18th Thursday January 2018 12.20 pm
KFANDRAAI have announced that as the players involved in the incidences relating to KFANDRAAI pulling the plug on it's participation have NOT shown remorse at their actions, and have instead continued to fight and defend themselves and also suggested that they are being TARGETED. Therefore, KFANDRAAI have decided that action against ZM would be in poor taste as it seems, ONLY KFANDRAAI have issues against the club, since the other Members of the organisation have not raised their voices against such deplorable behaviour. According to KFANDRAAI, this kind of behaviour, disrespecting officials and the ETHOS, should be instantly stamped out and not reasoned with. Even though KFANDRAAI had no reason to offer explanations regarding certain incidences (EXCLUDING another blatant and directed assault of a BT player, which went unpunished as both the BT player and ZM player had reconciled) they still explained why the decisions were taken and how even some decisions, that were CLEARLY wrong, were given in favour of ZM and not BT. (One of them being the IFK in the box, see images, which was NOT awarded as a POP. This IFK led to the disrespectful behaviour by a ZM player.)
Even after the explanations came in, there were the perfonctoral apologies that all the members seem to have taken as the fixed way in getting out of a mess.
This is indeed a sad situation.
KFANDRAAI, in lieu of the fact that a lot of members are suffering when they have done no harm, is reconsidering it's stance. If the rest of the TZLC Members approve the following.
Mr Khare and any of his personalities will NOT be officiating any match that ZM will be involved in. 
Mr Khare will maintain a respectful distance from all ZM members and ZM must comply to this ruling. It is in fact a restraining order. The distance is fixed at 10 Metres.
The ZM Balance Sheet has been CLOSED. They will be allowed to earn TZR though the games provided on the website. Communication with KFANDRAAI has been closed.
They will only be allowed loans if the team loaning a player will offer a free loan.
ZM matches will NOT be covered by the KFANDRAAI Media team. Videocamera work will be completed but commentary, match reports will NOT be covered.
Mr Khare will remain ABSENT for Saturday's match and will resume duties from Monday. The Balance Sheet etc of all the clubs will begin as normal from Monday.

16th Tuesday January 2018 12 Noon
ZM played exceptionally well with 9  and sometimes 8 men on the pitch but lost out to a well taken goal by Bhorde of BT.
In unfortunate events after the match, KFANDRAAI castigated Mr Hajinimoto for conversing with the players as the Referee left the ground. Mr Hajinomoto was immensely displeased with a few players behaviour on the pitch and outside it and has mentioned it in his review. One of the incidents on the ground was when a ZM player, who will not be named refused to give way to Mr Hajinomoto when he was counting out 10 yards for an IFK inside the ZM box. Mr H could've escalated the incident but decided to rein in his temper. Mr H states that there were also multiple occasions where the give the ball to hand at dead balls rule was ignored. Another incident, that could've been the reason why the said ZM player was agitated happened in the 53rd minute. Mr H states that he clearly saw Mr Ghadge of BT win the ball and that there was no malice in the challenge. Mr Shah had followed through and received the full impact of Mr Ghadge's foot. But when Mr Shah looked very annoyed, Mr H had doubts regarding his own decision and approached the two LM's on the side facing the incident, Mr Sanghvi and Mr Fernandes. Mr Sanghvi was CLEAR in his thoughts that Mr Ghadge had made CONTACT with Mr Shah before the ball. Therefore Mr H had to change his decision and award Mr Ghadge with a Yellow. This incident, which resembled an incident way back in the TZLC9, in which the defender had expressed his innocence when the Ref had pulled him up for a foul, was later proved by video evidence that the Ref was correct. Mr H has asked KFANDRAAI to please check up on the foul and the IFK incident to put his mind at rest.
KFANDRAAI have done the needful and the evidence will be shown in the Highlights Show as well as in the Images section.
But KFANDRAAI still decided to point out to Mr H that he was WRONG to pull away from his personality while reffing the match. They said that he SHOULD'VE followed the letter of the LAW.
Mr H accepted KFANDRAAI's assessment and immediately tendered his resignation.
Following this, the Referee's committee has also decided to follow Mr H's example.
This means that KFANDRAAI are left in a quandary as there are no Refs left to Referee the matches. 
They have announced that PLAYER REFS will be involved in ALL the matches from tomorrow. KFANDRAAI is extremely disappointed at the attitude of the players and the lack of concentration of the MO's. 
'Let them stew in their own broth'  was the the gist of the statement released.
See Images!!

