' Saraswat suspension revoked but player under probation after the RW Manager pleaded for forgiveness along with the most expensive purchase in the history of the TZLC.
Week 3 MR has been released. Balance Sheet's are being updated and hopefully, if the KFANDRAAI Media works non stop for 8 hours, the Week 2 Highlights Show should be published later tonight.

11th Saturday November 2017 12.20 pm
KFANDRA welcomes Soham Chitnis and Parth Kulkarni to the Academy.
Please watch the Highlights Show that has been released a few days ago. This is your childs future!!
The Referee has had a rethink and has concluded that as per the R and R the SR had clearly announced 0.802 secs before the ball went over the line that the Time was up and the goal should be disallowed. Even though the reaction of the defenders on the line when Elton 'Elvis' Lima took a shot did not clearly indicate that they had heard the call and that they had stopped on account of it.
KFANDRAAI have come to the conclusion, based on this evidence, that the Goal will STAND and that the R and R concerning the announcement of the end of the match will take effect when the ball is called as DEAD by the Referee. But the time will NOT be extended by more than 20 secs and at the 2nd call by the SR the game will end. Even though the Video Evidence shows that the time was up at least 5 secs before the goal was scored, it is ONLY the announcement of the SR that is valid.
Karan 'Kojak' Shetty of BT was heard ABUSING in the spectators enclosure. He had been warned of his behaviour earlier in the week and was put under probabtion. The repetition of his uncouth behaviour, compounded because of the presence of a KFANDRA child and parent, has FORCED KFANDRAAI to suspend the player for 3 matches. As this is a mistake made by the player and not the club, KFANDRAAI will allow a loan in his place.
KFANDRAAI want to congratulate all the MO's that behaved in a professional manner for this mornings match. Especially the LM who stuck to their job even under intense pressure. 
An enquiry has been initiated into the performance of players at PACU that were said to be INJURED or SICK due to which the KFANDRAAI allowed the club to avail AVPLoans. A Fine of at least 5M to 10M TZR may be levied for bringing the game into disrepute. 
KFANDRAAI has also spoken to the inhouse Doctorr and he has stated that even though he was hands on looking after one of the PACU players, he had received no such intimation that the player was FIT to play.
See images for the MOMENT the SR called that TIME was UP!!

10th Friday November 2017 3.20 pm
Irate AP fans screamed  blue murder as it was rumoured that PACU will be delving deep into their kitty and the AVPL ruling to loan two highly rated players for the match tomorrow! The fans were heard chanting 'Chicken, chicken, cheeeeeken, VG and Mantan are cheeeeken, they have no heart, all they do is fart, they have no spine, all they do is drink wine, they are CHEEEEKENS!!'
In related news AP have loaned a AVGKL.
At TZ, the frame for the dugout has been set. While at KITFO there was a minor faux pas in the placing of the new benches was noticed! An image of the Stand frame has been uploaded.
In view of the 1000's of people who responded to KFANDRAAI's call regarding the VCM2, it has been decided that the VCM2 will be back in action for tomorrow's fixture. (Rumours have it that the 1000's of people was exaggerated and the actual figure was 5!!!
KFANDRAAI pleades with LM's and Members that submit their review not to IMAGINE hoards of fans coming to watch as only KFANDRAAI is aware of how many fans come to watch matches in the imaginary world of the TZLC. Also the LM's MUST STICK TO ONLY OFFICIAL VIEWS and NEED NOT submit ANOTHER REVIEW of what happened in the match. 
KFANDRAAI wil try and update the Ratings and get back to the Managers soon or over the weekend!

9th Thursday November 2017 12.10 pm
Blue Ice rubbished all naysayers with a crowd pleasing fight against newcomers Zona Mista!
First time Referee of the TZLC, Mr Botrowski thrilled with passion, commitment and respect shown by the players but disappointed at some MO's.
Shock for ZM as KFANDRAAI asked to CANCEL ZM's bonus point on account of goals by ZM being illegal. Rumours have it that the person issuing a complaint is a Fan of one of the clubs in the TZLC.
All backlog work will be completed in 2 days states KFANDRAAI.

8th Wednesday November 2017 11.50 am
BT and SS played out a sometimes scrappy but thoroughly entertaining affair as both clubs earn a point!
BT Managers Sager 'Jack' Kanekar and Siddharth 'Sidwho?' Chiplunkar retain their jobs but are under probation as disciplinary issues arise in BT.
Pravin 'JJ' Naik doing MO duty behind the goal towards the college side at Papal, was yellow carded as he was spotted fiddling around with his mobile phone during the game by Ref Mr Dlamini. Gaurav 'DJ' Ponappa, was also reprimanded for chatting with the SS AVGKL Manan 'Mantan' Joshi. Both may face suspension. A new ruling says that MO's must stand 10 yards, or the farthest point fom the goal, when performing MO duty behind a goal. A similar rule to be applied to MO's patrolling the touchline. 
Akash 'Kaash' Roy is top of the betting charts as being the most likely to get a Red Card in EVERY MATCH till the end of the season!
VCM2 to still be on hold after positive feedback from 3 (THREE) members was deemed way below the quota required.
Niraj 'Snowtop' Shah uses his one transfer allowed during the Season to join the Icemen after falling out with the Eagles. None of the persons involved in the transfer had anything to say. A fee of 1.5M TZR exchanged accounts.
If any member wants to procure the entire recording of the match, he/she can do so by providing KFANDRAAI with a pendrive with Min 16 GB space, within one day of the Highlights Show being released,
See images!!

