ZM Vs RW Image 1 Patwardhan seconds before sending in an inch perfect cross to Khambate for the 1st goal of the match. Image 2 Tejwani let's fly a scorcher in the top corner, but AVGKL Sharma's positioning seems off.
Images 1 and 2 - Thanks to S Jangle, member of TZ and PACU, the foundation work for the Seater Stand at NCL is underway...Mr Khare wished to thank Mr Jangle and Mr Sanghvi TZ CEO for their tireless work...
A young RW Fan Shivaan Karanth, came to watch his uncle Jaidev Karanth in action against BE!!
A KFANDRA Reunion of sorts...A quick snapshot of all the players present on 26/12/17...
From BT Vs BI - Image 1 - A Bhorde makes a mistake while clearing and lets BI score Image 2. The Ref Mr Khare asks if S Chiplunkar, BT and K Shetty, BI have learnt their lesson after spending 30 secs in the sin bin. As they warmly hug, they are allowed to return. Image 3. AVGKL S Sharma clobbers S Chiplunkar but to no avail as the ball rolls in. (Look at the distance between the ball and the foul! Image 4 - A Ranade gets his 1st goal for BT in injury time.
From RW Vs BE Image 1 - Is P Naik offside??? Image 2. A definite handball but was Mr Khare, in yellow, correct to wave play on??
From PACU Vs SS Image 1 - SS back off up to the 6 yard box allowing R Shetty to score his 1st and Image 2 - U Shinde is the unlikely scored of a V Ghotge pass
From AP Vs ZM - 1 A Yadav has so much time to chest the ball down and beat the keeper off a Chandrachud cross to make it 1 - 0 and 2, A Godse scores off Naik's front pole for the equaliser.
From KITFO Vs TZ Cup of Dreams 1st Leg 1. A Bhorde on the way to ripping apart KITFO's 5 man defence to beat Roy and 2. D Senegar has acres left to cover but he still managed to get a consolation goal!!
From ZMPACU 1. K Patwardhan opens with a cool as a cucumber chip after a mazy run 2. R Shetty sneaks one in with his thigh and a decent jump 3. Godse is clearly onside as Patwardhan releases the ball.
From BIRW - Image 1 - A Deshpande pounces! Image 2 - Sheikh finds a way through!
From BEAP - 1. A Chandrachud makes it look easy with the 1st for AP off a scintillating move and 2. A Yadav shows why he's so deadly in the box!
From RWBT - 1, S Nayagar just before he puts RW one up against the run of play 2. P Menon equalises for BT and 3. Seconds before disaster....
From PACUBE 1. M Joshi secures PACU victory 2. H Thomas gets a consolation goal 3. A hatkar pulls of a stunning reflex save, diving to his right he shofted weight to his left and tapped it past the post!
From APBI - Moments before A Yadav scores of a A Chandrachud pass!
From ZM Vs SS Image 1 K Patwardhan spots a gap for the 1st and Image 2 Guess what happens next? Brain freeze moment for M Uniyal as 2 goals in 2 mins spell disaster for SS!