15th Monday January 2018 12.20 pm
AP were facing a must win situation this morning as their Chairman had issued an ultimatum to both Managers. They were told that if the result is negative, they would not have a job after the match. With PACU's victory accompanied by the most lacklustre and apathetic performance by the Panthers, Mr A Kotbagi and Mr S Mathew have 2 days to respond to the club to inform them whether they will be continuing in their alternate Avataars. The Chairman and BOD had come to this decision after AP were faced with some player issues. Many Fans had protested in large numbers outside the residential home of the AP Chairman as they were concerned about a certain player. This infuriated the Chairman and he assured the loyal fans of retribution if AP did not perform.
For PACU, they can thank Mr R Shetty for his goals and the whole PACU squad for a splendid performance under the new Management of Mr M Joshi2 and Mr J Kothary2.
Please remember that FINES will be levied for basic mistakes during MO duty.
ZM are in trouble as their current Manager is showing a lack of inclination to get some much needed funding. This means that as they have internally suspended S Iyer and that according to their Preview, they are missing many of their squad members for tomorrows match, they may NOT have 11 players on the pitch.
The KFANDRAAI BANK has STOPPED the club from making any transactions. This means LOANS will NOT be permitted for the beleaguered club.
A Warning to all the Managers regarding the Reviews. They MUST come in the proper format as stated to each Manager in earlier correspondence.
See Images!!

14th Sunday January 2018 3.45 pm
AP face huge turmoil prior to PACU match as PACU Managers fail to respond to BOD and Chairman call for the appointment of Managers.
Will tomorrow mornings match get called off??
The Latest Highlights Show has been published! Watch NOW!!! Special show released with a competition also!!!

13th Saturday January 2018 6 am
Before the start of the the 2nd H of fixtures on Monday, coincidentally being the match between AP and PACU, both clubs are facing issues on the administrative front. With both clubs rumoured to be two of the richest clubs in the TZLC prior to the start of the season, their current situation could be called as shocking to the rumour mongers and anyone associated with the clubs. While the PACU Management has been SACKED late last night with the announcement being made early this morning, the AP BOD have decided to make the announcement later today. As usual, in the case of a sacking, the Managers are requested to offer their services in their Avataar format on the Saturday Week before their next match.
In other News, KFANDRAAI has decided to EXTEND the HALFWAY date of the season to the 18th of Feb 2018 from the 16th of Jan as declared earlier. The date was changed as the clubs may have faced issues re MO duty completion after half of the Organisational matches were cancelled. Now, the clubs have no excuse. KFANDRAAI added "it is extremely annoying when Managers or In-Charges declare how difficult it is to send 2 MO's for matches. How difficult is it to find time so early in the morning? KFANDRAAI is aware of some players that have faced an all nighter at their REAL work place and have still made it to complete MO duty. KFANDRAAI have also been lenient to those that have to LEAVE EARLY or those that couldn't avoid coming a few mins late. In the end it is honesty that runs through the heart of the system. It would be a sad day when KFANDRAAI would have to make background checks re the veracity of the excuses. We hope that day never comes. We are also amused that some Managers are presuming that ONLY 2 MO's are allowed to represent their club. This is WRONG. A club can send their FULL SQUAD if they want for MO duty."
The Seater Stand at the TZ Home Ground is scheduled to be opened some time this week.
Unfortunately, even with watering, the TZ Home ground has developed a few bumps and cracks and the players are warned to be extra careful while playing. They should take a look at the dodgy areas before the match starts and not just enter the field in a dream like state.
ZM have asked for leniency towards a further point or points deduction regarding their repeat offence of sending only 1 MO in a match played earlier. KFANDRAAI have decided that the MO duty is COMPULSORY. Failure to send an MO is an INTERNAL club issue and should be dealt with severely by the club. The R and R has been created by KFANDRAAI to ensure the smooth and honest functioning of the TZLC. Their request and ANY MORE requests have been DENIED. This decision was also taken after video evidence showed Mr Khare running about doing Ball Boy work for the same match. He could have easily sat and watched the game as he was allowed to do so, but he didn't. Mainly because he wanted the players and other officials to GET ON WITH THE GAME. Mr Khare has asked the Media Dept to personally thank Mr A Pote who was the only player who rushed over to help Mr Khare without being asked to. It is sad to note that some KITFORes players in the same match did not bother to do Ball Boy work while on the subs bench.