7th Tuesday November 2017 3.10 pm
TZLC10 Week 1 Highlights Show published!
Managers of BT will be SACKED if tomorrow's result against SS is negative!!!!
RW Manager on the verge teetering over the edge!!

6th Monday November 2017 11.50 am
Mr McSmith wonders what the fuss was all about as he officiates his first match that turns out all square.
PACU on the receiving end of a possibly massive FINE!
BT's loss at the hand of new entrants ZM seems to have struck deep as BT MO's were absent in this mornings fixture. Points will be deducted as the BT Management may be the first to fall with only 4 matches of the season being played!
RW may suffer the same as RW Manager UNA to show regret over player behaviour.
KFANDRAAI Media rues the cancelling of the VCM2 as it would make the Highlights Show all the more professional. It requests the members to write in to KFANDRAAI after viewing the Week 1 Highlights Show if they want it back. It was cancelled after the 1st match as Mr Ghotge of PACU was not focused during his stint at the Camera. A majority of members need to send their response, substantially more than the 3 that responded after Mr Khare's request in the Review after Saturday's encounter.
LM ratings will be added soon and all the other bits and pieces will be updated also!!
See Images Page!!

5th Sunday November 2017 1.35 pm
Previews for Week 2 have been Updated!!!
Week 1 Highlights Show still under production! May be published tonight or tomorrow!
See More Images!!!
Fines galore as some Managers fail to send Referee appointments and Profile Images!!

4th Saturday November 2017 3.50 pm
KFANDRAAI realised it's error after they announced that Kapil 'Kapster' Patwardhan had scored a double hattrick....he in fact scored 5!!

4th Saturday November 2017 1.10 pm
The Misty Boys make their presence felt by shocking everyone with the power of Mist by far exceeding the power of Thunder!
Kapil 'Kapster' Patwardhan score the TZLC's first DOUBLE HATRICK in an OFFICIAL MATCH!!!
Aniket Khambete gets a brace and is the only newbie from ZM to get on the scoresheet!
Fickle BT fans exit stadium after the 10th min. The rest of them stay to support the club through thick and thin. 
Many possible ZM fans miss the match after complaining about ticket pricing. 
Some images have been published!!
League Tables etc will be updated by Sunday along with the Highlights Show!!!
TZ 40+ Seater Stand to dazzle all NEXT WEEK!! Will KITFO get one too??

3rd Friday November 2017 11.45 am
BE get the better of KITFO Reserves as expected!
Nishant 'El Loco' Fernandes as Referee does a creditable job!
BE's lack of professionalism a shock to KFANDRAAI as they fail to attach the Club banner and laugh at the Ban of Camera's and Mobile Phones 10 mins pre and post the match.
More fines levied on RW also as they fail to maintain the proper protocol, in Reviews and apologies.
Ketan 'The Ket' Sarode has been SUSPENDED for the duration of time the player he viciously attacked is unable to play due to the injury pertaining to the offence. A Minimum of a 1 match suspension has been fixed if the player 'Suneet 'Sunset' NIrala recovers before SS's next match. The suspension will only be accepted if the player is AVA for the match. 
Pulkit 'Pooky' Saraswat has been suspended for 20 mins of his next match for endangering a player with a mistimed tackle (Lunge).  The two offences lloked all the more aggressive as neither the players nor the RW Management thought it important to send an apology to KFANDRAAI.
Vishal 'Poison' Jobanputra has also been suspended for a wild and reckless challenge on Alankrit 'Alan' Saklani in this morning feisty affair between KITFO and BE. The push in the back by Poison was made all the more dangerous as Alan was off balance as the moment of imapact and the area where he fell was without grass thereby resulting in bloody wounds. (10 mins of his next match)
Although the Main Ref El Loco did not see the challenge worthy of punishment, the KFANDRAAI official that was appointed to observe the conduct of the Match Officials deemed it necessary to inform KFANDRAAI of the importance to eradicate such tackles from the TZLC. According to the adjudicator, Poison had committed two or 3 earlier offences that should have been carded. Therefore the suspension is correct. It also included the fact that Poison showed remorse and apologised to Alan and KFANDRAAI.
Clubs that have failed to complete their tasks mentioned in the document have been FINED and will be fined for every day that they do not comply.
Some images of this mornings match have been put up.

2nd Thursday November 2017 12.45 pm
SS displayed a much improved performance as they draw away to RW!
KFANDRAAI awaits the status of Suneet 'Sunset' Nirala's Injury after Ketan 'The Ket' Sarode gives scant regard for his opponents welfare.
See Images on Images page!!!

