From RW Vs PACU Image 1 - Fernandes seconds before he takes on 3 players and slots the ball in 2 - Joshi salivating in anticipation as Suttati puts him through
From BE Vs ZM Image 1 - Sumathi seconds before scoring the winner Image 2 - Sharma AVGKL tips one over the bar
The Tiger's Cub! Aaradhya Atigre shows off the Eagles shirt with style!
An early morning image from the TZRes Vs RW League match!
Kadam and A Pise fight over who got the own goal credit after Agnihotri's DFK !
Elton 'Elvis' Lima sets up to shoot as the SR calls out that the TIME IS UP!!!
Niraj 'Snowtop' Shah celebrates as his overnight transfer from BE proves instrumental for BI!!
IMAGE 1 - Jaideep Wagh just before he scores! Image 2 - Rajaram Rastogi and Anish Date are caught wasting time! Image 3 - BT celebrate Wagh's goal! 
INCIDENT that showed how careless BT were while tackling and the vast difference in speed..Next Image BT GK dives to save but the ball slips out to lead to ZM's 4th!!
KITFO Res Vs BE - Some images
RW Vs SS Opening Match of the Season TZLC10!! Image 1 - A 30 sec silence to remember all those that we have lost and those that we still care about. Image 2 - Tejwani looks calm as he watches the ball but Nirala proves to quick for him with a super Shibobo that Tejwani feels deserves a foul. Image 3 - Sickening incident were the VCM2 manned by Ghotge clearly shows the moment where RW Keeper Sarode brings down Nirala.