10th Wednesday January 2018 12.45 pm
PACU swept their way to an easy large victory over a KITFO side managed by M Uniyal. 2 KITFO players were loaned by PACU, D Senegar and M Naik, and they played splendidly well to allow PACU to play a way they'd never played before, flamboyantly.
ZM, sent only 1 MO and it is rumoured that new Manager Mr A Khambete is devising all sorts of ways to punish S Iyer (who was the guilty party). Our ace investigative reporter was rifling through the Managers bin a few moments ago when he spotted a list. Two of the notations were - Give Satire tickets to attend K Patwardhan's comic nights for 5 shows in a row and send A Godse to his house and make him listen to him repeatedly mumble in his ear how K Patwardhan never passes to him. The other methods are a level too scary to mention here.
We await KFANDRAAI's decision on ZM's continued unprofessional behaviour.
Back to M Uniyal who said "Sherry und Mario hath offering me jobbings of Managings KITFOPeoples! Me says them yaaass!!" On asked if they informed Mr Khare of their decision, M Uniyal said "Ooops". We await Mr Khare's decision on this event....
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9th Tuesday January 2018 4 pm
AP do the job with some absent, some sick and a traitor called S Kanekar!!
Weird headlines in the evening editions of the local daily -
Sparky sparkles!!
(Umm...only 1 actually!!)
See Images!!!

7th Sunday January 2018 3.15 pm
In a freewheeling and easy but sometimes tough interview held over the phone, the ZM BOD gave the go ahead for Mr Khambete's appointment as ZM Manager.
"We are sure he'll set the club on the right path once he takes over. He seems to be the right man for the job. We wish Mr A Bapat well as a player. Truth be told, in the TZLC, you are only as good as how disciplined the players you Manage are. In Mr Bapat's case, he was let down by most of the ZM players. He started the season so well but as the days went by, the problems just kept piling up and it the end, there was no way out. As everyone knows, the final call will always rest with KFANDRAAI. I do hope the players stand by Mr Khambete and take their fair share of the responsibilities."
The halfway point of the Season has been finalised as Tuesday 16/01/18. This will be when KFANDRAAI checks if all the players have completed their required MO duties quota. Suspension will levied immediately. 
The MO completion list for halfway through the season is 4 MO's. It will be updated by 12 Noon tomorrow.
(The list of completed MO's are provided on the Ratings Sheet after scrolling to the right).

6th Saturday January 2018 3 pm
The Latest Highlights Show has been published! 4 of the 8 pending matches to be shown have been highlighted in this video. The KFANDRAAI Media dept have concluded that a shorter version of the Highlights show is easier to watch. Therefore the remaining 4 matches will be uploaded later this week.
Please feel free to comment on the video if you want to. If you have any views then write to Mr Khare. The Videos are always being edited in a such a way to make it an enjoyable experience. So do send some feedback whether negative or positive (If negative, the Media Dept will use it's secret network which is directly linked to ensuring that your future is bleak, dreary and full of misfortune...).
Mr Khare requests Mr Khambate of ZM to call the ZM Chairman by 12 pm tomorrow.

