KFANDRA, Khare`s Football & Rugby Academy was formed in 2000 and got registered in 2001.  
During 2000 when it was formed, it had no ground, so players practiced on hills and mountains.  
Currently the training is conducted on the Law College ground.  
The aim of KFANDRA is to provide the players a professional level of training, as they do abroad. With 
focus on Football, Rugby and fitness related to both the sports. 
KFANDRA runs on fees generated and from donations through Mr. Khare. 
KFANDRA have a well thought out system that prepares the Youth team (5 - 14) to enjoy the games but 
at the same time set them up for a higher level, namely now, the TZLC. 
Promoting the sports amongst the less able and less privileged is also high on KFANDRA's agenda and  
helps with this process through RFS Pune. 
Rugby is also coached throughout the year and with the formation of the RFS Pune, both RFS Pune and KFANDRA have made plans to make Rugby as popular as other sports in Pune.  
The players are trained by experienced coaches.  
The Academy runs its own Internal League and Cup Competitions amongst its playing members throughout the year. 
The Academy's Advanced U15's have been allowed an entry into the prestigious TZLC to gain experience playing  with and against Adults. (A part of the KFANDRA Adults initiative).