1st Wednesday November 2017 12.30 pm
The KITFO players did a GREAT job of marking the Papal ground ahead of the TZLC10 start. It was also officially measured and it surprised all that the ground is not that much smaller than TZ's Home Ground at NCL. Although a few metres can make a big difference.
TZ - 101 x 65 (Metres) KITFO 98 x 62 (Metres)
KFANDRAAI reminds all the Members to go through the R and R to ensure that the players are not found wanting when the season starts. If in doubt, please ask Mr. Khare or KFANDRAAI to sort your issues out AFTER contacting your Manager.
See more images as BE and SS were given their Match footballs!!
Opening Match of the Season RW Vs SS
Moment of Silence 6.37 - 30 secs of Silence to remember all those we have lost and those that are still in our lives. For which none of us would be available to play.
KFANDRAAI states that there is no better way to start the TZLC10 then to remember loved ones. 
MO's MUST arrive on the ground by 6.25 am. Linesmen MUST be changed and ready at 6.10 am for a WARM UP and TALK with Mr. Dlamini. MO's involved in officiating duties are NOT allowed to converse with the players. Any MO infringing on any law will be severely dealt with. Suspensions for the players next game is an option. The Home Team Manager MUST declare the side of the ground which they want to start on and also the dugout they want to occupy. They can declare the same in the Preview. RW must contact KFANDRAAI with the info by 4 pm today. 
All the Best and Good Luck to everyone from KFANDRAAI!!!

31st Tuesday October 2017 12 Noon
The TZ players corrected the huge errors in the ground marking by the interlopers with unusual teamwork!! 
KFANDRAAI gave the TZLC10 Footballs to RW as the marking got over. (See Images page!) 
SS and BE will be handed over the footballs tomorrow and the other clubs will get their hands on the uniquely designed footballs on Opening Match Day Thursday.
Managers are requested to ink in their clubs initials ONLY on 2 panels. This is MANDATORY, ONLY 2 PANELS.
Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma got the unique distinction of being possibly the ONLY player to have MISSED the Football reveal in the video in which Prof Mkul Inamdar starred. His excitement on seeing the footballs was fun but the astonishment expressed by the others was more palpable.
PLEASE NOTE - The Footballs are MATCH BALLS and NOT to be used elsewhere. Those members taking the footballs home are NOT allowed to use them. They must keep them SAFE. Rakesh 'Rake' Raghuthaman this ESPECIALLY MEANS YOU!!
1 DAY TO GO!!!!

30th Monday October 2017 10.30 am
KFANDRAAI have clearly stated that the TZLC10 will NOT be postponed as the TZ ground is rented out to a group for some Youth Tourney. Although they may be reducing the width of the ground, the TZLC will NOT. The TZLC will still be run at it's full size of 100 x 70 metres.
The Previews for the 1st Week have not been uploaded as KFANDRAAI's Drive account is facing problems. If the issues are not sorted out by 3 pm this evening, then the MATCH REPORTS will be shifted entirely to the website so that issues will not arise in the future. Please keep checking the Claendar and Fixture Page till 3 pm to see if the Previews have been updated.
The KFANDARAAI MEDIA Pre-Season Preview Video Release was HACKED into just before being published online!! The masterful but evil hackers were very sneaky in erasing a couple of names in entirety and also using nicknames and repeating names in a few instances. Word has it that the hackers are from a little known country called 'Scapegoatistan'.
Niraj 'Snowtop' Shah is one of the names that has been removed from the Video and KFANDRAAI states that he was in the clip as a possible CM or ST for BE.
Managers MUST read all the R and R thoroughly as the Managers in the 1st Week have made errors in their  Preview format. (KFANDRAAI will ALWAYS be setting the jobs of all MO's.)
KFANDRAAi should be releasing the new Stadium Layout of all the grounds this week!!!!
KITFO In-Charge MUST send the squad List and MO List for the KITFO Res Vs BE match IMMEDIATELY!!
Clubs that have not sent their Referee List for all Home matches within the preset time will be FINED!!

29th Sunday October 2017 1.30 pm
The PRESEASON PREVIEWS have been published by the KFANDRAAI MEDIA!! Go to the Home Page to see the Video!!
In yesterday's transfers Karan 'Kojak' Shetty costed 3.5 M TZR while Swaraj 'MN' Ashtaputre went for a whopping 8 M TZR!!
The Previews for the the 1st week of matches in the TZLC10 will be updated by 4 pm this evening or by tomorrow morning!

27th Friday October 2017 11.50 am
KFANDRAAI set to release the Club previews by Saturday!!
The TZLC10 R and R document released!! See R and R page!!
News players still joining the TZLC!!! Keep your eyes on the KFANDRAAI List!!
5 and a half days to go!! The TZLC10! is FINALLY UPON US!!!

26th Thursday October 2017 2.50 pm
The Managers meeting with the KFANDRAAI Officials has been cancelled. It was decided that a Video or a document Update will be made and sent to the members by Friday 4 pm.
KITFO and TZ will be getting the grounds MATCH READY by Wed 01/11/17 and Tue 31/10/17 declared the Organisations in a Press Release.