4th Thursday January 2018 2.55 pm
ZM have nominated Mr Aniket Khambate to take over as ZM Manager. The Board of Directors and Chairman have not yet agreed to signing Mr Khambate on as Manager and have decided to wait until KFANDRAAI gives the go ahead. With the situation so desperate for ZM, the BOD and C do not wish to upset the apple cart by jumping the gun.

3rd Wednesday January 2018 12.10 pm
Due to the State Wide Bandh (shutdown), rumours abound that the evening session has been cancelled, these rumours are untrue. The session will continue as NORMAL. If the situation in the city does indeed worsen, the website will be updated by 4.45 pm re the cancellation of the session or an email will be sent to all the members.
Putting aside AP Manager A Kotbagi's positive assessment, many AP fans were a disgruntled lot with their side moving away from trying to perfect the 4-4-2 formation to piddling about with a 4-3-3.
SS impressed with their positive outlook but failed miserably due to individual errors.
ZM continued ridiculing the ETHOS of the TZLC by failing to send a single MO for this mornings match.
Manager A Bapat3 has been SACKED!! ZM have 2 days to look for a new Manager or their team will be WITHDRAWN from the TZLC. The players will ALSO be suspended for this season and the next. The new Manager, if he is appointed, and we all hope he is, will have an uphill task ahead of him in the League due to the deduction of points. More punitive action is also imminent.
Friday's fixture between KITFORes and ZM has been CANCELLED as the 1st of KFANDAAI's punitive measures kick in. KFANDRAAI stated that with around 20+ players confirming for KITFO it seems silly to allow a club that can't manage to send 2 let alone 1 player for MO duties. Therefore, although this decision may not harm the League standings in any way, a much needed opportunity for ZM and KITFORes to get some practice in and also so that the ZM players could get to know the KITFO players better has now been lost.
KITFO will be holding a normal practice session instead. Confirmation to be made as normal.
See Images!

2nd Tuesday January 2018 12.20 pm
TZ Res played with gusto under Mr Khare and turned on the style...notable performers that turned a few heads were sterling displays by M Yelburghi, S Iyer and N Sarda, in wait a moment, hold your breath, Central Midfield!! 
More sensational stuff as S Kanekar scored a delectable lob and D Agarwal fell down ON PURPOSE to magnificently save an effort!
Mr Khare said that "I was down in the dumps and tempted to throw in the towel after I coached KITFORes a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd lost the touch. But the TZ squad have me bubbling once again. They were stupendous and more than that, they WANTED to play an exciting brand of football. After an initial hiccup or two, where a couple of players had not cottoned on to their D and R, their commitment and focus returned and I'm very happy that the players enjoyed themselves thoroughly and understood how different it is when the ENTIRE team is playing to one plan and everyone knows what to do!"
After ZM were given a shot in the arm with the withdrawal of suspension for two of their star performers, they were dealt consecutive blows. Manager Mr A Bapat2 was SACKED and a few hours after his clone Mr A Bapat3 took over, ZM were guilty of sending 1 MO for this mornings match. They will no doubt suffer the wrath of KFANDRAAI soon.
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1st Monday January 2018 7 am
Congratulations from KFANDRA and KFANDRAAI to the Planet Earth as we know it, for another successful revolution around the Sun!!!! And also, in retrospect, here's wishing all it's lifeforms, the understanding that the world we live in must be taken care of, for without it, there won't be anything to celebrate or mourn....
News just in that the 3 players involved in the unsavoury incidences that occured in December LAST YEAR, have been pardoned. Their suspension has been revoked and they are free to play whenever available to do so. 
A WARNING though is issued to all Members that similar incidences or anything which harms the functioning of the TZLC will be dealt with strictly. Forgiveness is always an option but never a guarantee. The 1st step towards forgiveness is the acceptance of guilt. The 2nd is the acknowledgment of all involved that want to move on and finally the goal of forgiveness can be attained.
A REMINDER - Managers cannot LOAN players if their BANK BALANCE is in the NEGATIVE. Only LOANS of players valued BELOW 0.24 M is permitted for a club with a negative balance. Those clubs that have been found to contravene the above ruling will be punished with a deduction of points and awarding of the match to the team they used the loans against.
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